Cred Forums approved movies

I have just got done watchin Taxi Driver and Falling down
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The 100th time: Dogville

I can't get through Falling Down, the acting is unbelievably shit.

go watch a disney movie faggot

Thank You For Smoking
Red Dawn

Salo or 120 Days of Sodom (family friendly)



Three days of the condor.

Not Cred Forums approved but imperium is fun to watch because it's almost a parody of what people think of white nationalists.

kek'd pretty fucking hard


At the movie?

Lawrence of Arabia
Jason and the Argonauts
Ben Hur
Barry Lyndon
Master and Commander


JFK. It's literally about a man being redpilled.

>An FBI agent, Nate Foster (Radcliffe), goes undercover to find leads on some illegally imported caesium-137 and its relationship with active white-supremacist groups.
Meanwhile in reality it's sandnigger groups that would actually carry out an attack involving nuclear material.

"I'm the bad guy?"
"How'd that happen?"

Eyes wide shut

There are very few redpill movies.

Movies cost a lot of money and therefore tend to follow mainstream philosophy of the moment.

You have better chances to find your redpill with books, their authors have much more freedom.

The lord of the rings and the matrix are essential Cred Forums viewing.

Master and Commander
Dredd 3D
The Seven Samurai

That's part of the punchline

>lord of the rings

People keep saying that.
Boromir seems to be the only redpilled good guy and he gets lectured and killed off for being mislead. The whole book is about the corruption via power and the stylization of a hippy spiritualist lifestyle. Doesn'T sound very law and orderish to me.

Demolition man
Starship Troopers
Angry Birds the movie

Ignore the Niggers.

>being paid to shitpost

Check this:

'They Live'
'Army of Darkness'
'Coming to America'
'From Dusk til' Dawn'
'Get the Gringo'


same guy wrote this movie and it's pretty redpilled

its in theaters now, go see it. good little flick

Dude, it's Europeans kicking the shit out of brown orcs

Army of Darkness is overrated shit

Death Wish
Rambo II
I Stand Alone

the nigger-orc and sandnigger allies are trying to take over european middle earth and are defeated

come on man

I Don't know why this is never posted. Pure kino.

>falls for a nig nog


Brown, green and blue orcs.
The setting was created by a European guy during a time where there was not much multicultural bs going on and he tried to emulate the aesthetics and technology of the European middle ages.
Only in our hysteric, facist PC world would you be able to read political connotations into that. If a Japanese author writes a novel set in a mythical medieval Japan about samurai fighting white walker like creatures, our first thought wouldn't be that he is a racial supremacist or toyed with that idea in any way.

Nigger what? He literally used the dumb bitch for her pilot knowledge, they didn't even fuck or nothing.

Owning slaves is redpilled.



Watched this movie on TV, hate politicians, South-America and hispanics ever since


Incidentally I was browsing IMDB the other day looking for something to watch and it seems to be flooded with poo-in-loo films now.

As anyone else noticed this?

Nothing wrong with fucking a negress.

>Arnie wastes his precious Aryan DNA by letting his daughter half-hug a black woman
I'm not sure if you knew this already but that is not called sex

A 40 year old movie which tried to be a edgefest and today is just meh and boring.

It's funny. Cred Forums used to love Fight Club but Tyler is kind of an anarcho communist whereas the prevailing ideology on Cred Forums is... not that.

Would you let YOUR daughter anywhere near a black?


This is true
Taxi Driver is patrician, falling down is absolutely dogshit

There are definetely facist undertones in his gay little club. I think you completely fail to realize how many ideas and motives NatSoc adapted from communism, too.

This movie is so relevant is friggin insane
Also good "Animal House" vs "SJW" movie

Faggots, gtfo. Falling down is a good watch.

Spring Breakers is a red-pilled movie tbqh

I actually do realize it. I troll commies with it all the time. Tyler is still definitely an anarchist, I'd put him firmly in the southwest quadrant of the grid.

By "fascist undertones" do you mean discipline and proactive morality? Those are not really specific to fascism although fashies really like to underline them.

