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>if you don't agree with my methods to "help" the poor you hate them


I guess that's why they call it the Green Party!



op here

i know that, i didnt make this

i saw this on FB and went into my meme artillery folders but couldnt find my fucking compass memes

we must win the meme wars

hope this qualifies

I don't like or hate weed, I just know that by making it illegal you'll just create a black market for it, which is much worse.

Higher quality version


notice how the author of the text in 'socialism explained by capitalists' is not a capitalist, but rather talks from the perspective of someone who seems to acknowledge the ideals and goals of socialism, and merely objects to the methodology used

thats the dirty little secret. In the modern age, basically everyone became a socialist. The capitalists simply went away or were converted. All the more funny is that everyone fights this phantom enemy of capitalism and corporatism when there is nobody (read: very few) here to defend that/promote the classic capitalist system. Funnier still is that the socialists and their policies created the cancer capitalism they now detest.
(let us say tragic-comedic, I dont mean to laugh about real suffering)

what about this

>cognitive dissonance


hahahaha, stay mad britbong

Because poor people buy weed (and other drugs), worsening their own situation. Your only options are to either take the weed from them, or simply start hating them.

This is retarded, purple doesn't hate poor people because purpleness actually lifts people out of poverty unlike other colors.

Okay. I find no cognitive dissonance there

You can take a horse to water but you can;t make it drink

actually blue does it too.

Do you sincerely believe that?

who are you to save them? at least you can make money off of them

See Sweden in 1850-1950 for the perfect example of purpleness, they went from a poor pleb country to the 4th largest economy in the world.

Exploiting their suffering for profit kinda implies you hate them, pushing you into the purple square.

The green square can only exist in the human imagination

Personal favorite

>Two ends of a spectrum labeled as "Authoritarian" vs. "Libertarian"

i'll just diverge 10% of the profits to rehabilitation programs. I don't hate them, I'm opening new doors!

hell it's better than making a nonprofit and still claiming salaries



ugh, thatcher and reagan...

Literally the neolib rothschild puppets who started the decay of the west...


Are you making the argument that bottom left leads to 'tolerance of intolerance'

This shit is about as accurate as the Myers-Briggs test, which is about as accurate as astrological signs.

Right-leaning people don't hate poor people. The better off the least-wealthy person is, the better off we all are. The problem is that liberal policies are designed to keep people poor. Welfare and immigration don't help poor people, they simply keep them barely alive, in exchange for votes. Let's get rid of welfare and immigration, and bring jobs back to the working class (mostly Hispanics and blacks).

Did you know inner-city blacks can't get jobs because illegal immigrants have taken all the minimum-wage jobs? Did you know that Hispanic citizens are the primary victims of identity theft by Hispanic illegals? Why do you hate black and Hispanic citizens?


So, what you're saying is, they all suck donkey dick?

>dr. pavel, I'm USSR

>tfw Ron Paul fanboy

>he thinks national SOCIALISTS are right wing



From what I've gathered from posts and texts by people who claim the 'bottom-left' is 'cognitive dissonance,' they claim the ideal society of that part of the chart, where people don't own private property, no sense of hierarchy/oppression, classless, moneyless, etc. or whatever, has no coherent method of enforcement, both ideologically and in practice. The idea is in order to ensure equality, in the event someone attempts to acquire property or 'oppress' another person or opt-out of the voluntary labor force, would require some sort of group to lay out and enforce the rules, meaning some sort of state apparatus aka laws and a ruling class with the means of legitimate violence.

I don't necessarily agree with this criticism, btw


>Likes poor people
Oh fuck, you don't know what socialism is do you?

Fucking bait thread.

Also: If you aren't in the middle authoritarian lane, you're still subverted. Have fun with your dream ideology.





What's the alternative, suicide?

best one coming through

Does anyone have the brit/pol/ one that has Corbyn as auth-left, Mogg as auth-right, Jahans as lib-left and Enoch as lib-right?

if you dislike socialism then don't call the police when you are in trouble. or don't use public roads.

fucking retards i swear.

Don't force me to pay for them and I'll be happy not to use them.

Talk is cheap

likes poor people = likes poverty, if everyone is poor it's just
hates poor people = doesn't like poverty, gives tools to people to help themselves

>All government is socialism.

A fucking star and crescent.

what are the 2 below the chart?
something to do with stirner?


BLM's manifesto is gibs. That is to the left at a minimum.

Egoist anarchism and individualist anarchism

>if you dislike socialism then keep paying into the system but don't you dare use any of it
>cockroach intellectuals

Yes but that doesn't say blacklivesmatter it's an agorist ball saying blackmarketsmatter


I think an arab (especially a fucking Fellah) does not have any right to call me a roach or reply to my post
Those are all socialist institutions though.

parks, sewers, making sure that you don't breath polluted air, neetbux, minimum wage et cetera et cetera

Martin Shrekeli is awesome though

I just want weed but no muslims is that so very much to ask?


