Election day in Russia


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>they can bring children into the polling station

What the fuck?

Russian bros: are they fair elections?

W-why not?

why not?

Depends on your definition of "fair".

Half of the candidates deserve to be behind bars, not on the election list.

Of course she's wearing Adidas.

Probably not. We'll see it later. Don't know if they'll pull 146% again


You can in every country last time I checked.





Small children need constant supervision, dumbass. You can bring children into a lot of places.

Don't be shy.

Why are you even holding an election when you have the Great Honorable Emperor Putin?

She looks like the sterotypical russian dame named helga/olga. Bet shes strong as a boar.

Only surpassed in pointlessness by North Korean election. Why do you even bother?

Putin actually enjoys support among most of Russians though. So they vote accordingly.

Putin is going to win right?

look who's talking


get on our level

>bongs holy kek

his party, yes

She looks Asiatic
Helga is a Scandinavian name

Those are parliament elections, but technically yes. His party is going to win without a doubt.

It's fine here to bring children


Beats me.

Western media will never admit our election are democratic anyway, unless we have two identical parties each having 50% of votes, splitting the society on retarded inconsequential issues and both run by the same elite.

I'm afraid our handicapped american friend thinks underage children can vote. I'm sure her mother just gave her this paper to puti in the bin.

they teach small children what is democracy. nothing wrong with that senpai.

>tfw no qt slavic polling gf

he is anglo
they only post garbage in this thread like here

>tfw the government here could pull the same shit here, and people would not be the wiser
>tfw it doesn't even matter who you vote, because it's gonna be more of the same: Have retards destroy more of what was built, and not know how to rebuild anything.

Western polls have shown Putin enjoys most support. They just love to smear Russians, it would be best if you let them appoint a satrap to sell your resources for cheap price to West.

It's cold as fuck out there, gonna have my late breakfast and go vote commies.

It looks like they are putting their votes into shredders.
Perfectly would reflect on their significance in Russia.

This "election" is illegitimate and decides nothing. All the participants are the part of the single system, there is no real political opposition in Russia for quite some time.

they are getting scanned you retard
Is poland even democratic nowadays?

>voting for commies
>so when commies get power they take away your right to vote

>Western media will never admit our election are democratic anyway,
Because they're not really.. Not in the same sense as Western European elections are democratic anyway.
>unless we have two identical parties each having 50% of votes, splitting the society on retarded inconsequential issues and both run by the same elite.
Kek, why so salty? We're not all Anglos..

We have 12 radically different parties that all get between 1% and 30% of votes, splitting the electorate on every single possible issue, consequential or otherwise, and they're all lead by people from roughly 3 catagories of elite. It's very democratic, actually.

Pls explain what I'm seen

You see what tricked Hofer out of presedency.

>Not in the same sense as Western European elections are democratic anyway.

Post candidates

I know I'm wondering what they say though, why that percentage

Do worlds like "looks like" and "would" are unfamiliar to you? A little more reading comprehension.

Depends on who you listen to. Because some believe that if they don't get their way somehow it's undemocratic.

You make me laugh. This is why you get no sympathy from the rest of the world. You're the beatup wife who keeps covering up for her abusive husband.

Almost every country that managed to escape your rule is catching up with the west. The ones you're still holding onto are fucking warzones and basket cases. Maybe should reflect somewhat on your track record rather than claiming everything is perfect.


Name one thing wrong with it.

Haha what the fuck nigga



this one's mine

inb4 140% voter turnout again

Maybe a third or a forth of Russia supports Putin.

I found Waldo!

I didn't go because of my flu. Fuck.

Maybe you are a delusional hipster.

Do you live in Kamchatka?


Nope, Siberia.

does кпpф have a chance?

A 100% chance to be forever in second place.

A chance to have an unhappy accident and/or long stay in a gulag.

