Go out tonight

>Go out tonight
>Hit it off pretty well with a qt
>No stupid haircut, not dyed, no trash bullshit clothes
>Hates "Orange Is The New Black"
>Didn't drink fruity bullshit, only ordered tonics or neat
>We go back to my apartment
>I live in a dinky 1br
>Have a beat up moist nugget and sks in the corner behind my couch because I have no reason to hide them, and where the fuck else am I going to store them in a 500sq ft apartment
>She sees them
>Immediately is obviously anxious and uncomfortable
>Try to relax her with some tv and cuddley wuddleys
>"S-so I'm gunna go, sorry, I have work early in the morning!"

Why do women hate guns so fucking much? Why does the knowledge that a man uses firearms suddenly trigger "OH GOD HE'S GOING TO MURDER ME"?

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looks like that mercenary is ready to go on a covert black ops seek & destroy mission!

>m-muh qt waifu
>I just want to stick my peepee in qt's and have muh qt family
Not only are you a autist, but you're also a faggot, and an animal for wanting to fuck things.

>500sq ft

I thought American apartments were supposed to be big?

>an animal for wanting to fuck things.
u wot m8

>Hates "Orange Is The New Black"

that's a good show though

and redpilled as fuck

>Being this low test

>that's a good show though

I only pay $700/mo for it, and a lot of that is because its right by uni campus.

Americans can buy huge houses but choose to live in tiny apartments in the cities because of muh jobs.

do you have a firearms safety certification on your drivers licensee? If you do, you should have showed here that.

she got nervous because you have slav shit weapons

Are you socially retarded?

>meet random woman
>you're a stranger to her
>she goes to a stranger's house
>he has guns just hanging out in the open

Why are gun hobbyists so genuinely autistic and often fat?

I live in a tiny ass studio, but I make bank.

Why would anyone want to spend a significant portion on their income on living quarters they spend less than half their day in?

isn't that show sjw central?

cities are also a cooler place to live in general

I have no articulate response to this.


Mate you probably spend more on that apartment than a house 100x its size out in the styx.

>Go out with my friends
>Guy with a MAGA hat and Neckbeard comes over to me
>Starts talking about Jewish Hollywood conspiracy theories and "blackwashing"
>Gives me straight vodka to drink, obviously trying to get me drunk
>Fuck it, none of my friends are here might as well have some fun
>Takes me to a run-down, filthy apartment.
>As soon as the TV comes on starts ranting about Jewish actors, Zionist media control and cultural marxism
>Spot a german ww2 rifle in the corner
>Get out of the apartment as fast as i can

What's causing this surge of neo-nazi, sexist, islamophobic bigots?

She probably left early because of your atrocious taste in firearms.

>owning a garbage rod
>not a Mauser or Lee-Enfield

I'd be living alone out in the sticks.

This is why 4chinz is autist central. You NEET fuckers can't into social environments.

Do you hear about aliens having sex? Why do you think the Greys have no genitals?
Sex is for animals, not for advanced beings.
>Not becoming ascended

You just picked the wrong one user.

(Or possibly it wasn't the weapon but other shit. Even in 500squares I wouldn't just leave them out like that, maybe she just thinks your sloppy.)

You have to go back, plebbit

Stow your arms, man.

Don't leave shit lying around. Even bongs know this.

Your woman was disgusting capitalist pigdog that instinctively was afraid of the holy weapon of the proletariat as she knew one day she will feel its spear-bayonett inside her deeper than any chad could manage push his tiny burgerous dick

>not owning all three
>actually using the term garbage rod

it's the most redpilled show on TV right now

it might seem blue pill on the surface, but the redpill runs deep

>niggers are always literally chimping out and starting shit
>spics are superstitious savages that fight between themselves
>whites are the only smart enough to conduct business inside jail
>all the lesbian degenerates are depressed as all fuck
>prison staff are not evil, they are as oppressed as the prisoners, except it's by the fucking jews running the government and corporations
>the hillbilly becomes the most likeable character on the show while preaching the word of god to butch lesbos
>degenerate liberal that goes to jail for posession of pot ends up dying LMAO

best show

>We go back to my apartment
What a disgusting slut. Fuck I hate modern women.

You can't understand why a device designed to kill human beings sitting in the corner of the room would make her feel uneasy?

>just leaving your guns lying around like some sort of nigger
>wahhhh wtf why was she so weirded out
She realized you're retarded op, i hate people like you.

>moist nugget

Now this is what I call autism.

hahahahahahahahaha. loser.

Greys don't have genitals because they aren't an actual race.

They're an intermediary between their controllers and Humans.

Did you really believe a race of superior beings would WANT to come anywhere near Humans?

tip top kek

She saw the SKS and realized you're so poor you can't even afford an AK.

i leave my shit out. i just say "hey, you see that? its loaded, dont play with it." and then she leaves it alone.