I like this one

>socialist roach thinks his opinion matters in any way
I'd rather be a "fellah" over a socialist or a cockroach any day.

are you a member of m*slim brotherhood ?
Nasser should have genocided all of you niggers.

>Bounce between Delusional Chomsky Worshippers and Pay Denbts
That test isnt very accurate t͏bh

>not being a Lockean classical liberal


>m*slim brotherhood
The height of roach bantz, calling me a mudbro.

Let's just forget your daddy Erdogan was sucking them off every chance he got and was supremely butthurt when we were cleaning the streets of your fellow roaches.

>mfw we officially recognized the armenian genocide after that


You don't get to bring comrades

do i look like an erdoganist you retarded fuck?
how can i be a marxist and an erdoganist at the same time?

>roach reading comprehension
expected of a socialist

This will always be my favourite

>if i call him a roach i'll win the argument
read a book fellah. at least you are not a member of terrorist brotherhood so i suppose you can read.

I don't even need to call you a roach. Being a self proclaimed marxist t*rk is big enough of a joke on its own.

I know plenty of people are are very anti socialism/pro-capitalism.

And guess what, they all own businesses. That's the key, if you don't own a busy, there isn't much reason to be pro-capitalist

That image forgot 'Literate thanks to socialist public education'

And then you can see Sweden from 2000 to 2016 to see why Green doesn't work with anything.

Like i said. Read a book nigger.
Marx was a good guy. A really good one.
Marx only wrote down the truth. That is all.


>Marx was a good guy. A really good one.
>posts bernie sanders quote
you're like a real life caricature

I'll just play along but memes aside I sincerely hope you're just baiting right now.


Ok he's a soc-dem scum but still it's the only picture i have about "socialist institutions"

Anyway. If you can't read a book then rape an innocent woman like a true egyptian.

do it m8.

have an actual good quote too

wew wrong pic

>you can only read this one single book or you haven't read any books at all
I have read Das Kapital too. It's intellectual garbage. The problem with you marxists is that you've only read that one book.

>a few things a government fund
>that means everything should be done like that
Yeah no

Wew didn't know Reagan was that edgy

The guy who created islamic terrorism and funded it
Really nice quote though. I am really sure an ignorant man like Reagan sure understood and read Lenin and Marx well.
Anyway. why are you even on pol?

The police department is paid for by the taxpayers and belongs to no one person or entity or corporation (in theory) and formed for the good of the general populace.
pretty socialist if you ask me.

The real question is why are you? Even fucking Marx doesn't want to associate with you delusional retards.

Marx went on about the sexual oppression inherent in the capitalist system and then knocked up his maid and shipped her off to give birth in shameful exiled wedlock.

Fuck Marx.


HW, Brzezinski, and Kissinger had far more to do with creating the current Islamic terrorist threat than Reagan did himself.

That being said, the tactic of sparking war for the Soviets in Afghanistan (AKA "The Graveyard of Empires" was brilliant.)

i don't give a fuck about his personal life
>why are you?
because i like to make underage poltards mad. and leftypol is filled with muslim-lover liberals.


>i don't give a fuck about his personal life
Why not? Because it exposes him as a hypocritical wank who was doing literally nothing of value anyway and just projecting his insecurities and vices onto society?

If Marx had Tumblr to piss away on we'd never have heard of his garbage ideology.


forget sexual oppression, the guy talked about oppression of the working class then refused to pay the same maid he knocked up. The guy went through all his life a miserable failure living off other people's wealth.

Reading Marx for the Marxist content is like reading a diet book written by an obese pig.

what a tragedy
marxism btfo. what can we even do now?


yes. aka "talk big and act super edgy but scream and hide under the government when things don't go my way"

Loss edits will ALWAYS be my favorite

joke's on you because upper right doesn't even have pedophilia, since you can't be a pedo with your own wife, even if she's 7

This one never fails to mame me laugh because of the fucking paragraph tirade.

Oh shit, a commie turkroach.
The two things most of Europe hates.

different version

>liberalism in the center
>natsoc isn't next to facism, nationalism and traditionalism

5 years ago i left this website. and bulgarian posters were still retarded and underage
things really haven't changed. why don't we turks and russians gulag your subhuman kind?




>Cultural marxism
a thing that does not even exist. nice spook m8.

>hates weed
What if I want people to be required by law to smoke weed? Am I libertarian?
What if I am authoritarian, but I don't want weed regulated?

These idiots don't even think their shit trough.

why do you niggers feel the need to ride sam hydes dick every single day?

communism will win

communism will win



Sanders is a useless social democrat. And the police are not socialist. They are capitalist thugs.



ok PKK


pkk is not communist thought.

They abandoned marxism leninism in early 80s or 90s afaik. they are just kurdish nationalists.

5 years ago, there werent flags, dumb turk.
And also russians would have throw you first in the gulag, because you probably are a sjw.Or a kurd.

an hero you paranoid idiot. maybe use more exclamation marks next time. people will listen then i am sure.


>5 years ago, there werent flags, dumb turk.
i know. but people used to talk about their country.

