What drives a billionaire to keep going?

What drives these people Cred Forums?

What is it about them? I'm so curious.

What is going on inside their heads?

Their work ethic, their drive.

It's honestly mind blowing.

They never stop working, not even after the first billion.

What's going on inside their brains? What are they working for? What even powers this drive?

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It is very impressive. People who criticize these men are losers. Give 99% of people a fraction of their wealth and they wouldn't work ever again.

None of them have ever worked a proper job in their lives.

I have an absolute immense respect for these people. Regardless of their power, or evil or whatever you want to say about their political standards. Bill Gates especially, although a lot of people hate him. I mean he's worth almost 100 fucking billion dollars. To this very day he's still making money.

I want to know what their process is. Why are they doing this? I feel like at a certain point, it's not even about money anymore. It can't be.

yeah, the level of work you have to do as a billionare to make more money is just soooooooooo strenuous, I know. Must be really hard, hiring a bunch of analysts to make decisions and coasting of your own momentum

Gates' head is tiny compared to the rest of his body

Well you gotta do something, can't just play golf all day.

Most of their money comes from their assets appreciating in value. I really doubt gates is working hard now - he's visiting hospitals in Haiti and Africa and doing things for the Gates Foundation.

You don't get to the first billion without doing a lot of work. These people never stop working, regardless of whether you hate that they are ridiculously wealthy.

>What even powers this drive?
I consider two possibilities:
1. pure greed for more money or
2. they take the money but their focus is on creating an empire of a kind, a corporate empire in their case, expand influence, maybe , you know, even the desire to connect that with delivering excellent quality products to a large audience, such things

after a while your work becomes your life and you give all your energy to this thing

They never really stop working though. He doesn't have to do shit, ever again, but he chooses to. It's like these people are hardwired to just keep going.

Look at Elon Musk. He could've retired from Paypal. He chose to keep going. He got into cars, space programs.

WHY though? Why not just live the rest of your life off your billions?

I don't really hate, but I'd be interested how many billionares didn't inherit millions at birth. It's just momentum, unless you are completely retarded if you have a lot of money, over time you will have more and more. Maybe even exponentially

>What drives these people Cred Forums?
Why stop at a billion? When you could HAVE IT ALL?

>an empire of a kind, a corporate empire in their case, expand influence
I often like to use this analogy. Picture these people, companies, corporate empires as kings, queens, emperors, huge armies. They are the modern day power. We are just the tiny little commoners and plebs.

But what drives them to this power? When Richard Branson was a kid, was he thinking about shit like this? He went from selling magazines to a corporate empire. He now owns his own fucking island.

Some billionaires were poor as fuck. Look at people like Dr. Dre. He grew up in the ghettos. He's almost a billionare now and he's not stopping.

Seems to be a common theme for these poor rappers. P Diddy, Jay Z etc. Started from the bottom now their living the high life. Except they never stop working, which I don't understand.

>being this much of a bootlicker

It's something you'll never understand because you're a lazy entitled cunt who cannot fathom working towards a long term goal or the endorphin high that comes from achievement. It's not about the money.

I'd use my money to fund literally Hitler.

>immense respect
>Bill Gates
Right place, right time. End of story.

That's what I mean though. I never thought it was about the money. But it can't just be about power either.

I want to be this driven.

If you aspire to something that is currently impossible, it makes sense you wouldn't stop when you become powerful.

He still did it. He didn't stop, and he's still working on other things like foundations and charities. You can't discredit him simply because he chose the right time. That's pure genius on his time.

Obama is doing all he can to prove you wrong though.

They don't follow the herd, dream things most people believe are pipe dreams and have the balls to pursue them

You've obviously never had a lot of money, because it's generally pretty worthless.

You can buy a property that will slowly liquidate back to the state, get a car that's factory made (somebody else owns the same goddamn thing) buy a bunch of shit you like (I own thousands of books, video games, art pieces, etc.) and generally live comfortably, but it's nothing special. In fact I watch a lot of jail documentaries recently because it interests me more to see how poor criminals with nothing behave the way people truly feel, morally and ethically, underneath it all.

I was a millionaire, not a billionaire, though. I had 1.2 million from text sales, websites and insurance agency stake before I realized it was worthless and traded my chips in for a bunch of shit I don't need.

well, you have an army of other people to make the money for you?

microsoft is pretty scummy when it comes to consumer rights and their software... it's not too hard to imagine where a majority of the money comes from when they sell you a pretty product that collects metadata that's easily sold to advertising firms and is only written well enough to work.

retarded consumers don't give a shit about the quality of their products, just as long as it's advertised well enough they'll buy anything.

I understand that, and I respect it a lot. I'm just curious as to what they're trying to achieve. Money seems to be merely a simply side effect. Power comes with the money, it can't be just that either. There has to be more to it than just money and power, and I really want to know what it is. It greatly interests me.

>It's like these people are hardwired to just keep going.
It's almost like genetics and childhood environment "hardwire" certain characteristics in people.
It's almost like that hardwiring is entirely luck.
It's almost like being a billionaire is entirely luck.

after you make a decent amount of money, you're not doing the work, you're telling other people to do the work

>microsoft is pretty scummy when it comes to consumer rights and their software... it's not too hard to imagine where a majority of the money comes from when they sell you a pretty product that collects metadata that's easily sold to advertising firms and is only written well enough to work.
That's brilliant on Microsofts part though. I'm not saying a lot of it's ethically or morally right, but to be able to achieve any of the things that these people do and did is amazing.

workaholics who start their day at 3am

yeah, some. But Ireally wonder how many were born millionares. If I was guessing, well over 90%. Exceptions to every rule and props to all based self made men but trust fund babies are disgusting. If I made that much money and my progeny couldn't survive without my backing I'd be pretty disgusted and consider their failure my own genetic failure. Eventually with that pattern you're gonna get a third of 4th gen degenerate who has insane amounts of wealth that they never deserved, like a microcosm of monarchy

It's like trying to get a high score in a video game.

>It's almost like being a billionaire is entirely luck.
It's really not.

They thrive for more. Billionaires thrive for more and that's why they're billionaires. They don't make it happen over night. But when they hit the 1 million, 30 million, 200 million ,1 billion mark it's not a milestone for them, they just keep going -- that's the difference. They don't think of it like "levels" of money -- it's success and power accomplishments. tbqh it's one of the most impressive qualities in a human being and I can't imagine having it. All I think of is "if I had 5 million tomorrow I would retire in costa rica with my family and be so happy" but that's why I don't have it right now... because that's our mentality.

We should always be striving for more.

Hard work becomes a habit, it's hard to shake it off once it's ingrained in you, same with laziness.

That good feeling when you actually accomplish something. Or when you realise you're smart and creative enough to change something in the world.

It's true.

Look at all those people that criticised Trump for saying "I got a small. I can guarantee you that if every person that criticised Trump for saying that was given a million dollars, they would blow it all on cars, houses, holidays, whereas Trump used it to build a multi-billion dollar company.

