Who else hate this hippy piece of shit?

goddamnit america

did she even apologise for the bombing?

I don't know who that is but if Nepalbro doesn't like her then I don't like her.

The Norgay/Hillary alliance is makes us truly based. And blessed.

what do you think. Last time I turned the tv on she was crying muh evil Russia. I dont think she is the apologizing kind and her government surely is not.
I love you mane.

If they did, it would be the most obviously fake, insulting 'apology' ever.

This type of disgusting feminazi whore trash literally runs our country.

I wish Putin would take back the Golan Hights for Assad like he took back crimea, just to shut these fucking scum down.

why are so many of these types in politics right now? when exactly and who exactly started this trend? Geez at least she can get her fuckin hair combed or something.


US ambassador to the UN. She's all over the news because of the air-strikes on SAA units.

I love Samantha Power, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

I hate Trump, Putin, and Assad.

look at me mum i'm trolling these guyz over the internetz. Am I cool now mum?

I don't know how things got this bad. Combine the Clintons, with the Obama/Michele obama types and we have a government run by these repulsive disgusting Feminazi whores.

Besides being jewish and Libtards, they are also really arrogant and nasty human beings. You have no idea how bad it is m8.

I tyrned on CNN and she said "Seriously?" in such an irritating way. Didn't cared about the rest of crap, hated her from the moment she opened her whore mouth

And the reptilian men on this team Obama aren't any better. These same type people seemed to be in charge during the 'conservative' Bush era as well. Probably if Trump wins, after all his big talk, he'll have them in charge of his administration as well, like all the other cuck presidents we have had.

is this the woman who said "Seriously??" after russians called in UN meeting because US killed 65 syrian soldiers to directly help ISIS??

Yeah, I do hate her. US is an embarrassment if you hire such people to represent you.

You are the turkroaches now.

I love watching Samantha Power cucking faggot Churkin into submission in UN.

Because the left go to college for political degrees while right is too busy lifting weights. It's really that simple.

don't you have bigger things to worry about sherpa?

mfw this is depressing af. She probably ghjnks she's some kind of superwymin protecting the world from muh ebil and shiiiiiiieet
the very same one
I do. but it doesnt mean I cannot worry about other things too. You wouldn't know that.

>Nepal doesn't approve of somebody
If a nation of what amounts to monoarchical buddhists doesn't approve of somebody that's pretty fucking damning.

I know nothing of this woman but she looks actively diseased.

sadly my mane we are no longer a monarchy. Hope you guys can sort your houses soon.

>le waaah russia is bad faec

no thats the waah wah i wish my dad would fuck me and set me straight once and for all face