Thousands of muslims storm mall in America

>thousands of muslims storm mall in America

They claimed that now they own 7 malls.
What would you do if you were in the middle of this caos?

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Kek, I read about a "situation in a mall" on the news. No mention of the religion of peace.

And then a stabbing happens :^)

Here, forgot to link

carry my weapon and stare at the filth with disgust with my back to a wall

And what will you do if a group of young mistreated "not real muslim" men come up to you and ask if you're a muslim?


Holy fuck somalians are literally everywhere.

I feel your pain, Burgers. I know these people on a personal level, i am a somali whisperer of sorts and they are absolute disgusting.

America is Sweden tier, if not worse.

Minisoda in Burgerland is basically a minisweden

>burgers will ignore this

W-w-w-we are not c-c-cucked you guys , EU is ! !

>somali whisperer

Minnesota is filled with Scandinavians. It's weird though. Everything seemed fine until a few decades ago.

Hey, what was that American thing that happened in Somalia...

A few soldiers died if i remember?

Black Mall Down?

Minnesota is basically our equivalent of Sweden. Somali population and all.

>draw my CC 357 and become a hero
those feels when you know you will walk even if there was no threat

When we were doing this in their countries, they called it colonialism, and it was bad and evil.

I will oppose immigration until there are white Euro and American neighbourhoods in their shitty countries, too.

South Dakotan here.

We don't go anywhere east of the river because of that mess

Pretty much my least favorite state

people can't see that these shitskins don't care about our country or our heritage nor our history. they only come here for the money. these foreigners just see a big dollar sign. they want to outnumber us, and then all the money is theirs. they think that if they takeover the wealth will simply transfer over, but once whites are gone this country will cease to be what it was, and with it the money will leave.

i only wish whites could realize what is happening


>i only wish whites could realize what is happening
They already have. They realised that white race is a failure and is best to go silently into the night.

Had an ex from there.

She has been tumblr incarnate for 2 years now

Mall of America 20 years ago was an amazing place. A landmark of America. The largest mall in America. A tourist attraction. Upscale and fun and safe.

Now you see what it has become, just a giant ghetto inside a mall.

Woah boy