I think you take what you have in life
you find out youre good at this thing you can create something awesome, you do it

Except video games don't mean shit. These people have achieved things most people would never achieve, or even dream of achieving.
I'm not saying all of them weren't already rich, but I doubt it's 90%. I do think kids who were born into wealth are lazy entitled cunts, but the ones who started from the bottom I have a lot of respect for. I mean Branson wasn't from a rich family. His dad was a Barrister, but even then they definitely didn't have millions, not in that era. He started from a student magazine and worked his way up.

not really amazing when advertising a 'better product' has easily been a part of american culture since the 30's

I'll give you a hot tip comrade, it's the process not the goal. Create a process that engages you and that you can do all day every day, eventually you'll breeze past your goal because you're so engaged in the process.

Example: You want to write a book. That takes a lot of /writing/. If you want to write a book because you like reading you're at a juxtaposition.

So their special 'secret'? They love what they do, not what they achieve.

Accomplishment is something I want to achieve. Money is a great bi-product of course, but I want to do big things, I just don't know what.
>We should always be striving for more
This is the case even in people who aren't entrepreneurs. Whether you're a sports star, body builder, actor, or anyone who's successful. Being at the top isn't enough. You constantly want more and more.

It is mostly luck. There are a few billionaires like Warren Buffet who seem to have developed foolproof strategies to make a billion or more, but when you actually get into the nitty gritty of what they did it's not actually about just mathematically buying stocks but aggressively pursuing businesses that are on their last legs and then pumping them up with earned money and capital, which is something 99.5% of the population could not do by psychological nature.

You also have to figure that the government could change interest rates at any time (you are beholden to them, period) markets could crash based on tipping factors of politics in countries you've never even heard of. Inflation, deflation, stagflation, asset depreciation, the list goes on and on. Pretty much everybody is in the "everything is unstable and deteriorating" market pool and the only way to truly be a successful entrepreneur is to put in 10,000% effort because Murphy's law is a real thing and if you don't work really, really fucking hard and master all the knowledge available to you, you're fucked.

But the funny thing is that there's less of a difference between 1 and 2 millioln than there is between 100 dollars and 100,000 dollars in the business sense. Making money is more like controlling an anthill as far as I'm concerned.

>They love what they do, not what they achieve
I like this.

>You can't discredit him simply because he chose the right time. That's pure genius on his time.
He was born at exactly the right time to stumble into the role he had. There were millions of tiny instances of luck that shaped him into who he became.

His goals and motivations and experience were all just lucky coincidences that came together by accident.

You're trying to bask in your own vacuous awe for these people who have personalities that were assigned to them purely by luck. Can you not see any complexity in life?

> t. sourgrapes

>it is mostly luck
How can you say this? I honestly think it's such an ignorant thing to say. Are you a business owner? Are you a multimillionaire or billionaire? It doesn't just fall into their laps.

Sauce needed

underrated post from the subversive jew

This. I'm amazed when I hear that from people, "If I won the lottery I'd never work again".

If I won I'd buy a small house and go to school, and have a basement full of mills, lathes and other equipment.

What drives a person?

It's not luck though. If it was luck he would've stopped ages ago. He kept going well after he succeeded and he's still going to this very day.
Give me a source that becoming a billionaire corporate businessman is purely luck.

This, if I ever had enough money to retire comfortably, I'd stop working immediately. And the people who say ' they have never had to work a difficult job, waah waah they are just lucky' are petty little children that have no idea what it really takes to be that successful. Sure luck plays a role, but we are all astronomically lucky just for being born. Their luck is only slightly more than the rest of ours.

I'd buy useful things. I'm an avid fitness junkie and I wouldn't just retire on my millions. I'd probably open up gyms, fitness shops, sell equipment etc. Why just "finish" when you get rich??

Uncomfortable truths ≠ sourgrapes. I have no emotional investment in this.

\Why do make a comment like that? I used to have a net worth of over a million, which is something most people can't conceive of, and I generally care more about beating a video game than impressing people. In fact I spent 100,000 on video games to own about 2/3rds of Nintendo and Sony's back catalogue just for the fuck of it.

You seem to care more about what other people think than what you think. I'll tell you, beating childhood video games is still a lot more fun and rewarding than showing off a shitty factory car someone else also owns to impress people who would only get jealous anyway.

I think you just have a "failure flaw" in your psychology that you should correct before you get old. It doesn't matter what other people think. It's what you think.

You sound like an Australian. You should come over here and not look for work and then whinge that there's no work.

Kanye is literally the exact example of what we're talking about. I didn't want to name drop him in pol because I thought it wouldn't be received in the slightest, but he is the epitome of someone that needs nothing more and doesn't stop. Sleeps a few hours a night. It's inspirational. I am astonished when I look at the hours he could possibly sleep versus the shows and appearances he has in a ten day period. He really is an under rated human being and I wish more people could see that and aspire to reach that level... Even those that missed would still be better for trying.

I'm a huge Kanye fanatic and I have a very, very, very large amount of respect for him. That's why I posted him. He's like an idol to me.
>inb4 i'm a huge faggot

speaking of which, that's enough Cred Forums for me this week. Back to programming I go

It's not about impressing people. I enjoy video games, casually. It's more that I have a hatred for the culture around video games, and the people that it attracts. Enjoy video games as much as you want. I apologise, I just tend to get emotional because I know a lot of pathetic gamers, and that's all they care about in life.

>What drives a billionaire to keep going?
in a word: dopamine

pathological money addiction is no different that being hooked on H, grog, sugar, sex... whatever -- recidivist pursuit of all said 'opiates' stimulate dopamine receptors (culminating in the the euphoria when a given goal is achieved -- oxytocin, adrenaline release), eventually dulling said receptors, thus requiring further / more extreme levels of satisfaction being achieved for the same sensation to take affect (tolerance-building)

the only difference being that there is no 'capitalism' that cossets, promotes and rewards the exampled mental sicknesses, as there obviously is for pathological greed

I don't like all of his music but pic related always hits hard when I listen to it.

Yes! God that's such a fact. I'm a screenwriter and I wrote so many scripts just trying to do what I loved and sold one finally... Then started writing for what my reps wanted and other people in my life and went dry for two years straight... Was completely confused and felt like I lost "my talent" which never was an actual thing in that sense. What I lost was doing what I loved in a passionate way and I started doing it for the wrong reasons... Fired my agent and my literal next script sold again and I realized I would never again stop following what I wanted to do.

You can't force creativity or passion.

I was a millionaire before I spent about half of it on random shit. Yes it does sometimes "just fall into their laps." Many of them come up with one idea that they just pursue aggressively. I met Sara Blakely once (she made pantyliners or some shit and is worth billlions) and she pretty much told me that if her first product failed she'd never have another single idea. You can figure about 90% of billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates into there as well.

Now you could just try to be an "idea man" and come up with a thousand different creative ideas and basically flood the patent market with them (A lot of people do this) but you are less likely to become a billionaire that way than if you have a single idea that will appeal to half a billion people. That's just the way it is and I think a lot of billionaires, if you talked to them, would tell you that. Not that you can't pull up to several million easy just manipulating markets. Theoretically you could get rich in the stock market or real estate, but you'd have to control so much of the market share that the government might have to step in.

