Islam isn't the only terrorist religion

There are known Christian terrorism groups. No religion has reformed to be above terrorism. Christianity is still just as a guilty as Islam with their Phineas Priesthood, Army of God, Concerned Christians and dozens of other groups. Many of these Christian terrorism groups are not based in the U.S.A so that's why you hear nothing about them!

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Sorry Ahmed but i won.t care about your opinion until Islam drops below 98% of terrorist act commited.

>create and arm isis and al Qaeda
>complain when they hit you

Just remember you created the terrorists.

280 of the 400 largest terrorist attacks in the past century have been commited by one of the following:

Christian extremists
Muslim extremists

Tip: /po/ is always right.

Christian "terrorism" is a defense against normal islamic behaviour

Yes Mohamed, shame on us...

We've been armed for centuries and you don,t see us blowing up shit tho.

I mean, we might break some glass when our team fucks it up on the ice, but no killing of civilian to appease some pedophile god or something.

Frankly i'm not really aware of what you mudslime are always so angry about.

maybe you should remember that humans have free will you spastic.
you can give me a 100 rifles and let me sleep on a nuke if i am a good humans i won't fucking use it..the muslims are praying to satan and act like it whereever they get the chance for it..if they wouldn't buy our weapons they would throw stones and beat each other with sticks


the koran created the terrorists..if we would be as half as bad as you guys want to let us subhumans wouldn't exist anymore


>Eastern lightning
>lone wolf clinic bombers
Your government never arned these Christian terrorist organizations, but they managed to be big.

Meanwhile, your government uses Your taxpayer shekels to arm al Qaeda/isis/boko haram (which are essentially the same organization)

Maybe because you don't have a terrorist group in your country that's created and funded by American government.

Well the NHL is currently USA controlled and we doN,t kill each other over it.

I,d punch a Leaf fan, but thats about it.

Why is it that muslim are so eager to kill and rape, like the niggers do

There were no Muslim terrorists in middle East.

They only appeared when USA started giving arms to bin Laden's and his Afghani gang.

Let that sink in for a moment

that is a fucking guys fight each othet since 1400 years because on is praying different than the other

And if we were as bad as you want us to look, you wouldn't exist anymore.

Stop creating terrorist organizations if you don't want to see mass shootings in your country.



>inb4 "b-but muh burmese buddhist terrorists killing innocent peace-loving muslims"
Complete self-defense in this case.
Plus, nonsensical stats-padding (look, there are some buddhist terrorists in Myanmar, and look at how many terrorist attacks there are every year! Disregard the fact that most of them are done and claimed by nationalist separatist groups from Karchin, Wa and Shan)

Christian terrorism is virtually nonexistent if you don't count niggers in Africa chimping out

as is said cherry picking son of a can give a good human guns and bombs..he will not use it...try to create a terror orgsnization between western ..they will laugh at you..thats it

All abrahamists are terrorists.
Always have been ever since their inception.

You muslims overestimate yourselves don't you?

the west put him in this clothes and gave him the gun..right?

Jefferson is in fact, a fucking bad ass.

behind this man was an american and told him to cut this child...right?

Many of these Christian terrorism groups are not based in the U.S.A so that's why you hear nothing about them!

ISIS isn't based in the U.S.A. Why do I hear a lot about them ya cunt?

Well, its better than being in their bordels. Mussies sure love young boys. Reminds them of home, i suppose

look at his disgusted look..he surely hates what is happening around him..right?

Oy vey good goyim.

"culture"...peaceful..right ?

I'm not overestimating anything

You guys created terrorist groups to atack your own soil

What kind of regards do this?

>Call Christians terrorists
>Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, who says to love your enemy.
Catholicism isn't Christianity and Islam comes from Catholicism.


I've notice that muslims online often say "if we were all terrorists you wouldn't exist".

But you've tried to wipe out Europe before haven't you?

Bit different now when most of you are still illiterate.



Muslims are provoking christians thus christians can't take it anymore and kill them, the same thing happened in Myanmar.

Yes because Obama represents americans on Cred Forums xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>West creates al Qaeda
>gives them money and guns
>tells them to go kill commies
>and then tells them to make a fake flag attack (9/11)

>somehow this is my fault

Like I said, stop creating terrorists. And they won't Kill you

>bitches about cherrypicking
>cherrypicks a bunch of shias doing their self-harming thing
k..keep me biased, mohammeb bin al-saud

a normal muslim party..right ?

>They only appeared when USA started giving arms to bin Laden's and his Afghani gang.
>Who is Sayyid Qutb
>What are The Milestones
>Who are the Muslim Brotherhood
>What am I even talking about
>Why did my parents decide to fuck eachother even though they are cousins
Well user, you will have to find the answer to those questions yourself. Godspeed.

From their headbands, I see these guys are Shias, I'm not shia, I'm Sunni

i already answered this like 3 times and you ignored it go lick your mothers feet you supid son of a bitch

If we ask you to stop being pedophile, will you?

Why can't you just use your free will to not kill each other?



>a bunch of shias... you mean islam isn't peace at all since you hate each other without westerners involved ?

then let's have a loon at the good ones ? sunnis ? let's begin with this picture

first, you animals fought among each other for your holy book even before whitey came with a cargo of guns and cash.

and second, you still need people willing to fight and die for that ideology, arming them is the smallest problem when forming Terrorist Groups/Militias.