>And also russians would have throw you first in the gulag, because you probably are a sjw.Or a kurd.
i am neither.

Is m*zzie brotherhood finally over? What do you and Egyptians in general think about Sisi? Would he win if he participates in an election?



>I am justified stealing 40% of you income and causing massive inflation because I put a tiny amount of the money I steal into inefficient, overbearing and corrupt institutions.

this is you btw

Powell was an authoritarian piece of shit

Shame he didn't die in WW2

and this is you.


>banned labor unions
>banned all other political parties
>used military to suppress opposition
how is he not authoritarian again?
>he implemented a couple of policies that were somewhat aligned with the chicago boys'
oh ok

They're back in their caves just like in Nasser's days but their social presence is definitely still there. The working class fundies would literally give up their lives if it meant another MB presidency which is horrifying.

The average mildly educated person loathes them but most of those people also like Sisi and you can't really criticize the guy without getting called out as a dumb mudbro (even if you aren't a muzzie). The problem with Sisi is his weak cult of personality, not nearly enough charisma to maintain popular support and you can't run for 2 terms on a platform consisting of just "I'm not a communist or a terrorist".

I doubt he'd win in a fair democratic vote (as in one where the military doesn't take out any other viable candidates and keeps the sideshows to sedate the people) but I'd be thankful if we even get to have another democratic vote at this point.

are you serious?

I've never met anyone who is right wing and doesn't think pedophilia is fucking sick, although I've met at least three adult left wingers who dated 14-16 yr old girls.


Remarkably accurate

>if I greentext something it ceases to be fact

why is every single Czech a commie shill?

Wait... He works AND gets a SS check?

Because i dont like nazis?

Who am i?

>likes commies
So you're what 16, Jaroslav?

When the elections will be hold in your opinion? And what will Sisi's government do to block another MB presidency?

>yes tovarish i just don't want those fascist imperialists on my country ja?
*tips ushanka*

At least you have the choice to be a communist fuck in Ameirca

a soccer dad

No one.
Get some fucking beliefs

Next elections? 2018.
Next actual elections? Probably not in my lifetime.

We have a 40% complete illiteracy rate, struggle to get past 50% voter turnout even with government compulsory voting and I'd wager 90% of Egyptians can't even name our first president. The people vote for the person who promises the most gibsmedat and the word privatization scares the shit out of them for fuck's sake.

These are people that have been cattle prodded to take it in the ass as long as they get to eat and drink and maybe riot every other election cycle but are mostly content as long as they have their breadlines.

>I know plenty of people are are very anti-capitalism /pro-socialism.
>And guess what, they're all on welfare. That's the key, if you aren't on welfare, there isn't much reason to be pro-socialist.

whats a spook? is it like a nigger?

I have my beliefs.
not even a dad yet.

>And what will Sisi's government do to block another MB presidency?
I don't think he can really do anything. They already banned any religiously affiliated parties from nominating a candidate and they still managed to circumvent that and nominate Morsi through a """secular""" party.

The military has their hands on the ballot box this time around so we won't be seeing anything other than green shirts for a long long time.

>I have "my" beliefs.

I dont like commies.
Come on Japan, i like you, stop being mean.
Oh lord, just stop.

What's the point of a chart that insults everyone if there's no self-righteous cuck movement that makes sense.

but you know what a "soccer" something is in the usa right? It's like a normie that doesn't care much beyond day-to-day family things.


check'd and i dont care until shit hits the fan.
I am a conservative person. niggers are okay but not okay in my country. Their place is in the jungle.

John Kasich


Shouldn't the chart look more like this? I guess the X axis could be renamed "Taxes/Welfare" or "Wealth Redistribution".

Bill Clinton

>14-16 yr old girls.
So... you mean... bleeders. And what is wrong with that? You do realise that age of consent laws are a feminist construction and that historically marrying young women was considered healthy?

Rate me anons


could you link to the test on the bottom of your pic?

I don't think anyone's going to admit to that shit in public mate


posting true compass


A fucking communist piece of shit

The capitalist explanation of capitalism is kind of stupid too


Not sure. I don't know about the bottom test but I Know in the top left one I always end up just left of the center because I don't like crony capitalism
fair markets not free markets
if the test on the bottom runs a similar gig I'd say not too bad


>what is ancap

Established things are always owned by someone/something. The police department is owned by your local government (maybe you have federalized police).

Jokes make for poor indicators. These say I'm...

authoritarian left

libertarian right

far red/green

libertarian left

below the entire board

libertarian left

authoritarian right

authoritarian right

libertarian left

libertarian right

authoritarian left

libertarian left

You're boarding now.

That's a good thing.


I wonder when there would be day when a thread on Cred Forums won't go out of topic



you are the winner of a free helicopter ride!



breddy gud


What are the two at the bottom?

How can Pinochet be Right if he gave free helicopter rides?

Fixed that for you.

fedora tippers can't operate a tank

Fedora tippers belong in green though.

>not a nuclear ICBM

Literally baby's first day thinking about his politics after years of shit tier education.


here me btw