Not bait. If you can't understand that sex is for animals, then you're still thinking primitively and are controlled by your primitive desires. We don't need to listen to our biological imperatives anymore.

She could forgive the small apartment but not your taste in cheap Slav shit.

What is it about guns that attracts betas to obsess over them as a hobby?

Oh, I forgot. It's probably haram for you to socialize with your fellows, unless it's a goat and a dark alley.

Does the sight of a kitchen knife make you uneasy, Bong?

>Why do women hate guns so fucking much?

Muh feels.

>being this afraid of guns

lol. do you freak out if someone has a knifeholder in their kitchen, too?

What about a lawnmower. Do they make you flinch? They're dangerous too, ya know.

I see you Shlomo.

>not knowing about the Galactic Federation
>not knowing about the interactions humans have had with its members

see you can read the show both ways really

sometimes it tries to hamfist liberal messages, but it's so obvious you can just brush it off

most of the time though it's portraying reality accurately, and that's a strong enough redpill on it's own

I like the show because it's comfy as fuck, I like when shows take place around a certain environment, like a bar, an office, or in this case the jail, it's almost like the environment becomes its own character

It's a well known fact that people in cities socialize less than small communities. There is a reason why city birth rates are so low despite the overwhelming number of non-Whites that live in them.

It's OK, user. We were all 15, once.

Just stop posting and we can all forget about this whole conversation.

I'm not afraid of guns. I have a shotgun and a small caliber rifle and intend to purchase a handgun for CCW soon.

There's a fine line between being a gun owner and being a beta fucktard whose only grasp at his manhood is shooty shooty bang bangs.

It gives them power they dont have in society and they dont have within themselves?


RIP Pussy. She dindu nuffin.

Makes perfect sense. If he had a few HKs sitting in the corner he'd be nutting as we speak. Now its his right hand and e621.net for another night.

Why did I expect someone to say this? We can grow people in labs now. In 10 years, we'll be able to modify their genes and make them way better than the average human.

Projecting much?

Do you keep all your guns in a safe or something? Hope nobody ever breaks into your house.

Propaganda and not used to them.

>Have a beat up moist nugget and sks
She thinks you are a commie

Who FN master race in here?

>a small caliber rifle
what did he mean by this?

>dat projection

I'm not projecting. I used to browse /k/ and both them and the gun community as a whole is really cringy

It's probably as bad as being a part of 'fitness culture'

>Calls me 15
>Doesn't know that around that time of age people get extremely horny

Because men are more powerful and capable; and you have a gun and she doesn't really know you or what you're capable of.

The usual analogy is poisoned M&Ms; if someone offered you a handful of M&Ms and told you some of them were poisoned - how would you feel about eating them?

Women can't just look at a man and not worry about that shit. Men can because we strong and capable.

Lock up your guns or at least keep them out of sight you fucking retard, no shit strangers are going to be nervous much less women.

Well, you're a fucking idiot for not storing your firearms properly. And it's fine to be scared of a stranger who has guns on fucking display inside their small apartment.

Well now you'll find a new spot for them.

Bitches like to feel safe even if they are being lied to.

A lot of them won't understand being a gun owner. People who don't have it in their family or culture don't get it one bit and are very threatened by it.

Just tuck the gun away and get you nut off. Wen she's gone you can always just take it back out.

Ironically, when your mom stops bringing you tendies and you finally snap, you will be the next mass shooter, libshit.

And your reasoning will be


lol no.

just because Aubrey de Grey says everyone alive today will live forever, doesn't mean it's true.

A lot of the projections for technological advancement are way overhyped.

We can't grow Humans in labs now. We might be able to in the next 40 years. And Genetically enhanced humans is nowhere near understood. I'd give that 20 years until basic ehnahcments, and then another 30 until we don't accidentally cronenberg people.

So for the next 20-50 years, we sitll have to have kids.

you just seem like this super edgy
>i have evolved past my primitive instincts
>i have nothing but scorn for you lesser apes

kind of people.

Are you overweight?

Do you workout?

>paying 700 monopoly money/month for a shoebox-size appartment

Holy fuck.
Im paying only for elec,water,heating and internet and it never exceeds 170€/month
btw, 100up/100down mbps internet.
My apartment is 54.7m2 not much bigger but you're being robbed ffs.

Are you desperately probing? Sorry, I'm not a faggot, redditor.

best chance Ill ever have to post this in a gun thread

>storing $500 worth of firearms "properly"
if he bothered to buy a safe it would take all of 5 minutes to break into and the damage to the safe would cost him more than the stolen firearms

>tranny is a selfish nutcase that destroyed his family
>the prison also functions largely as a mental institution
>asian qt is a compulsive liar manipulating bitch
>piscatella laying down the truth all season long
>"you're all criminals, and you don't deserve anything"
>full blown race war

the redpill runs deep

It's just because usually every picture of a /k/ommando is full of fat people or people who are out of shape.


she just didn't want to fuck you, op. maybe you're just ugly?