Thinking about this album and about to put it on vinyl haha... The best.

If you ever get a chance, check out The College Dropout, or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

That's easy. A man like to be the best, and money works here like ELO in chess.

The answer is easy.

1-5 are psycopaths .

Hence Tony Blair in picture


Dude it's a very farfetched thing on pol, but I am not ashamed to say that he is as close to a god to me as anything in my life has been -- he is the inspiration I have to try to be great and create -- I am not embarrassed of it in my real life to say that, but dude is a fucking god

Read books like Talent is overrated.

The book's conclusion for why people are so good at things and have a 'striving' attitude is largely because of a couple things:

1. An early mentor (starting as early as 6 months old) ironing in certain attitudes and skills.
2. And early child-hood trainer/teacher
3. A sense of confidence and superiority in a skill at an early age, which leads to a cascading effect of wanting to keep that sense of superiority and 'uniqueness' going.
4. Practicing/working alot, but being very structured and smart about it
5. Learning to be concerned about the process/iteration rather than being distracted by failures and ego.

That's a fair point, but I feel like it's wrong to discredit them entirely. They still worked hard, and even if you think they don't deserve it, they stuck at it, and made it where they are, and most of them are still working their arses off to this very day.

Lust for greed? I really don't know.

I'm lost in the world

It kinda does tho.

There is an snowball effect in society. Imagine you get a chance at flipping a coin. If you win, you get to flip again.

Those who lose that first flip, don't get to try again.

I remember a friend of mine in highschool who was a very smart guy, had great grades. Because of that, he had an opportunity at a scholarship. He earned it. Because of that, he studied engineering in the US.

When you succeed at something, you get a chance at the next level. In an odd way, success breeds success.

Join the club. It's insanity.

>How can you say this?
Because who you are is determined by gentics and environment.
>I honestly think it's such an ignorant thing to say.
Why? You're arguing from emotion.
>Are you a business owner? Are you a multimillionaire or billionaire?
Are you?
>It doesn't just fall into their laps.
It does. You might say some of them had seemingly disadvantageous starting points in life, but the more you think about their circumstances, and the more you learn about them, the more clearly you'll see the impact of luck.

Luck determines what they crave in the first place. Think about your own goals. What are the origins of those goals?

I've got fucked up taste, my two favorite Kanye albums are 808s, and Graduation. Flashing Lights is such a great song.

>Sleeps a few hours a night. It's inspirational.
yeah... laying the groundwork for cancer is a real motivator

It's retarded. These people never have enough, and it's not even enough to make a profit, they have to be making steadily-rising profits even when they're already raking in billions of dollars. Pure insanity and insatiable greed. They don't even enjoy the money.

They're so extremely wealthy because they have the money to lobby government to regulate their industry and bar competition.

While many of them worked really hard, and provided a useful product initially, the only way to make that much money is to lobby for a monopoly or preferential treatment in one form or another.

I'm far from a Cred Forums regular, and I'm sure it shows. I'm more of a Cred Forumstant than anything, hence the attachment to Kanye. I respect him as an artist, musician, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and I actually like him as a person, fuck what the paparazzi media has to say about him. You'd have to be a dickhead to take it all as fact.

He's definitely someone to look up to in life.
Been down my whole life.

The thing about showing off is that when you are trying to get something from someone, eg, pussy, it is rather usefull.

Your friend had good grades because he wanted to work for it though. I've met plenty of people a lot smarter than I am and wasted it all on smoking pot and laying about doing nothing.
Graduation is my 3rd most listened to outside of MBDTF and CD. I honestly love Barry Bonds and Drunk & Hot Girls.

>yeah... laying the groundwork for cancer is a real motivator
I don't even know what you're trying to get at here.

Source is: having a high tolerance for bullshit, enough attention span to focus on things 99.9% of people don't give a shit about, enough IQ to know pursuing any goal is ultimately meaningless but enough ambition to override that, the list goes on. Yeah, you have to be a hard worker, but there are people who work hard their whole lives and die hundreds of thousands in debt.

You're really just looking for someone to tell you that you can endow certain behavioral characteristics into anyone and they can become rich, becuase you are that "everyone." But it's just patently false.

If they work all the time how do they have the time to do their hobbies?

Never understood the hate for those tracks. Barry Bonds especially, with that Wayne feature, wew.

>Give me a source that becoming a billionaire corporate businessman is purely luck.
I asked you for a source for your assertion. And you responded by asking me for a source for asking you for a source. That's redirection.

You don't have a source, but you can't admit that (even to yourself) because it would be embarrassing. So you attack me instead of considering whether you should change your opinion.

It can't be just about the money though. They get their first billion and keep going. Some of these billionaires are worth over 30 billion and they're STILL going. There's no need for them to ever work again. They could support some small countries if they wanted to.
Work is their hobby. My dad is a textbook workaholic and outside of work he has pretty much nothing.

Same I am not a regular, I lurk here sometimes for current events only -- Ye is incredible. He's someone I wish more people would understand. It's funny because I'm the same as you as I will stand up for his music, fashion (which is insanely good too), business, and life accomplishments, but then I do not apologize for the fact that I also think that his rants are so genius in their own right and wildly inspirational -- wish I could explain to small minded people why his speeches are smart and why people that jump on trying to make him sound dumb is the equivalent of trying to make someone like Walt Disney feel dumb for trying to explain his idea for Mickey Mouse before it was invented

Never been a big fan of wayne. Respect the influence, but never saw the hype personally. I take it you're a hip hop fan.

Only if it's a part of your value system. Trust me, women care more about if you can demonstrate you'd save a turtle from the side of the road than the fact that you worked three years to save up for a BMW. Assets are almost worthless in the face of human emotion. That's why so many people are in fact poor.

So does your dad never relax or something?

I mean yes, Ye is my God, but Wayne was the original in that right. Barry Bonds is so incredibly good.

Of course I don't have a source. How am I supposed to prove that being a billionaire isn't luck? All I have is the history of these people that I'm talking about.
Even when he takes his holiday leave he is doing something work related. Often taking calls for clients, or even visiting clients.

If I was billionaire I'd pay a bunch of whites to breed.

I'm actually working on quitting Cred Forums completely. I'm over this place. 8 years here or so. I've outgrown it. The shitposting on here is out of control. It might sound pathetic and like a childs nostalgia, but I remember I used to actually enjoy this place.

People just want to fight now, start arguments, and post the same repetitive unfunny memes over and over.

Besides, I'm never going to make any progress in life if I keep using this website. As someone who's depressed and hates life, this place is far to negative, cynical and hateful for me.

Kinda. I like certain stuff. Pic related is one of my favorite hip-hop albums ever made. Can't say I have deep interest in rap butI enjoy it on a surface level.

Also, sorry I got off topic. Had to rant.

I'm very open about my love for Kanye. About 95% of my friends don't listen to hip hop. Most of them are into metal/rock/punk etc. They don't understand my love for him at all, especially the fact that they believe everything the media tells them about him. I'm pretty much of the opinion that the Kanye we see on TV is an act. It's all for attention and shock value, and it's certainly been working for him for the past decade or more.