>Some voters were not happy with the choice of candidates. According to photos published in social media, they preferred Game of Thrones’ wily dwarf Tyrion Lannister or Pikachu the Pokemon.

edgy kids

I hope кпpф wins. Russia needs to become a communist country leader against capitalism

how much will ukrainians be butthurt about crimea voting?

or to go to jail for unpaid TV license/ for not bining the kitchen knife

>we need a Jewish movement to fight Jews
Yeah cos that worked out so well last time lol.

they're butthurt right now

>09:48 GMT

Ukrainian nationalist MP Igor Miroshnichenko, along with a group of men, tried to break a fence surrounding the Russian Embassy in Kiev, as shown in this video from Ukraine’s Channel 112.


>its dah joos



What a fucking joke.

Putin is a dictator and will be president for life.

This election is a farce to make Russians feel like they have a say in anything.

People should be put in prison for 3 years for voting communist and for 5 years for voting United Russia.

Help me bros, should I go or not? Weather is shit today.

two party system talking

Do russians feel like Siberia is stolen clay that the asians are coming for?

it's your civic duty
even if you hate Putin go there and write a dick on the ballot

haha what a joke why the hell they are spending money on election? who already know who's going to win,


Yeah and they will be kidnapped afterwards

>Tyrion Lannister
Cucks. Tywin is the only right choice.

You should. It's a civic obligation. Vote PARNAS. United Russia - Putin's corrupt pseudo-conservative thief party that allowed millions of Asians to come in, Islam to flourish, and passed restriction of freedom of speech and political activity; for example, it's illegal to register nationalist party or critisize Islam.
Liberal Democrats, Just Russia, Communist Party - three other parties that are currently in Parliament. Do and vote as Putin orders them to vote. Fake opposition.
Parnas Party - used to be classic liberal party that advocated strict visa system with coloured countries. After party praimerise this May: even more anti-immigrant politicians make a third of a party, every fifth party candidate is open nationalist, the rest are pro-gun, pro-freedom, anti-immigrant classic liberals. Led by nationalist Maltsev who named the Jew being behind European multiracial society and Jewish mafia in Russian medicine. They support legalising handguns, free speech, free party registration, Russian nationalism, harsh visas with coloured countries, people's militias, small taxes, THE WALL and deadly fire against illegals trying to cross. Their mascot is THE BULL.

I wonder who will win??

Surely putin and his cronies are tired of his dictatorship.

yeah, jacky chan is trying to fight polar bears in siberia with bar hands


but Putin enjoys support from Russians, what the fuck do you want, for you to appoint new Russian parliament and president you like?
why the fuck are you using this argument when even Western polls admitted that Putin enjoys wide support?

This is obviously a shitpost as the weather in Russia is always great and of course you need to vote because it's the one time you get to choose your leader.

Go and vote, syka.
It's one day in already 5 years.
Not voting is literally faggot-tier.

>My designated polling station is too far
>Didn't bother to take absentee vote certificate
FSB-kun, count my vote for commies pls, i know you are watching

Pretty much this.
Puppet parties to make it look like we have a multi-party Duma.
They are suppsoed to be "opposition" yet support every single legislation the ruling party shoves down their throats.

Like a fourth of Russians support him. People are tired of corruption, ethnic Azeri, Chechen, Georgian, Armenian, Dagi crime, mass immigration and Chinese occupation of Siberia and Far East.

U w0t m8?!
It's a part of our heartland as much as european Russia. The only other people with legitimate claim are Siberian Nationalists, but they are practically non-existant and mostly faggots as well.

Just voted. Pretty chill, no problem. Have like 9 bulletins for diff people. Voted for parties and candidates that is not in the big 3.

Natalia is running for office in Crimea. Where do we get those results?

She is most likely running with ER, so suspence is abscent.

yeah and kim jong un has the support of the NK population we had election in commie era tool and ceausescu always win wit over 90% anyway the fact that journalist who dare to say bad thing about putin are found dead are proofs that russia has one party sistem like other communist countries lead by dictators
don't worry she is going to win like other putin's puppets

>backed down on their promise of fair primaries knowing Kasianov would not be #1 because literally noone outside the party actually supports him

Building a sense of civic character is beneficial for the child. This is supposed to go hand in hand with how to deal with authority figures.

You country is a shithole too.

