1. Do you love your country?

1. Do you love your country?
2. How do you think your government?

1. yes, of course
2. almost good


1) Not anymore
2) Abysmal

I love my country.
I think the government is a cesspool and should cleansed with fire.



And lynchings. Can't have a good government burnout without lynching lefty token niggers

1: of course
2: very good

1. I don't
2. Traitors

I guess that's an oxymoron isn't it
Maybe I actually love my country?

I don't know. At this point I feel more attached to my european heritage than canadian. This country doesn't want white europeans like me anymore.


Not really. I used to, but we're kind of the cancer of the world.
Absolutely not.

Not at all

>Do you love your country
Fuck no. This country is fucked. My nation began dying in 2001 and the rest of the country is bound and determined to flog us in our death throes. They literally take any opportunity to kick us while we're dying.

>How do you think your government?
They're the rest of the country. Taking any chance to do something damaging at our expense.

1) Less and less every day
2) Shit, but better than the alternatives

1. Yes
2. Not in its best shape but ok I guess

We are a cancer because our government has become a cancer. When did they ask us if we want to destabilize the middle east? When did they ask us to invade Crimea? When did they ask us if we want to set up military bases all around Russia?

Learn who your hate really needs to be focused on.

1.Yes, most people from here are decent hard working people. Neet losers on here don't count however, I despise all you worthless fucks.

2. No. Our prime jew minister is whoring us out to China.

Just the token ones, though. The good ones can stay if they'll help raise the tree decorations


1. yes
2. no, we literally have the most right-wing government possibly atm, and yet we cuck ourselves further each month
it's better than what's Sweden is doing
but still unacceptable

1. No
2. Cancer

1. only the northern part, I fucking love it
2. porcodio NO!

I love you jap :3

I support this answer.

From what I've seen I believe Australia has the least cucked government when it comes to immigration. It is likely to change soon since these new generations of bitches and betas are destroying the entire west.

>right wing government
>still being cucked
How the fuck did you do that?

1)no, Japan sounds cool tho

1. Yes

2. Oh boy! lets crash the Oilfields! that employ between 5-10% of Canadians directly, and another 10% indirectly.

THEN lets shutdown perfectly good coal burning plants that have carbon catching technologies so it burns clean that employs a whole bunch more Canadians

THEN lets shit all over the western part of Canada where all those jobs were lost

THEN lets start shoving migrants down every bodies throats. Dont worry, youl pay for them with your taxes

Eastern Canadians voted for that curly haired faggot cause of his fucking name an now were all paying for it.

Canada a nice place to live, but if you could nuke the eastern half we'd be golden. Everything East of Saskatchewan

1. Yes
2. Current pm is shit, but that's what you get from globalist scum

Also, nice seeing a patriotic nip around

1. eh, there's far worse places to live (USA for example). Plus I'm European that gives me some free travelling across Europe
2. It's all fucked but I stand by it

1. Yes
2. Eh, it's alright though it's too early to tell tbqh

1. Eternal #1 despite any faults.Yes.
2. I have an intense distrust for anyone who aspires to be a politician.

1. To a point
2. Jury is still out on this current one.

this place is hell on earth


because even our most right wing mainstream party (FRP) is still filled with social democrats
there are individual FRP people who want to build walls etc, but they are small fringes

thanks for the delusion

>Current pm is shit
webete grillino confirmed

Porcodio quel letame a 5 stelle distruggerĂ  per sempre questo paese, sempre che voi sappiate dove abitate in questo momento ... letta bene la mail? Ritardato

great pic desu


1)i love what it was and could be, not what it is and is becoming. Trump wont be enough to fix this shit.
2) fuck the current government. Obama exaggerates how much he 'helped' the economy and tries to act like he did it all himself, meanwhile socially hes helped push the divide in this country further then anyone else and not done a good job at all on the global field of keeping up relations.

he tries to pander to the SJWs and Find every way to work around congress when they wont agree with them, ignore the fact theres a reason such checks and balances are in place.

1. No. I hate the people
2. I think they should be round up and publicly executed and constitution burned and rewritten from scratch.


You're acting like you guys are Swedes or something. Don't be so hard on yourself.


>bending over to ukraine
>nationalism only when it pisses off Russian
>Populist-Socialist party is in charge
>national debt through the roof
>"pro-fertility" program of gibsmedats of 125$ for every child after 1st child unless it's over 18 years old
>still no legal access to fire arms
>can't defend yourself due to anti-victim laws
>All prepaids have to be registered by 1st of February 2017
>By 2017 paper receipts in stores are to be replaced with IT system that sends email receipt or directly to your phone (that fucks over elderly as well)
>Purchase of gold requires identification

1. Yes and at the same time No. It is kinda self hating lonve
2.. The current government is making me have hope oddly despite the zero hope I felt before

1. I love it.
2. Yet to see seems based at the moment

Is it? As your countrymen have stated, seams to be up in the air at the moment. They were caught off guard with the Brexit. I would not be to sure until the deal is done. Good luck though.

1.Country ? Yes. Most of its people ? Hell no, gas those subhuman Street shitters to oblivion.

2.Government is alright, bring back the caste system, purge the lower castes or at least enslave them or something.

>Eastern Canadians voted for that curly haired faggot cause of his fucking name an now were all paying for it.

I'm from the Maritimes and was amazed we went 100% liberal. I didn't vote for them and was disgusted they so throughly swept through our provinces.

The great thing is the federal government doesn't give a fuck about us. We're just an easy place to get votes and then ignore, and yet everyone out here is surprised when it happens.

Why people here fall in line with fucking Upper Canada just baffles me every time.

1. it's a literal non country

2. it gets a bit tiring when the only choices you have are incompetent populists and competent cuckservatives

1) I like it and wouldn't want to live in another.
2) Irrelevant. We get transfer payments, but the federal government only uses us for votes, literally nothing more.

I'd really love to live more north and more east. Someday I will move up North.

1) yes
2) idk. This is the least shitty government italy had in 20 years so yes (?)

No, only immigrants and the deluded think we're in a good situation here.
They're the same globalist traitors as we've had for the last century. May is also an Israeli plant, so I think things will get a lot worse very soon.

1. YES! I would die for it!

2. Worst government EVER!!! Kill it with fire please, they will fuck everything up!

1. Fuck yes
2. They're alright I guess

1. I love my state, but not my country.
2. It's bad, but better than the last one.

1. Yes
2. Good