So you're telling me that your dad relaxes by working?

They've tied their self-worth to their bank balance in their own minds. They think that making more money means they they're bettering themselves, they're succeeding, when in reality they've just gamified their life. After about $70k a year money stops correlating with happiness and comfort.

I didn't say they don't deserve it, I'm just saying that the guy who works 60 hours a week at Mcdonald's as a manager also deserves it. He might be working harder than the billionaire in terms of labor, time and even logistics.

Once you reach the upper echelon, you probably have more than you deserve, but that's because everything in business boils down to leverage. Leverage of time, assets, people, capital, the list goes on. And the risk gets lower as the amounts get higher, but getting up there is extremely difficult and requires luck. And I don't think that anyone would want to live in a society where a few billionaires thrive when they know statistically they will never ever become even close to it, so that is why I say they deserve it as much as the poor guy just trying to feed his family.

I needed to hear that -- I've been here for six months only and already feel completely burnt out -- literally keep finding myself just muscle memory coming back to check for current events and even then I don't get anything from it. I need to just back off it... This is quite honestly the most redeeming conversation I've had on here and it makes me want to never come back because I realize how little of this there is here -- haha I even love random shit posting on stuff like KTT and reddit when I'm bored.

I think I was just convinced a few times seeing quick current event stuff here first and then trusted it for no reason other than that.

It's a fantastic genre if you ever decide to delve in a little more. Don't take your interest to Cred Forums. You'll get nothing but shit posting, and "nigger this, nigger that".

I'm just some suburban white kid, but its honestly my favourite genre of all music, and I listen to a lot of music.

He seems to be "in his zone" when he's working. Although I've seen him be stressed out by work, but work can be stressful sometimes.

I like Wayne, has some great projects. I remember when he killed every popular rap song on pic related. Especially Run This Town.

>If it was luck he would've stopped ages ago.
Whatever motivations drive him come entirely from genetic and environmental factors. Those motivations were assigned to him by external forces. He's continuing to behave how he was taught to behave. What's your basis for believing luck based behavioral patters change after accumulating wealth?
>He kept going well after he succeeded and he's still going to this very day.
Define "going." Define "succeeded."

I hate to sound cringeworthy, but it feels like we're kind of on the same wave length. IMO Cred Forums in 2016 is abysmal. I discovered this place through a friends cousin when I was 14.. I'm 22 now. I'd get out before it's too late. This website is highly, highly addictive, and I don't know why, because all I end up doing is fighting with stupid anonymous strangers online. It's such a waste of my life. Imagine telling people you spend hours online arguing with strangers.

For the record I use Reddit too, but even that website is cancer.

When you become rich you make even richer friends and you aspire to have what they have, eventually you get rich enough where you only work 10 hours a week and the occasional phone calls a day. Money just keeps flowing in. You make bigger investments. You get the picture.

I started listening to 90s rap and just completed pic related. Might be my favorite album ever, will have to give it more spins. Beware is bone chilling though. Pun a killer.

>He was born at exactly the right time to stumble into the role he had. There were millions of tiny instances of luck that shaped him into who he became.

That's true of literally every single influential figure in human history. It doesn't change the fact that he excelled.

Nice man. That album is a classic. I could rec you some modern stuff if you like. Up to you though.

>You should come over here and not look for work and then whinge that there's no work.
How does that have anything to do with my post? You're making silly assumptions about me because you know that what I'm saying is true but very unpleasant to accept.

I don't understand how these rich people can stand working knowing that their money they earn is being stolen by the government and being given to people who didn't earn it?

>define going
He's still working to this very day. No matter how "easy" his job is currently, he's still working.

He's succeeding because he's moved on to other projects like the Melinda Gates foundation with his wife. His philanthropy and charity works are highly respected.

That's why I think it's stupid to discredit it. The creator of Minecraft made his game at the perfect time, sold it, now he's a multi billionaire. The creator of snapchat is worth billions, made it at the peak of smartphone usage. It's not just luck, they still had to do the work to get there.

Sure. Lay it on me senpai.

On an unrelated note Patiently Waiting is a classic

A lot of billionaires pay peanuts in taxes coz of loopholes, why do you think all of them are benevolent philanthropists

When you're worth multiple billions, 50 million in taxes or more is pocket change.

this is such a silly "argument"

He wasn't the only one that was born in 1955, who was of age just in time to be in the right place

but he was the only one that saw opportunity

Haha dude thank you and I honestly don't care about being cringworthy because I realize how anonymous this is for once.. But I'm a little older and you're speaking the truth to me. It's a major waste. I actually have woken up the past few days telling myself why it would be weird if I went on the site and commented again today and then did it anyway... odd because I'm usually in more control about shit like that. Anyway thanks man, hope everything goes well for you and fuck yes on the Ye love (don't care how cringe that is too because this disappears in a few)

And yeah fuck reddit


I don't know what that means.

But.. they're giving to the trash of society. If I was rich I would be raging because there is nothing honorable, integrity, and virtues about dealing with the trash of society.

Satan satan satan

You might not like them all, but what the fuck

>Injury Reserve - Live From The Dentist Office
>Aesop Rock - Labor days
>El-P - Fantastic Damage
>Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels (2 self titled albums)
>Kanye West - The College Dropout
>The Roots - Things Fall Apart
>OutKast - Stankonia
>Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
>Vince Staples - Summertime 06
>Mobb Deep - The Infamous

There's a nice bit of variety in there. I could've recommended you a hundred or more, but yeah, hope you find something you like mate.

I agree, but why get angry about things that are out of your control? I'm pretty jaded by it. It disgusts me that we give benefits to scum in Australia too, but I have no power to change that, and it won't change for a long time to come.

I wish we had the card system like in the UK. Like a credit card, but it can only be used to buy groceries and necessities. No alcohol, drugs or cigarettes etc.

Yes.... So fucking true... and beyond that No Ceilings is still the best mixtape that has ever been dropped

Play the game slither. It's about snakes eating snakes. Once you've gotten so fucking big that you take up the whole board, you have to keep your engine running or else little jealous snakes will pop you.


I'll give a couple of them a try. Thanks man. I bet you're familiar with Nujabes but if you're not you should check his stuff out.

Please stop posting, you literal human garbage.

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my life. This might sound edgy, or weird, but I got stoned and had a really introspective high. I don't like who I am. I'm so angry all the time. I want to be a nicer, better, more proactive person. I want to be productive, happy, and enjoy my life. This isn't working for me by using the internet, and Cred Forums day in day out.

I don't even really do drugs, or drink much, but that night has changed me. Never thought it'd happen, just from a little bit of pot..

Because they're not people. That the only thing we can do is "deal with it". That pisses me off. We shouldn't be tolerating the trash of society. We should be rounding them up and dumping their asses in the North Pole.

I know of him, but his style of instrumental hip hop wasn't for me. I'll give it another go though.

I think pic related is in the conversation too.

