It has begun, the creation of this cancer by the Jews is backfiring. Are they our friends now?

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>Are they our friends now?
why'd you come up with that conclusion?


I didn't, I asked a question m8.


I wish he was right


Take a wild guess

Jews are liars. Some SJW was probably vaguely critical of Israeli policy which is enough to send them into a fit. They think everyone is out to get them all the time.

The jew was never to blame. It is the anglo.

Jews are just self hating whites who claim to be a minority, lets be honest

Come home Shlomo. National socialism will embrace you with open arms.

This. Jews are so mixed up with whites there's just a trace left, except those that stayed in the middle east or those that mixed with kangz.

I don't follow?

I have been saying for a while that Muslims are more antisemitic than /pol users on average. It really isn't close either.

As for Arielle, how can anyone feel bad for her when she was there to exclude and discriminate against white men? Boohoo. Other people treat you like you treat other people.

By SJW logic, Jews are the most privilege group in America. Are they really surprised antisemitism is catching on with SJWs?

Literally anudda shoah!

Black Nationalists are also probably more antisemitic than White Nationalists.


sort of

technically they are half Levantine half Southern Euro

but the fact they refuse to be called white is proof they are inherently hostile to whites


>I have been saying for a while that Muslims are more antisemitic than /pol users on average. It really isn't close either.
And blacks are genuinely racist against whites. "Random" violence against whites perpetrated by blacks in the USA is disproportional..


Here' a story about Pokemon GO player who strayed into a black neighbourhood and got shot for being white.

in my entire life I have never once seen anti semetism and I am Jewish. Not one person ever attacked me because I was Jewish, though my uncle is old school he thinks everyone is an anti-semite, he even calls some Jewish people that but he calls them self hating Jews.


No. They hate the goyim as a separate category to themselves.

Mentally they are very distinct.

Exactly, they are pretty much WE WUZ JEWS.

I think Cred Forums is going about it the wrong way really, we shouldn't even be recognizing them as something separate, it's just gives their perceived identity more power

>I'm jewish

Absolutely wrong. You cannot comprehend the social changes of the 20th century unless you comprehend the Jew.

Just keep calling them white, just say "you're a white Jew like I'm a white American, we're both white". Trivialise it

And I knew it was that interview without even opening it.

also... I never have seen anyone going around drawing swastikas in classes and then point at me saying Jew... this isnt 1940's Germany..... I often wonder what these people are smoking then realize most Jews really are racist desu... that is why Israel has almost no Africans or muslims, I've been there didnt see a single black person.

Yes. Blacks are also more racist against asians and hispanics than whites are.

Liberals have a little trick with their propaganda. Whenever they study bigotry, they define bigotry as being something like social conservatism, so they can lump all the regressive, bigoted black people in with conservatives.


"follow me to the shower please"

They are Socialists
We are National Socialists
They hate Isreali bankers
We hate Isrealis in general

If they weren't so anti-white male we would be allies desu




>with a jew

They don't feel "white" on an inner level. Most people do consider them white which is part of the problem.

But when they identify as white and advocate far left views, then you guys get upset and say they're not white.

Holy kek. Ricocheting Shekels.

Na I think you're just giving them more power and more victim hood.

Squash them as squash them as pro globalism, squash them as pro communism, squash them as bias media, squash them as archaic religion (ie circumcision). As soon as you start with the "JEWS" crap you're giving them what they want, recognition

There is nothing wrong with wanting your own homeland. In a democracy, if you let in millions of foreigners they will change the nature of your state. Mass migration sort of works in the non-democratic Arab states where they keep Bangladeshis as near slaves and they can send them back once they're done with them.

Jesus they really go full "shut it down" whenever it comes to anti semitism dont they? No time wasted.

This, Jews always say stuff like "we white people are so evil" and then talk about how jews are the most oppressed people on earth.

>Are they our friends now?
They have been your """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""friends""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" for a while now, Amerika. Wake up.

>you guys
You want to try that one again?

Those motherfuckers are immune to attack. If I said that on jewbook, I would be hung by my neck.




