Do walls really prevent immigration ?

Do walls really prevent immigration ?

Here is the wall between Spain and Marocco

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That's not a wall, that's an unguarded fence.

Go ahead and google how many people got past the berlin wall when it was manned.

You need a machine gun outpost behind that wall for it to be really effective.

In Berlin they don't hesitate to shoot those who crossed the wall. Now we don't kill them anymore.

Nobody says it completely prevents immigration, but holy fuck could you imagine the shitstorm without any wall at all?

>In Berlin they don't hesitate to shoot those who crossed the wall. Now we don't kill them anymore.
We? We're talking about the US border guard. I'm sure they wouldn't mind firing at people.

It's not like they'd be killing thousands. At the Berlin wall, about 150 people were shot dead in 30 years. That's really not a lot, and they were super aggressive about shooting people there.

All that fence needs is a little electricity

wow I could solve this shit within 2 days:

just add plenty of razor wire. Not just at the top but the whole fence. Would cost a few bucks per km and would solve this shit once and for all.

It's gonna cost less of having niggers in your country anyway.

It's not a wall, it's a fence and it can be climbed. If Spain wasn't so cheap, they'd build a real wall where you couldn't stick your fingers in and climb up.

Yeah, but that's not Trump's wall.

The goal is to slow them down enough to notify the death squads to gear up and mobilize to the affected area

The wall is to deter the drug trade, are you niggers even paying attention?

fixed your problem OP

No. Walls need to be guarded for them to be effective

this is not a wall

>death squads
that is the world you choose
no wonder your country is shit

enjoy your militarized police force enforcing hate speech laws in a tolerance zone near you

Wire cutters exist

Your already enjoying that tough aren't you Hans?

Be careful where you post, you could get sent to reeducation camp

Is that the drug trade that uses planes, boats, tunnels, and fucking submarines to transport their product?

Yes, but it would be very expensive. Then you have to jump through the hoops of American bureaucracy, protests, it has to go through congress for funding, then contractors have to be hired to build it (they'll give the lowest bid to win the money then fuck it up), and the whole time the Mexicans get to sit and watch as it's built because there's no legal reason to tell them not to.
It'll make for one hell of a landmark though and if Trump gets two terms and 8 years of a Republican congress it just might work.

Only if you go full Berling Wall or North Korea, install watchtowers every twenty meters with armed guards allowed to shoot on sight, with barb-wire on top and if possible a mine field on at least one side.
Otherwise, it doesn't work.

>Here is the wall between Spain and Marocco
It's not really a wall, in fact it's just a high fence


A fucking chicken fence will stop migration if you have the will to actually stop migrants.

Lel the difference is who the death squads direct their force at.

OP do you know the difference between a Wall and a Fence?

>they use planes and boats
,... you dont need the wall guys it will be pointless

both directions

You don't shoot them though, so they keep coming. Your wall is useless, like the wall between Spain and Marocco.

You just need to shot them, once, twice, few times. They will very soon learn that they should not attempt to assault the border. Fear of pain and death is the only way to teach them anything.

Well, at the zoo you have to put monkeys either in a cage or behind a wall+water combination with active surveillance to be effective. We forgot that we had to deal with sand apes and monkeys. Wall have no power with them. Except if you put razor blades + MG42s

Looks like there was a power failure.

There's a difference because no one actually wants to go to Hungary

is there not a body of water between spain and mooroco?

french fagit

We added razor blades and the left chimped out, so we took them out.

Melilla and Ceuta

Yes, but Spain has 2 cities in Marocco, ya big dummy head,

We have city colonies in morocco, they are entering them

Awful shitpost, thick gloves and shoes do a splendid job of breaking the circuit in an electric fence.

>not knowing about Ceuta and Melilla
>hamburgeristanese education

kek they did that and got blasted because it was soo cruel to the illegals climbing the fence, they could get injured.
It's ust a matter of enforcing the rules, if you can do it, a wall works just fine. If you are forced to let them in just because muh human rights muh nobody is illegal, well.


Pardon my ignorance but does spain own land in africa, what am I missing here, there's fucking water betwen Spain and maroco aka the Gibraltar strait, what the actual fuck OP?

It depends what the voltage is.

Ask Israel how their wall is working out.

Spain has two enclaved cities (Ceuta and Melilla) on the moroccan coast. If you manage to get in there, it's possible to travel back to Spain (or the rest of Shengen space) without a passport


Walls only help if there are people manning and defending them.

apologies, the other 11 arab countries ive been too ruined my sense of decorum

vivé la franç

>chain link fence.

