Well done burgers.. What a bunch of spastics you are.
Yours sincerely,
The rest of the world.
Syria conflict: US air strikes 'kill dozens of government troops' -

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Do something about it.

fuck off

i apologize for this mart sharter

reeeeeeeeeeeeee why did they bomb based assad, i knew US intervention in syra just meant "lol oops we bombed SAA"

You should bomb DC. Its the only way to bring peace.

US needs to sign a cessation of stupidities at this rate.

Agreed.. I'll try find the link to where they tried to rescue a hostage but threw a grenade into the house and killed her by accident..

Aussie jets did this.

"Thanks." - USA

Your soldiers are truly the best

Given america's friendly fire track record it might be a genuine mistake.
Yeah it was us.,

>Well done burgers

I love how you assume any of us have a voice in government, or that things might have been different under a different party.

“Mission accomplished!”

Led by the US though.. Let's not pretend Aus is capable of planning and executing an air strike yeah.
" isis insurgents were today taken out by an aussie sortie. A 1 megaton payload of didgeridoos was dropped on the suspected leader "

Don't cry about it mate.. I'm well aware we don't have any control over our governments... We're in the same boat.

I'm sure we didnt mean to murder Akmed and his terrorist family. We sorry.

Well, you didn't, you murdered people fighting them.
But don't wory, tou lot will get yours.

>The US-led coalition has admitted its planes carried out an attack in eastern Syria that the Russian army says killed at least 62 Syrian troops fighting IS.
>the BBC pitting Americans against Russians over some people with guns in a civil war in the middle east

>relying on this intel
the BBC's intel is probably filtered through about 19 generals, a few warlords, some congressmen, a few house maids, a prostitute and then some pasty anglo nerds

Why are people acting like USA bombing foreign governments is something new? This is not shocking news.

>US air strikes 'kill dozens of fascists'

that's all i read. a few dozen less members of a totalitarian regime, good riddance

>pic related
Have a look there then faggot..
You gonna tell me RT is unreliable also?

Sorry man.
Won't happen again after january.

ok I take it back they're filtered through 18 generals, an African warlord, 2 US Congressmen, probably Jeb Bush and a few Mexican cleaning ladies, and only one tranny

What RT wants the masses to know is absolutely foolproof