I'm not a /k/ nigger, and nice deflection, serial killer.

>just because Aubrey de Grey says everyone alive today will live forever, doesn't mean it's true.
I'm not talking about people living forever. We could grow people in test tubes 40 years ago, we can easily do it today.
>And Genetically enhanced humans is nowhere near understood. I'd give that 20 years until basic ehnahcments, and then another 30 until we don't accidentally cronenberg people.
The future is a lot closer than you think. It's probably already here, we just aren't allowed to know about it. Yet.


She probably thought you’re crazy nerd who’s into reenactment of prehistoric shit. Chicks dig modern assault rifles. You should get one of those AR-15 with an extra handle on the barrel and a sight.

I probably would have warned her first OP


You think I didn't notice when Based Red started having a war against Vee? I honestly can't think of a better character than Red.

Desert eagle with drum mag

What are you even going on about?

There's nothing wrong with owning guns, but get a life is all I'm saying.

It's what you call higher pays.

>asian qt is a compulsive liar manipulating bitch
She's a hapa though. Really that's even more of a red pill.

No, he should have just kept them out of sight. It's not rocket science, women are timid and easily triggered.

You hide your firearms, plain and simple. Only niggers leave weapons out in plain view or reach for someone to kill you with.

>i have nothing but scorn for you lesser apes
I don't really think of myself that way. I'd like to lead others into the future, and leave humanity behind. You might not accept it now, but you will one day.
Join the club.

>Not storing your weapons securely in a locked weapon cabinet/ Safe at all times when it is not in use

You only have yourself to blame. Also it baffles me that this is not mandatory in the US

She left because of the TV and cuddley wuddleys retard

>he fell for the moist nugget meme
>implying anyone likes slavshit guns.

Because guns are not big or clever, nor do they make your dick any bigger. If you want to shoot one, hire one at a range, not keep one in plain sight in your house.

Why don't you not want to leave humanity behind?

>only $700


tfw i pay $300/month everything included on colege campus


A lawnmower's primary purpose de s to mow lawn, an Ak47 primary purpose is to mow people, if you cannot see the difference you deserve to remain a virgin.

It's like people who own rottweilers and say that they're not dangerous and go along with kids. They don't understand that, as nice as their dog can be it can still flip and bite their toddler's head off in a second. Same with firearms.

>get a life

check out this oldfag

You are genuinely autistic if you dont understand why that would make her uncomfortable

Not an argument.

>it baffles me that others are allowed to do what they wish with their own property

one night stands are the epitome of degeneracy

sleeping with someone without any kind of committment is insanely r-selected sluttiness

should of told the dude to clean his apartment while he rants in your general direction.

have you payed your television license, bong?

Yea but you are in Estonia.

>it baffles me when women that come over to fuck leave in a hurry at the sight of firearms

>They don't understand that, as nice as their dog can be it can still flip and bite their toddler's head off in a second. Same with firearms.
If I leave a gun on my porch, it's not gonna shoot people passing by.

why? he doesnt have kids .... hes only one in apartment and probably doesnt keep them loaded, whats point in buying a expensive safe at that point , especially since most are actually pieces of metal shit

It’s about responsibility faggot. Your apartment can be broken into, your gun taken and used in a shooting or something.

You live in an apartment. Why do you need a fucking borderline assault rifle? Holy fuck just break the mentality of "If he has it, I need it to be safe"

To be honest. If someone had sharp knives just lying around in the living room, I would have been kind of weirded out.

fucking kek

a gun will never flip and bite their toddler's head off.

yeah you're extremely self-important. You seem like the kind that reads /r/futurology and thinks you're in-the-know or something.

Fuck off with your annoying attitude.

what good would a gun be in the middle of the night when jamal breaks in if its locked in a safe?

you prob said some weird shit trying to explain it .... prob sounded rapey

phrasing is always important

anyways , keep a towel or blanket over them for now on , plus it wont draw other peoples attention

She was digusted because you fell for the nugget meme instead of aquiring a sweetsweet k98


Ak= pitbull
Knife= yorkshire

I don't browse Reddit faggot. Clearly you're still thinking with your dick.

i never claimed it was a good idea show your guns to a girl you just met and are trying to fuck.

there are much easier ways to obtain firearms than breaking into the home of someone who is armed, ping. people dont steal guns to use in crimes, they steal them to sell them. and let me tell you, theres no shortage of black market guns.

Confirmed knowing nothing about dogs.

Lock up your gun when you leave, take it out when you’re around, put it in the bed next to you when you sleep. Simples. And obvious.

