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hexit or nexit?

What is the general Dutch opinions on the EU. Are you guys actually coming closer to ditching it?

Please leave. I know Denmark is getting closer and closer as well. God the Netherlands would save so much money if it didn't waste it on the EU.

Hoping you guys muster the courage to do it.

would love to see a cascade effect.

Well, the freedom party of Wilders is the biggest in the country but not close to overall majority yet. If a nexit vote would come, stay would probably win slightly unless the turnout is below 70%.

tell me what's gonna happen to Rotterdam port afterwards pls

Then France in April.

Fun Fact
The first french was ruled by celts who was black.Vercingetorix the last black king of the celts was overthrown by julius caesar and the whiteys who ruled gaul for a couple of centuries. Until Charlemagne the great black general overthrew the whities and exterminated them in the frankish war. Now blacks was running gaul again and a whitey wasnt seen in the region again until it was sacked by joan of arc and the whiteys eventually sent the black french to africa. Vercingetorix was black.


Britain is not enough, we need a second country to collapse the house of cards.

After Britain and the Netherlands, France will have a referendum.

The favor of 1688 will be returned.

Yes and we sail our navy to Capetown where we will try to establish a Afrikanerstaat and if that not succeeds we will take the poor Afrikaners on our ships and take them back to the Netherlands

60% want a Nexit

Since they're next.. Nexit


With the next recession Britain's 12% might actually be enough on its own. But if France takes its 12% too, then it falls the very next day.

I hope your buying extra British goods to support Democracy Brxit and bring down euro the Eu.

Every nationalist of /pol should be buying extra eu goods.

It's seems best way to fook elite at moment in till you get to vote.

More likely get vote if British economy does well so gon buy some there goods.


I would like to see that but even the french posters on Cred Forums are too dump to see what the EU is in reality.

Brits are staying at home for holidays in record numbers already which is huge for local business; more often than not in lesser economically developed regions of the country. Keep doing what you need to do with Frauke and you might just see things work out over there too. Well, kind of at least.


Good luck brothers.

I thought Le Pen was pulling 55% or so with the youth voter? And that was before Nice and the priest.

>Brits are staying at home for holidays in record numbers
That's because of the poverty rate not patriotism you retard.

Tell that to my family and their friends. It's tantamount to fashionable for rich folk suddenly, and they are all more Remain than Brexiteer.

it might get a majority this election, since the pvda is pretty much done for and no one takes d66 seriously anymore.

In hindsight, this has been a very rough decade prior.

Wait, you mean they still haven't done it yet? What the fuck are you british faggots doing? I thought you guys left the EU awhile ago

David Cameron quitting stalled the fuck out of it, like he knew it would

Took a while to get a new PM, now she has to start from scratch on deals which are estimated to take until January when she plans to pull us out. No idea whether we can trust May on this, her political record is a bit 50/50

Fucking bankers. You will die on the day of the rope.

I actually went to the lake district with my gf this year instead of going to Europe like we did last year. Had no idea i was taking part in a trend.

A referendum is not going to happen, there's literally one party that wants it, and they are 99% unable to form a coalition government next elections.

Chances of a nexit are next to zero.

I'm pretty much allright with the EU.

Would be nice to somehow become more of a geopolitical block without giving up too much souverenity. We would become the #1 world power.

On the short term we have to somehow make the EU more democratic. This can be done from within or dismantling it and building it up again.

Besides that we really have to do something about those fucking southern yuropean countries who fuck up our valuta by not having any work ethics. (fucking beaners)

Enjoy your freedom murricunt.

Swedes never had that close bond with the Netherjews like we did.

Please don't go we want your money

>implying germany would let you secede from the Reich


Yeah I say fuck you both. Happy pigs.

Leave ASAP, pronto.

The money you want, but don't really need.

Western Europe will become a colonial powerhouse again as soon as we get rid of the EU and refugees

Yes but money is always nice

Especially free money.