Redpill me on Я́блoкo and their voters
I know someone who actually supports them

>state capitalist against capitalism
КПPФ is not communist at all
Ironically, best party for socialists to vote for is LDPR (Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, actually far-right), because they will enact national *socialism* in many aspects.

People who go on Cred Forums only vote for Parnass/Yabloko or ER/putinbot parties.

not an argument ;)

Literally a meme party with maybe 1-2% of support.
Why they even bother existing is a mystery.

They are doomed to not break the 5% barrier ever again because they havent been seen doing ANYTHING notable for over a decade.

Used to be a decent party. Lately not so much.

you are the reason /pol considers all romanians as gypsy shitposters. kys you fucking waste of public money

>Why they even bother existing is a mystery.
Government funding.

Party led by a Jew that opposes Russian nationalism and supports Russian "refugees . ru"(website that helps kaffirs and arabs to stay in Russia)

Dude, you're going to have that corrupt bitch Hillary Clinton as your president. Your country is just as bad. Trump won't win.

hey but at least in our country the opposition won in 2014 before the elections i was 100% sure that ponta is going to win but at the end of the second round he lost by altmous 10% and at that moment he was the PM he had all the power yeah maybe Romania is a shithole but at least i know that if there will be an honest candidate he will have a slight chance to win unlike russia were the opponents are killed
Hai ba ma lasi dracu cu prostiile tale

Speak for yourself faggot. I'm going to vote for KPRF because they will actually break the entry barrier and can oppose some of the more moronic laws ER tries to push.

Ukrainian refugees would be cool right? Since Russians and Ukrainians are pretty much same people.

found the boer subhuman shitposter

go back to your shithole faggot

>tfw I will never get to be a Premier like my great-grandfather
Hope you get the candidate you want, Russki bros.

speak english on an american anime board you little dipshit, it's common courtesy.

>tfw there's no point in voting since democracy doesn't exist and every party is a puppet of United Russia
>tfw having another senseless and merciless Russian revolt is once again the only way to change something
>tfw it still won't make a difference because we always end up with power-hungry fuckers taking control of Russia and turning it to shit

Always go.

Never ever give up the chance to make your opinion known.

Even if you can't bring yourself to vote for one of the corrupt puppets on offer, you should at least waste your vote in person by spoiling your ballot.*

It may not count any different to staying home, but it reminds those in power you have seen their shit and are ready to vote against it when a decent candidate appears.

*This assumes the number of spoilt ballots is counted., and a 'none of the above' or 'write in' option is not available.

Ukrainians refugees are rare, most of their emigrants come from regions unaffected by war. Pretty much economic migrants.

It's the biggest actually opposition party, it's been there for almost two decades. Early 90s politics were a mess and Yabloko and SPS were the biggest liberal (not necessarily left) parties that emerged then. SPS fractured, now Yabloko, headed by repulsive scumbag long-timer, is the only real hope to start any form of political debate.

Just like in Spain :D

>KPRF opposing anything
>not riding the ER's dick

Explain yourselves Russia. Didn't you already try Communism and fail?

And America too.

Nice meme, but they do on many issues. Then again it probably won't matter since ER will get the majority again and will just push any laws themselves.

>Russian election
>Not rigged
The mob decides the winner

And the winner is…

Edinaya Rossiya with 65% (99.9% in Chechnya) of votes.

Hey, don't create ethnic tension! I'm a Russian citizen and my vote is as much important as that of ethnic Russian who can trace his ancestry to Novgorod republic! Remember what Putin said about nativism? Be a good boy and don't be a racist. Don't make your master sad.
It's not about helping Whites. refugee.ru/en/
I didn't like most Ukranians I met. Lazy, rude, slow, obnoxious people. As a nation and people lost opportunity to create farming and industrial paradise on the rich land they got. If it was inhabited by Boers in 1991, Ukraine would be second financial Germany of Europe in 2016


despite its name it is only a cargo–cult worshipping the Soviet Union. their leader embraces simultaneously communism and orthodox christianity for fuck’s sake.

