Tattoos aren'tt degenerate they're traditional

In studying judaism and Islam, I've noticed that tattoos are treif/haram. Then I started wondering why there's all this conditioning on Cred Forums to be anti-tattoo. Are the JIDF posing as fashy goys to spread their own cultural values? What else are they spreading?
>circumcision is good
>don't get tattoos they're haram
>unfettered capitalism is the only way
>ethnic nationalism = stormfaggotry
>be a civic nationalist that's the only way
>be a cucky libertarian
The list seems endless. We're infiltrated and being conditioned to cuck, aren't we?

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Remember that kid that use to draw on himself with a ink pen in 3rd grade?

That shit is perminate.


WOW ! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

Tattoos are fucking disgusting and look even worse when you get older

The people saying tattoos are degenerate on here are mostly saying WOMEN with tattoos are degenerate, because 9 times out of 10 they are. They look like trash.

I met an ex-Spec Ops (he didn't tell me what branch, might have been Delta) and he had a shitload of tattoos, all of them Christian imagery. I couldn't call him degenerate to his face because he probably would've killed me with his beard

Sorry friend. My grandparents and parents all told me that getting tattoos is trashy. The only one in their generation in my family with a tattoo was my grandfather who got it when we was in the Army Air Corps. That's the only excuse for a tattoo. Barring that, the ONLY reason people get tattoos and think they are cool is because it's rebelling against Mommy and Daddy, the most normie of all reasons for any life decision.

>we wuz
fucking JUST

moar 1488 girls plox i'm spamming a goybook chat

IMO good tattoos simply look good

>He's not a degenerate because he might kill me

This, a woman looks like a whore with tattoos and a man looks like a boy without them.


Life isnt perminate

I would say it really depends on the tattoo, if you're walking into a parlour and picking a tiger or a daisy off the wall then yeah you're doing it for the pretty pictures.

On the other hand getting something along the lines of family/ancestry or a deeply held ideal or belief then i think there's some leeway as long as it's tastefully done.

>a man looks like a boy without them

>tastefully done

You've taken the bluepill and don't even know it

Excessive tattoos look like shit.
Tasteless thoughtless tattoos that aren't a work of art look like shit.
In short, don't be a fucking idiot and tattoo stupid shit on your body, or else you will be regarded as a stupid shit.


Sounds like you chug them by the bottle for thinking reality can be neatly described by your flimsy 2D world view.

This. Degenerate apologetics need to shut up or grow up.

Good, keep serving your masters

I've debated getting my dead friend's name tattoo'd to carry on his memory.

Barring that, fuck no. Tattoos are usually gross.

jews and mudslimes also drink water, should we die of thirst in order not to have one opinion that the lower races have?

fucking idiot, tattoos are degenerate

even your images and attempt at memes are shit.

>Drinking the liquid jew
Nice try JIDF.


Are you likely to forget his name?

I like tattoos tho

>a civilization lead by a woman is degenerate
Who would have thought

If you aren't a sailor, marine, or gang member;, then you're just a tatted up fagot or whore.

>t.insecure faggots

Enjoy Aids

Portugal, you still trying to put those fires out?

I also like black women with tattoos

Audibly laughed at that.

Wow, guess I'm a tattoo rocket now.

nah mate, tattoos have been around for thousands of years.

Yes, some people get shitty stupid tattoos, but who cares, the art form is ancient and found worldwide.

Stop sucking Jesus' dirty jewish cock and live a little.

tattoos on a white man are only a step above dreadlocks.

>"Jeez, I really need tattoos to stand out. I'm so insecure without them. Maybe the Hipsters will accept me now."

Completely triggered.

I don't have any tats I just like when women have them

>he had a shitload of tattoos, all of them Christian imagery. I couldn't call him degenerate to his face because he probably would've killed me with his beard

You could have called him retarded though

>‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

anyone knows where you can get that t-shirt

"'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD."
Leviticus 19:28

I was just asking about your country's fire problem, which a lot of Portugal anons were saying the EU wasn't helping out with. Whatever.

no its not haram, there is no Ayah or Hadith about Tattoo, but self-torturing - sado etc ofc haram
tattoo is traditional in every old culture.