>refering to Cred Forums as 'we'
kill yourself as fast as possible.

Why do Americans keep forgetting Jews are the cause of the Muslim problem?

Jews are EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE to Muslims. Basically their very existence is hate speech & Islamophobic. They and will be exterminated for the sake of tolerance.

Black people dislike jews. I cant remember what rapper it was, but in a VladTV interview some black rapper was talking about the state of rap and he starts going off about the higher ups and says "These Jewish mother fuckers that are running everything" I wish i could find it but Vlad does a new interview every other day so he has so many fucking videos.

But they are Jews and them being Jews is extremely relevant. The thing that links all these things is the Jewish connection. You cannot mount any effective opposition if you deny the main problem.


But my point is is just keep saying Jews are white people.

They can't talk about them seperate my if you don't let them, just call hitler a moron and they'll either have to agree or validate hitter to define themselves as seperate

>no white people allowed
Black people deserve a place where they're not reminded of slavery. It doesn't even affect them.

>no jews allowed

Only white people can be offensive m8.

Liberals are fucking ouroboros
They are literally eating themselves

I'm not denying the problem, I'm denying the foundation they form the connection on.
That way you can combat them on principles and ideology, which dodges the anti-semitones/racist thing entirely

They're so fucking scared of being called "Jew". Why?

Israel is 20% muslim. Actual honest to god citizens that live there.

Most people are NatSocs here you kangaroo

>Hating Jews is back in "vogue" again

wait, they still blame us for hating them. Do they ever ask "Are we doing something wrong to piss of the goyim"?

ayy, seems like jews are not that intelligent after all.

>Jews flood the west with a diverse array of non-whites so they don't stick out as a group and are better protected from possible future pogroms
>All ethnic groups turn on the Jew

fucking pottery

Socialist Alternative got deregistered at my Uni because they physically blocked Jews from attending a debate about the Palestine situation.


I see your point, and in the public sphere I would agree. Still gonna hate Jews though.

They are scared when they don't control everything. They are greatly outnumbered and if 1939 happens again... well you know


It's funny because Jews need for control is one of the things that makes people hate them.

oh no!
it is as if different cultures and ideologies can't live together because their will always be disagreements in view points!

wtf I hate marxism now

>this is not like Germany, this is worse
does anyone have the "bravery vs true bravery" pic of soldiers vs lesbians?

So now SJWs are bad because they block out white jews? :D Their reasoning is just incredible.

how dare they bar six million students from the campus!

yeah, this makes no fucking sense. They force muslim immigration onto us, than they have to leave places in Europe (Sweden, France, Belgium), because muslims hate them so much.

makes me almost want to believe the jews are not the ones behind immigration.. almost

Jews are one of the few examples of white privilege. There's no way you can be and SJW and a Jew without realising that you are the pinnacle of that privilege you hate so much. You could be a gay retard and still be better off than a working, non-criminal black man, if you're Jewish.

lmaffo, I love when they eat their own


Like poetry.

Horrible people - apologist leftists, Islamists, and "If you're against Israel you're antisemitic!" Jews fighting each other.

Is this not part of the master plan though? Surely anyone could see from miles away that Islamifying white countries and making large sections of the white youth guilty martyrs for Islam would eventually lead them to anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment? Surely the Jews, of all people would know this when they introduced mass Muslim migration into the West. They would have to be very arrogant and think every else in the world was very stupid, to not anticipate a shift like this.

Even further down the line, what happens when France for example, has a Muslim government in charge of their nuclear weapons?

I believe this is all factored into their endgame.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely hate their cronyism. But the more they see themselves as white the less it will happen (I've seen this IRL, the less they are seen as Jews the less it's a part of their identity as generations progress).

The key thing I'm saying is we have to play an active role in "converting" them, since racially there's really nothing in it

Muslims are the bigger problem than the jews right now. We need to gas them all.

Oh shit

Is your uncle larry david?

Hosea 8:7, heebs.

He got shot for being an 'adult' playing pokemon, not for being white. There is plenty of true hate crimes done by black people, don't muddy the water with this.