>Christianity is still just as a guilty as Islam

shitposting intensifies.


>go outside
>protest on government giving guns to terrorists

> protest enough that the government stops funding terrorists


>k*rdistan, france, uk, egypt present on iran/shia side
>yemen, FSA off the board
hahahahahahahahah, what? Is this nigger on jenkem?

Those terrorist group don't bring skyscrapers down or kill 100+ people in France. By the way nice proxy Ahmed.

You misunderstand. Islamic terrorists and those you consider Christians that kill all serve the same ``god''.

>1 post by this ID

Terrorism or justice?

Is a police officer a terrorist when he kills a known murderer who is otherwise threatening your life?

If you answer no then you are morally obliged to stand up for unborn children. Rationalize their humanity away to absolve yourself of this obligation, then don't be surprised should anyone rationalize away your humanity to remove themselves from the same. Particularly should it be your life that is called into question.

or just don't take these or use it..against your own wait..other muslims are not good...we get it..we are almost there satan worshipper

Because extremists are being indoctrinated.

Most extrimists come from war torn countries and dysfunctional families. Etc etc.

>He believes that protests achieve anything

name 1 hindu terrorist group that conducts acts of terrorism because of religion. name 1 buddhist terrorist group that commits terrorist attacks because of buddhism

monotheism has a problem with terrorism because of the mandate for belief in monotheist branches of faith

also all atheist are clear because nobody is committing terrorist attacks because they dont believe in anything


Show me the part of the new testament that calls for Christians to kill others and I might take you seriously.

indoctrinated by the quran..
hey nice you are not completely retarded

Its like these inbred faggots think we don't know about their history.


>first, you animals fought among each other for your holy book even before whitey came with a cargo of guns and cash.
Same thing for Europe, fucktard

Thirty years war
Sacking of Constantinople
Hundred years war

Etc etc

That post really made me think.

Everything you have said is a false equivalence but you are right about the west expanding islamic fundamentalism.

It goes all the way back to WW1 were the British would train and supply every insane desert nomad they could to fight the Ottoman Empire.

Yes of course, Islamic aggression is 20th century invention :^)


Fucking Americunt retard. There's plenty of Hindu terror organisations and violent Buddhists in Myanmar. If you got oUT of your basement you would know.

Get fucked paki

>atheists are clear
What is soviet russia's cheka? NKVD? CCP's Red Guard? Cambodia's Khmer Rouge?

yeah but we don't cry about it all day

They killed in the name of communism, not in the name of godlessness

Are you fucking retarded?

You know that bin Laden was paid by the CIA to fight the Communists?

Isis terrorists are the same, they're basically mercenaries for USA

lmaffo, conflating the other two abrahamics with a totally unreformed totalitarian cult designed to wage war, treat women like property, and spread like a cancer until it oppresses 100% of a population.... cute...

True, westerners are having the small stomach ache of the migraine they have caused the middleast for centuries.

>Religion is the opiate of the masses
What was that you were saying about not in the name of godlessness again?

>Most extrimists come from war torn countries and dysfunctional families. Etc etc.

Ever heard of this Saudi prince? I think he was called Obama or something.

>name 1 hindu terrorist group that conducts acts of terrorism because of religion.
>name 1 buddhist terrorist group that commits terrorist attacks because of buddhism
Burmese terrorists and Sri Lankan extrimists

also '77' dubs of truth

No bullshit. Sunni and shia conflict has waged since the end of mofucks life. It just had lesser times of conflicts and flare up points. Muslims is the religion of conflict of faith within the faith and the people.

That's just eliminating competition

they defend themselve against muslims most of the time...

creation and the whole reason why pakistan does exist ?maybe you should sometimes get out of your basement

He's a tunisian dog remember what level of logic he's probably capable of.


fucking norwegian cucklord logic.... blaming the rape victims...

no they are not..they sre over 250k and even when a handful of them is infiltrated by cia mossad the rest does it because of the quran and mohammed and have never spoken with an american or jew in their whole life

that meme is atrocious.. your thinking is so diseased

>pencil through the neck

Thanks for Jihadding the Record.

''look at me, im germany now''
-somalian pirate 2k16

People like you makes me happy germany gets outbred by Muslims.

>"won't" not "don't"
>talking to the shitskin
>tollerating shitskin until they drop to less than 98%
It's come to me as no surprise you're a leaf poster.


Yes, sectarian violence did exist since day one

.however, you have no right to speak since the same thing happened in Europe.

You had more devastating wars than us, history wise.

Your flag says it all.

That's because mofuck got murked by his loli princess, shia is based around hating her for it and praising ali for murking the cunt and all her collaborators basically.

says achmed,14(32) from afganistan

>higher """""""""""""""""""""""""""education""""""""""""""""""""

holy fuck

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is any of several armed movements in Ireland in the 20th century

(huh religios?)

The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), is a rebel heterodox Christian cult which operates in northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

((( low IQ wild niggers)))

The Anti-balaka are Christian militias formed in the Central African Republic. Some members have forcibly converted Muslims to Christianity.