>photoshop outlines of legs in mirror clearly visible

i know it was meant to be le funnee but dude

>borderline assault rifle ?!
typical aussie not understanding guns

are you an actual retard? inanimate objects are not going to suddenly snap and maul you.

>Why do you need a fucking borderline assault rifle?

We don't need any guns. We need food, water, and shelter. But, we want guns and we have a RIGHT to own them.

Deal with it chinaman.

>Living in a shithole college dorm room with shared "common rooms"
>Actually being proud of those pathetic cinderblock walls and enormously loud neighbors
You'll realize why you sound so fucking stupid the moment you live in your own apartment.

SKS uses the same round as AK-47, also it is Samozaryadny (Karabin Simonova) – semiautomatic, just like the civilian knock–off copies of M16 you can buy in Walmart.

It's just a safety measure. It makes it harder to steal and harder for other accidents to happen. Also it helps put that shit out of view.

Also, a weapon cabinet is most likely much cheaper than the weapons themselves. I don't know how expensive these things are in the US, but at least here, the price of a cabinet is usually around 10-20% of the price of a single gun

so, no need for a safe then? got it.

I feel you bro.
>be me, get a new job that pays well.
>Buy a handgun because i've loved going shooting since i was a kid.
>"I dont feel safe with a gun in the house user. Even more if you store ammo next to it".

In the end you just have to ignore her. But hiding your funs (or put them in a bag/cupboard at least) may be necessary to attract a mate.

Then take her to the range and get rid of her anxiety.

>it was merely an act

Get shot

Rifles are not expensive. $700-1500 maybe? If we are talking about mass produce shit ofc, not some Remington exclusives.

I live in a luxury apartment cunt. It's called gaming the system... wait until the semester starts and students drop out or some shit and desperately need to sublease their apartments

If you are so worried about that, keep the gun cabinet in your bedroom and lock the bedroom door... I promise you that it's going to be a hell of a lot easier to get the weapon from there than having to confront Jamal in the living room unarmed and then having to reach for and load the weapon you have behind your fucking couch.

You missed the lock up part. Lock it up in a safe when you’re away. And as Varg said you can use said safe to hide it out of sight when you need it.

No he is being this guy ATM.

accidents??? STEAL??
hehehahahah when was last time there was a crime of someone breaking into a house KNOWING they had a gun to possibly shoot you with , TO STEAL........

what accident? is the rifle suddenly going to pop safety off , do a barrel roll and pump 5 bullets in back of your head?

cabinets are garbage , cheaper ones are too light , might as well carry it out if you REAALLY wanted to steal (kek) and break lock later

you in norway , ofc guns are going to be more expensive

>But hiding your funs (or put them in a bag/cupboard at least) may be necessary to attract a mate.
Wouldn't be worth it. If a woman dislikes one of my core activities, and in my case livelihood, then that's a no go. She doesn't have to be a /k/ommando, but not sperging out at the sight of a gun isn't too much to ask.

>harder for other accidents to happen.
are you afraid of accidentally shooting yourself?

>Also, a weapon cabinet is most likely much cheaper than the weapons themselves.
kek. why pay money to put your guns into a literal cabinet? thats not going to protect them from getting stolen and its not going to protect from any other accidents better than basic common sense

you may as well be a woman if youre this afraid of an inanimate object.

>Have a beat up moist nugget and sks in the corner behind my couch
>because I have no reason to hide them,
there's your problem, weapons aren't furniture

>and where the fuck else am I going to store them in a 500sq ft apartment
you can start by storing your dick in the corner behind your couch instead if your guns are so important to you

>implying i dont fall asleep on the couch everynight

That’s why I’m saying that it is obvious to me that if you own a weapon you should keep it on your bed when you sleep, or under, if space doesn’t allow. But also need to own a safe, I agree.

cool , did you know that mosin right there will blow a bigger hole in your back with its bullet ?

tell me something i dont know chink

My buddy got an SKS cheap af for only $60. Went to the range with it and it shoots like a charm

>not appreciating and owning all three

She's not a fan of skiing eh

/k/ blown the fuck out

Haven't seen any hunting rifles for less than 1000$ here while a simple secured weapon cabinet is like $200-300. This is in Norway though, but I expect that weapon cabinets can't be more expensive in the states than that.

Hard to believe that's Captain Janeway eh?

I pay $700 for a campus apartment but I live in a big city whereas you probably live in bumfuck no where(Not OP btw)

She probably was turned off by the fact that you only own slavshit.

You have a tiny bedroom, probably not a lot of stuff. One of your most prominent items on your first date is a gun...
Not saying you blew your load early but...

jealous i suppose

you come off as a closet lunatic -- it's a turn off to normal women

>I live in a luxury apartment
It's adorable that you call your parents basement a luxury apartment

>red-pilled as fuck

>almost every white guy is a vile, abusive, racist antagonist
>except for the token "good one" that all the girls that watch this crap can say they like

my ex-gf watched this shit and it blue-pilled the shit out of her, she immediately started to believe that white guys are the worst people on the planet.