>just start a corporation and comply with every weird code hidden in labyrinthine legislation

okay cool i will do and do that right now (y)

Trash will always exist. They breed a lot too. Bogans (rednecks) always seem to have a lot of kids. It's an unstoppable plague.
I've always loved this picture. It's strangely beautiful.

When you finally reach the point where you can make 1 million dollars a day, I'd imagine it gets hard to stop

These fuckers don't "work" they make decisions.

Some decisions lead to loss some don't.

They wake up everyday have someone dress them or if they are still willing dress themselves in the finest shit that people they hired say they should wear. Then they go to "work" in their helicopter or Bentley and go in front of a board and listen to people suck their cocks and decide which part of the market they want to cornerstone next.

The only hard decisions they make is who's head they want to chop if they fail at their tasks. This is followed by putting the next guy in the ranks up in line for the open position.

To be fair all humans would do this. There is only so much one human can do with their time efficiently. AI computers should realistically run companies at this point. They can analyze markets better then any fuck jew could ever do.

Yeah Wiz is very solid great call

I know you're late to the thread, but I really don't think it's just about the money.

Billionaires have an obligation to fulfill.
They don't get rich by accident. They employ people, they have share holders who put their trust in them, they have to grow the business to stay afloat.

They have so much money that money is meaningless to them. They invest it all into buying more resources and expanding their business. They don't really have billions of dollars in liquid assets because it would be a meaningless number they can't even spend. Instead they have really expensive businesses and stocks.

These people do not have that many reasons to stop, but they have a lot of reasons to keep going.

>Of course I don't have a source. How am I supposed to prove that being a billionaire isn't luck?

Originally I said:
>It's almost like being a billionaire is entirely luck.
You said:
>It's really not.

And now you're saying "of course I don't have a source" on that. So you've admitted that you were trying to refute me by throwing out something completely baseless.

Thought you'd gone man, and I was just enjoying our conversation.

Billionaire here, I know you won't believe me.

I do it because I want to continuously prove how much better I am than everyone else by succeeding over and over again especially in new areas and ESPECIALLY when people say that I have no chance.

That's literally all that matters. Money is just a byproduct.

Don't want to admit it but this is absolute atmospheric fire.

Yes, feel equally edgy saying that, but acid perpetuates the shit out of that feeling -- I tried acid once and didn't get on sites like this for three months after out of happiness and just not caring -- It's not necessary, it's a lot like pot t bh, but still a similar conclusion to what you're saying

They didn't start out rich though. They were doing all the hard yards.

Prove it by donating millions to the Trump campaign.

Successful featuring Wayne is top ten and I can't imagine it getting bumped from that -- you're preaching from the choir and hitting it exactly right with every call

Billionaires don't get rich because of "ethic" or "drive" you simpleton.

The only way to make thousands of dollars an hour is by employing others.

You MUST become a bourgeois in order to become ultra rich.

I've never done LSD, honestly I'm a bit scared to try heavy psychs like that. I like the calming high I get from pot, and the introspection is really eye opening sometimes.

I'd like to try it one day, when I'm in the right headspace. I've heard ego death is a great thing.

Half of your comments are calculated attempts to manipulate the reader into leaving the only beacon of sanity in their life to instead fully embrace degeneracy, nigger worship, and normiehood.

>I know, I'll start my post with "Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my life." This way, people who do a lot of thinking about their lives will surely be tricked into agreeing with everything I say thereafter.

You're trash. Fucking kill yourself.

Bourgeois is middle class. Hardly rich as fuck.

Thanks mate. Some really kind words.

Can't deny how influential this tape was, and the quality is top notch. Day n nite blew up on this iirc

Anyone who has ever unironically used the term ''bourgeois'' need to kill themselves.

The election is already decided

Bourgeois means a person who profits off of the labor of others. That's all it means. Stop perpetuating the "bourgeois is middle class" meme.

Hardly. Trump can still lose. It's not a guaranteed victory by any means. A few rigged states and Trump can lose.

I've always wondered the same thing as you, OP. I would quit after the first billion dollars. Shit, I would quit after the first ten million dollars. Why don't they just want to enjoy life? Don't they realize that they don't need to worry about money anymore? It's like laziness isn't even in their vocabulary. I wish I had that drive.


>waaah waaah I'm buttsad because people use well-defined and historically supported terms with specific meanings during discussions

What a baby.

I tried acid when I was 26, I'm 28 now -- and had been about to take it a lot from college on and never did it for different reasons -- it was an amazing day I did it dead sober in the morning of a coachella day and it blew my mind, but if it tells you anything I haven't done it since even though I loved it and have access easily and I smoke a good amount and drink as much as whatever would probably be considered normal. I was scared shitless of LSD before I did it... You've prob got a good amount of advice, but I would say just literally don't do it until you're feeling it and in the mood -- you'll always have a nervous feeling about trying the first time, but at least be pumped about it and positive if you're going to. Doing it on a whim I feel like would be scary -- I mean I don't know that for a fact cause I didn't do it on a whim, but knowing how it felt when I did do it I realized how freaked out I would have been had I done it in the wrong environment. All things considered though it's great and regardless there's nothing actually bad about it that could come from it from what I've heard and can imagine.

>It's like laziness isn't even in their vocabulary. I wish I had that drive.
Something I honestly wish I had. I'm slowly changing my bad habits. Gotta walk before you can run as they say.

You're definitely on the wrong board. Fuck off.

Okay, that's fine. You can use the words how you want, and I can use them how I want. All that matters in the end is that we understand what each other is saying.

Your definition isn't right though.

>All I have is the history of these people that I'm talking about.
What's your source for this history? How do you know what they do day to day? How do you know whether they've worked hard or just stumbled through life?

Do you know them personally? Do you have their schedules from some credible source? Have you read their biographies? Are you just skimming the tops of their Wikipedia entries?

Give me specific examples of billionaires securing their wealth and then continuing to work. Tell me precisely what work they were doing before and after. Not just some vague impression you have from a poorly sourced YouTube video you saw a year ago. Not just some third hand anecdote you heard on cable news.

You've shown no evidence that you have any actual knowledge of these people's day to day lives. You've shown no evidence that you have any credible source. Yet you make wild assertions as if you do.

By all appearances, you just have a vague impression of what it might feasibly mean to be a rich person.

Who the fuck made you king bob

Yeah I'm definitely holding out. I want to do it in the comfort of close, trustworthy friends, in a house where I won't do anything stupid.

I have a friend who triple dropped his first time, on his own. He tripped fine, but I personally couldn't do something like that.

Hahaha I feel like I'm tripping right now... are you me? Cudi is one of the single most incredible musicians of our lifetime. Pursuit of Happiness is a masterpiece and yeah Day n Night is a godsend. No pop song could touch that.

Do you fuck with youtube.com/watch?v=HOdNMwTNNhA

You sound irrationally angry. Calm down. Bit of a waste typing all that.

I could say the same about yours. The dictionary, after all, is written by people like you and I who have their own ideas about words do and do not mean. This is basic stuff.

I could find you plenty of definitions of the word "bourgeois" that say what I'm saying. The fact remains: When I say "bourgeois", I'm talking about the exploitative capitalist ruling class.