(((more low IQ niggers)))

Eastern Lightning Its official name is the Church of Almighty God

(((chinks))) chinks are genetically predisposed to fight and do quite awful things , they do tend to be individualist and kinda killing each other

Your religion works well to enslave and create mindless easily manipulated drones. It doesn't promote free will nor free thinking which is needed for growth

You are not free but only a servent of GOD and you except others to follow, if they don't, you by your own book have a right to kill them and take their womans as slaves, especially those to whom you've told them about "the truth" which in your opinion is your religion.

There are nutjobs everywhere, and many wars revolution were build by using GOD as a tool, "You are doing God's work, said the priest to the german and to british in ww1" "they are the enemy !"

Second problem , you desexualize womans which make men less likely to work hard , developt and be chosen to create better humans
Consider womanz inferior also means less productivity and less workforce.

Making them just baby making machines , means more population , good for armies bad for economies on the short term.

If everybody had 3-7 with a woman while also having 1-3 wives and execpt to own the same land and the the same ammount of food we would starve in just a few generations.

Explain why are there so little tension between Christians and Buddist , but genocides and mass murders between Islam and Buddist

Whats wrong with you fucking nords sort yourselves out. Jesus fucking christ we're laughing, it must be a front from you for the keks. You can't actually believe this.

and still living in peace with morals, human rights...freedom


Professor Feinstein told me in my humanities class that Islam is a religion of peace. That is the absolute unbiased truth and if you question it you're uneducated and a bigot.

read the fucking history dude. Its blatant. Studied and I learned the issue not over night for gods sake.

Yes the IRA was religious since they were going around and slaughtering Protestants

And the rest of your post is no Scotsman fallacy.

>yeah it's all of you uneducated people voting for trump! I'm smart and went to university I'm voting for Hillary haaha you're so dumb!

are you the guy in this pic?

>Explain why are there so little tension between every religion that isn't islam and another religion that isn't islam, but genocides and mass murders between islam and everyone else.

allah is satan !

mohammed is a false prophet who used religion to build an army and live out his pedophilia and legitimize his routhless bevahiour.

it is all in the bible brothers !

>and still living in peace with morals,

Since you've never studied any history of Europe during those wars, let me educate you, retard.

>forced slavery and prostitution
>sodomy and polytheism

All these things happened in yurop during that time.

>preventing murder of innocent children

Also it hardly even happens

That's a really vague definition you have for religious extremism.

The IRA was a nationalist group and protestanism was part of the british identity they were against of.

mate you are nearly as mad as alex jones! :D now that is mad and desperate.

watch this.

muslims are the new nazis !!!

I don't recall the IRA bombing religious Protestant sites in Scandinavia or Germany.

For the love of Jesus, Moses and Muhammad

please reformat your posts you sound like YouTube comment, fucktard.

I have a friend who always tells me that christian terrorists in africa are just as bad.

Imagine the look on his face when I found out they were a vigilante resistance group against an islamic government.

Charb : «The catholic far right is more dangerous than the muslim extremists. »


THere is another video where is says he does not need a police protection because he is more likely to be attacked by a christian integrist than a muslim.


>in Scandinavia or Germany.
IRA was in Ireland wtf us wrong with you Frenchman?

>you created the terrorists

no, the government cronies did in secret without informing the public they should be accountable to

blaming the american/european people for something they had no part in is retarded

yes we have them..we don't run around raping women and all this bullshit..
you can act like your laws are above everyone all you want..degenerate behaviour doesn't show itself in the length of a skirt.

the point is..our wars have nothing to do with you guys AND we don't run around and bomb rape and murder people because jesus did it and tell everyone we are peaceful.

cultural christians and jew do it because of capitalism which has nothing to do with religion..terror has..but not money

I see that mudslime are as bad at understanding subtext as they are at not beign terrorists.

i'm chilling in my bed right now after a 2 hours walk trough the woods with my dog and a blunt...i'm so far from being angry i can't even see it from here..

and how was your day achmed? could you sleep well last night while your friends raped a little boys in the room next to you in the camp while someone pissed on your door ?


>we don't run around raping women and all this bullshit..
But you did

Did you even read your own history? Pagan history? Fall of Rome? Middle aged, crimes during ww1-2 ?

Read what happened in those times, then come back. Ignorant.

You can do something about it, go protest!

We have taken down our crony government with protests! Why can't you?

you should never put the epileptic satan worhsipper mohammed in a sentence with prophets..shame on you

>Phineas Priesthood
They're fictional

>Army of God
Anti abortion activists that rightfully resisted the unconstitutional Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion from 2 decades ago

>Concerned Christians
A bunch of dudes in the fucking 80s that went to Israel and got deported for no reason, which the media then blew up

>dozens of other groups
I call bullshit

don't drag /po/ into this

>resorts to ad hominem
Wew lad

They're also chimping out to resist a violent islamic government!

Go figure.

>what is this somalian saying?

Because our governments are actually competent and have hundreds of years of training on dissolving protests

Please remind me the last time a terrorist group affiliated with christians shot 130 people in Paris and ran over a crowd in Nice.


protests do fucking nothing in the west

I've got elections coming up and if that doesn't work I'm going to try and become a political writer, because fuck me someone has to say some things

Eastern lightning

And look at all those IRA bombings and shootings in the last 10 years.

