How do you move on in life after calling in airstrikes that killed innocent people?

How do you move on in life after calling in airstrikes that killed innocent people?

How do you forget a building full of people burning alive in Iraq?

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>innocent people

might makes right

everyone dies eventually.

You just do I guess, you still have nightmares and develop other problems. Humans are incredibly resilient, will to live is strong.

those people could've had a different future if a bullshit war never started


>implying free will exists
>implying this wasn't destined and guaranteed to happen
Come on.

Don't try and repress that memory because that won't work. Try and associate all the death with something positive (like not having to be surrounded by Muslims)

It was probably just retribution for all the kurds the russians have bombed to twist the balance of power.

People die, shit gets destroyed, that's how it is man.
In any case no one forced them to go there, US military is a volunteer force as far as I know.

Hard determinism seems logical but I just don't want to believe in it.

True xD so why do you have a problem with refugees raping and killing Europeanz? Omg lkke everyone dies eventually haha :)))

>US military is a volunteer force as far as I know.

because school isnt free.

the things we do in America for a bachelor degree

Why would you care?

As long as you're alive I don't see why you should care at all that anyone else dies

>feeling bad about dead muslims

what do you mean how?

nothings changed. because it doesn't matter.

who gives a fuck.

There are other ways to get scholarship aren't there?
Being good at sports, being good academically.
Besides, how much does college cost, average one, not Ivy League?

Oh bullshit. Don't give that school aint free so people join the army shit. If people join the army to get into college, they deserve whatever Hell they get swooped up in. If they become a hero because of it, then so be it. If they die, well, we all have a choice in life user.

you kid yourself that war is black and white

its really just a slow motion train wreck.

no rhyme or reason to the outcome.

i cringe when people call me hero

state school can run about $85k

its fucked

5k - 10kish a semester for a university playa

Choose one.


> lesson 1: dehumanisation

they weren't people user. almost no one actually qualifies as people. very very few are evolved enough to warrant that distinction.

I don't want those people to have a future.

Choose one.

I've seen that a few times
some boomer telling a vet 'thank you for your service' as soon as he casually mentions his military history
and I've seen them cringe too. it always made me think 'that guy probably killed kids'

you better go to confession or something, cause that's always gonna fuck with you

Pathetic bigot

>if you want your enemies dead they win


Kill or be killed.

They send civilians to bomb us. They send children to bomb us.
They blow up their own homes and land to get to us.

They are vermin, not human.

I have friends that died because they hesitated at turning a kid away.

Rip cagglesmith, rip clark, rip Montemayor.

You think real life is a game
Go there yourself you fucking punk.

Until we leave fully aND let the dirt eaters kill eachother, we will have to sacrifice and overcome.

Don't you fucking dare think we areally the bad guys as soldiers in itself.think of the cole. Think of pearl harbor.

We do our job and that's it. If it wasn't me, it would be another. If I was soft, I'd be dead.

We know what we signed up for. If you are weak and not ready to undertake the events to happen, you should not have joined.

Our goVT is at fault for keeping us there, not the tiNY peon soldiers.

True; you are no hero.

You also have fake life experience.
Like RIL video game.

You are no hero, just a pawn with a ptsd big mouth.

God I long for the good old times to blast muslim prayer music through teamspeak while playing BF2 with one of those ex soldier NEETs.

Good times to hear him rant and scream.

Remember that they're the ones flooding the west, raping women, blowing things up etc

Lose all sympathy.

>How do you move on in life after giving up Belfast?
>How do you forget a city full of people forgetting Gaelic in Northern Ireland?

You just posted above that Slavs aren't human.
Jesus Christ. What's the price of Ivy League schools?

Yeah like instead of us blowing them up they could have blown themselves up

>How do you move on in life after calling in airstrikes that killed innocent people?

>How do you forget a building full of people burning alive in Iraq?

You help to change the direction of your government by voting for Trump.

Get some help OP. Don't blow your brains out.

You made a mistake. You didn't kill those people on purpose.

forgot trip again

i enjoy thinking about how Germany raped your country.

you dont need a trip

you need a tripwire for the rest of your life
"animal mother"

well if google is trustworthy harvard is 60.5k a semester for tuition with room and board if you don't have financial assistance

for the very low price of around half a million a top tier and prestigious education can be yours here!

OP there is a great war looming. You helped western civilizations cause. It will be the west (but even some of the west will fall i.e. france/germany) vs. every single muslim on the planet. You culled the numbers, a true patriot. These "people" wouldn't think twice about your death had the situation been reversed. Fuck them allah rape them in hell for eternity

It was no rape.
It was a silent Anschluss.

Per capita we delivered the most foreign SS for the eastern front.

The "muh occupied" song was to get them sweet $$$ Marshall

>but even some of the west will fall i.e. france/germany
>that flag


Probably the wrong place to open up to mate. Talk to people who were there.

There's nothing that can be done for the dead on either side. We were lied into an illegal war by our leaders who we should have been able to trust.

They are and their friends are responsible for this, they were moving the pieces around the chess board never seeing the blood but taking all the treasure.

