No unedited version needed this time

No unedited version needed this time.

>to my friends at /r/the_donald
Reddit wins again.

What's his name again?


Zyklon Ben.

this is cute


Yeah no shit. The_Donald didnt spread rumors that he was a Klan leader.


Where are the labels saying "Hillary Clinton", "Pepe", and "glass of water"?

Do you grasp how insane this is?

Le sad frog meme is a Major Icon in the presidential election

Did we take this meme magic thing too far?

can someone shoop out the nostrils?

1 second in paint

Can some one please edit in more nostrils?

much better thanks

Ben "empty my 9 on the welfare line" Garrison is a one man klan, we just helped him realise it


whats up with garrison and the mason stuff

he bashes people who believe in jewish conspiracies but then puts all this masonic stuff in his art when they haven't been relevant for decades.

mediocre famalam

what? thats exactly what i wanted.

He's gone full red pill.