False equivalency is apparently the best equivalency. Back to youtube atheism faggot. And don't forget to kys.

Well, fuck.

I'll pray for you europoors

syrian kurds
>topest hue

Dude 23 posts, just stop.

Islam is cancer, you cannot defend it. You just need a couple of encounters with a person from the middle east just to know they are barbaric lazy cunts, that don't deserve anything.

Just stop posting.

((( low IQ wild niggers))) argument could be used for all of Islam

so you want to compete hundreds and thousands of years old stuff to stuff that is happening right now?..probably while we speak ? omg..haha..ookeeeee

hnng! XD


Christian "terrorists" at "worse" (or best, but it's definitely not a good thing) go around doing charity and making homosexuals miserably by trying to convert them. Acting out of a misguided sense of piety, but still acting with good intentions.

Islamist terrorists gun down 130 innocent people at an inocuous concert, run over another hundred in new years celebrations (in recent months).

What then, is the paralel?

what about this german
33 fucking posts you 6th worlder

Troo we stay out of other countries business guess how many terrorists attacks we've gotten?

>But you did
Keyword "did".

>Did you even read your own history? Pagan history? Fall of Rome? Middle aged, crimes during ww1-2 ?
You mean history of which scant few records exist?
Or how the roman empire self destructed?
Or an era where various sports, medication and other important technology were invented?
WW1 and WW2 are a clusterfuck, I'll grant you. But they're nearly a 100 years old.

You people are still bombing, raping and enslaving to this day.

Muhammed go to sleep, prefered permanently.

>LRA & Antibalaka
Literally niggers, and even then, both movements were created to defend themselves from another militia movement

They don't have anything to do with christianity, they wanted independence for Ireland

>Eastern lightning
Crazy chinks do crazy shit, what else is new

and ? you think more propaganda while ignoring the facts will bring you somewhere ? autism is our territory you fucking bimbo..i can do this all day

Reminder that Islam has been so full of fighting and war and due to their religion's ban on writing and drawing meant that a proper history of the events that happened for Muslims are never as recorded as well as european or christian/jewish events and wars.

Speaking as someone who lived in islamic countries for over 20 years and seen everything, islam is the worst religion on the history of the planet and the planet would thrive entirely if there was an "erase islam" button.

canada with the fpbp wow just wow

>You people are still bombing, raping and enslaving to this day.
Because Your lovely government keeps invading middle Eastern countries, and creating terrorist groups just to distabilize it further and protect Israeli interests.

>no true Scotsman fallacy

Sad thing that that might be the only thing they're competent at.

I'm just waiting for the inevitable crash of this country.

I'm going to spell it out for you since you likely have an IQ in the double digits -- as do most of the members of your race and religion, according to demographic studies.

Your argument is this: the IRA was religiously motivated because it publicly targeted Protestants.

My counter-argument is this: the IRA was not religiously motivated because it did not target Protestants outside of the British realm. In fact, it sought political help from the largely Protestant USA.

My counter-explanation: the IRA was politically motivated. It attacked British targets because its aim was to remove British influence and presence from Ireland. Therefore, the IRA cannot be classified as a religious terrorist organization.

I think you are not intellectually equipped to understand this topic because Muslims have a really hard time differentiating politics, religion and culture due to the fact Islam is an all-encompassing doctrine that regulates all aspects of life, from law to eating habits. On the other hand, Christian Western doctrine clearly distinguishes them (render unto Caesar, etc...).

thats why you kill each other and not us ? smart..fucking our work and then cry about it to us

>autism is our territory you fucking bimbo

Statisticians still regard it as religious sectarian violence.

Go fuck yourself

That's why you keep letting them control you populations and send you back to the stone age.

Even if Obama did create ISIS, ya'll had a lot of radicals willing to follow along.

it's not a no true scotsman fallacy at all

i'm saying their violence isn't caused by them being Christian, its caused by them being subhumans

there are no christian extremists in the USA or Europe committing murders at even close to the same rate as muslim extremists

>1 post by this ID

The narrative is true because I say it is.

>why do you kill each other instead of us?
But those terrorists actually kill everyone? Do you even read the news?

french doctrine of terrorism? Over a million Algerian dead because of land resources? I pray to god frenchies will be outbred by Muslims. The hypocrisy is over the charts with you garlic munchers.

>Islam creates terrorists
>Ignores 100 years spent destabilizing the region.

Hamburgers will be hamburgers

for a muslim you sure trust what the jews tell you an awful lot

you don't even realize in what little boxes your brain works..that's sad..

The IRA even worked with Protestants to free Ireland. They liked to split it into protestants and Catholics because in general the Catholics were Irish and protestants were English but the uniting purpose was to free Ireland not just kill as many damned prods as possible

>Islam has only been violent for the past century, please don't look at the Islamic violence in south and south east asia

What about terrorism in muslim majority countries outside of the middle east?

Indonesia, Tunisia, Bangladesh and MORE

Literally every single muslim country in the world, even the ones outside the middle east is seeing radical muslim attacks. Do you really think the US is responsible for ALL of them or the fact that muslims are bloodthirsty guilt ridden people trying to get into heaven with their Jihad.