>Every single day they told him: jew, they whispered jew in the classroom, when there was a swastika drawn at the table or a wall, they pointed at him and said: for you jew.

Does your average goy seriously believe this hogwash? The fucking nerve of these jews...

>jews pushing social justice
>social justice warriors hate jews

Explain this

Talmud tells jews to get to israel, but they're greedy and entitled, so they stay in the same country they're turning into a shithole then cry about what they've done to themselves.

>keep drilling holes in your ship
>complain about getting wet

yes, good goy, you're right

The Jews are not a singular entity though they do show distinct traits. Jews certainly are behind immigration, but not in the way Cred Forums thinks. It's not a conspiracy or a plan, it's just that Jews are very drawn to it and have a huge amount of influence to force the things they like. As well as the influence of Jewish thought on western thought, and jewish control of the media/mass society which has lead to the current zeitgeist.

Something like this?

>what is this thread

why not let the problem solve itself.. Also, jews arent a problem. They have lover birth rates than white people.

Seems like the jew propaganda (holywood, music industry, atheism) works on their fellow jews as well.

World is fucking crazy and in the end islam will prevail due to higher birth rates.

I don't think Islam is part of the plan at all really, it's just a byproduct.

It's globalism that's the plan, has been for a long time. It's about gaining as much power as possible and consolidating it. Islam is just a tool, it's not the goal

Mate, I agree with the plan to make them "white with an archaic religion" to get SJWs to turn on them, but we need to stop them mixing with whites

>crucify you

Oh, so now they a make jokes about killing the Son of God

thread theme

>Harry Attisa
>There will come a time when Judaism will have to be banned in order to preserve a country as Judaism is not ust a religion it is a political program and not allowing any democracy neither contradiction. it's a theoretical plan.

I honestly think it's more genetic. If you could destroy the Jewish identity it would probably help but you'd have to make them completely forget they were ever Jewish. Bear in mind the main goal of Jews for 2000 years has been to remain Jewish within hostile cultures, so it's easier said then done.

>lower birthrate than whites
>let the problem solve itself

> die cis white male scum
> progressive

> jews are overrepresented among the rich, the educated, the powerful and the influential. they aren't oppressed
> oy vey, i'm a victim of antisemitism


We are Making Cred Forums Great Again.
Too much shilling and shitposting now, we have to take it back!

can you imagine how hard it is to live in a first world country where NOT ALL PEOPLE SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE?


well, the jews outside of israel. most of them are too ugly, lesbians, crazy entitled sjws..

are you really that surprised their birth rates are the lowest?

dont know about israel

This is a Jew I could hang with. Last real Jed friend I had was via the local swingers scene.

Still.... fuck Israel.

>vaguely critical
When are SJWs EVER vague in their criticism?

The BDS movement is as extremest as any other SJW crusade.

not really. They're Semitic, like Arabs, some of them are just heavily mixed with Germans and Poles due to having lived there for centuries


now is the time to convert!

the only reason they're pushing the immigration and miscegenation is because they dgaf if the goys mix; they'll be as unapproving as mingling outside the faith as they've always been

so jew up!

defeat the enemy from within

Jews have above replacement birth rates in Israel.

ID: Uppity

Uppity kike

>It has begun, the creation of this cancer by the Jews is backfiring. Are they our friends now?
The whole reason people hate jews in the first place IS that their plans backfire and cause collateral damage. Contrary to what Cred Forums thinks, jews aren't intent on ruining everything, they just compulsively push their luck.

I don't think it's very generic all, at least for the overwhelming majority of "Jews". But yes their culture has evolved to endure which I can't help but admire. I do think if they are disconnect from their culture the cycle breaks, it isn't ingrained in genes or anything.
>so it's easier said then done
I do realize this.

What I'm saying is at some point the "Jew" part is pratically non existent.

It's clear the only thing Soros cares about is sheckles, I bet he could care less about Haunaka or the Torah.