I don't know if you have anything similar to combat stress in the US... worth talking to.

Stay mad faggot. Its true. You should know better being from a country that has already fallen 100 years ago and will never be relevant again.

That's really insane. Though I suppose they grant some scholarships?

>getting called out for typical retarded American behaviour
>adds another to the pile

Just like niggers, I think Americans lack self-awareness.

Exactly this.

You were just a pawn in the big game OP. Those who ordered that war are responsible for those deaths in the end.

you read this

Go eat your halal schnitzel faggot

>got to kill a shitload of muzzies with no legal repercussions
>feels bad about it

fuck sake lad

Sure, a sjw cunt with cottage cheese thighs and an attitude from my high school went to Harvard and was the valedictorian for our class .. her speech at graduation was a self righteous rant about curing cancer

She lasted two years and got a sociology degree from a state school here and she lives with her rich parents at 25 back in our home town

call in another one and try not to miss this time.

>How do you move on in life after calling in airstrikes that killed innocent people?
Alcohol does the trick for me. Though it was less calling in an airstrike then the unit letting some Shiite militias into a Sunni area that had been giving us some trouble. Things sure as hell quieted down after they were finished.

Why on earth is it that expensive? It would make sense if every student had their own personal teacher or 24/7 access to a super computer and a particle accelerator.
Why would you even want to pay that much? Just move to Europe and go to a university there. You can easily live on you own with that kind of money and pay the tuitions with a lot left to spend.

since I was 5 I was helping my father kill pigs
my father and bunch of his pals would kill the pig and give me a big knife to stab it, then they would laugh as I cried

time went on, few years later still doing the same thing. They take it out of the pigsty with those hook things that go in the pig's mouth, they take it out in the yard. One guy holds it while the other hits it on the had with a big hammer. Pig falls down and start's having some kind of seizure because this guy just crushed its skull with a hammer, then they take a big knife and slit the pig's throat.

Sometimes they would still make me do it but most of the time I was just cutting the meat afterwords.

Often I imagined myself in the place of the pig. One day everything's great, you have food to eat, a place to sleep. Life's wonderful, next day men with big knifes are cutting your throat. What if that happened to me? What if someone took me out of my bed one morning, into the yard and slit my throat?

When I grew up a bit I realized this is a really silly question to ponder. I'm never gonna be a pig, I'm always gonna be the boy with a big knife, why should I care how it is for the pig? The only reason I even attempted to think of that is because of fear that I might be in such a position. So empathy is really just a joke. You acting in a certain way hoping that people will see that and give enough of a shit to not take you out in the yard and slit your throat. But people give a shit about you, and besides it's much easier to just have a big knife.

Always found it funny how my sisters would always hide in the house during this and they would shut their ears so they don't hear the pig's screaching, but afterwords they had no problem eating the pig. People are delusional.

Well naturally most people don't have parents that can shell out 60.5k per semester so it's an " elite " school

It's always amusing to see Euros confused by the caste shit here, y'all got civilization but at least we have guns and drugs

I pay appr 1200 euro for a year at uni here.

Somitimes in a car, sometimes by foot, never on a bike.

>getting rekt like everytime some Americuck thinks he can get uppity on here
>g-go eat y-your schnitzel

Bravo, Shitavious.


Nice. How did you get a 900 euro discount then? You suck the rector off?

Where was i rekt? You dont think germany and france are fucked? You're in denial

Holy shit. That's murder by inaction.

>How do you move on in life after calling in airstrikes that killed innocent people?

by justifying it to yourself. Honest mistake / human error. Its the intent not the action that counts.

>How do you forget a building full of people burning alive in Iraq?

You dont. Just learn not to care about it. Whats done is done.

Its natural and normal to feel like shit but you cant let it control your life. Even if you think you are to blame well "What is done is DONE". Maybe next time you wont jump on a plane to go fight some random people in desert because some idiots in Washington think its a good idea. Only fight when you have to or think its important and worth dying for.

Iraq was neither.

It is because if everybody could do a scholarship, there will be less left for the dirty jobs

I pay 119 euros / year for the best engineering school here. And that's like top 10 000 worldwide.

You know what? I don't care. Our FOB was catching mortar fire almost every fucking night from these bastards. It was pest extermination.

WTF did you bomb the GREEN ZONE or what?

i wish i could legally kill tons of sandniggers for a living

You fucking war criminal. These people were defending their homes and you let them get genocided.

?? It's the price. Though uni has a seperated term in Holland, the next-level uni is more expensive

because they're shitskins dragging the world into darkness, i'd fucking laugh and sleep well knowing i helped do my part.

Whether they're fucked or not is irrelevant coming from the clown living in king nigger's 62% white (middle easterners and north africans included, so Germany and France are "fucked" because of people you'd consider your own over there, kek) pigsty.

Someone with self-awareness wouldn't go around in that condition shitting on other countries, yet the Americans regularly do. The only conclusion is that you lack self-awareness, which puts you even below niggers since they gain it at the age of 6.

>These people were defending their homes
>and you let them get genocided
kebab removed kebab
those sandfucking terrorists didn't deserve to live after being such fucking cowards.


