The Eternal Anglo

How do we stop him? When will we defend our Blood once again from filthy Anglo BLOOD?

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The ARYAN National Socialists knew about the Eternal Anglo 80 years ago.

Whatever you do, don't trust their lies!

you cant stop the eternal anglo mahmut,just let it go.

I love these threads


One day we will stop this madness! Aryans will man up once again and FIGHT the Anglo BLOOD!

>A-Anglos are not inbred

There's a reason why we're called Eternal friend

but it doesn't rhyme


>Not handling the banter

Johnny Foreigners, when will they learn?

>still shitposting about this
What is your fucking problem?
sage to hell

Muslims are not our enemy. Anglo BLOOD is, Aryan man!

>wanting to fight Anglos when they are now the only thing which can save you from your own imminent demise

How do we finally bring the end to the eternal Kraut once and for all?

Anglo BLOOD is raping your daughter and your sister. Not Muslims!

Unedited version plz

Sorry, Anglos are German, Kraut.

Hence Anglo Saxon. The Germanic Angle people came to England in the 5th century.

as soon as we bring an end to the eternal Burger of cultural imperialism and military interventionism


You cannot stop the world currency of the burger. These buns will eclipse the sun.

Ah, the ETERNAL KRAUT, time to fire up the BLOOD REFINERIES

america becoming a superpower was the end of european hegemony and the start of the decline

please, somebody, make it stop

Filthy Anglos need to go back to Africa and be cucked far away from us

All ARYANS must report to your nearest ANGLO for processing

We must harvest kraut organs for the Great Anglo Sacrifice! START THE ARYAN BLOOD CENTRIFUGE.

I thought you were that "tanned german" cunt who shot up that McDonalds full of Turks. Way to disapoint, senpai.

Eternal Anglo BLOOD detected

Did someone say FREE Aryan blood?

There will never be world peace until the ARYAN is ERADICATED



ARYANS must bow to superior ANGLO might.

i dont understand this meme, the humor to me would probably get lost in translation.



This one gets me every time lol

meme is that Anglos are perfidious

>threatening to nuke a capital because of a shitty island

Based Britbongs

Only thing you'll be beating us on is our dicks.

I wish I was born in an Anglo country.

well, I'm with the Hun on this one. Irish posters have been vilified throughout Cred Forums history by the anglo oppressor

>Based Britbongs

He's a shitskin Turkroach, Ausbro. Muslims are to dumb to even Jew.

You don't need to be born in an Anglo country, France.

You guys helped to form one. You can all be honorary Anglos, provided you hold true liberty above all else.

t. Tonibleros

The value of the ARYAN is found only in the volume of BLOOD extracted to fuel ANGLO domination


I only accept criticism from real countries.

>Real country

you're a joke mexico

Stay the fuck out.
We still remember what you did last time you visited an Anglo country,

Is there any hope for blond haired Germanics to become honorary Anglos or are they all destined to be dropped into the blood refinery pits?

>Population 2.774 million (2013)
>Gross domestic product 12.92 billion USD (2013)

>Population 122.3 million (2013)
>Gross domestic product 1.261 trillion USD (2013)

But-t burger, we are friends.

MERCY is granted only to those who SUBMIT to ANGLO MIGHT

god i am aching for more ARYAN BLOOD to satisfy my ANGLO hunger

You can post any statistics you want Pedro, doesn't change the fact that you're "Former Spanish territory Nr 15"

6 gorrilion gallons of ARYAN BLOOD a day will keep the ANGLO THIRST away


There will never be enough ARYAN BLOOD to quench ANGLO THIRST

Like you were any better.

Go to bed Onision.

And for fuck sakes, will you keep your beta vampire fantasies to yourself you faux-vegetarian.

We still use the same language and customs we did before we got conquered. Can't say the same about you Pablo.

Can sb Serve me some freshly squezzed Aryan Blood?

Mexico didn't exist before the spanish conquest of the Americas. Our country is a mix of both indians and spaniards. The spanish didn't conquer us, the spanish created us.

Also, you are not the same Albania than before the Ottoman conquest.

Here you go friend! There's enough for everyone.

