Intellectuals from University of Oklahoma Protest Trump

Really hard hitting signage. Trump BTFO

>Oklahoma intellectuals

They were bringing the heat with hard hitting signs.


>a workhorse
>ready for the glue factory
Yep, Trump sure got BTFO, how will he ever recover?

I think this will end Trump's campaign. I think he's done for, holy fuck.


>University of Oklahoma

opinion discarded

Stop making fun of my state

The vast majority of okies love big Don. Don't let the tiny amount of hippies and Marxists fool you

This is exactly how I imagined Oklahoma.

Fuck off Russia, Oklahoma is full of Cred Forums tier bros. We just have colleges and thus many lib tards in pockets. We elected Trump overwhelmingly during the primaries. Clinton even lost her primary to Sanders here

We got this brother. I was right down the street and couldn't help but kek.

Big game bob blows it again BAKA


>TFW when Okie
>Everyone imagines you as an obese backwater bumpkin and that image fits 90% of the state
At least the cost of living is cheap...

Isn't Oklahoma all steers and queers? I see no horns, so they must be queers.

Real Talk

>declare yourself an intellectual
>you're now right on everything

That's not how science works

OKIES are pretty red pilled. DC politics that fucks over the working class hits us hardest. Lets get the Teflon Dons infrastructure plan going and get our oilfield bros their jobs back.

>mfw from Ohio and went to OSU

Please beat BAMA

TFW 3 bedroom house for 40K