Find me a definition that backs you up and I'll eat my words.

We understand that a leaf is using communist buzzwords while ignoring what the buzzword even means.

You could have easily just called them middle class, but that term doesn't have the same negative connotations as ''bourgeois'', which is a disgusting sounding gross word that was used to slander something as innocent as normal middle class people earning money.

You posted my favorite Weeknd track wtf
And MOTM2 album of the decade

There is some truth to this. Gates got lucky with that initial contract with IBM that got the ball rolling. Our richest man Graeme Hart got his lucky break when he purchased the government printing offices for substantially below market value and then used them to leverage debt in other commercial ventures. There are a lot of ambitious people out there that would also have exploited those opportunities to increase their wealth.

You're killing it on this convo my man keep it up, people love you!

Check out the wiki, friend.


>In English, "bourgeoisie" (a French citizen-class) identified a social class oriented to economic materialism and hedonism, and to upholding the extreme political and economic interests of the capitalist ruling class.

Bourgeois does not mean "middle class people earning money". That is what the term "proletarian" means. Bourgeois is the other class.


define exploitation

Not to sound like a cunt, but are you really offended by a word as simple as that? Pretty soft really.


>It doesn't change the fact that he excelled.
This is a strawman. I never said he didn't excel. The point in question is what caused him to excel.

Mixtape Weezy still got it

In Marxian philosophy, exploitation generally refers to the way the capitalist class makes profit out of the labor of the proletarians. That's what I mean when I say "exploitation".

Even Warren buffet has repeatedly said in interviews how lucky he was in his life.

I guess that means every billionaire ever was "there at the right time". You just sound bitter.

Great call.

Also this is a pretty underrated remix right here:


''Offended'' is another communist buzzword. Completely meaningless.

All I do is point out bullshit when I see it.
These people don't have a leg to stand on, so they use scary sounding words with bad connotations.
What this guy is doing is no different than an SJW throwing the term ''racist'' around for no reason other than it being a term with bad connotations.

People who can't talk without all these bullshit cheap tricks should be ridiculed constantly.

>''Offended'' is another communist buzzword. Completely meaningless.
Jesus Christ dude, get outside some more. You sound really delusional.

Hard work gets you a comfortable life and financial independence at 40.
Luck makes you a billionaire. Do you know how many billionaires there are in the world? A few hundred? Do you know how many under 30? Like 8?

At the risk of sounding emotional even though I could give a fuck about that risk, that album got me through some shit -- not in a dramatic way, but just memorable as shit man -- that was a perfect follow up to his first.

Also always remember this


Kill yourself.

"Offended" is a word that people use when, within relationships or communities, there is a need to point to an unpleasant or undesired action from one person to another or multiple.

We're all technically part of a community on this imageboard, and to a certain extent it makes sense to care about each other's thoughts and feelings during a discussion, so I think it makes sense to talk to each other about offenses, perceived or real.

Sounds like you got offended, bourgeois. Are you sure you aren't a racist? You're a perfect example of internalized misogyny.

Take Care is awesome and a personal classic for me. Wish Club Paradise was on it.

>no one checked my reoccurring numerals

Wew lad, look at this meme density.

Is it dank in here or is it just me?

Becomes bourg

Find creative ways to exploit others labor

Cha-Ching senpai we out

You're not part of this ''community''. You're straight from /leftypol/.

Are you 16?

Never really been into too much drake besides IYRTITL. I love that album, but I haven't touched anything else and I have no idea what to listen to next by him.

>hard yards
from that pic, only Branson started out in a normal bourgeois family, and he's by far the poorest now

Honestly, your bait is abysmal.


Farmers, carpenters, and sweat shop workers work harder than these people and deserve more respect. I bet Bill Gates wouldn't last 5 days working in a sweat shop before dying of exhaustion.

Wew keep it up lad you are absolutely dominating this shit now and I'm loving it! We all are it's impressive as hell man!

Yeah I remember when 5 billion was "poor". Idiot.

>it's stupid to discredit it
What do you mean by "discredit it"? No one's attempting to refute that these people have money.

Minecraft was based on two other games and is to a large extent a clone of Infiniminer (sp?). Notch was tinkering around, trying to develop a game for a small community. He's said so in interviews. He was actually very surprised his game even caught and he sold it because he hated that it's popularity had gotten out of control. He didn't intentionally make it "at the perfect time" as you imply.

The creators of Snapchat were mostly focused on frat parties. They didn't plan anything out. The timing was a lucky accident. You can look into Spiegel and see his frat boy emails that were made public and also see that his parents were rich.

You know no details about these people. You're making wild assertions. You're filling in their life stories with your own idealized version of how you think monetary success happens.

>i made a billion
>let see if I can make 10

Bingo. Although rare instances of independent artists (like Minecraft guy, as the guy earlier pointed out) it can sometimes come out of pure individual labor and immense circumstance.

Hey, in my opinion, as long as somebody posts on Cred Forums, they're a part of the Cred Forums community by default. As always you don't have to respect that, but I imagine a lot of people might agree with me.

Anyways, /leftypol/ is kinda shit, but I guess that might be closer to the kind of place I'd feel more comfortable in.

Why would dissenting thoughts be bad, anyways? I would imagine even you wouldn't want to be in a right-wing hugbox 24/7.

Nice to see people from /leftypol/ backing up their comrades.
Is this a raid?


Cred Forums in a nutshell. Throw around a stupid, meaningless insult, or a recycled unfunny joke like "cuck" and wait for replies. Remember this is someones "life".

They want to leave a legacy whose standard was set by the God when he created man in his image.

Look at the flags, a fucking leaf and ausfag
How do you even fall for this bait

I would say see if you fuck with a song of Drake's like this and if you don't, prob going to be just something you might not get into until you hear something on the fly and like it -- a lot of people I share music taste with don't like Drake, I happen to love him, but completely get how people don't get into it


I'm not that big on his rapping I like the Take Care, SFG Drake. Pop Rap with some contemporary R&B elements sprinkled on top. If you liked IYRTITL I'd suggest NWTS.

We, the euphoric gentlesirs of /leftypol/, would never participate in such a juvenile act as a "raid". We are all too busy in the tasks of the glorious Stirnerite to waste our precious time on such trivialities.

Gates is well past 100, so is the pooinloo


Poorfags think that once you get your million or billion, you'd just stop working. Which is not true, because nothing is worse than a boring life.
Only people from the entertainment industries lead a "boring" life because they are entitled retards.

I feel you. I love R&B acts like D'Angelo and Frank Ocean so I'll check it out.
Drake is popular for a reason. He can appeal to literally almost anyone. Surprised you don't know many that like him. I'll listen to that song cheers.

So true -- and yeah love that shit. Also I can't hold my liquor

>Only people from the entertainment industries lead a "boring" life because they are entitled retards.
What kind of people are you talking about?
Hnnnnnnnnggghhh. Diamonds.

Different opinions are always welcome, but if you can't express your opinion and you're just a commie who is spewing communist buzzwords you need to fuck off.