They were muslims lol

Oh hbo is just 1200?

Then ok, that's just a ''cursus'' not uni as you said.

I think youre forgetting all your countrys national defense is whored out for our interests and we could invade and occupy your entire continent in a week with almost zero resistance. Shut the fuck up faggot go drink your faggot fruit syrup water and enjoy the security we provide for you.

This. Stop being a bitch. I joined for school money and had no problem fighting against mud slims, even though I (((was))) a huge conspiracy theorists.

So did you bitch and cry the whole time when you were in the national guard?

You sound like a whiny fucking faggot. What unit were you with?

PS - University of Florida is 104 a credit. Most state univeristeies are around 3500 a semester.
>hurr college is 85 grand
Where? California? You can make it out of Iraq, but you cant move to one of the 45 states where you can go for under 5k a semester?

OP just blew his brains out.

We were too late.

Let us know if you're alive OP.

Unless it isn't.

i was marines 2DMAW
it was 8 years ago
what responsibilities have you had in life faggot?

im still here


>getting PTSD over worthless sandniggers

>I'm da bestest golem der is
You're not providing any security looking at how you yourself claim that France and Germany are fucked due to the ongoing invasion. If you're not repelling an invasion you're not providing security.
And that's ignoring how that whole point is unrelated to the argument, once again proving that the American posters here are even below niggers.

Good. Now get some help asap.. Talk with some people, don't keep it inside.

The bunch of idiots on Cred Forums don't count as people.

World is, was and forever shall be, a terrible place. There is some solace in knowing worse shit has come before, and worse shit will come after. We're just cogs in the machine.

I view people by race not merit. Like my grandmammy said "if it aint white, it aint right"

We subsidize their military and protect them from state actors. We cant control that you are so fucking retarded you want open borders and want to willingly allow your countrys to turn into islamic shitholes.

It was only a bunch of inbred sandniggers m8

the fuck do you care?
should have killed more of them

this guy gets it.

wah wah wah shut up signals fag.

Looking at how there hasn't been a threat from state actors since the early 90s your services aren't needed anymore, maybe you could finally fuck off and take your vile kike influence with you?

considering they were even human in first place


But it did happen you idealistic shit heel, get the dicks out of your fucking skull and get your shit together, we live in the real world not the fucking fantasy one you wish we lived in.

Hopefully with a donald trump presidency we do. You provide us with no benefits. While it would be nice to have allies with cultural similarities you ultimately do not matter and if you retards cant even defend yourselves i guess you deserve to die


Try again.

thats what you get for being a miltary welfaire leech. WHat you thought that welfaire money was free?
next time vote democrat if you don't want stupid wars

They're muslim.
They're never innocent.
They're our arch enemies.
They have been ever since their creation.

>Top 10000

Wrong. There are plenty of people who won't go to a university even if it is practically free.

You know very well that he'll go back on his word on that, just like he did with the wall and the illegals.

Sadly, Americans like their half-measures too much. Luckily, those half-measures will kill you soon so everything's ok.


Yeah could've. You're living in the world of make believe if you think the world can be one happy hippy commune.

Stop thinking about the past. Out of all of the other options, the past is the only thing you can't change.

Lift up your shoulders and have a cup of harden the fuck up

Let's not bicker and argue who killed who..

You or then get the fuck over it or seek help you RPing meme loving cunt

Don't listen to idiots here m8. It's normal you have doubts and issues, talk to a psychologist, and understand that not everything is within your control.
Unless you butchered children with a kitchen knife, it can be helped, you can overcome.

>Hosed down some dunecoons in Afghanistan about 10 years ago with MAG 58
>Never really cared

It's probably the real life shitposting I've been part of

Story how it happened?

I don't give a fuck about you roleplayers but this ID is nice
Digits too

The hardest part is getting over the idea of it, the first time. After that... it's nothing.

so long as its say killing a hospital full of DWB scum or muslims its probably not particularly hard to rationalize that people who don't view you as human or worthy of life can be deprived of life at will

Good job justifying wanton murder of people defending their way of life. Sure, its a shitty way, but its theirs. "Just doing my job" is the same explanation concentration camp staff used. Didn't help the fuckers in Nuremberg.

Sure they do everything they can to fight you. You have laser guided fucking bombs, you assholes, they have nothing but some AK's, their limp dicks, and whatever supplies you fuckers "misplace", which you do just to keep the party going. And don;t tell me you don't equip your own enemies, everyone with half a brain already knows that.

You don't sacrifice and overcome, you are being sacrificed for the gain of a few politicians, because you're too goddamn stupid and pathetic to make your own way in civilian life. Also, you need a bunch of heavily armed buddies to have a sense of security and belonging, as you're deathly scared of being on your own. As I said. Pathetic.

It was either them or me, and I don't give a fuck you pussy ass faggot, militray is for guys who give no shits and go in for cutting sand nigger throats with 5.56.

Semper Fi


A lot of these people responding know not the pleasure and horror of war. You forget by finding strength in your brothers who survived with you.

Also cash in on the GI bill.

Fuck you.