AfD Flüchtlinge adé

to all berlinfags, are you ready to do your duty as a german and vote for the afd to preserve our homeland?

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lmao, do you understand that voting afd will just result in a red-red-green(-black) meme coalition?

Even the greens get more votes than the AfD in Berlin btw.


Can you explain to my burger brain what this will do?

What happens when you vote afd?


Berlin is one hell of a shithole which should be nuked out of existence.
That "tolerant" city will never vote for AFD.


>you can't vote for the good party or the second worse party will lose votes!

so what?. if we dont vote at all we have already lost

Not Turkish don't live in Berlin .

hopefully merkel will be expelled to the rapiest town we can find in africa.

>why bother
>it's pointless
>lmao, there are people who vote

You don't need to win to have an impact.

When fringe parties become too big for comfort the closest major party shifts its position to cater to more of the fringe party's new supporters and win them back.

So with a 'scary' enough win it might make the CDU really think and instead of trying to appeal to cucks they might try to throw AfD's new voters a bone on what matters most.

That is unless they go full retard and decide to fight AfD head on in other words not do anything to appease and win back the voters.

This is exactly how you fucked up again and again, you should and already should've killed merkel and any idiot that follows her.
Remove the possibility to lose again, and you'll win.

> better vote CDU goy

What you want to happen when voting AfD:
>Remove Kebab, cleanse Berlin
>Greens, socialists and Merkel BTFO
>Restore Prussia
What really happens when you vote AfD:
>Muzzies get treated even better as everything else would be racist and we can't let the AfD Win
>High AfD results make the great coalition impossible, instead the socialists, the traitorous SPD and the greens form a coalition instead
>Nuking Berlin from Orbit is the only Option

>violently overthrow your government
works everytime doesnt it

pic unrelated

I do not care about the democratic process and participate not in it

> great coalition impossible
> oh no Merkel's party won't get votes

Left, SPD and Greens together are probably the worst shit that can happen to Germany. But they will fuck up hard while the AfD can just chill and wait for the next elections, cashing in all the shit red-red-green produced.

>berlin, hiippie-capital of europe
>hoping for a big afd-turnout
sorry, I'm afraid you are in for a sick awakening.
t. Bavarian

In every big city I have been, be it Berlin, Paris, New York or Rom: All leftist shitholes in varying degrees of 'multikulti'. On that note. What the fuck happened to paris?

Big exception was Tokyo. I never felt so safe in a city. It was so fucking clean, no 'street art', no theft no druggies. Yes yes low birthrate meme, but arleast they are living a good life over there.

>all those "redpilled" people in this thread not going to vote and literally shilling against AFD

Jesus Christ, looks like Germany is indeed done for when this is what redpilled Germans look like.

Not better than Austrian retards.

And that coalition will fail horribly, things get worse and escalate.

Which is all good.

Just imagening having my city governed by SPD, Linke and the Greens makes me ill.

Good thing I dont live in this degenerate shithole.
Some of my family do though and I know they will vote SPD. (because they always did)

^Found the cuck

Ja weil rotrotgrün natürlich viel besser sein wird
Berlin has been in a steady decline for the past 25 years

Things can't get much worse
And no matter what happens, it's somehow those fugging Nazis that are to blame

Real patriotic germans vote NPD