There are only two types of people who use the word ''bourgeois'' - college educated communists and /leftypol/ ''educated'' communists who think they're so much better and different from the rest of the communists.

I still don't know what to make of Blonde it's beautiful and the lyrics are deep but it sounds so samey to me.

>He wasn't the only one that was born in 1955, who was of age just in time to be in the right place
He was literally the only one in the right place at the right time. His parents, his friends, where he went to school, who he met in school, what projects he was allowed to work on after leaving school, whose hardware he was allowed to use...

You're oversimplifying what "luck" means. The more you think about him and learn about him, the more instances of luck you'll see.

>but he was the only one that saw opportunity
Absolute bullshit. He stood on the shoulders of IBM, for one.

Oh no I know a lot that love him, I just meant I have a good amount of friends I share taste with that don't fuck with him... And also Frank is mind blowing surprised he hasn't come up yet here

Yeezus is alright. Personally liked Guilt Trip the most. Overall I prefer TLOP. Saint Pablo a classic.

it's about not ending up in a ditch with a bayonnet up your arse, first and foremost
then it's about upstaging your peers
then it's the fact that to get there you accumulate so many social ties, it's virtually impossible to extricate yourself
even a bug-crazy guy like Howard Hughes was being regularly called upon to make decisions, because there was literally no one else with enough authority and he refused to delegate and there was no way to strip him of it

Having the world respond to your effort and influence is an incredible drug.

Think about how good you feel when you get a dozen (you)s, multiply that by a million.

Diamonds verse might have been the best verse that came out that entire year

It's a hard album to digest, definitely. I've only heard it twice, but I do enjoy it. To me, it's like TPAB by Kendrick. I love it, but it's something I have to be in the mood to listen to.
Check out D'Angelo if you haven't listened to him.

"Bourgeois" is only a buzzword to you. To me, it means a very specific thing and helps the flow of discussion. Would you rather I type out "property owner who profits off the labour of others" every time I say "bourgeois"? I sure don't.

John D. Rockerfeller said it best

When asked once, "How much money is enough money?" He replied, "Just a little bit more.

The whole song just puts me in a strange mood. I might listen to that album tomorrow. I forgot how much I loved Yeezus. Really want him to come back to Australia to see him live.

>comparing it to Cred Forums (you)s
This is when you know you need to get off the computer.

Fuck yeah, I literally have never listened to him I will now

Yeezus is like 808s in a way where they both experiment and both showcase certain emotions.

How about just ''property owner''? No one is going to assume you're talking about a certain kind of property owners who lose money.
Oh wait, if you said it like that it wouldn't sound bad and scary.

TLOP is my current favorite too -- I'm going to two of the nights in LA next month on the floor, need to hear St. Pablo both nights

Travis Scott grew on me a lot recently. I love Rodeo and BITTSM. He's not the most talented rapper but his beat selection is incredible.

"Property owner" is decent but unfortunately misses the point because people think "property" means their house, their toothbrush, etc.

"Property owner" doesn't do it. There's a reason Marxists of all stripes use the term bourgeois: it's very specific and useful.

Notch is a lazy neckbeard tho.

Agree unless you're die hard you have to be in the mood -- even then I sometimes feel like Yeezus is too loud and 808 is too slow -- but both still are close to perfect and unprecedented

Hope you enjoy it.
I couldn't get through BITTSM. I got bored. I'll definitely give it another chance though.
808s makes me feel dead as fuck inside.

Street Lights is life changing. Really makes me feel like it's a cold November night in 2008. Whole album does really.

Have you ever seen him live? He made me an instant fan live and I hadn't previously fucked with Rodeo at the time and now love most of his shit -- appreciate his Ye and Cudi influence and all of Mike Dean's master hand on his shit

Kanye is one of those artists where every album of his, each song has been a "favourite" of mine at one point. I mean I've heard MBDTF at least 200+ times. It's just too fucking amazing.

>1.2 million

Yes. He performed 90210 and it was great.He cried when he first met Cudi which makes him a real one to me. I'm a Cudi fan at this point, I even fuck with Indicud and like 4 tracks from SBTH

The whole album definitely has that vibe. My first intro to that album was Love Lockdown. Amazing track still.

that's what you get for not praising kek

>You sound irrationally angry
How do I "sound" angry? I'm bored and you're wrong. It's just something to do. You're putting the angry sounds in as you read. Why are you making me angry? Am I yelling right now? Shh.

Somehow it's not a "waste" for you to have spent so much time refuting me earlier? I'm helping you not live in a fantasy because I'm bored.

Not every Billionaire, but lets be honest any new technology will make mega bucks for whoever ends up taking a leading role (ie rise of computing - Microsoft, rise of Social Media - Facebook) Now in the case of Facebook/Myspace thing it just proves you dont have to be first to market and that things like usability and cultural fads can end up making you the leader (and dumb luck too)

Welcome to heartbreak with that Cudi feature is sad as hell considering they not friends anymore

street lights is life changing

i went to that 808 concert live last year that album to me is his best and won me over and I always have a tie between all of his albums at different moods being the best

They use it because it sounds bad and scary, and normal people have no idea what it means.
It's the perfect propaganda word.

Just look at you. You thought that ''property owner'' would miss the point because we're so dumb we'd probably misunderstand it and have no idea what you are referring to... then you use a world like ''bourgeois'' because apparently this word is much more easier to understand and no one apparently is going to misunderstand you.

Just admit that you use words like that because you know it works on normies.
You've probably used it on some people in real life and saw that it's an effective word that makes it easier for you to push your agenda.

To be fair it's amazing Facebook has become what it is today. Tom from Myspace is still loaded (sold for 500m), but I wonder what Facebook had that Myspace didn't. I guess it was a friendlier website interface? Who knows.
Yeah saw that, what the hell happened between those two?

Yeah I'm a massive cudi fan but there is one sick quote from Travis on Cudi he goes

"Cudi wasn't an influence on my music, he was the influence"

Always stuck with me as being so dope and humble and specific. He stands by it now too.. I think the cudi/Ye shit is fake for publicity too (besides the point)

What do you think of WTT? I've always loved it desu. Murder 2 excellence and no church in the wild wewww

>different moods
You can definitely tell the different vibes between albums. Like, The College Dropout has a "I'm making it" kind of feel, as it progresses to Graduation it's more of a "I've made it and I'm having fun" kind of vibe. Then MBDTF is right on fucking top of the world, but introspective of the fame, and how materialistic it is, and how it's changed him.

Murder To Excellence is fucking amazing. Also, No Church In The Wild gives me really, really weird, feels, but in a good way.

I swear on my momma's life I thought you guys would understand what I mean by "bourgeois". I had no idea it meant "middle class" to most people, and I thought that the context of my post would lend some additional context to its meaning.

I sincerely apologize for my mistake, and I'll try to be more clear in the future when speaking to liberals. I genuinely appreciate this interaction. Just so you know I'm serious, here's a silly anime girl for you.

I wouldnt want that many yous. Cant keep up with them all. What a pain in the ass it would be.

Little people dream little.
Big people dream big.

Why are you assuming those with a different opinion on the definition of a simple word are liberals?