>A country arms terrorists in M countries
>T country drives truck smashing F country
>A's actions justify T's actions

This lack of logic is why you are terrorists

Or read the koran.
Or read a history book.

Wow, you can't be racist while being Christian, racist fuck
"Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen"

>ooohhhhh allah remember the 6000000000000000000000000000 holocausted by israel/the west dis is anudda nakba!

Muslims are the Jews of the 21st century

You're right, the West pre-1914 never has been killing off people of different believe and race right?

compared to how many muslims kills other muslims every day..week..month..over the years..your"terror"attack are a fart in the wind...when we fight back you guys die in the millions and countrys break apart like afganistan and iraq..don't put yourself higher as you are

It's only their just due after a hundred years of Barabary slave trade and millions of Europeans kidnapped of the shores of Southern Europe.

dissing garlic
not cool, man


>when we fight back you guys die in the millions
Calm down with that edge bro

ID m6HDP7Nm is almost certainly a Muslim. Notice the "we dindu" thinking and the outright taqiyya.

>Many of these Christian terrorism groups are not based in the U.S.A so that's why you hear nothing about them!
None of the muslim terrorist groups are based in the US, but you still hear about them. Really makes you think.

>acting like europe and US has no radicals
Communist radicals
Drug cartels

You're not our brother.

>The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), is a rebel heterodox Christian cult

Not even. They are a Sudanese Muslim supplied and sheltered nigger group that sole sources quotes out of the OT, never the NT europe we are cultural christians..our laws are based on the 10 commandments but when we do something we don't do it for god..
just the crusades where done to protecr our freedom and peace and christianity the true peaceful religion from a 400year long series of attack from muslims..

Christianity is the true religion of peace and jesus pbuhn was gods last prophet.
christians are not perfect..the whole religion is build on that..but you guys just worship a false idol and false prophets and thats why everything you do turns into shit and you kill yourself about stupid stuff while you degenerated back to stone age level..when will you fucking recognize that all your suffering is the price for praying to an idol ?

>Just remember you created the terrorists.

Islam created the terrorists, ISIS base all of their actions on the koran and hadiths, all muslims follow the same violent book.

>Statisticians still regard it as religious sectarian violence.
Good thing statisticians don't deal in geo-politics, political analytics and history

Various scientific surveys of Iraqi deaths resulting from the first four years of the Iraq War estimated that between 151,000 and over one million Iraqis died as a result of conflict during this time

only the iraqis..not even counting the afgans

He's a Palestinian migrant.

Well no that's not how it works they won't make it look like they did and there is so much disinfo out there that we can't even be sure they did.

>Communist radicals

Neckbeards that are too busy finding open source everything to do anything worth mentioning

That's a halloween costume!

Last time the commies did anything was in the 80's. And drug cartels have no other affiliation besides money.

But they did benefit well from the Western support. They would probably be chimping in the desert right now if (((mysterious individuals))) didn't sell them weapons and tactics.

and they give a fuck what god you believe in and got nothing to do with muslims other then when muslims piss them off..not projecting their problems on them because they can't figure out life

>list terrorist organization
>N-no they're not worth mentioning

>Venezuela shithole
This is probably one the most retarted memes i have ever seen.
Fcking delete your self.

>Communist radicals
Gone now that they aren't on the Soviet Union's payroll.

>Drug cartels
You mean Mexican?

Who exactly? The mentally ill or FBI false flags? They are still so rare when compared to the religion of peace.

I'm sure if you look hard enough, you could find a couple of organizations, but they are an exception in our societies, whereas terrorism and violence is the rule in yours.

>And drug cartels have no other affiliation besides money.
>tattoos of virgin mary and cucifix all over their bodies
>call themselves los templarios
yeah, only money.

Choose one fatty.

Commies is a general term not a terror organization.

Which terror communist organization do you mean?

The RAF?

They are gone.

'Religion of peace' is a CIA false flag too.

>Drug cartels

>Mexican's wierd connection to religion means it's religious motivation not just imagery.

And let me guess because the Swastika was also a hindu symbol it means the Nazi's were Hindu extremists?

Are you trying to imply that south american drug cartels are religiously motivated?

even the picture of they're god looks weird on them homi.

>ye they were terrorists but they r gone now everything iz ok >:3

Because they're gone, we pretend they don't exist? fag

And if they were actually armed and funded by CIA like middle eastern terrorists they wouldn't be gone

The CIA did not exist when the religion of peace violently conquered half the Christian world -- as ordered by the prophet of peace and the book of peace.

They actually do not exist anymore, we do not have to pretend.

>Because they're gone, we pretend they don't exist? fag

Because they no longer exist dumbass. Maybe use some logic

>And if they were actually armed and funded by CIA like middle eastern terrorists they wouldn't be gone

The RAF was most likely self funded. As for the others you can blame the USSR.

he would try everything at this point look at the whole thread

>Christian terrorism groups

I'm saging your retarded thread.

Merry Christmas I'm a Christian terrorist, Jesus loves you!

Yeah because Jesus told them to push as much cocaine as possible and Muhammad never conquered anything and isn't the most idolized man in the Muslim religion right? Can you just smell from where you're sitting?