>scared the girl off
>therefore I'm jealous

That's darwinism

that must be some shitty safe if you can break into it in 5 min

Considering pretty much every family in Switzerland has a weapon I would guess that pretty much every robbery in switzerland is made by people who know they are robbing someone who has weapons in their house

bluepilled as fuck. This is just media propaganda and brainwashing

Its just cultural i guess. What would you think of a woman storing dildos in a corner of her room ?
Some things just dont belong to plain sight. Then, once they're out of sight, you can start to reason with the girl.

unless youve got a $3k ft knox or similar quality safe, two guys with prybars can break into your shit in 5 minutes.

what kind of bullshit argument is that? do you even know what process they have to go through to store the gun and its ammo? ffs get out

>only pay $700/mo
>500sq f

Damn, you couldn't even tell when you're getting ripped off. And you think you can bag a stable girl? You have a lot of work to do, bud.

this , cheap safes, dont keep anything safe , fuck some are so light you and your ape friend can just carry it out if you really wanted to, or pry it

basicly this, get an AR10/15 or some overpriced HK shit and she will instantly drop panties

its not a particularly big deal to rob an armed person if you know its going to take him several minutes to get to his guns and ammo and he almost certainly wont use them in defense of his property for fear of being prosecuted.

>a autist

can't even spell.

Could you people please stop saying nonsense about my country ?
Most people who have a gun at home over here do it reluctantly.
>You have to pay to put your military weapon in a state-operated safe house.
>You dont have to take ammo back with you. 99% of military personnel doesnt take some with them for fear of a domestic accident (most of them have kids).

tl,dr: swiss people definitely aren't gun nuts. The ones who own and use firearms for recreative purpose do it quietly.

If a woman owns dildos she isn't for me. Storage matters less than use.

Must be something in the brownies

I am not saying you are gun nuts, but like most countries with mandatory military serivice, you have tons of weapons. Switzerland is usually used as an example of how weapons should be handled

you know nothing of the swiss

>>Hates "Orange Is The New Black"

I love that show. It's about shitty, degenerate women suffering the consequences of their shitty actions. It's great.

>what accident? is the rifle suddenly going to pop safety off , do a barrel roll and pump 5 bullets in back of your head?

Depends. Do you know something about Hillary Clinton?

What is the point of door locks? Any ape can break one down in less than a minute with any number of tools

OP first of all

>maybe her fucking dad died because he accidentally shot himself with a nugget

So there is no real reason to make theories or assumptions until you speak to her again, which you should.

And secondly, ignore what everyone here is saying. If you want to own a gun- own it. The girl can deal with it. Girls respect men who pursue the hobbies that they want to do. And girls also want their men to be a bit brutal/violent, ie owning an interest in weaponry or fighting, or other things she is scared of.

Don't worry, invite her over again, ask her why the gun made her uncomfortable (if that was the reason at all).

My point is that weapons here are barely 'handled'. Soldiers just hide them in their basement and have no ammo for it in the house. Repeat the process for 15 years until they can give the gun back to the state.

Did it ever occur to you that she didn't give a fuck about the gun and was more turned off by how fucking poor you are? I mean she was a woman right?

the only white guy that's legitimately vile was introduced this last season, but the dude is a psycho

the other white "villains" so far had their shades of grey, mustache and rapist even end up redeemed

all other white guys in the show are actually complex characters, more often than not likeable, and there's a whole bunch of them, like half a dozen of the top of my head

>Have a beat up moist nugget and sks
yeah sorry OP it's your massive autism that pushed her away not the fact that you own a gun
maybe buy something less autistic next time

What is typing on a phone for $500, Mr. Tripfaggot?

she was disgusted by the fact you did not lock your weapons in a proper weapon locker. you missed out on a NRA qt.

because they dont cost hundreds of dollars and successfully stop people from just walking into your home. theyre not meant or expected to actually stop people from breaking in and stealing your shit like a safe is. you can buy a $100 locker with the same concept but what does it do that a closet doesnt do, other than making eurocucks feel less worried about inanimate objects suddenly mauling them and displaying exactly where your valuables are?

