Palestinian Question

We need to find a final solution to the Palestinian Question. On Friday, I was in Jerusalem over by Damascus Gate, and an hour later an Arab tried to stab a soldier there. The next day, I went to visit my friend in the West Bank, and shortly after I left his settlement, an Arab hopped over the fence and stabbed a Jew inside.

Our holiday season begins in two weeks, which is when the Arabs chimp out the most. Fuck this. These animals do not belong in my country. Cred Forums, how do you think we should finish the kebab removal process?

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May you be Sodom and they be Gomorrah

>we steal their land and kill their children
>why are they angry at us :(

flamethrower, napalm, diceases.

>bong criticizes us for wanting to maintain our ethnic integrity
>the mayor of his capital is a Pakistani Muslim
Stay mad, William ibn Ibrahim.

>bong criticizes us for wanting to maintain our ethnic integrity
no, i criticise you because you are the immigrants. you have no ethnic integrity, you are a mongrel breed scattered across the world. gypsies with higher iq. how do ashkenazi jews from poland and jews from yemen have in common? they don't, the only thing that unites them is mutual hatred for the goyim.

and yet jews have been behind all the movements to legitimize white ethnic identities in the west, and not just because they hate us, but because they can't comprehend it.

that is why i hate you.


You MOTHERFUCKERS seek to destroy everything.

We are not the ones stabbing random people, goy.

We showed you once ... just make good use of it.
No go grasshopper and remove kebab

This is now a Palestinian support thread

Remove Matzo, collect World Peace.

Welfare queen taking 38billion in money to continue your expansion. I hate Muslims and Jews equally, but understand. Jews wreck the global financial system on the biggest possible level.

Conquer more territory and then send them to reservations, it's what we did.

>We need to find a final solution to the Palestinian Question.
>final solution

a mere coincidence

Read your scripture. Psalm 83. Ezekiel 38-39. Not only does it happen, but Israel regains its full promised territory and builds the temple again (i dont believe the site of the dome of the rocl is the actual temple mount site....its closer toward the old city of David).

Of course after this Israel allows the false messiah to reign in the temple for several years.....but at least no kebab

Liberal fuck

Average American - "What is a Palestine?"

>final solution

>you are the immigrants
>knows absolutely nothing aboutbhistory
>opens xyr liberal fucking mouth to spout retard agend

Dont you have an anti trump thread to bump, you queer

No its not, faggot.

>all these posts from nuEuropa
>a salami lickem
>Muhamad was only a pedophile when he couldnt find a goat to fuck you sand niggers

>invades arab land and founds de facto country
>These animals do not belong in my country
You can't make this up

a-are you a triggered jew by any chance? :)

>west bank
>your country

Exactly how it should be. They're Israel's problem, not mine. And I don't give a shit about either.

Hey OP. I'm going to be visiting Israel and Palestine next month. What can I expect? Any advice on where to go or where not to go? Any general useful advice or info you can give me?

I'm going to be visiting Ramallah and Hebron in the West Bank and probably Tel Aviv and Jerusalem too.

This will never ever happen :(

Ramallah and Hebron are not the best places to visit, go to Bethlehem area, Bait Jala, Bait Sahour et cetera.

Sven shut the fuck up and go back to hardware testing

>>bong criticizes us for wanting to maintain our ethnic integrity
>be white
>move to brown shithole
>make it even more shit
>muh ethnic integrity
of course because ur bombing and stealing their land prick


>numerous threads on Cred Forums to attack islam
>m-muh palestine!
Time to pick a side. Palestine is the same human trash that lives in Iraq and does attacks in the name of Allah across the world.

Praise KEK

Palestine was christian before israel came by. Same with Syria and Lebanon.

dropping bombs on random actually innocent people makes you worse faggot

What's wrong with Ramallah and Hebron?

The answer is remove Israel , obviously

>We need to find a final solution to the Palestinian Question.

You could always get out of their land that you're illegally occupying.