Do non-Americans care about 9/11?

9/11 was the biggest happening in the 21st century.

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Most other countries hate our guts let alone care about a terrorist attack from 15 years ago

>hurr I got over September 11 the next day

>implying all these implications

Some of them even celebrate it

I don't blame them for not caring, though. They got their own issues to worry about

Slow down Burger we still have ~ 83.3 years to go. The biggest happening is yet to come.

Soundtrack of the century:

I don't really care that a few thousand people (2?) died half the world away, no.

I care. In fact around here you still hear people talk about it occasionally.

Doesn't matter if it was 15 days, 15 years or 15 millenia ago. That shit was massive and was the first real massive shot by islam against the west.

Inb4 east Africa US consolate bombings, palestinians attacking Munich, Pan Am Lockerbie and such...

Or course, it was a century-changing event

We just laugh about it with mates because americans are so dumb that they get blown up by their own government and then go to war for them

Yeah and go to war to die and kill mudslimes for kikes. Like pottery.

>just the beginning of the century
>some amerilards die

this century is still very young

Yes I do care. It's the date when WWIII started. And I'm scared as fuck ever since.

In France, 9/11 is considered as something exogeneous that only concerns the USA
But in Denmark, where I went for holidays few years ago, it's considered as if it happened on the danish soil

can someone redpill me on WW3, did Obama start it today? Is russia going to nuke us now? What do if nuke? Duck and cover right?


wwIII is just as much an information war as it was a proxy war

can someone redpill me on my dick inside your sister?

I cared that I spilled my pint of Guinness from laughing so hard

>mfw that's not true and I was consumed with rage that someone would fuck with my ameribros :( and couldn't wait for them to fire up the F15s and go take care of business

Nuking USA would have far worse consequences for Russia than a couple of bombs in Syria.
It's not going to happen.

It's a bit of a laff innit?


it's a sad day for our country, usually we mourn 9/11 on 16 march

Yes. Pretty scary event

>Do non-Americans care about 9/11?

Ireland had a national day of mourning for 9/11. Everyone had the day off except those who worked for US multinational companies which didn't close for the day.

not an inside job

Of course we care. That shit was crazy ... I was 11yo when it happened and it's the biggest happening I ever witnessed.

based hun knows what's up and how i also felt the feear

Tbh im sure that most of our own country especially the west coast dont really care about it. Its one of those out of sight out of mind things. For instance the boston marathon bombings are more relevant for a new englander then me


define care about user.

Do people mention it? Yep, from time to time, in media, and normal conversations, but rather as a game changing event. It was a day when US was attacked by some goat fucking sandnigger from nowherestan, so yep, if those fuckers can bypass the strongest defence in the world than You bet people gone speak about it for Years.

Do we care for people who died there, or for the tragedy... Gone answer with question: do You care that in II WW over 6 mln Poles died? That is over 6.000.000, which was just above 22% of total population. Not couple thousand people from country that has around 320 mln population. I bet You don't care about that, but i understand when Americans got angry about when they speak about 9/11, same way as we got angry when someone speaks about II WW, but don't worry anons gone tell You, that You are butthurt.

I think most people can say where they were at the moment when it happened.

Jetfuel cant melt steel beams

Do Americans care about happenings in other countries?

Do you cared about 11M?

You could compare it with the shooting of Franz Ferdinand. It dragged the entire world into war until 1989.

9/11 is the equivalent of this, and the war will linger for decades.

No-one can deny the historic importance of this event, even though the rest of the world doesn't mourn the human losses of that day too much.

Yeah, we care.

19 brave Muslims died that Day.

Peace be upon them

What a bunch of bankers, lawyers being blown up in some ivory tower?

...not really.

not really
would be fun to see it happen again though

It was pretty intense. At that time, entire planet watched The happening. I still don't believe that couple of sandshits managed to fly huge planet so precisely.

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