Filled with criminals. I should know, my dad was in the police in 90-s, every one of them was frequent guest at the station. Same for ER though

More than half or Russians support the restoration of Soviet Union.

Nah, Chinabro, in Russia we go all the way to 146%.

>Some kind of technicality goes wrong
>They ACTUALLY get a new election to make sure the results are valid beyond reasonable doubts

Yeah, wew. So undemocratic. From what I recall the 'fraud' consisted in counting the postal votes a little while before the official vote-coult was due to start or something, but they still had all the proper observers, volunteers etc present..

>flees south africa like a coward because of nignogs
>talks shit about immigrants in Russia
>votes some pro-Nato party

It's a semi-decent democratic party (unlike the Kasyanov scumbags) but completely ineffective and irrelevant. They never achieved anything in their entire existence.

this assessment is not completely professional.
They might have great land. Shame it's in an area that's easy for empires to invade.
If it was the exact same land on an island they would be a different culture.
As it is , historically, every time something is built there, someone comes along and tears it down, like a sand-castle in the middle of the beach.
It's only a short time before a kid comes up and kicks it down.

Yeas, they are called pido–russians.

>damage control

58% actually.

On porasha, maybe.

You have to go back there by the way.

The votes were literally counted by Anti-fa.

>If it was inhabited by Boers in 1991,
it would be even worse. Would have turned into a british welfare state full of dutch and anglos.

It is pretty universal by now. And I will happily do so as soon as our friend Abou stops using CloudFlare, which is blocked in China.

looking forward to continuation of unanimous decisions in state duma, rofl democracy

Which candidate/ party is highest in the poll so far?

8/10 mom

10/10 daughter

But Cred Forums uses cloudflare too. And with Moscow server to boot.

I support everybody who will try to make average Russian life better and will not invade Poland

>It is pretty universal by now
Further proof that porashniks live in their insany bubble universe, if any was needed.

Ti ochen juni ochen glup! Ti be vidal bolshih zalup
>South Africa
>not British enemy
Boers can only be Dutch or German...

>We're not all Anglos..
Yes most of you are their lapdogs

You trippin.

Nigger please. Have you never seen Cred Forums downtime and cloudflare errors, you newfag?

less and those are idiots that can't die soon enough. support for communism should be punished by three years of forced labour

Fair elections desu

Let’s do some maths. Russia – 140 million ppl, Ukraine –40 million ppl. By now most Ukrainians call russians only “pidorashque” or “vatnique”, I’d say that is pretty deep penetration. Just live with it.

Source: your ass.

The fact is I can access Cred Forums no problemo whereas 2ch is effectively banned, my homosexual friend.

What do people in Russia (that you know) think of this man?

That's too bad, you need to learn how to use proxies and go back.

>hohol analytics

>Russia is better

knicca pls


>Being this mad at our freedom

Kek. Whatever you want m8..

Tell me something I do not know.

Russia is a dictatorship they don't have election xDDD, even though the ruling class picked Hillary years ago xDDD

Our God Emperor said that he's a fine fellow, so we agree.

kanker newfag

>proxy–hohol alert

Turn around, there’s a hohol behind you! Nobody? Have you checked under the bed?

>in Russia
Pick one and only one.

t. jack han jon lee

How do I agree with you

>This mad

Waarom boos?

But maltsev says he is for friendship with "brotherly nations", why dont you like ukraineans you fucking lilipootin worshipper

you are right. they are voting in riga too.

halo, mijn marokaner broer

Where's the gestapo checking all the ballots to make sure you have voted for Putin, like the Western media is leading me to believe?

President Obama has called him evil, so there's no way that Putin can have 80% popularity without rigging elections like all evil dictators do.


Would be glorious to see trump and putin carpet bombing the "new germany" even if that meant i died...
Would be absolutely worth it at this point

Just type "Austrian Election Antifa" into Google. Antifa even admitted so on their Twitter.

Chung chang chong ching

Voted for Party of Growth. It will lose miserably, but I did my part.

Only half?

It's around 90% here

t. retard who is genetically unable to learn Chinese

You'd be surprised how clear some things become once you start checking people's national background.

