She's really gonna win right guys? None of us really like Trump, and the majority stands with Hillary right...

She's really gonna win right guys? None of us really like Trump, and the majority stands with Hillary right? In all honestly everyone I know hates Trump, and the media as a whole has pegged him as a anti Christ of sorts. So Hillary is gonna be number 45 right?

Fuck off.


where do all you faggots come from today, shit is out of control at the moment.

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I'm just trying to stop lying to myself.

Just be honest. She's gonna win. The niggers lover her the illegals love her.. Hell the whites love her!

I don't know. Trump has done a good job on keeping his mouth shut lately and Hillary has looked with the health scandal and Trump has gotten some good press by tricking the media.

All Trump needs to do is keep it close for the debates. The debates will change everything, don't worry about polls, just as long as their close.

Hasn't looked good*

I really think Trump is the better choice, but I feel like no matter how much I want him to win niggers and illegals are gonna put in Hillary regardless

Illegals won't decide this vote. Most likely they'll just make sure New Mexico and California stay blue.

It'll be the blue collar workers of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that will decide this. Right now Hillary isn't giving them a good look by being sick and weak and Trump is a strong man.

Non working black people won't vote unless Obama is on the ticket.


America will be made great again, you fucking cuck.

Trump would win if it wasn't for the obvious election rigging that will take place. George (((Soros))) basically admitted they wil rig the electoral college.

Do you really believe there is hope user?

Looking back on history nothing matters until the debates.

JFK would have lost to Nixon otherwise.

Can you elaborate on what he said?

True. I just feel like modern day election system is just set up to fuck us all over

Obama was just really good at turning out minority and youth Democrats. This has traditionally been a huge problem with the Dems and leads to Republican victories.

Hell it's why the Republicans won Congress back because Obama wasn't on the ticket for mid terms.


Hillary is going to win, DrupfTards are fucking pwned lol.

CTR doesn't even come here anymore because Hillary's win is already so decisive

Yes take the bait my fat little democrat piglet. Let the bait flow through you.

I don't doubt that. It's just I can't see Trump winning. I'd like him to yes, but it just seems like there's so much hate for him. You make very logical points though

Whoever wins America Loses. This election has been a disgrace and both candidates are to blame. With so much hatred on both sides America is heading for another civil war. The sad thing is both Trump and Clinton seem to be encouraging it. America needs someone who can help unite the country not divide it. I genuinely feel sorry for your country.

Thanks I really needed to hear that. Funny thing is I thought all Brits hated Americans, but at least someone gets it.