Barely functional retard spotted

I've seen more children mauled by Yorkies than pit bulls

>Soldiers just hide them in their basement and have no ammo for it in the house.
your thriving gun culture and every swissfag on /k/ say different.

why don't you buy a case for them than

Most women don't like guns

Stop pretending like you're confused and don't know what's going on - you're a fucking idiot if you didn't already realize this

At least keep it in a bag or case you turbo autist

Meh, many young swissfags are actual fags. If you've been in the military here, you'd know. Bitching and moaning and MUH guns bad. Especially the city dwellers. People from the countryside are better in that sense.
Gun laws here are getting more strict unless a referendum gets through (Schengen treaty with the EU forces Switzerland to use recent EU laws

>US has extremely large areas of unpopulated land yet you choose to live in an over priced shoe box because it's in the middle of your favourite urban hell hole

You didn't play it off well. Shoulda said something like "oh yeah BTW I plan on raping and then killing you ;)"
Obviously in a playful manner, implying you left them out and should hide them. Or tell her something like you're a drug lord or an assassin or a member of the magic or...


they're unpopulated for a reason though.

Fucking autocorrect.


>How to get arrested and labeled a rapist

Serves you right for being a degenerate. Why would you try to sleep with a woman outside of marriage?

>making rape jokes to a date

>Have a beat up moist nugget and sks in the corner behind my couch because I have no reason to hide them, and where the fuck else am I going to store them in a 500sq ft apartment
Don't leave firearms laying around you dingus.

True that, he should stay a virgin forever.

Like you

>The show that portrays a group of niggress convicts as having a hierarchy, working together, showing signs of intelligence is redpilled
You are the most bluepilled person on this board.


even among bonobos you'll find hierarchy

they manage to work together for half a season before they go back to their usual chimp out behavior

watch the show before you talk shit kiddo

>niggers are always literally chimping out and starting shit
>spics are superstitious savages that fight between themselves
>whites are the only smart enough to conduct business inside jail
>all the lesbian degenerates are depressed as all fuck
>prison staff are not evil, they are as oppressed as the prisoners, except it's by the fucking jews running the government and corporations
>the hillbilly becomes the most likeable character on the show while preaching the word of god to butch lesbos
>degenerate liberal that goes to jail for posession of pot ends up dying LMAO
>tranny is a selfish nutcase that destroyed his family
>the prison also functions largely as a mental institution
>asian qt is a compulsive liar manipulating bitch
>piscatella laying down the truth all season long
>"you're all criminals and you deserve nothing"
>full blown race war

orange is the new black is a thinly veiled redpill that managed to infiltrate the sjw and normie camps

Why would you wanna live out in the sticks?

People who leave guns lying around are scum. Some people support gun control, I do not. I support gun accountability. If some dickhead leaves their gun lying around in the open while they go out and Tyrone breaks and steals that gun, then uses it to shoot somebody, the gun owner should be held partially responsible for that, they're the ones who did not adequately secure their weapon as is their responsibility.

Lock your fucking guns up when you're not at home you dickheads. It's not a fucking toy. A good Gun cabinet is probably cheaper than your guns anyway, there's literally no downside to being responsible for your own shit.

Sanest post I've read all week.

>find a QT
>not pro gun
all women in my life have been pro gun or indifferent. If they were antis I would bin them.

>has guns lying around in plain sight
Why do idiots like you have to make us all look like irresponsible manchildren is the real question

If someone steals your car and runs someone over, should you take partial responsibility for not installing a hidden kill switch? I mean it's only like two hundred bucks or whatever, so much cheaper than your car. You're pretty much morally obligated to do it.

A car is not a gun. Go stand straw men up somewhere else.

>has enough for a $99 surplus rifle
>doesn't have enough for a safe
really made me tink

If you spent any time around niggers you'd know their behavior and what they are capable of. That show portrays them as being more than just niggers. And for niggers in prison at that.

Run with that when Jamal shoots his girlfriend and the ballistics have your name written on them

Oh god, please tell us how much "bank" you make

>worked for FN Herstal
>friends shitting on me "how can you work for a company that sell weapons ? they kill people whaa whaa"
>mfw one of my friend's mother die in a car accident, because some niggnog decided to ignore trafic lights

Yeah that's why its prohibited to store firearms with a cartridge in chamber. "It's not going to fire itself!", eh?

He lives alone, retard. There's no small children that could shoot their friends in the face. If he's got them for home defense on any level, a safe is going to be counter productive.

>you're also a faggot, and an animal for wanting to fuck things.
Can you run that by me again user?

My garage is bigger than that, and I live in craphole Dunedin in NZ.

>be me
>pay 625/mo
>3 bed with one bath, in process of buying house with one acre
>make $50k/yr with no college
Fuck I thought college grads where supposed to be smart.

OP she was turned off by your sad choice of guns

>NRA qt
>supporting mandatory safes

Tell her it's an antique. Russian World War memorabilia.
But put away the other guns first, next time.

Put the gun way you fucking autist. It's quite obvious you don't get pussy often because you would know women don't like to feel like they're about to be murdered by a stranger. Put it under your bed or in your closet.

I think if OP had been a bit older, had a larger home on some "territory" with some farm animals, then some guns, like hunting rifles, in a locked display case, in a tastefully decorated outdoorsy room, there might only be a bit of internal protest.