I feel like that beef is publicity -- I love both of them and it felt a little contrived, but maybe not

Honestly it's probably bullshit but I've heard that Cudi was working o turbo Grafx 16 and midway through kanye scrapped it or turned it into a drake collab

Kanye's presence is 100% publicity. Outside the limelight he's apparently the nicest, most down to earth person. I want to meet him some day.

Great call, No Church in the Wild is another level of chilling

You are absolutely correct. Capital has replaced land in neo-feudalism.

>You just sound bitter.
What is it with you and adding emotion to things? "Sound"... "Sound"? What sound? Read in a calmer voice.

And you're assuming I'm explaining these things to you because I'm "bitter." I'm not bitter. Understanding how much luck is involved in life makes you more detached if anything. I think you're also assuming I'm not rich.

Didn't hear that rumour, but I was looking forward to TurboGrafx 16. I may be a stan, but the lyrical content on TLOP disappointed me, but I was mostly happy for it. I want Ye to pump out something amazing and mind blowing.
Frank just knows how to do it brah.

Because most people I talk to are liberals.

Sorry, I might be using confusing terms again. What I mean by "liberals" is "people who adhere to or somehow believe in or support the principles of liberalism, that is, the classical conception of liberalism which circles around concepts such as private property and markets".


We clearly know what the word means, what you mean by it, what Lenin meant by it and why you in particular used it in this context. We know.
We're ahead of the curve.
The problem here is that you came in Cred Forums, didn't lurk and you thought you could get away with this bullshit. You thought we were dumb and ignorant. Jokes on you.

Dude Watch the Throne is one of my favorite albums and those songs are perfect -- Frank is a god obvi too but I think Otis and Otis music video is the song/video I can't do without on that collab youtube.com/watch?v=BoEKWtgJQAU

NOT BAD HUH FOR SOME IMMIGRANTS. I'm not a big Jay Z fan but he kills this album.

>I guess that means every billionaire ever was "there at the right time".
And yeah, that's what I'm asserting.

I've been to Cred Forums plenty of times, I know leftists get eaten alive here. I just felt like a rousing round of internet argument since I'm bored tonight, and I saw my boyfriend browsing Cred Forums, and I realized it'd be great for a bout of wits with my fellow humans.

That's all. Just came for a little talk.

Only bad track on the project for me is Lift Off .

Did you like Cruel Summer? Don't like creepers mercy and that pusha t track are fire

what are you doing?

You'd be disappointed. The personal philosophy of many of these men often don't extend beyond "more".

Yeah man I agree -- I appreciate his hustling on the personality and offending people level but in person I think he would be a really relaxed and down to earth person to get some inspiration from talking to

I really hope I get to meet him one day. Even if I just get to say "Hi". That would be amazing. I don't usually fawn over celebrities, but he's on another level.

Greed, ambition, thirst for power.

How they got there? Well you can start with confidence. Notice how he's not hover handing like some beta faggot?

Another problem is lack of suitable competition. Microsoft Office is the main reason alternatives to Windows really haven't caught on in the business world. No office package out there can even hold a candle to it, and nobody has been able to produce a viable Microsoft Outlook alternative that works even 1/10th as well.

If this changes, it could hurt them a bit.

Saw him once on the Kardashian show and he has a really quiet demeanor kinda caught me off guard.

Warren Buffet's strategy was:

1) Gain credibility by going to a great school and partnering with a genius professor (Benjamin Graham at Columbia)
2) Partner with rich upper middle class people who don't have any idea about finance (doctors, lawyers), and convince them to let you manager their money.
3) Merge all your partnerships into one big fund
4) Aggressively borrow money against what you have and make good decisions so it doesn't all go tits up
5) Buy good companies when you get the chance
6) Don't invest in businesses you don't understand

source: over 400 hrs of Buffett videos on youtube

Replying to my (You)s. What are you doing?

Haha I actually like Lift Off but I was stanning very hard on Ye and Jay when that came out so they would have had to tried hard for me to not like something there -- I liked Beyonce a lot at the time too, now kinda just still impressed by her domination, but not that excited about her music anymore -- but yeah Cruel Summer was solid I liked those GOOD music days, I think the new GOOD music is solid too, but R Kelly was a nice wild card on that album, I think that Cruel Winter will have a hard time topping Cruel Summer due to the new crew and just overall cheesiness that might come around this time versus last -- I thought Big Sean was a breakthrough on Cruel Summer too

>76 posts by this ID

Quads denied, faggot.

Three hours of bumping your own slide thread. Nice life. How much did you earn?

Thanks for the (you)

Dark Sky Paradise was pretty good imo, Sean improved from his hall of trash days

Haha never actually cared about these numbers but I would say those quads mean you're probably going to meet him very soon. I'm gonna ride off that luck too

I've read all your comments so far in this discussion, and you've got some pretty good things to say. I tip my hat to you sir, thanks.

Completely agree.. He had some rough days with Mike Posner back when he started off -- always appreciated him in terms of how he got Ye to like him early, but I never understood the hype until Dark Sky Paradise - - before that I just thought he was good for a catchy verse here and there



The destruction of the earth.

Do you know why sweat shop workers never get rich? Because it's something literally EVERYONE can do, they are completely replaceable and nobody will miss them. That's why their value is so low and their pay is shit.

People climb up the social ladder by using skills and ideas only few people have ever come up with. That makes then irreplaceable, which in turn increases their worth and usually ends up making them rich.

Is it bullshit that someone was born into this world and comes up with an idea like Facebook that makes him/her a billionaire. Maybe, but that's reality. Equality is a pipe dream and in the end it means complete stagnation. For us to be equal we need to become clones with no independent thought, nothing new will ever come to be, ever again.

Any Place you might like to visit after leaving here? Like 8 Chan or something?

Notice how the bump limit was reached, and suddenly the three people feverishly commenting to each other and talking like outsiders completely abandoned the thread in silent coordination.

You have just witnessed something being slid hard today by paid shills. Stay vigilant


Quitting chan sites in general. And trying to live in the real world more to be quite honest. I have wasted so many years of my life slaving behind the computer.

Where did they go to talk? Serious question

I left because I went to the 7/11 to buy a drink.


How many can he handle?

Also fuck you

Cred Forums is full of conspiracy theorists, ignore the retards

What were things like at the beginning? Would you say you're a master in your field?

Thanks yeah I bit hard on that. I even like some bigger conspiracy stuff too sometimes, a little bit why I started lurking on here..

But thinking into low level shit like thinking we're sliding on these convos blows my mind that someone could care that much or think people did that in an effective way

Please at least tell me you don't think jews are running the entire world.

Hahaha god no I think that the building 7 of 9/11 was weird (I was in eighth grade at the time and even thought that a year later but didn't think about the implications) and I was annoyed that my parents raised me Catholic even though I realized I was Atheist later on (which felt like a conspiracy at the time) then think that the media is biased -- but that's the extent of my theories

Wanna try something like this on a new thread?

Yeah the 9/11 thing to me is suss I'll agree, but I don't dwell upon it much more than that.