>Mecians don't use the same customs
They still sacrifice people

Also, didn't you use to be an Orthodox state?

Just look at the time!

t. roachboy

is this font FIXEDSYS?

I do not believe you were majority muslim before being conquered.



pick one

It is the default font of our Anglo computers, which we invented to help defeat the disgusting ARYAN


The eternal Anglo is destroying himself already with importing of niggers and Pakis.

What's the beady guys name?

you called?



They shaved HALF their face?

Fuck, why are the aryans so brutal!?

Its like anudah blitz

Gemany more pissed at anglos who've been buying their cars and fuelling their economy for years, than the she-devil controlling and destroying their country.

I wonder who's behind this thread...


was he particularly perfidious?

Nederlanders zijn germanen, kankermongool.

Of ben je zo'n smerige import.

He was actually pro-Nazi and pro-European superstate. The Turk that started this meme was just too retarded to realise that, but he's been posting this for so long that he has to double down


A lot of Anglo BLOOD scum ITT

Er strafe es.



Feels good man

>yfw a German citizen during WW1 wrote this and meant it unironically.

Never forget GerWOMAN ;)



Do you Turks ever get tired of shitposting this meme.


Kill Obama, and we'll quickly clean up our shit.

Look at all this former "German" land. Good thing it's now in the hands of it's rightful owners.

There's something really heart warming about that song. To know just how feared we were. Also to know that the singer's and possibly the writer. Got to bend over and be fucked, not once but twice.

Whatever stop trying to invade my country because you guys are jealous that we're womanizer.


Ha ha ha ha

Thanks for posting frog, you just reminded me of this.

i love this meme

this song makes me feel really happy and proud for some reason? i think it's the idea the Germans hated us THIS much makes their defeat even better


Also I vow to thee (instrumental version) are best.


I'm truly happy both sides embraced the ANGLO and ARYAN meme.


Can someone add a anglo behind the dinosaur?




germ posters are truly cancer
"Sending white people to fight other white people is okay when we do it!"

Is this an ARYANDIED thread?

I think it is.

When will they learn? Our refineries will need restocking soon.


Its pretty funny how you continuously capitalize the word ARYAN. You realize it means Indo-Iranian right? You are just misappropriating a now meaningless word. Your pride is a hollow thing, without any substance.

I will never be absent, Lord Churchill - Just promise me a mountain of their bones upon which I may feast.

OP is a turk, someone has the screenshot of him posting his arm and he admits he's a turk.



We will summon up the greatest ARYANDIED the world has ever been witnessed - we will scour the planet ANGLO of the ARYAN stain!

Repeating digits confirm OP is Turkroach

delete this

Yes brother! PREACH IT!

I still don't get why you hate us so much

we gave you schools, hospitals, civilization.

you should be begging to have us back

I would.

>implying OP is German


Because we didn't finish the job, it's why America is a failure, the entire middle east is a failure and why India and Pakistan are both a pair of failures.

I thought the guy who started the ETERNAL ANGLO meme was the Iranian German kid who died shooting other immigrants while yelling "IMMIGRANTS GET OUT, I'M A REAL GERMAN!?" He was a member of a lot of nazi-ish/pol-ish online and vidya groups.

He was basically the pol equivalent of Elliot Rodgers.

Let's trigger the poo in loo

There's a lot of speculation that the creator of the ETERNAL ANGLO meme was that one young Iranian immigrant to Germany who died killing other immigrants while screaming "IMMIGRANTS GET OUT I'M A REAL GERMAN" or something. So its perfectly fitting.

It could be? I don't know who started it but I like it.

Moseley was based AF and people should listen to his speeches.

its a d&c shill job, however the anglos are genuinely terrible people and all these memes are accurate

The meme makes no sense at all, and the creator of the meme is either a Turk or an Iranian.

>Moseley was based AF and people should listen to his speeches.

Definitely, which is why its particularly bizarre to see someone having demonized him.

>Moseley was based AF

because his black shirts beat up people in the streets?

this needs to become possible in Dwarf Fortress

It's his eyes, they are close together but meh. He isn't the most handsome man around but still a good speaker and right.



Well he was, you ever listened to any of his speeches?