But some poor dude who lives in a cramped apartment with roommates who keeps an assault rifle behind the sofa gives off massive sperg and Colombine social reject vibes.

damn right

>mosin nagant and sks
>assault rifle
Literally end your miserable existence dumb liberal

well, a cars primary purpose is transportation and they STILL kill far more people than guns.

just imagine if cars were MEANT to kill!

Maybe because she saw how unsafe you are with storing firearms you uneducated yankee.

dates are sketchy anyway, no reason to have weapons around until you're both comfortable with each other. Lol@ hates orange is the new black

Except it's not, retard. You know nothing about guns.


"moist nugget"

What the fuck.



Isn't that the time where they ate the guy's jizz brownies?

some women hunt so not all

dude, your girlfriend is a Spanish amateur pornstar who likes fat guys.


Because most people suck.

Negroid, please. To the average city girl, this looks like "date with a mass shooter."


/k/ommando detected

because normal people keep their guns in cases or in a closet, not just leaning against the wall

>She gets anxious and uncomfortable
>You don't immediately address the thing that's making her uncomfortable and teach her that it's nothing to be anxious about
You failed the test.

i think it is likely OP looks a bit like a criminal and she thoughts he is in a gang or a trained assassin. I think this girl is just dumb

That's because city girls are shit, you shouldn't be dating one in the first place.
Also I'm whiter than you.

She run away because she realized she can't accuse you of rape

I see you user.

I know your dirty secrets.

Don't really give a shit if a show or any art is red piled but that show has some of the worst writing ever. It's a day time soap in the guise of an hbo original series.

City girls in the US aren't all shit.

As for you being white, it was more the frame of mind I was talking about. Notwithstanding, I also entirely doubt you're anything but shitskin.

>tfw own mostly slav and chink weaponry

I'll never get laid again

I'm so sick right now, that I genuinely thought that was a Mauser, someone crammed the wrong mag into. Until I realized it had a piston.

i-is that m-m-m-ooots d-daughter?

>only 700 a month

My mortgage is 500 (4 bedroom, 2 bath, plus over an acre of land), get right, son.

fuck off you gay cunt, bet you've never left the city in your life. People enjoy firearms because they are beautiful pieces of engineering, same as people who enjoy cars. The difference is that no car guys like Prius's so why should gun enthusiasts be stuck with a shitty bolt action?

>Do you hear about aliens having sex? Why do you think the Greys have no genitals?
>Sex is for animals, not for advanced beings.
Yes, I do actually. Aliens are some of the kinkiest fuckers you will ever meet. Honestly, Germans don't have shit on aliens.

Greys are basically robots, other alien races have genitals, but even the greys like bdsm.


She's been brainwashed by the marxist controlled media to hate guns.

I live in Idaho and have a fully loaded AK47 next to my bed. Brought home normal looking girl (with coporate job) one night and as we were walking into my bedroom I saw that I had forgotten to hide the AK.

Cringing I tried to direct her attention to my t.v. but she walked over, picked up the AK and said:


I love living in a state wherein white women are self-respecting and don't suffer from Mr. Goldstein's liberal white guilt brainwashing.

I live in a massive city with over 700k residents so I don't even live in the country, despite this being Idaho.

Come home, White Man. Leave LA and NY white women to race mix because Mr. Goldstein's media has brainwashed them to do so (and create little brown skinned babies).

There is a massive "white flight" going on in this country to Idaho.

Why aren't you packing your bags to move to Idaho, OP?

Dis nigga


Mine's doube that for a 2 bedroom condo in MA, an hour away from Boston. Not even in another city.

>I have no reason to hide them
now you do: getting laid lol

jesus that has to be the faggot that wears a dress and anime shit at the range. in the black

>calls the gun that millions of Russians used to protect the motherland for decades a "garbage gun"

are you autistic? i own a mosin and its tough as nails and fairly accurate even when using shitty surplus ammunition. Plus mosins are only like 200 dollars, you cant go wrong buying one. you sound like a ar-15 fag.

What are you on about faggot? I try levelling my wife's horrible love of that show with some downtown abbey (cozy) or call the midwife (compromised by SJWs). Women are super impressionable Vasco and should be monitored in a Fritzl tier way.

> renting
> literally putting the money you make in a pile and burning it

I gave up on it after the first season or two. I got tired of all the back stories showing that every single bitch in prison is innocent and just misunderstood.

in this post: things imagined that never happened

t. Supreme Gentleman

Fox and grapes.

Call me back when you have a sub MOA semi auto .308

Til then fuck off with your fuddy moist nugget

An user who pays property tax is not a free man.


What state/area?