>the only party in America that doesn't hate jews is now neocons and neocons are almost dead

Rest in Pennies, Schomolo Goldberg. You were my greatest ally.

i don't actually hate Israelis in general and I have no desire to ally myself with some Stalinist/Maoist tier thugs who have a boner for Islam and dictatorial regimes

I disagree. They seem to have a genetic compulsion to ruin everything. Even Jews that are raised in families that have been athiest since the 19th century have the same Jewish traits. Even Jews who hate Israel have the same Jewish traits. How? We can presume that the athiest communists of the early 20th century didn't identify with their Jewish heritage (at least consciously) because they wanted to destroy all religions and ethnic identities - yet they were Jews and their Jewishness is relevant.


Many aren't even religious Jews, they're Ashkenazi or Shephardic "Jews" who don't have a drop of Semetic blood in them.

The movement began with Jews and now it's going to end because of Jews. Pottery.

Hitler was a liberal arts student too

Both parties still love Jews although I see this waning. People on both sides are becoming more anti-establishment, anti-establishment in USA = anti-Zionist.

It was just an idea.

Just incase we needed backup

We're antisemitic in a different way. For instance, most of us are fine with Israel (in theory). Either because we understand the right of ethno-states to exist or because we view it as a giant concentration camp that currently keeps a large amount of Jews outside the west and can serve as a place of Jewish emigration from our societies in the future. Or we might view pro-Israeli views as a useful means to combat muslim and leftist propaganda.

We dislike Jews not because of their religious views and the Israeli state, but because of their diaspora's ethnic policies vis-a-vis us. Pro-immigration and anti-racist bullshit being the foremost issue. We also don't believe they can be (permanently) integrated into our society and will always put their own people first. At best they'll moderate their stances, but they'll never go so far as to drop their fight against white-majority countries completely, especially with a conservative Christian character, be they conservative, orthodox, reform, atheist, buddhist, whatever.

Meanwhile, Muslims hate Jews more on religious ground. They dislike Israel because it's on soil formerly held by Muslims. They are driven by religious revanchism more than anything. If they ever get Israel back, and the remaining Jews convert to Islam, that would be the end of their qualms with the Jews. They can continue as a nepotistic ethnic group from then on, basically all middle-eastern groups are clannish to begin with.

tl;dr: our qualms with Jews are ethnic, muslim's qualms are religious.

it was blatantly Muslims and leftists going after Jews, the only problem is that left-wing Jews will run on about Nazis and evil white people

saying this as someone who is half shlomo


Which is why they will never finish the race despite always maintaining first place. Jews are nothing to fear, they are as pathetic as they are selfdestructive. They keep throwing the blue shell and knocking themselves off Rainbow Road.

And Muslims keep driving sideways into the barrier while spamming lightning bolt over and over.

And remember USA has the one if the most powerful militaries in the world.

Isreal is really really fucked if the jews don't try to repair the damage they caused us.

Remember. The allies would've lost if America didn't step in.

Just imagine a Bürgereich

God bless brother.

>isreal has a right to exist and is our greastest ally meme








>Mokhtarzadeh walked out on the verge of tears. “It was in that moment, during that conference, that I realized that every identity and every intersection of identity was to be welcomed and championed in progressive spaces — except mine.”

What about white men? Anyways I'm sure the red pill hit her hard. Give it a few more years and progressive Jews will be wiped out. Happened in Isreal too in the 2000s.

God bless


I doubt he will be the next hitler and that trump being a real nazi is just lefty memes.

He has a jewish daughter and aunts.

If he fails to fix America then a real reich will emerge

I garantee it.

Also I don't think the Donald has a lion as his mascot. Where did it come from?

Still. I would rather have him win.

The cognitive dissonance is incredible. She won't learn a thing from this. She is just seeking attention from other jews.

>in my entire life I have never once seen anti semetism

oh o.k.

"Fucking kike ill gas your entire pham!"

there, its a first time for everything.

>going around drawing swastikas in classes and then point at me saying Jew


I did that once. Some idiot had painted a Swastika on a wall and I told my jewish friend "someone left you a message! Are you kikeman?".

Considering that Jews view us as literal non-humans and that "antisemitism" is just a word they made up to make the goyim feel guilty I would say no, they are not our friends.