Cred Forums here does it with Jews, but in Russia before 2014 Ukrainians used to fly under the radar, everyone assumed they were basically the same as Russians. Big mistake.

Take Navalny, for example. Before 2014 everyone was puzzled. What's his deal? Yale World Fellows Program, sure, we understand that, but still. Well, turns out he's just an Ukrainian. That handily explains 100% of his actions and motivations.

Same for you I suppose.

And? Their votes doesn't matter. There's no opposition in Russia.

what are you smoking m8, he looks like a 1488% Russian

Yavlinsky however is a Ukrainian Jew, same with Fridman

Reminder: a vote for United Russia is a vote for gibsmedat for shitskins and churkas

Always went voting with my mom as a kid

Diasporapig/proxyshill, please. I left South Africa as a kid, because my dad tortured, killed and tortured so much kaffirs in fifteen years protecting the state, that apparently he became a "criminal against humanity" for post-apartheid government.

I did not go to the polls
It makes no sense

Who was your favorite candidate?

That literally says "Yes, but today it would be unrealistic".

>Just find your own source

Ok then.


>FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache called for a re-run of the election, saying his party had evidence of numerous irregularities, including the early counting of postal ballots - an issue many see as a technicality, not a serious breach.

Seems I was right. Unless you can deliver another source? Bonus points for non-meme-tier...


This concept does not exist in Russia. Or rather, the category is so broad that is rendered useless. Teachers, doctors, university staff, engineers are gibsmedats in Russia.

Only losers who can't get a job at home learn chinese and teach english in china

>Oтвeчaя нa зaмeчaниe вeдyщeгo, чтo в Укpaинe нe вce тaк дyмaют, Haвaльный cкaзaл: "Я нa пoлoвинy yкpaинeц, нa пoлoвинy pyccкий. У мeня бoльшaя чacть poдcтвeнникoв живeт нa Укpaинe. Я пoкa Чepнoбыльcкaя cтaнция нe взopвaлacь, y мeня пpocтo вce poдcтвeнники тaм жили, я кaждoe лeтo пpoвoдил тaм. Я нaвepнoe, бoльшe yкpaинeц пo cвoим кaким-тo кopням и гeнeтикe".

Just how shit is Russia today if people want to go back to Soviet times?

>I left south africa

Pidosussian, what do you smoke?

Officially partner party of United Russia
I'm for friendship with Ukraine, I don't happen to be an admirer of Ukranians. Good ones are always welcome, but god forbid those swarms of props that come to Russia and Europe since 2014. many of them also tend to be less racially cleaner than Russians..

whatever substance you took, i want to try some of that shit too
must be hella good

It's same here even though materially speaking people live better than in Yugoslavia.
It was a simple, idealistic, naive time. Plus many of those are older people and it was their youth.

The worst part is that they don't even try to make a good deception, adding the look of stupidity to dishonesty.

See the "Coциaльнaя пoлитикa" expenses? That's gibmedat money for niggers.
Look at me care.

All of the Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, etc.) should be united under one banner. Ukrainians are of the same people. Tatars aren't true Ukrainians.

If you are a Russian who could vote for Katasonova and didn't, you literally should leave Cred Forums and never return.

who is that

is that trump?

>implying a person with English / education / wtf degree is by definition not a loser

You sound so incredibly dumb by parroting back things you’ve read on here. I am not a teacher but teachers are paid quite handsomely I hear.

I was born in South Africa and we had to flee when apartheid felt, because my dad was working for the state and that involved doing nasty shit to kaffirs. My last place of residence was Nigeria, I came to Russia almost a year ago. There is thirty thousand strong Afrikaner community in Russia, they helped me out with that. one of diaspora guys who helped me, personally knows one of immigration service high ups. I arrived to Russia on August 2015, got citizenship on April 28 2016.

yeah, Trump Putin and Le pen


I wonder why would someone make yet another "le patriotic" meme party if we already have Eдинaя Poccия and Putin for it?

hmmmm I wonder if united Russia will win again...
They can't keep this up can they?