Anyway, the prevailing ideology here is a little broader than nazism. I doubt the majority of right-wingers here would self describe as natsocs.


He might be an anarchist or just a critic of the current consumerist establishment. His club is definetely not, more or less unwillingly (his alternate persona takes a more active role) it promotes him into the cult leader position, that alone is anything but anarchist.

By facist undertones I mean:

- class encompassing fraternity network based on masculine values and martial qualities such as duty, willingness to sacrifice and loyality
-radical criticism of the global elite who forces the other workers into some kind of industrial slavery, the goal is not to remove class differences but to unite them in one transcendent pursuit

Thanks for taking the time to explain, user. I see what you mean.

now youre gonna die wearin that stupid little hat. how does it feel?

Your welcome, reasonable and mutually respectful conversations became rare these days so I actually enjoy them.

Gay Niggers From Outerspace

Africa Addio.

Also I'm requesting the trailer from a 1980s vigilante movie that has a meeting lamenting 40 murders a day in their city.


Gonna watch Taxi Driver in the theatre on tuesday


>whites of all breeds uniting to fight back the savage dark skinned orcs and evil sandpeople
>white cultures retain their identities and respect for each other instead of forcefully merging.

You're really not getting this from it? The hyppy spirtualist lifestyle isn't presented as better or worse, simply one of the options. Power corrupting is a pretty basic thing and objectively true.

>acting is unbelievably shit.

You're retarded for missing the essence of the movie. Everything is overdrawn on purpose

>hippy spirtualists
Not really. It's about the different faces of a continent uniting to repel a hostile invasion.

Tell me more, Jaque. Why did it make you hate them?

Legit curious.

I'm sure someone made a pol edit of one of the lord of the rings battles, it was awesome

>A story about a nu-male learning to cope with his masculine urges and find happiness with a woman
>not redpilled as fuck

Tyler wasn't a good guy, though. They set him up as really short sighted in his execution and plans.

Harry Brown

The Indian language is so retarded that the only way they can communicate effectively online is to use English.

If you are looking for a show to watch I would recommend escape to river cottage, return to river cottage and river cottage forever.

In a similar vein watching Ray mears making tea from pine needles in an Antarctic tundra is pretty comfy

Tell me, kiwi, what are these river cottage shows?

Check out Survivorman if you like that stuff.

Frozen was a good one.

What is best in life?

Watch The Jacob's Ladder
Great shit

Here is the first episode.

Its basically what life would be like in a racially homogeneous England.

Im going through nostalgia phase.

I wasn't asking for feels, kiwi.

But I got them.

>tfw never live a quaint life in a countryside

>Escape to River Cottage
>British show
>Set in Britain
>With a British presenter
>Banned by Jewtube in my country

Why do (((they))) spoil literally everything?

>Army of Darkness is overrated shit
Lady, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the board


Good movie, not redpilled though. DFenz is reddit tier. The real redpilled character is the cop.

Guess you are ready to shoot up an office building, school, or post office.

And all the invaders are dark skinned orcs, or literal black people/middle eastern.

Mordor is even "middle east" on the map.

Schindler's List is a great science fiction comedy

But it does suck. It's campiness is too obviously overplayed, unlike it's prequel. He loses the chainsaw and builds a mechanical hand, which is stupid, and the whole thing just seems like it was part of a plot for the Goonies part 2 or something.


>Lawrence of Arabia
He was a fag but he was based desu

Just an asexual guy

Just watched Ran yesterday, that was awesome!!!

redpills for kids

>letting your kids watch anime
Do you want them to be fags?

letting your kids watch kike hollywood. rather be a fag than a kike slave

Blue Ruin
Child 44
Man bites Dog
400 Coups

Is angry birds the movie a meme?

Surprisingly? No.

Fags are kike slaves tho.

>letting your child watch any form of media

>having children

Jurassic World.

The story is redpilled as are the two lead actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Can't go wrong with Clint. Magnum Force had a moonman style rightwing deathsquad