Why not? Where do you think Israel's 6 million Jews will go to if the country were destroyed?

Muslims are driving Jews out of Europe, especially France as well. Israel currently takes the majority of them. If there is no Israel, where will they go?

Where have the majority of Jews traditionally fled to before Israel was created and after Europe was turning Fascist and/or conservative with an antisemitic bend? What rich country with a high-standard of living and an existing, powerful network of Jews influencing immigration policy is there currently?

The United States. I'd think you'd at least hold the view of Israel as a concentration camp.

It's just the beginning, Americans need a win to get a ego boost. After we rise again even higher, no one will stop us, not even the Jews.

>Why not? Where do you think Israel's 6 million Jews will go to if the country were destroyed?
Straight to hell.

Isreal used to be a socialist state and Zionism a socialist movement. Took a long time but after enough Commie backstabbing that ended. I think after the pace agreements in the 90s non commie leftism was alive but the intifada finished that off as well.

Anyways I'm pretty sure something broke inside her. Personal experiences can be extremely changing.

>Either because we understand the right of ethno-states to exist or because we view it as a giant concentration camp that currently keeps a large amount of Jews outside the west and can serve as a place of Jewish emigration from our societies in the future. Or we might view pro-Israeli views as a useful means to combat muslim and leftist propaganda.

Anyone who believes this is just ignorant though. The establishment of Israel has increased both Jews negative influence on the west and made Islam much more of a threat. Israel doesn't "fight muslims" in any meaningful way that's beneficial for the west, it's the opposite, since they benefit from chaos in the region. Zionists in the USA fund the worst and most radical muslims whilst ruining secular regimes, all of which benefits Israel. There was no Islam problem before Israel and Jews created it. The idea we should support Israel because it's an "ethno-state" is like saying if muslims made their own ethno-state in Sweden we should support that.

>defending muslims
looks like one moor dodged the Reconquista

>Jews our friends now?
No and they never will be. We need them and they need us at this point in time. But the time will come when it's either us or them.

Does that mean I can go to minority events in the US that are BLACKS ONLY NO WHITES ALOUD and say I am jew and then I can get in?
If they tried to confirm I jew then I would call them anti semantic no?

>There was no Islam problem before Israel

That flag.
That statement.

Islam has been at war with Europe for the last 1300 years.

Thomas Jefferson wrote this:

>"It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy's ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once."

>"Fucking kike ill gas your entire pham!"
thats not antisemitism thats just people fucking off and even if it was meant its just online which doesnt mean shit at least to me. I dont buy into the cyber bullying BS and never have...

>Mongloid finn doesn't understand sarcasm

The reason Jews want Muslims in the country so bigly is because then they can force Muslim taxpayers to help fund the Jew's war over the holy land. The American school system may even condition some Muslims into siding with the Jews in the East.

Find a flaw in that conclusion. Name a single more reasonable explanation than that.

Everyone hates jews, how is this shocking?

That is true.

Heck, we know for a fact that normies know that anti-white stuff isn't just a mere conspircy anymore. They seen it.


The golem turns...


a-are we on the wrong side Cred Forums?

>Muslim taxpayers

Are you retarded? Muslims in Europe don't work. They rake in all the social welfare.

And Christianity is the guy who was winning in the first two laps but had to put the controller down to go take an American shit.

I see a number of Jews hating on obongo in the comments section?
time to find them on Twitter and then call them out for their racism?

> Implying high IQ shlomos want to hang around with sandniggers, niggers and nigger tier whites.
> Implying its not working as intended

silly you


>haters who justify their own agenda with hatred
Clearly an English major

That shit ain't gonna fly in USA. If they try to muscle in on black people's welfare checks (and those checks will HAVE to shrink if we're handing out twice as many) than the Bloods and the Crips are going to finally unite so that mama can get her groceries.

Jews fear antisemitism regardless of the source.

Some Jews have begun to see the far left as a bigger threat than the far right.