I feel sorry for you. So because of apartheid shit your dad could not go to Europe / US / Canada / Australia? What about you?

Who do you propose to win? Communists?


I think I have seen her before

does she have a chance at getting a seat?

Of course they can, user, otherwise the evul proxykhohols will come into power in Russia and sell our great Motherland to black monkey from Washington.

because she is younger and edgier and openly associates with white nationalists online

Also Putin is growing into a soft and senile cuck, the latest ceasefire agreement with the US is just the last confirmation.

Sooner or later he should be replaced by someone with more energy.

So you should be supporting the edgiest nationalists possible (who still aren't in jail) in order to facilitate the proper zeitgeist for that. Or meme the right leader if you will

Boys, I have trouble finding someone to vote for. I'm yet to read all the programs, but I can't find anyone who's completely against protectionism (my ideal would be don't tax anything foreign imported). And half of parties are various forms of socialism.
I can vote for Commies to take a vote from UR though. Ideas?

If “patriotic” = hate pindosy (americans), gayropeans, hahly (ukrainians) and other midgets–states then yes
if “patriotic” = hate non–ethnically russian then no. simples.

>anyone who's completely against protectionism (my ideal would be don't tax anything foreign imported

Vote for Parnas or Yabloko then, you fucking lolbertarian globalist pawn

Patriotic should be loving his nation and protecting the borders and it's people. Just leaving them open to anybody is the opposite of patriotism. Hating America and the EU doesn't make a patriot as half the world does that already.


He can't come over to the West with his real identity, he got a new parallel one. I probably could, but I believe that whole family is blacklisted(I didn't change my name, I'm proud of it), because Germany and Netherlands denied me entrance and settlement and I earn 4,300 us dollars a month and have amazing professional record, so it's not like I have nothing to show for. Afrikaner community in Russia all has Hague-worthy personal past or heritage. Many of us were encouraged to pioneer in Russia, because of anarchistic options, farming land and new apartheid state possibility. West will most likely clean up itself with civic laws that target non-whites the most, but only Russia is mad enough to establish real apartheid.

>my ideal would be don't tax anything foreign imported


Adds legtimacy and creates stability even if it is rigged shows that the president is in charge to able to rig an election.



>Burger still unable to understand irony even if you put it in quotation marks and add "le" before it
Ffs tovarisch

Socialism in Russia never be reborn.
Sentence КПPФ full shit

Likely to incite more foreign shipments since the west basically stopped trading with Russia after Crimea

Because he likes his cheap Chinese shit, or luxury European shit, I expect.

>she will never be your wife's daughter
why live


>this coming from an amerimutt
I can't even describe the amount of irony here.

Children are allowed in the polling stations in GB

I want to import a Japanese sport car with no registration tax like people did in the 90s. Also, I don't personally care about videogames, but I know from a friend that PS4 cost like $650 hundred here (recommended price $400) even though the population is poor. Same with unlimited number of foreign goods - more expensive than they should be for noreal reason. Now it might be not or not be the best for the country, but I'm admittedly not smart enough to know what's best for the country, only what I want for myself.

>in Russia
Kek, good one.

how to get a ukrainian gf?

you're so full of shit

$400 is the MSRP before sales tax in the US, in the market with cheapest consumer electronics in the world
Considering that, Russia has it much cheaper than it should have considering it's in Europe

Some people treat them as "not voting for UR" since they actually can take some places. Also both my grandfathers knew Zuganov and considered him a great, honest man (and one of them despised communism).

Post Katasonova pls


>tfw voted from the army
>tfw voted for one for the new gommie parties
>tfw memeing IRL was worth whatever comes after this


>calls out corruption in one post
>proceeds with "muh western media bias" in the next

The fuck is wrong with you people? No fucking shit its corrupt, and ours is too.

When he told me that, dollar was twice cheaper, I'm surprised the price didn't adjust.

Also non-stop strong inflation is another problem, isn't it caused among other things by protectionism?