These are Shia muslim likely doing this in Iran to celebrating their caliphate Ali considered to be the inheritor of Muhammad. Sunni don't have this they follow Muhammad and then the caliphates after him like Abu Bakir to Umar, to Uthman to Ali etc. etc.

The CIA does not fund peaceful Muslism in India, yet those peace-loving pacifists still peacefully bomb and kill Hindus.

That's like saying, you created cars. Don't complain when one runs over your head.


>Algiers din du nuffin
>he was a good boy gettin tdem programs
>gettin his lyfe on track
Dumb mussies

Peaceful Muslim are also peacefully violent in Burma, where the CIA does not give them weapons.

It's a ceremony for the death of Imam Hussain (PBUH). Dont disinformate the sheeple here you lebo cunt.

Isn't this that Norwegian nigger who posts his hand?
Or just some cuckold who whorships the mudslim bull?

>Christian terrorism groups
You must be a special kind of retarted. Kys.

Sage this shity post.

the thing is..both are can't run around telling people islam is peace when you don't have your own religion figured out to the point where you say things like "but these are shias"
the shias could also be right..and both of them see mohammed as the most perfect men..they just don't figured out who is right and have war since they exist..

but for is the same...go to berlin and you will get the same heroin from a shia or sunni and they will rape the women together...
if it's on with islam they will fight us together you can bet your ass on that

Damn Origami Masters

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No that is because Europe was actually good at keeping records.

you really don't see the problem here right ?

Which still persists to this day. Who has all but destroyed religious fueled violence from their own culture, the west. You guys are fucking savages who can't live peacefully with their common man. Catholic protestant mormons etc all live peacefully within our nations. Piss off with your paki styled equivalencies, and look inward to sort your fucking shit tier culture out. Next you're going to tell me algebra was a brown creation despite pythagorus and the like. You make me laugh.

>violently conquered half the Christian world
>implying didn't violently conquer pagans, asians, niggers, anatolians, and middle easterns

The stupidity of some of you is offcharts as I previously stated.
Inb4 taqiya user.
Kys x10.000

Who's that pencil neck geek ?


You say it like the carribean pirates don't exist

Did you just "Pubuh" on Cred Forums?

yeah funny how that worked out for the christians in lebanon and the middle east in general.
you shouldn't confuse donkey fucking inbreds with 200 pages where you say kill them and then throw in some quotes when you were high from fucking a 9year old and some wine

This is patently bullshit

Caribbean pirates where state backed and plundered ships that flew specific nations flags, not a countries citizenry

Because those ones are actually politically motivated and not religiously?

Islam does not separate politics from religion, its an all inclusive package

and the source is, your ass?

funny how they always forget half of their religion when they need an argument'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Jizyah#Classical_Views

That sure worked out for christians in muslim countries where the cross is banned and Christians are branded Ummahs and not given basic human rights in those countries.

You seem obsessed with pedophilia. Are you sure a priest havent raped you and you are now aiming your rage on the Muslims?
Kys my man.

Is still remember how cool burgers beat the shit out of your pathetic excuse for "pirates" and stopped them from existing.
Thanks muricans.

>Christians are responsible for the conquests of the pagan Roman Empire

You have an IQ in the double digits.

Christians in the Middle-East have been peacefully. persecuted and genocided by peaceful Muslims and still are.

It's telling that almost Christians have become a tiny minority in what was previously entirely Christian lands.

Consequently, there is no separation between religion and politics in Islam. The close connection between the two was established in the earliest days of the faith, when the Prophet Muhammad was considered to be both a religious guide and a political leader. When he migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622 to serve as a judge for the people there, Muhammad insisted that the local population acknowledge him as both a mediator who would settle their disputes and a prophet who had been chosen by God. Similarly, members of his own community considered him to be a model of piety who was the supreme authority in matters of faith, as well as a statesman whose political leadership played a key role in shaping the nascent Muslim ummah.

This paradigm was adopted by the early successors who assumed the mantle of authority over the Islamic community. The four Rightly Guided Caliphs, who ruled between 632 and 661, also functioned as religious and political leaders who enjoyed special status by virtue of their having been Muhammad’s companions. As the Islamic Empire grew, however, the demands and challenges of governing a community that was spread over a vast geographic area led to changes in how leadership was conceived and exercised.

Islam and its entire history you goat fondling fuck

>Just remember you created the terrorists.

who is this "you"?

the government != the citizens

when will idiots like you learn this?

lol o my the DNC Shills are out.... Gee I wonder what happened last night?!? O THATS RIGHT Islamic terrorism

the cross was a torture instrument dating close to 8000 years ago.
The Jizya is a part of the society. We Muslims pay zakat for the poor people, the christians paid they're share of money as well. It was only to assure the christian population from dying out incase of them having money shortage. The Jizya is like the equivelant of social help as of today for people who hardly find jobs and needs money for they're survival.

>creating ISIS and Al Qaeda

Didn't know that Bush and Obama were the PM's of Canada.

Also, you fucks were always terrorists, even before Afghanistan and the invasion of Cyprus, Ahmed. You faggots have been trying to conquer Europe for centuries.

dude weed lmao
fucking end your life.

dont blame Muslims on what the cancerous ottoman empire of cancer have done to the Christians.

