What is wrong with liking diversity?

what is wrong with liking diversity?

I want friends who has different background. I want to know something I didn't know.

Also, if people who has different idea, stand together. we can build great nation as United states of America did so.

I think Japan should open the border toward everyone.

The reason this country is not growing last 20years was, their homogeneous society.

multicultural soceity provide innovation. Look at Silicon Valley.

White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indians are working at same place. and It's engine of American enonomy.

We are lacking such place... in Japan

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t. Worsst Korea

I hate south korea.

They are racist. They should open their border too!

I will come and fuck your women, since apparently you nips are unable too

It's okay.

Love each other is basic feeling of human :D

these posts are never funny
koreans are so bad at comedy

Just dont let niggers in and you should be fine.

>can't defeat my points
>use ad hominem

>multicultural soceity provide innovation. Look at Silicon Valley.
Funny you picked that example because corporate culture in the Silicon Valley is ultra-conformist, it just values being a skin-deep original who can get in line and provide shallow output for the company while some turtleneck wearing schmuch takes the decisions that matter and everybody else either does the same boring technical maintenance or "manages the community"

I agree


ItS because you never experienced "cultural enrichment " before it turns evrything to shit.

thanks bro

We need more diversity in east asia....

Fuck nationalists

Did you not see what happened to Sweden ??

swedes are subhumans who cannot handle diversity

I love diversity too. It is cool to be able to access the best of everywhere. Trouble is if this is too easy, the best of everywhere becomes somehow devalued. And when globalism is imposed, then it becomes evil. When race mixing and victim fetishizing become cult like in their advocacy and adherence, then it truly is an abomination.

Then go travel you fucktard. The world is nice because it contains diverse cultures. When you mash them all together in one place either a new one is formed over time or the strongest one stamps out the rest.

The reason your coutnry isnt growing is because you cucks would rather work a shit job in an overpriced place like tokyo than, you know, reproduce.


Sweden had 4% growth rate last year. in 2015 it was also 4%

In Japan there is no growth.


Sweden is growing. Japan is not.

Let's accept immigrants.

Thanks for giving me advice!

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You are a naive fool. Do you not hear our stories daily about the ills of diversity? About how we long to be homogenous like you?

Growth is not a useful thing in and of itself. However it is probably true that Japan is culturally and genetically stale.
If you want to broaden your horizons, learn about western culture. Learn about the great composers, great writers, great visual artists. Western history. Western architecture.
Also don't forget your own.

>grass always greener, etc

>using GDP as any sort of indicator

Their population increased by 10%, if their GDP only increased by 8%, that's -2%.

Rape epidemic no go zones housing crisis and the religion of piece it destroys your culture.

>silicon valley

>great nation


Just encourage the nips to breed for the love of god dont inport niggers .

forced diversity leads to race mixing which leads to no diversity

I will run you over in my Hiace.

Diversity is a meme. Everyone smells bad and wants to breed with whites. Only a couple types of Asians are okay.

>dont inport niggers
>implying they could even go there
There is quite a difference between crossing the mediteranean and crossing the largest continent in the world.
No, instead they would get some viets (who are okay and usually hard working), khmers (the same except less hard working), philipinos (lel), indonesians and malays (double-lel)
also, chinese and koreans, but according to the netouyos, they are already mass-migrating into Japan (triple-lel)

Listen you naive fool do you want the religion of piece?

>Japan invites 1 million Somalians because sudokun tendencies
>QT Japanese girls getting raped in b(((l)))ack alleys
>samurai spirit reawakens in Japan
>US is forced to use more nukes to keep it from conquering Asia again

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A new screencap of you is in the making

seriously tho fuck off

Reason why your country hasn't been growing in the last 20 years is because all the men in the country prefer 2d women over their 3d counterparts. No sense of commitment or passion from either males and females is your downfall jap.
Have fun out there you silly jap

You and the people you know are cleraly never tasted Diversity™ on practice. And i wish you never do, for the best.

You're right

Diversity provides for a flourishing state, even as far back as Aristotle people realized that.

You leave this sweet nip alone

You have no idea do you you never experienced cultural enrichment firsthand.

He's obviously a white immigrant to Japan.

>I want friends who has different background. I want to know something I didn't know.
Great, internet exists to solve your problem.

>Also, if people who has different idea, stand together. we can build great nation as United states of America did so.
Or end up like Brazil. What's more likely to happen, buddy????

>I think Japan should open the border toward everyone.
>Implying you have any space left.

>The reason this country is not growing last 20years was, their homogeneous society.
The reason is that the economical miracle is gone, Tojiro, your denial phase is lasting way too long for my tasty.

>multicultural soceity provide innovation. Look at Silicon Valley.
The US is literally the only multicultural nation which worked for more than a couple decades, and it's starting to get a little bad now. Prove me wrong by providing not only the US as an example.

>White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indians are working at same place. and It's engine of American enonomy.
Same fucking thing I said previously jap

>We are lacking such place... in Japan
Your problem is that you're quite tired of seeing the same faces over and over again, I know. Traveling would solve your problem.

you want to see my passport again? dumbass

Hi David

Don´t make same mistakes we made we took about 32 000 Muslim rapefugees to "enrich" our culture.

you want to see my Atlantis passport?

Exactly, if only they were more progressive, Muslims wouldn't kill them!

When was the last terrorist attack in Japan?
Now count the ones of countries with cultural enrichment (mine for example).
I'm in my second year engineering, the amount of muslims equal 1 and we're with 400. (He's a nice guy though.)

>Or end up like Brazil.

Motherfucker, you literally imported more black slaves than any other nation by a wide margin. Why do you complain about it now? Go shit on Brazil’s founding fathers’ thombs. Also, your problem is not so much race but the fact that you’re a corrupt narcostate with staggering poverty and no social lifts.

Op, I will gladly move to Japan but, I would probably get anally raped by the work ethic.

>I will run you over in my Hiace.
One of the manliest car in the world

fuck off english teacher

Get some pen pals.
Leave Japan from time to time.
Problem solved.

my pain is far greater than yours

You would also import foreign business practices and spend all day playing video games and doing your nails like in Silicon valley. It would destroy the japanese work ethic where you work tirelessly for 40 years without moving up the corporate ladder. Only japan have pure experts like that.

Live here a for a year and see how much you like your multiculturalism after that.

I agree Jap user! Introducing white diversity to your women is great. It's easy enough in Aus! When I go to Japan I am going to culturally enrich all your hot women and teach them diversity.

This nip hating faggot again.

You can come live here in beautiful South Africa. Then you can see how well diversity works first hand

Diversity can be great, but there needs to be diversity in immigration as well. X million people from muslim/arab countries isn't exactly multiculturalism, it's "duo-culturalism"

Yeah, actually we do

You only notice diversity during one or two generations. After that they'll blend into one again. Today I've met a old lady who'se father was a muslim, she's a muslim too but doesn't even use burca or anything she's just as Portuguese as everyone else.

C-can I get a j-japanese gf ? O-onegai

of course. you can have my sister


Why do you want a growing population?
A smaller ethnocentric technology lead population is the future.
Overpopulation is cancer to the host.

I like indians since i watch big bang theory