[spoiler]Putin wins[/spoiler]

dayum she is based

Is-Is that Putin -> Marine Le Pen -> Trump ?
wtf, that can't be it right ?

its true she is pro trump

Putin banned pro-border control parties. Tony Blair is more tough than him on immigration. I have no idea how this cuck get memed into some "Saviour of White Race" figure

Do Russian Cred Forumsacks vote for this based man?


To foreigners calling "United Russia" a patriotic party: imagine if your country was ruled by one huge establishment shill party that would vote for foreign wars, state-funded mosques, open borders with Mexico but at the same time claim to be "le traditional values". This is what ER is. If you vote for ER, you vote for white genocide.

good banter but his party is a meme

I'm surprised Russia is unable to pressure manufacturers of otherwise imported consumer goods to set up shop locally like US and Euros have been doing for some time now
it's probably to do with low purchasing power and resulting small market, now even smaller since rouble went to shit

Voting for them too, they seem alright. They probably won't make it tho.

He is friends with Assad which is based but neckbeards who don't know better just take it from there and meme him into some God. He is great compared to many of the cucks we have in the west.

That would take about another 20 years. Current system was only established in between 80s and 90s. 30 years is nothing compared to countries that had democracy since the end of WW1 or even earlier.

I love how he points at Trump's picture lol

Goddamn, I love his passion

Have you heard any of your family/friends give their opinion on Trump btw?

He is entertaining, but he is in Putin's pocket.

Lol spoiler?
Every Russian knows it!

Glammed up pot-bellied postureless airhead. Natalia should be ashamed.

Protectionism works if your industry can hold its own in open competition.

The reason why Lada could keep producing a copied Italian design from the 1960s for so long because there was nothing else available on the market due to the protectionism of the USSR.

So could go either way. Either you get good prices or go back to 90s anarchy.

More footage of election fraud:

twitter.com/SovietSergey/status ... 6387368960

Women seem quite overrepresented in this work.

Zhirinovskiy is a good speaker but he's a Putin's puppet just like everyone else.
Which is a shame to be honest, I'd like to see independent LDPR and CPRF fighting each other for voters.

>Tony Blair is more tough than him on immigration.

You can walk my path
You can wear my shoes
Learn to talk like me and be an angel too

Then he is probably retarded.

This is the price of freedumb, my friend.
Might as well bring your Tsar back, it's all the same either way.


You mean like in every other country. Even your backwards-assed one?

Will the communists win?

Пaлишьcя, Зayp, кoзoёб ибaный

Kek is god

Don't be so pessimistic, gommunism was better than monarchy and current regime is better than gommunism.

Russia was an net exporter of culture, arts and science before the commies fucked shit up. It would of been interesting if Russia became a constitutional monarchy in the UKesque form.

No. He's a Boer and Kaffirs means niggers in their language. He's probably not a Chechen.

You voted for Putin, right?


There's no dynasty left though. Revolutionaries killed all Romanovs exactly because they didn't want anyone to try to bring them back to power.

>Russia became a constitutional monarchy in the UKesque form

never ever, too dumb population for that

There was that one German woman who claimed to be Anastasia.

That map shows Russia with the same IQ as Europe and the US.


what is it with eastern europe / russia and techno songs ?

I look at it this way: Hypothetically if Russia wasn't fucked over it could of ended up as a better country today than what it is now. You can look at China today and they aren't exactly a net exporter of culture (Commies killed it, use a modified form they disguise as "traditional" culture), arts (Commies) and science (Real innovation isn't a strong trait). Russia had the potential in the past. Now? I can't be a judge since I'm obviously not Russian but I can appreciate the periodic table and contributions to modern electrical theory.

>periodic table and contributions to modern electrical theory

poltard, time to kys, poltard, subhuman scum

I don't think it would be very interesting. Monarchist Russia would be extremely politically divided and then get BTFO by Germans and Japs because the industrialization and Khalkin-Gola fighting wouldn't have happened.

Every Russian knows it!

Commie China actually promoted the traditional Chinese arts such as Peking theater and got rid of Western and Globalist media.

What if the change occurred somewhere around Alexander II and transitioned into something closer to the UK with more power to the citizenry and with the combination of the transition of the serfdom/feudalism into a modern society (Again, UK as a model)?