The left is a much larger threat to Jews.
1. Pro Muslim immigrants
2. Anti Israel - BDS
3. Jews refused access to speak at colleges.
4. Occupy Wall Street
5. BLM intersection with Palestine

kek, reminder that radical leftists can be our useful idiots in the fight against Jews. There's a whole warfront between kikes and radical BDS anti-Israel lefitsts, and if stirred properly and well directed at Jews in general it can do more damage to the grip Jews have on us than we ever could.

Leftists are supposed to be the favourite useful idiots of the Jews, but it can backfire tremendously, and the key to making them turn on their kike leaders is to redpill them on Israel and how almost all diaspora Jews are complicit. Forget about Nazi redpills, the key to redpilling leftists on kikes is Israel and its colonialistic crimes against poor innocent PoCs.

>Jews flood the west with a diverse array of non-whites so they don't stick out as a group and are better protected from possible future pogroms
kek this is so true but:
>protect yourself from mildly antisemitic whites by importing super-antisemitic browns
they really have a terrible sense of self-preservation

In their quest to kill off the white man they brought in the very people that will kill them all. It will be a death of a thousand cuts. They will flee to Israel. This won't save them. The muslims they brought in and the marxism they invented will lead to them being forced to accept a right to return.

As it goes with South Africa so too it will go with Israel. They will be overrun by muslims, and everyday a different jewish family will be killed.

Death by a thousand cuts, and they have done this to themselves.

>kissing someone of the same gender is just as brave as running into machine gun fire, bayonets and probably getting mustard gas into your lungs

Is this picture for real?

>reminder that radical leftists can be our useful idiots in the fight against Jews

You have it the wrong way round. Jews are useful against muslims and leftists. ZOG doesn't exist.

most of the merchants you guys hate are atheists with jewish bloodlines

actual israelites and judeans are your allies

*Same sex.
Biology uses sex
Gender is for linguistics

they're white when it suits them



When will they realize that the 1% are 50% joo who are only 2% of the population?


>the cause isn't the problem
>the effect is
>the cause is the solution to the problem that is the effect created by the same cause
haha well Jew'd my friend

this being said we do need a few useful kikes to help us gain back control. Thank God Jews will sell mother and father for a few shekels.

Your country banned BDS, and you think ZOG doesn't exist?

Don't use the terms leftards push.
It gets them closer to accomplish their goals.

English language doesn't even have gender.
Polish does, and here it's literally called "type"
and we have three, masculine, feminine, and neuter. Some verbs have different forms depending on the type of the subject in sentence

>They keep throwing the blue shell and knocking themselves off Rainbow Road.
>And Muslims keep driving sideways into the barrier while spamming lightning bolt over and over.


MFW the jews jewiness backfires and they start jewing jews

To be honest most muslims don't have much different values than pre-68 west.

>It gets them closer to accomplish their goals.
>by posting the word "gender" on a Javanese knitting and origami image board

Literally how?

Where did this meme of "SJW's are made by Jews" come from?

You use gender when speaking of sex, as if there were more than two.

When communists infiltrated Universities and began teaching impressionable kids that being white and western culture is evil.

The Communist implementers in TRussia were Jews

The problem is, Jews drink their own Kool-Aid. Then they have to flee France and run to Israel.

>what is Marxism
>who started it
>who spread Marxist ideas
Marxism is as quintessentially Jewish as its creators were.


Also Karl Marx was a jew.

MK64 Rainbow Road had barriers the entire way. I admit most RRs have hardly any, but Muslims are retarded so they'll still make it work.

>except those that mixed with kangz.

Things that never happen

>Support ethnic cleansing of whites from university spaces.

>Cry when they also get told to GTFO.

MFW the Jewish crocodile tears flow.

This is from that freebds shit, right?

Here's an archive link:


Also, sources from the article:



Honestly over time I can't remember which were fake and which real.

>Are they our friends now?
No. Until diversity purges Jews from university faculties to 2% level (their fair share according to population numbers and diversity ideology), diversity is still the new Bolshevism that Jews are attacking white people's culture with. Jews should absolutely not make 50% Harvard faculty hirings, this looks like asymmetrical warfare.