>Is still remember how cool burgers beat the shit out of your pathetic excuse for "pirates" and stopped them from existing.

Retard, the opposite thing happened, US and moroccan pirates literally became friends

>J-just read history!!

give me a direct source or gtfo

Nope, that was a faggot who bombed NY , not muslims

All coalition countries were responsible for this clusterfuck.

You have to go back to you shithole achmed.

The Qu'ran, have you heard about it? It was written by a peaceful warlord who peacefully plundered and raped the Arabian peninsula.

i dare you show me where god said i can't consume another plant other than his apple


>more memes

>We Muslims pay zakat for the poor people
Poor people=poor muslims

>The Jizya is like the equivelant of social help as of today for PEOPLE who hardly find jobs and needs money for they're survival.


you can thank me for interjecting some much needed context on the religion of peace, that is the first religion to grace this earth.

>Jizya and Zakat are the same thing
In most sects of Islam you can choose to pay Zakat. Non-muslims have no choice but to pay Jizya


dude thats the funny part..the sunnis in germany give you a quran for free if you ask them they even pay the shipping..and guess what..we can read over's not something exclusive for the males..or rich people

Explain to me how Islam is separated from the state to ensure a secular and objective governmental system and how many nations that have sprung up over the centuries implemented them.

Yes because the World Wars where totally started because God willed it and they were screaming their bible versus across the trenches

What a fucking abhorrent post

In the first Barbary war...
In the Second your "pathetic pirating" was over...
And then French bros came to govern your shit.

relate to this
>let it sink in a lil and marinate for a couple of years.

>Ethnic jew.
>Not practicing jew.

There is a fucking difference.

>implying I'm religious
Weed makes you retarded. Its for children. Keep smoking so that you will keep acting like child then complain about being a virgin.
Seriously end your life. You know who smoked weed? Niggers and dumb dopey liberals. Stop being degenerate.

>user posts facts

>It is just memes, Mohammad wasn't a warlord even though he had an army that conquered and enslaved people on a daily basis.

Achmed please.

Gay jewish T*rkroach...
Just as expected from roachland...
How can somethink be so disgusting.

>and more propaganda

dude I'll give a shit about videos made by a muslim you ignored 2/3 of this thread(not even mentioning how much of the reality you ignore) so fuck off the answers I'll give to your comments are for the people who read this thread and they'll know


>The concept of secularism was imported along with many of the ideas of post-enlightenment modernity from Europe into the Muslim world, namely Middle East and North Africa.

>Esposito also argues that in many modern Muslim countries the role of Islam in state and society as a source of legitimation for rulers, state, and government institutions was greatly decreased though the separation of religion and politics was not total. However while most Muslim governments replaced Islamic law with legal systems inspired by western secular codes, Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, and inheritance) remained in force.

>However, many Muslims argue that, unlike Christianity, Islam does not separate religion from the state and a majority of Muslims around the world welcome a significant role for Islam in their countries' political life.

>Many of the early supporters of Secularist principles in Middle Eastern countries were Baathist and non-Muslim Arabs, seeking a solution to a multi-confessional population and an ongoing drive to modernism.

Did I gud?


i bet i fucked more than most of the people in this thread ..what kind of stupid bullshit is that, some of the best athlets or scientists are smoking weed and you sound like an idiot that is all..even your fucking president got pictures where he smokes weed the only one acting like a child is you

No that's just what it does to Americans

>Sacking of Constantinople



No. Literally an alliance war, religion had nothing do to with it.


No. It was a war of ideologies, and a war against international Jewry.

>all coalition countries were responsible


>search for list of christian terrorist attacts on wiki. nothing found

>search for list of islamic terrorist attacks. find indexed list of attacks by day, month, year with lots of space left to fill in for the future ones...because they always happen. it's expected now.

Proof of it look at how many gay turks there are in this thread. Its fucking layers upon layers of cancer.

someone got the rest of this comics ?


>Sacking of Constantinople
Actually was motivated by revenge against an ethnic cleansing of the Latin quarter a decade previous

that feel when,.. you know the pseudo muslims in this thread thought atleast a handful times "a real muslim would have killed you for your comments and pictures" because islam is so peaceful

>Knowing that protesting in [the current year] achieves nothing makes me a bootlicker


lies, Muhammad was illiterate and couldn't read or write.

Also he enjoyed cross dressing in Aisha's clothes too while raping her at the age of 9.

>Hundred years war
Was actually a war of succession

>Thirty years war
Actually the only legitimate thing you have posted in the thread so far

Who let you into the country?


This, I suggest the main cause of "Islamophobia" is the never-ending series of islamic terror attacks.

Where have I excused any of that violence?

oi hadde du sagt det samme til meg face to face? Nesh, trodde ikke det.


Humanity isn't one race you fucking halfape

Hm. Didn't know that, but than again as far as I remember our history books never wrote about the "Massacre of Latins".

>not faggots

Good one. Nobody is as eager for a good sodomy as your local imam.

based canadian



>argumentum ad logicam

ayyest lmao



fun fact jews massacred the greeks on cyrpus and got banned by the romans




>Defending Sacking of Constantinople
That's the reason why i sometimes dislike the west.
What those excommunicated inbreds who called themselves "Crusaders" did can't be justified.
They were worse than turks roaches.
For turkroach didn't betray their brothers... they conquered their enemies.