Until Mao threw it all away with his 4 Olds and the Cultural Revolution.

If that was even remotely true then we would see the resurrection of Chinese culture and not the modern street shitting competition they have with India. This is before we get into how they're hypermaterialistic fucks.

They present what looks like "traditional Chinese arts" but only if it benefits the justification and legitimacy of the commies.

Which leads to the current day situation in China where the culture has turned hardcore degenerate compared to Chinese diaspora versus the mainland. Of course most of the world won't figure this one out, where did the hard working Chinese immigrant-neighbors of the past go and why did they get replaced by street shitters?

To Taiwan and Hong Kong (albeit a Westernized version)

The Cultural Revolution was a good thing

I agree thats why China has soulless, fuck over anyone and everyone attitude. Any morality died when the Cultural Revolution killed Confucianism.

It's the same culture but each play and such had to have a message as Mao believed that every form of entertainment with no pro-people message was degenerate.

вepниcь нa пopaшy пpoкcи-cвинья. зaeбaл cвoим хpюкaньeм

I hope your joking.

Yes, if you like the destruction of one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Voted for Rodina.

t. retard


>Peace with brotherly nations
That's one political correct way to spell "Return Crimea to Ukraine" Go to hell, shill.

I have never voted in my entire life!

You can argue that some of the mainland immigrants who were fucked over by the commies or never bought into the shit are fine too. In effect the shitty Chinese are the ones who are the products of the Cultural Revolution. Nobody had (real) problems with the Chinese immigrants from mid-early 2000 and before. Now? Shitting in streets as a minimum starter before we even start about anything even remotely "real" like collusion, nepotism and corruption of local government.

You're probably from one or more of these categories:
$0.07 Army
Chinese """""Patriot"""""
Naive Westerner

>China before communism: backwards country buttfucked by literally all world powers of the time
>China after communism: a serious contender for a superpower

There's literally nothing wrong with returning the peninsula of freeloaders to khohols unless you're an actual cuck who intentionally wants his taxpayer money to be wasted on yet another Chechnya-tier black hole.


>annex Crimea to save it from evil nationalism
>so moslem chechen hill niggers can organise this
>Days of Checen Culture in Crimea
>Russian government plans to open 4 NEW MOSQUES IN CRIMEA
>Russian currency devalued by 117% because of annexation
>quality of life dropped
>but Crimea IS SAVED from nationalism and new mosques soon to be there!

I agree we should just genocide those fucking Muslim Crimean Tatars that support Ukraine anyway instead of trying to appease them.

Voted for "Party of Growth" (Пapтия Pocтa) and one candidat from LDPR. Basicaly, I went to polling place just to give "fuck you" to United Russia. Take that for "Yarovaya's bill", motherfuckers. Although my vote probably coudn't change a shit. But that's just personal for me. Note that I'm not anti-Putin nor liberal.


Poshol na huy, shill.

>some shitty photo
Kill yourself you idiot. Chechens have much wealthier regions to live in.

Chechens live where they want with their wealth. Sunny Crimea will become another caucasus region soon

Yes, any minute now.

>still trying to use Chechnya as an argument
You are proxy-hohol, aren't you? Only they are so backwards.

Let's thank anti-White Putin government for """liberating"""
Crimea from nationalism:

4 new mosques and I'm German

Repeating your post again doesn't make it true shill.

I don't understand why are you so skeptical about this possibility. It's like you don't live in Moscow or Spb

Evidence does, Olgino-Savushkino troll

>russian IP
Switch the proxy and try again. MinStetz will not pay your 5 hryvna for such a shitty job.

I live in Spb and have never seen any Chechens. There are many churkas though that work some menial low-level jobs, I will give you that. No idea about Moskabad, but it's a capital for a reason.

>Mosques will be built in Crimean Tatar style
Fuck off you retarded shill already.

>Holy shit guys I hate United Russia so much
>I'm not anti-Putin, though
>And everyone who wants to undo UR's fuckups is probably a shill as well
1861 was a mistake


> Crimea
> fuckups
> UR