Eurocucks have never seen an Asian in their lives

Eurocucks have never seen an Asian in their lives.

Amerisharts only get philipina trash.

Australia is overflowing with Korean/Japanese QT's.

Be honest, how upset are you Mart Sharters and Eurocucks that Australia gets all the prime Asian pussy, I know you're jelly..

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Great fucks, best sex ever for a fraction of the effort. Literally worship white cock

Neither of you have ever had sex

How do you pick them up? I see heaps of asian qts at uni but don't know how to talk to them. Sometimes I give them the eyes but that's about all I can do

But user I am asian

>move back to asia you Abo.

There are so many damn Koreans near where I live, but they stick to their own kind.


Tinder, Like, WeChat, Qik etc. Asian girls are mostly to shy and all about the social media dating

There are chinks everrywhere.

I only need to go outside and I will see Asian right away

Hottest Asian top tier chicks are not from China. Taiwan (arguably China), Japan and sometimes South Korea is where it's at.

Even jut a mirror would do, really...

>tfw cant get tinder because no smartphone and moving out of the city soon

Im gonna miss my chance to fuk an asian virgin, arent I?

It is great fucking Taiwanese girls so easily while you bitch on BBS about how all the good ones are taken.

kek, so what, we get german, russian and east euro sluts every year here, you can keep your plastic chinks

They are not virgins, believe me. Asian girls fuck more than white girls. Don't let the cuteness fool you!

>Taiwan (arguably China)

At this point, if you don't have a smartphone you probably won't be fucking girls anyway.

I'd rather have a racially pure community and country for that matter.

t. roleplayer

I've been with the same girl for 12 years

>implying you guys aren't stuffed to the gills with abbo garbage and trash tier Chinese
>implying the Filipinos don't just swim to Straya

They just show me those BBS threads in the foreign experiences section and we laugh after a good sesh ;)

They ugly as fuck nigga


You think the US has tons of Filipinas and lacks Koreans?

>Australia is overflowing with Asians

you're not wrong there

Imma lovin' it long time

>Amerisharts only get philipina trash.
>Australia is overflowing with Korean/Japanese QT's.

lol, Australia literally only gets the Asians that don't have the money or grades to attend an American university. Asians joke about this all the time.

Here in California, Asians are nothing special, especially if you live in a college town.

Not good to have to many but I feel having a few is a small price to pay to make white girls compete harder and having good sex on the regular

That's never going to happen Mexicans are pretty close to outnumbering whites in the south and immigration is never going to stop

I enter the small room and check for traps.

Why should i care?

Yeah if that was actually the case, which it isn't.

Honestly Taiwanese bro if you act more Alpha in your own country then you will find them willing easier. Hard to compete against whites but it is possible ...

Flips are qter than flat as a tree trunk japs and gooks

Kazakhs are best Asians though, they naturally look like what Worst Koreans try to make themselves look like after a gorillion plastic surgeries

>actively wanted rice nigger pussy

And that's how I know you've never slept with an asian

norcal here
Asian qts everywhere nigga

Filipinas are hot as fuck.

Shut up ugly gook.
I hope the aussies will gut you like a fish in my lifetime.

Also thai

Italy is filled with japanese dorisds, try again abo.

Australians are niggers here. No woman wants australian. If they are white they might seem interested but if they learn you are australian they will run away. The accent is trash and everyone on this country hates them

Why does always raid Cred Forums with their shitty beta orbiting views?

I do see a lot of japs, chinks and koreans here, cause I live near a university where a lot of them seem to go to

About half of them are ugly as fuck, with the other half being mostly ok and a few great looking ones

The hot ones only breed with white males so eventually they will race mix and be absorbed. Although some after expericing lots of white dick go back and marry one of there own

U get malaysians who are muslim and chinks who are just there to study and gold dig

Congratulations, my friend. Your loyalty deserves compliment. I hope she bears you many children who grow to be strong and proud.

Malay are shit tier. They go to the shitter uni's

What confuses me is all the so-called "white nationalists" here on /pol who spend their time fucking asians. Doesn't sound so nationalist to me.

Yea point proven, u get shit tier asians kek

The White nationalists don't settle with them. Just pump ... Conquering is apart of our DNA.

>Eurocucks have never seen an Asian in their lives.

I wish, some small towns are like 1/3 chinese.

No we get good ones in the inner city living in fancy apartments most white people can not afford

> pol is one person

Its not trading down breeding with orientals, if they have a higher IQ theres nothing wrong with them.