Crusades were suposed to protect our christian brothers no matter the schism and take the holy land back... not destroying the last thing that could protect the christian balkans.

>contradictory, arbitrary bullshit


>that pic

no words can describe how fucking funny that caption is.


It is the only one in the 21st century you gross sand nigger.

Your parents need to give you more attention. You would litterally kill someone for some attention.

>it's the big bad US government making me act like a dunecoon

nope...why do you muslims always think about killing people what the fuck is wrong with you guys

Kek, I know that one. They don't teach that to the natives here either, I always wondered if Cyprus had any Jewish population since they're so close to Israel, and if the Cypriots kicked them out just like everyone else did.

oh and btw..your picture is stupid...jesus was against jewish trickery and all their bullshit...muslims forgetting the best part,like always


It's that slut Kayla.

you can kill in the name of anything. the question is whether using violence can be traced back as an integral part of a system of belief and therefore deemed to have been "caused by it" or rightfully committed in the name of it.

for example, while there are buddhist terrorists and christian terrorists, considering how peaceloving their basic philosophies are, I would say the religion is abused in these cases

judaism and islam are much more aggressive belief systems with territorial conquest written in their holy texts, so violence in the name of these religions is more likely to be routed in the actual system of belief itself instead of being a rhetoric grafted on by outside forces

now when it comes to atheism, that's not even a belief system. the factual statement
>no god(s) exist(s)
entails nothing on its own. it comes with no moral guidance (ironically something theists like to lord over atheists in other contexts);
no commandments spring from it as they do with so many other much more intricate systems of thought, as for example in the koran or torah

>Says christians have murder tendencies...
I guess it ain't lies what people say about mudslims are inbred...

>why do you muslims always think about killing people
Pic related only the native americans that died cus of christianity. Let alone the whole sum of deaths that comes to close 240million human beings killed by your religion.

Jews where pretty much the mussies of the Romans, which I find funny considering they both stem from the same religious roots, I'd consider Christianity a side step because yeshua was originally trying to reform Judaism by they lynched him

You have to go back to your brilliant mudslim shithole and leave europe if you don't like our values.

>Frankly i'm not really aware of what you mudslime are always so angry about.
INFERIORITY COMPLEX and tiny dicks, thats why they silence their women, buc only goats dosnt complain about their shity sex life.

Funny, I didn't think bacteria had a religious belief


not before outbreeding ya. ^_^

yeah but I'm pretty sure breeding with your cousins and sisters isn't a net benefit for your people, You'd have better chance of producing viable offspring with a goat

The same lies made by christcucks.
>if you see too many ''!!!!!''
>and some muslims killing 900.fantasillion christian babies
You know its a frail christcuck thinking he would make a dent on Muslims
>Pic related its how the christian propaganda works.

Also Most of the Native Americans were not killed by christians like the kikes love to say.
But they died because of disease when meeting the old world.
Even if europeans didn't want to colonise Americans they still would die just by meeting us.

Also when europe goes to shit and civil war.
You will be the first to go shitskin.

But what if I'm a hwite nationalist AND non-religious?

What affect would I have on Muslims in Australia If I where to criticise there religion?

>christhomos coming to native's land
>100million dies
>blames on disease.
Get lost with that lies you are full of shit.

they where actually greatly de-populated before contact because of disease, European diseases where just the last nail in the coffin

>Shitskin doesn't understand biology and Epidemiology.
What a suprise!!! Holy shit you opened my eyes.

You can criticise all the things you want. If they give you a sourcefull answer you should accept it. And dont think we are playing taqiya or some shit.

yeah we get it you have damn smart arguments bimbo..wouldn't that be a shame if your people will be the ones who make your stupid answers look even more stupid when they drive the next truck trough france or whereever...

best thing about islam are not peaceful in the physical world and everyone can see it..
by now we only have to wait till you do such a terror attack that our normies are so scared that they say "make them go away we don't care how we just want to be safe"

all this talking now is fun but wait till the moment where islamic attacks give our normies a good enough reason to sleep at night after the war...

... do..all of you

Found you in the future :^)

you do not matter...the...maybe hundreds of people who read this thread will know why everybody gives the answers he give..

>I Knew he was a racist homophobe before it was cool

>You can criticise all the things you want.
>If they give you a sourcefull answer you should accept it.

That's the thing though, they try to skew the "context" of their religious book and expect people to let that shit fly, hardly resourceful and it is just plain old manipulation.

70 posts of attentions seeking. Holy shit that is being desperate af

>answering a thread
>commenting on propaganda and stupid bs
=attention seeking...
yep..i am the one who is attention seeking not the one who made the thread on a anti islamic board or the somali from norway who answers like a 12year old

Catholics have the Vatican to reign us in when we get to rowdy, or we risk excommunication.

Protestants are technically heretics, each sect having their own brand of the faith to suit them, it's no surprise we have protestant terror/hate groups.

>Defends Shitslam of a board wich is against religion of goatfuckers.
>We are attentions seeking
God damn muzzis are inbred....