You'll fucking agree with him if you're so "pro European" he wanted our government to not fight against the Nazi's. So go watch some of his speeches and you'll learn.

Also, don't post Dolph Lungdren as your poster boy for the Aryans, he routinely fucked niggers like Grace Jones etc.

Not a good example to set.


no I mean its expected that normies would demonize him but surprising that a weirdo obsessed with ARYAN RACE would demonize a guy that appeared to like Nazism but this guy is right

Was just going to post this.


I'm not even laughing, that's just sad.
Why do you want to be German so bad turkbro?



>not white


I think Mosley as the poster boy for anti aryanism and Lundgren as the poster boy for aryanism adds ironic humor to the meme.


I'm not a Turk

You're cute, too bad your rapefugee center will get burned down at some point.

>I think Mosley as the poster boy for anti aryanism and Lundgren as the poster boy for aryanism adds ironic humor to the meme.


That's my thought on it too.


How do you explain the image then?
Keep in mind I'm not trying to make fun of you, I'm just feeling pity for you at this point.


eternal turkroach

Well it is, seeing as how Moseley wanted to defend Germans and was against our government going to war.

And Dolph Lungdren fucked niggers (breeding "Aryans" lol? Out of existence).


What have you done to spite the Aryan man today?

I work at subway and a disgusting Aryan subhuman asked for a diet coke. I gave him regular coke.

We will make you pay reparations for the Angloblitz little GERMANWORM.

By blood or by bills - you will pay up for the ten million innocent Anglo children you incinerated with your V2 ANGLOHUNTER bombs.

Fuck off you Muslim shitskin, get back to your goat you filthy product of incest.

i dont get these divide and conquer threads ,anglo and saxon are germanic tribes who migrated to the island , its always these virgin cuckold neckbeard who think they are nazi but sit in their basement all day long

All this proof and you're still roleplaying.

Also I'm German.

>what is Dresden?

>Also I'm German.

Smelly dumb Anglo scum

That's a lot of dead Germans.

Mudslime pig fucking, box worshiping, stinky piece of subhuman refuse.
You will never be white Mehmet.

I don't think its even divide and conquer at this point. He has been at it for 3 hours straight. These memes are either intentionally funny or unintentionally funny and the product of schizophrenia.

anyone have the one that portrays anglos as emaciated red skeletal things running on all fours like dogs?

Imagine being so ashamed of your race you immigrate to another country and roleplay as a person from said country on an Oriental kite making forum.

God we're good at this bullshit, aren't we?

Are you other lot even trying?

>Donnex moi les codes, Frenchie
>Give me the codes or I'm going to nuke their capital, and then yours next

>I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier. It therefore seems to me that there is one and only one valid argument on which a case for giving up strategic bombing could be based, namely that it has already completed its task and that nothing now remains of Aryan resistance

- Arthur Bomber Harris.

Now that you put it that way, fuck OP why haven't you killed yourself yet?


I despise Germans. Anglos are the only true white.

>I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier.

Based Bomber Harris.


we aint no slaves niggaaaaaaaaaa

Seeing that Dolph Lungdren is Swedish, let's take a look at the Daily Cuck report from Sweden.

Seems you Aryans are doing a better job at wiping yourselves out than we Anglos ever could.

Top cucks.

pretty sure he settled down with a white woman and had children with her


where are the filthy Germans in this thread? i want to beat you up and BULLY you

>Dolph Lungdren is swedish
>got BLACKed

makes sense now

You thought he was Russian?

>Implying Russians could ever produce a beefcake capable of playing Rocky's advisory.


I don't know, but he fucked a nigger, that makes him a coal burning traitor to his people. Or a national hero and symbol of the Aryan movement.


Who else enjoys playing a game of Push the ARYAN off the ramparts?

Nah I made no judgments about where "Lundgren" comes from

First piece of post-modern art that wasn't shit.

Will the Anglos thirst for Aryan blood ever be stilled?





All this thirst building talk about ARYAN BLOOD has me craving a nice body temperature glass of ARYN-BRU.

Both blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive traits. Just like the inbred German blood line, receding from the pathetic barbarians all the way to Prussia. It is a disgrace that this race exists.