>how upset are you Mart Sharters and Eurocucks
not very, given they're actually all inbred faggots that only meme their interest in anything not extra chromosomally homogeneous

Of course pol isn't one person but there's still clear trends and consensus.

pol is an alpha board
stop betamaxing it, chums

IQ is the same if not lower, they only test the best ones. They work twice as hard to get the same results as whites. They also worship white creativity and innovation.

>trisomy-21s with severe autism
You'd have to be full cuck mode to find a gook attractive.

Suomi might be part mongel, but it is very small part. Suomi has sisu, which is more than what can be said for Sweden , england, France,etc

Do not disparage yourself pekka . your country is one of the best in the world


not gona happen Mohammed

He's right you know

Wouldn't mind a SEA chick as well, they can be loose as fuck (esp the vietnamese)

can't stop us

Working harder wont affect intelligence, just success.

pol IS one person

Cred Forums is not a white nationalist board.

half the people here aren't even white.

> finds a low test andro hot instead

Stop giving me no qt azn gf feels you asshole

Your dad maybe can be a cuck
You are probably the son of another man that fucked your mom while your dad watching

>Being proud that your country is being chinkified by natural born conmen while buying up all your urban real estate
No thanks

We have tons of Hong Kong expats here in Bongistan.

That's what I am talking about but many on Aus think they are smart becasue they are successfull. That's a misconception you and I understand.

anybody got that picture of the asian chick laying down/getting fucked and she's making the 'OK' sign with her fingers?

Top post shit ireland. I personally enjoyed its coherency and depth.


Indians need to work a million times harder. Start by smelling nice and you might get some girls

>says the gook lover when you can't even tell if gooks are human let alone male or female

I gotchu familia

When food supplies run low, soldiers butcher their horses for food
When seemingly all women in a country abandon all maternal instincts, single men who want a family settle down with whichever women with maternal instincts remain

This is basic cause and effect
Look at things objectively

Is that why AUSSIES are getting Westetnized whores?

I'm making the next Asian girl I fuck do that


But doesn't that make you an agent of white genocide?

True, its also why lots of 1st gen arabs do well, because they are driven to work much harder despite not beibg as intelligent. Thay said orientals test 10 points higher on IQ, they may not be creative or as attractive so its not the end of the matter - but they have good brains. So i would be happy for anyone to mix between the two.

Trust me you would love oriental immigrants compared to what we get.

Asian women are shit tier women. Only beta weebs have yellow fever.

The cute thing is just an act and it stops as soon as they have you hooked. Asian women are ruthless tiger moms and shake you for every single penny you have.

I dont like them physically. They are low test too.

of course /pol overall isn't a white nationalist board but there's still a disproportionate amount here.

Sorry to tell you this but the only asians AUSSIES are getting are Philipine and thai whores

So much this

indian guys are literally bottom of the tier for white women when dating. It's gonna take a lot more than smelling nice

This is why you need islam

B-but I don't smell bad ,I just have a little autism

>can't read flag

>Thay said orientals test 10 points higher on IQ
Not the peasants in the fields and factories who are conveniently ignored in such testing. Some of the shit I've seen peasant gooks do makes me wonder how they even boarded a plane to get here.

You are that guy I was giving shit about this same topic in the other thread. Why are you melay men the only fat Asians? I fucked a decent one at the start of the year. Felt good since I don't like melays.

fuck off chong we're onto you

This is what Chindians look like.

Maybe you should stop worshipping blue gods and elephants and cows

I'm asian but i cant stop jerking off to this

Why are AUSSIES getting low test asians?

This is why we need Islam more than ever

I mean just to stop beta whites from taking Indians. At this point they can not even keep their own let alone ever slay a white women.

With ausniggers you get lame oi oi nigger speak and fat sex tourists

Indians suck shit because they are Hindu dindu

Time to read the Quran

thanks senpai, wanted to shitpost this

Islam and your shitty values is the reason why you get no women. An attractive girl wants a fun and exciting male. Not some sheep fucker that wants to lock her in a cell.

This is what happens when you are not islam

Feminist please leave

Islam is All about gender equality

What the west now calls egilitarianism

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy acknowlesged it's islamic Origns

That beta cuck is still likely doing better than u! Hahaha
Then you melay fuck tards come to clubs in Melb and get upset when the top tier Asian chicks orbit whites

Malaysia is bascially chindia. You robably look like that baby.