Pick one cuck.

But you can't fire at anyone these days or else you get labeled with the worst thing in existence: racist

Shoot a couple of them. Also build it out of concrete or whatever else. It should be smooth and curve outwards slightly.

>it's possible to travel back to Spain (or the rest of Shengen space) without a passport
epic simply epic, the EU jews knew exactly that it cause such thing.

Can you see those holes between the fence wire? That's so that you can shoot bullets or water if you're a pussy through.

Why the fuck were schengen laws put in effect on african territory is what I wanna know, who the fuck thought that would be a good idea? Just suspend schengen treaty on African soil, simple

>its just a tall fence


Actually that has to do with the EU/Turkey migrant deal, moving the migrants to Libya/Italy rather than the Balkan route from Turkey.

heres some kastis torrau for yer listening pleasure

Cops shoot lots of niggers every day and save for the occasional media boosted shitstorm there are absolutely no consequences for them other than a quick paid leave and a quick investigation.

>Why the fuck were schengen laws put in effect on african territory
To be fair, I'm not quite sure if you can travel directly from there to Shengen but for what I know, you can go back to continental Spain very easily, and once you're there it's not too hard to travel through Shengen.
Until you find yourself in a dead-end like Calais.

you are probably right.
last year a german razor write company didnt want to sell their product to hungary for that reason.

I thinks its humane because it stops people from trying in the first place.

Electrify fence.


Yeah that's a huge security flaw, spain needs to do something about that, every jihad faggot can get easy acces like that

stop trying to prove american stupidity

That's not a wall, it's a fence.

>Actually that has to do with the EU/Turkey migrant deal, moving the migrants to Libya/Italy rather than the Balkan route from Turkey.

It's like you haven't been paying attention to what's been going one. Libya has always been a major route but it's always been mainly Sub-Saharan African through there.

Fuck you ishtvan

Spain won't do shit because spain isn't paid EU monies to care about that.

EU has no interest in paying them to care about that.

The EU is the problem because it takes the responsibility away from spain, but doesn't solve the problem


Border patrol opens fire at illegals constantly and nobody blinks an eye. They're fleeing arrest and are assumed to be an instant threat.
A wall will only exacerbate this, and nobody can really fucking say otherwise because the only response is "Well why the hell were you trying to bypass our wall?"

Marxism proves that capitalists exploit workers and your natural rights don't exist so stop doing your shitty economics and worshipping the bourgeoisie

And it works. There are more sub-Saharans taking a boat to Italy than jumping that fence.

Needs more landmines

Also a few autonomous machine gun pillboxes

Yeah but what's stopping the towel heads from Invading that territory, spain should just donate it to maroco and evacuate, africa is a lost cause

>he EU is the problem because it takes the responsibility away from spain, but doesn't solve the problem
The EU will become beneficial to its members once it takes responsability for its action, and can be held accountable for them as well. You either do this, or you let your constituting states fully responsible of their actions. No in-between is viable.


landmine lives matter

Just let go of those territories. Problem solved.

Problem is solved when if they catch them cross the border they can dump them back. EU prevents push back.

yes, the most basic fence+guards along the Balkan route and the Italy-Austria border cut the flood in 5

It really doesn't, though. If some nigger hops on an electric fence with welding gloves and rubber boots you'd need industrial levels of electricity to shock him. But the misplaced hand or forearm would make a decent gore webm.

Fuck off bozgor

Could someone explain geography to me please? Isn't morocco in Africa? Have we shifted realities? Is Spain in Africa now?

soon enough borders will be monitored ominus dominus with railguns on standby to deliver the massage

> 2014

Europe (Germany) complains every time we reinforce the fence.

parts of it, yes

>its already too late

our americation not up to fraspa par methinks

>Border patrol opens fire at illegals constantly and nobody blinks an eye.
Let's see some sauce for that bullshit claim

an actual well-built fence around Eastern Hungary cut the flood there to almost 0

too much internet for you, florin, take a pause

What's your point?
They are still in effect more than ever. This shit has been going on for years Italy is full of niggers now.

>Instead, it is providing "a taxi service for migrants", Colonel Ashraf Al Badri, head of the Tripoli Anti-Smuggling Unit, told the BBC.

Take a guess of when Israel erected their wall.

That's a fence not a wall.

not for long if Merkel wants to keep some of her career and get that UN job. She's already paying Erdogan to shoot them

Here's a video of *German* navy providing taxi service for the niggers.