I have more guns than you do, and i believe being afraid of guns is stupid, but ya know, how difficult was it to keep them in a gun bag? I mean being pragmatic so that you dont have issues if a crazy lib sees them and makes a fuss, or this. Buy a cheap bag at walmart for 20 bucks and store both your guns there, keep it by/under your bed, problem solved

>Moist nugget
>Not buying superior German Weapon

Fucking mosin plebs
True Mauser Master Race

nigga I eat my rifle out more than my woman

The car is deadlier than the gun.

>Why are gun hobbyists so genuinely autistic and often fat?

>dat projection

The Car requires a license.

FNH is art.

what are you talking about you fucking idiot

- pennsatucky murdered 3 people
- piper was a drug mule
- alex was a drug dealer
- black cindy stole from airports
- angry nigger jogger lady committed crimes because she wanted to be cool\
- brooke soso is a dumb whore who got arrested for tipping her fedora too hard

like literally everyone in jail besides poussey actively deserves to be in prison and committed a serious crime. like i guess daya and her mom arent too bad, but they covered for an actual literal criminal.

Fun fact: Mausers were the first weapons in the world with rifled barrels.

Maybe in your shithole third world.

>Why do women hate guns so fucking much?
Because it makes them "feel" bad

Also, you should double down and not apologize, her pussy will be very wet!

See, you're problem is that you didn't introduce the girl to the nugget properly.
All see saw was a weapon.

You have to explain to them that it's an "old Russian WW2 relic" and a "piece of history".

Once they learn that it's a collection piece with a reason behind it, it's not "eww, this dude has a gun! He's such a creep!" its "OMG, this guy has a neat WW2 antique! He's so cultured!"

This doesn't work for Nazi memorabilia unless it's like a coin or something small you can say your grandfather left you.

Women are generally less impressed with a Nazi Officer's side-arm (Luger P08), but a cool Nazi coin is ubiquitous enough that they see it as cultured and cool.

M1 Garands are panty-droppers, though.
"This is one of the rifles that defeated the Nazis". Even the most airheaded of dumb bimbos can appreciate the gravitas of owning a piece of history that was owned by heroes to liberate the world from an "evil regime".

You already said craphole, you didn't have to specify NZ

She just saw your gunz and realized you have about a 3" pecker and suddenly realized that she had a scheduled Blackening with 12" dick Jamal. She thought about inviting you to watch Jamal plow her bit she knew you'd most likely take your gunz so you had something to hold onto while you sat in the corner and cried.

Why does that dudes cum have the color of banana pudding. Fucking double gross.

I'm confused. Aren't guns basically part of your culture over there in Switzerland?


i'm not buying a nice house or a nicer apartment until i get a wife or fiancee

literally no point
t. poor faggot

I keep my guns in hidden compartments in my house.
You ever seen that one Punisher movie with John Travolta?
He has this compartment that slides out from under a desk with a revolver in it.
I made something similar in my dresser and nightstand so I just have hit 3 buttons at once and then I have my Glock in my hand, locked and loaded.

And I also have a distaste for "gun enthusiasts." A gun is just a tool for killing things, and you hope you never actually need. You wouldn't be a chainsaw or pipe wrench enthusiast. Why would you be a gun enthusiast?

>moist nugget
op, I'm so sorry that you're poor and mentally handicapped, but you belong with the other commie furries on /k/

Because some guns have historical significance and a lot of them are fun to shoot, you nigger

Thats the color that cum and brown make.
If you havnt seen jiz scat porn posted you really need to lurk moar.

nice quacker

>frame of mind
Negros are anti-gun liberals.

>City girls in the US aren't all shit.
Exceptions are everywhere but the rule is a rural girl is going to be a better girlfriend in most cases.

why is there a duck in your bathtub


>i have sooper secret james bond bullshit
You don't, but that sounds cool anyway.

>talks shit
>cant take a decent picture

You know, it's not hard to make.
It's basically just a spring-loaded box with buttons that complete a circuit.
It's a real bitch putting it back together though.

Damn. I lived in NYC before relocating and NYCbefoream so much happier. City life just isn't for my family.

Sorry, not willing to tell you that.

Jesus, fuck mobile posting, this looks a mess.



It's not just women. I know a ton of men with hoplophobia.

You should have tried to play more to the curiosity aspect. "Hey have you ever held a gun? Would you like to touch it? It's safe."

...and spellcheck thinks hoplophobia should be 'Islamophobia'. What the fuck.

>Not becoming ascended

sex is good for your brain and body.

you're the inferior low-testosterone cuck here. pic rel

But it off set's the recoil perfectly

You are correct a gun is not clever... it lacks a brain.
Some guns are big.

You are a fagget for not having a gun close at by.

I took a girl to the range for a first date last week and she fucking loved it. They're definitely out there.

Going back to your apartment on the first date should have given you a clue that she's more liberal and more likely to be a basic bitch about guns.