What Did He Mean By This?


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He's having a moment, but I'm not sure about the future

Clinton's specialty is talking and debating, so either trump will go Full Yeb on her, or he will slip and say something offensive and his polls drop like the WTC on 9/11

This has to be turned into a musical wave

>clintons specialty is talking and debating
it would help if she actually debated once in her life, threatening and murdering the judges family isn't fucking debating you stupid ass CTR shill.

>Clinton's specialty is talking and debating

Didn't exactly come off a winner at the forum.

Clinton's biggest opponent in the past year was fucking Bernie, and that man was a walking sleeping pill.

I agree that the debates are going to be a game changer, but Hillary hasn't exactly presented herself strong against Trump in the department.

I mean I'm curious to see if she'll be able to even fucking stand for 90 minutes.

>Clinton's specialty is talking and debating

Seeing how Matt Lauer btfo Hillary with a few unscripted questions about her emails I find your statement hard to believe.

Should Trump go full vicious retard on her or should he save some for the other two debates.

what did she mean by this

>Clinton's specialty is talking and debating
Only in between lengthy puffs of her nebuliser.

>Clinton's specialty is talking and debating
Even against Bernie, who refused to throw punches, and even covered for her despite her being his opponent ("I don't care about the emails"), she stumbled hard and made herself look worse at every debate. She is fucking toast against Trump, end of story. There is no correcting this record.

The Republicans have tried over the past 30 years to rattle Hillary to no avail. They have tried everything. The most recent disgusting example was the 12+ hour marathon Benghazi hearings which ended up as a farce more than a fact finding session. If the words "tough cookie" had a human face, it would look like Hillary.

Mark my words: Donald J. Trump will be unable to rattle Hillary even an iota. But I suspect she will rattle the living daylights out of him.


No, it's not. Clinton's been in very few debates and she's never done very well. She lost the nomination in '08, and couldn't even get past King Nigger fumbling his answers.

I swear to god Netherlands if he loses in the debate I'm blaming your damn 5s.

Nice proxy, kike.

implying we haven't wanted the debates all along because trump can wreck her in debates.
CTR, if you'd lurked more than a month, you'd know general opinion on this.

Hillary got fucking shit on in the DNC debates in 2008, and she got horrendously shit on by Bernie, who was fighting with all of his limbs tied behind his back using his ball hair.

Hillary is going to get destroyed, especially when Trump ignores (((they're))) plans and hits Hillary on a) Benghazi, b) the e-mails, c) her health, d) The Deplorables, e) her failure under Obama's Government, and f) the Clinton Foundation. She has no chance of winning the debates.

Pic not related.

Bro, we already got this

The reason why bernie did so well was because he didnt get bogged down in clinton conspiracy garbage and actually had a genuine vision for the country

All Hillary needs to do is have a consistent and coherent plan for the next 4 years and put that out there in the debates

Trump is funny but is completely all over the place, he changes his policies all the time, suggests crazy obviously unworkable solutions to problems. He wont win on bravado and ad hom alone i can assure you that

She'll be rattled when a reality TV show host is taking the oath of office instead of her.

>Clinton's specialty is talking


Bernie's visions are the craziest of anyone in this entire election. Hillary got fucking roasted because she's bad at debating, has no moral ground, and has NO policies. Her entire platform is to change absolutely nothing.

It seems Kek has blessed me.

>couldn't find my Gary Johnson reaction images

Their methodology is quite dumb

They track 3000 voters. Meaning the same 3000 people. From the start, they obviously had mostly Trump supporters.

LA times polling is weird, but Trump overall is definitely catching up

Hahaha how the fuck is Hillary good at debating when she got beat by a fucking gay mulatto nobody back in 2008 hahahaahahaha

>his polls drop like the WTC on 9/11

this triggers the murrican

Johnson's policies are pretty much exactly the same as Hillary's, except that he doesn't want to raise taxes on the middle class.

>All Hillary needs to do is have a consistent and coherent plan for the next 4 years and put that out there in the debates

Bitch plz. Hillary doesn't give a flying fuck about having a plan. She knows her health is failing and doesn't care about the collateral damage she'll cause by dying during her first term just as long as she can be president for one day and a footnote in history.

That's how selfish she is.

>has NO policies
Yet the media grills Trump on specifics. She has not one specific for anything.

and what is Gary Johnson?

She didn't have any real opponents that strongly attacked her. She couldn't handle Bernie because his were already too hard for her. She is female Jeb. youtube.com/watch?v=fc7jHJaNmik

Exactly. The establishment won't question Hillary. They won't ask her a damned thing. That's why it's down to Trump to grill her in the debates. He needs to get down to brass tacks and really blow open the floodgates.

He is above his convention bump mate.

>or he will slip and say something offensive and his polls drop like the WTC on 9/11
There is nothing Trump can say that is worse than the things HRC has done. I think the people planning to vote against HRC have seen enough that they will vote against her no matter what.
also you're filename is funny

She's gonna have another coughing fit during the debates. The juxtaposition between a healthy Trump and a sick Shillary, seen by tens of millions of Americans, will be a big deal.

>Clinton's specialty is talking and debating
Literally how could a comment be so wrong. Clinton's biggest weakness is anytime she opens her stupid mouth, and she's a mediocre debater, far worse than Trump.

Clinton, with the media's support, struggled to take down one 74 year old commie who refused to even attack her.

Trump, with the media's intent to destroy him, battled 17 top tier republicans, and came out doing fairly well in all but one debate.

In the first speech she gave after being away from the campaign for a few days, she held a 20-minute speech and you could notice she had to cough again but tried to suppress it.

So in the mean time, move on up towards your destination
Though you may find from time to time complications



Where did the idea of her being good at debating come from. I mean can she articulate better than Trump, yes, but so did the other candidates in the republican primary. As far as her debates against the bern, I dont recall her ever coming out on top or people even talking about the debates, part of the reason her having them buried on bad tv watching times.

All I'm saying is that Trump during the primary debates had a scapegoat to blame.
Every time he a good point against him was made he evaded to insulting Jeb, Rubio or Cruz, Trump has the least experience with one on one debates

that having said, I really hope Trump can keep the high energy campaign he is running now and that at least 4 rare pepes are shown during the debates

You're kidding?

Whoa is that the fucking lance of longinus?

>dat area of uncertainty
Really makes you think.