If the wall consists of the carcasses of previous trespassers, yes.

Look at North Korea. They have a population which is very motivated to get out but they are able to stop basically all of them.
You need a watchtower with regular patrols in between and unexploded ordinance and mines on both sides. Allow your guards to fire on people trying to breach the fence and if you find someone who came here illegally send them and their family to a gulag for 30 years.

Problem solved.

Spain has a few cities in the northern tip of Africa. They're fenced off like in the picture for obvious reasons.

this. Honestly you wouldn't even need to build a wall.
Just start shooting crossers. after the first 30, you might get like 5 trys a year, and just shoot them. People only try because their are no real consequences. It's nto like you would have to keep shooting, people would stop trying.
A country without a boarder isn't a country at all.

This is the downside of globalization and the Internet

Now an ordinary Ahmed can easily see what it's like to live in wealthier countries and doesn't hesitate to leave his impoverished country. He also has information from his countrymen

Not if you're not allowed to defend it, or even take those who got across back to the other side.

I don't understand how you can have open internal boarders and undefended external boarders. The EU is broken.

>here is video

that shit gets apocalyptic looking

zombie hordes must be an analogy... good luck

Our border fence worked reasonably well so far...

They're like insects

>. The EU is broken.


Germans are literally going to the Libyan coast to pick up boats full of niggers and ship them to Italy. Pic related is the result.

>Melilla and Ceuta

Canada was founded by immigrants
Canadians have had to migrate too

I really feel these videos need to be more wided shared.

thank you

This is wall between Syria and Turkey.

>Canada was founded by immigrants
Conquerors and pioneers*

Not welfare leeching niggers. Injuns didn't buy the anglos and French social housing.

lies.. ive driven across syrian, turkish, iraqi border regions.. theres hardly mine fields anymore.. nothing more

turk fagit

My city is 40% - 50% Africa already and this is in Northern Spain. I want to move.

That's clearly a kike engineered construction. Cockroaches live under bathroom sinks.

>implying colonists are the same thing as immigration
>implying colonizing a pre-industrial landscape is the same as getting welfare is a post industrial economy
but illegals dont get welfare user
>what are schools, hospitals, subsidized parks, etc

220V is the only awnser

don't worry, if shit gets tough for us, the fence will be electrified

A wall between US and Mexico would be especially worthless since Mexican cartels spend millions of dollars building tunnels.

This wall construction has started last year. They are still continuing. Turkey has 822 kilometres (511 mi) long border line with Syria.

>there is no way to prevent or track tunneling

wew lad

To me this Looks like a third tier fence and bot like a wall. Where is the barbed/NATO wire, where are the guards with tear Gas and rifles, where are the dogs, where are the mines?

That's not a wall


I want butifel walls everywhere.

t. Zhang Zhao

Basically this. Australia could do a similar thing by sinking the illegal boats that enter our waters. You'd only need to do it a couple of times until word got out that coming to Australia illegally is a death sentence.

Talk about how well it has worked so far and how congress will include this tech in the budget.

What does that have to do with a wall?

You answer that, Germany. Your country doesnt like this fence because racism and we do nothing because you control the EU.
Most of them plan to go to Germany anyway.

now stop being muslims, turkroach!

Give it back. GIVE IT BACK!

Turkish way of Islam is degenerate as fuck. Dont worry. Search for "turbanlı" on google image search (means "with hijab").


There's also the matter of incentives. For example, the reason the migrant crisis is as bad as it is, is because Merkel literally told the entire 3rd world to come over. And so millions and millions came. And europe keeps taking them, which encourages more to come, etc. But if europe just started sinking the boats, then people would start realizing that it's not worth it, and the boats would stop coming.

Correspondingly, people cross the US border because there's no impunity. But if we started shooting people who crossed, others would think twice. The overall amount of people who die would actually be LOWER if you shoot them, because it prevents others from coming in at all. It's prophylactic

Enjoy your nou-vinguts or whatever your autonomic goverment calls them

This. check out Israel's wall. It's the real deal.

it's like that fucking brad pitt movie with all the zombies and shit.

that has been Spain since forever


>a bunch of guys withvrifles
>2 guys with flamethrowers
>shoot and burn them (aim to kill)
>niggers scatter in a matter of seconds, like roaches when you turn on the lights


I still remember how all the (((eurocrats))) chimped out the last time we tried adding razor wire.

At least most of these niggers will keep moving north instead of staying in my country.

What the fuck am I looking at