Your questions are moronic, but in Judaism and Islam you're not allowed tattoos because it blemishes God's work.

>Goy stamp.

In America tattoos are fashion. In Japan tattoos are for yakuza and the women they own.

>I couldn't call him degenerate to his face because he probably would've killed me with his beard
made me laugh
>the most normie of all reasons for any life decision.
you realize that you just argued:
>people who get tattoos are rebelling against mommy and daddy
>they're too normie
>implying your antipathy toward things "normie" isn't the gayest most degenerate infantile faggotry imaginable
Well memed, genius.
>a woman looks like a whore with tattoos
But are they whores because they have tattoos, or vice versa -- or is it like the guns and violence argument: there just isn't any correlation? Women are whores today for far more reasons than why they get tattoos.


If non-degenerate religious virgins started getting tattoos to signal that they were chaste and conservative, it would have just as little to do with whether or not they actually were. Just saying.
>Life isnt permanent
bingo. it's like arguing that peple should be vain because vanity, wtf.
>getting something along the lines of family/ancestry or a deeply held ideal or belief
Like a Jerusalem Cross, an Iron Cross, or a Psalm?
not an argument
>jews and mudslimes also drink water, should we die of thirst
cheap strawman. I specifically asked if we were being conditioned to have Semitic values. So far none of you were smart enough to wrap your brains around that question.

So, are we being fucking conditioned to have semitic values, or not? Seems like we are. All our ancestors had tattoos, but it's being conditioned out of us as we become good goyim. Why?

Tattoos are shit lol.

Did not know this. Is it religious influence or traditional understanding that they are trash?

Tattoos have been part of warrior culture for hundreds of years even the crusaders had them. The issue isn't tattoos it's the low income people that get tattoos that are the issue.

Cred Forums is culturally islamic or jewish.

>muh virgin brides
>definition degeneracy includes ages-old European things like alcohol, tattoos or prostitution
>masonic practices

No Cred Forums, you are the JIDF.

Tattoos were cool when every faggot didn't have them. Now every faggot in the world has a sleeve and is probably a sous-chef. I remember when having a sleeve meant you were a criminal warrior. I know because I was one.

>tattoos are treif/haram
So tattoos are bad but cutting half the skin off a baby's dick isnt? Wat.

>even the crusaders had them


Been thinking about getting
"Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD. - Leviticus 19:28" on one of my pecs or on my forearm.


Tatt's are fucking horrible and shows low class.

Stop being a degenerate and promoting body modification to hide your insecurities. Purity of body,mind and spirit is the way.

Good deal, man. You can have the tatted chicks.

there is so little argument in that post, it rated as negative argument.


The human body is beautiful. Putting tattoos on it ruins the beauty, just like piercings, cutting or getting fat. A person who does any of the above does not respect their body, so I don't respect them.
What is so important that you feel the need to tell everyone with a permanent mark on your skin?

Let it burn. The Fire purifies.

It's ironic that I stand out from my peers by not having any tattoos

>That shit is perminate.
I bet you're a product of Common Core.

>circumcision is good

>a criminal warrior. I know because I was one.
I see no reason why you'd make that up, but I really want to imagine you as the guy from the *unsheaths katana* meme.

The fact that tattoos are frowned upon generally across most political and social spectrums other than extreme liberals is a good indication that it's indeed not forced but just natural to see them as physical damage.

The science also links increased number of tattoos with increase risk for all kinds of degenerate behaviour such as being unfaithful in relationships, cheating (of all kinds), STDs/STIs, even divorce.

Allowing them in society is a profoundly good thing because they're outward indicators of inward dysfunction, and you can't cleanly/easily remove them which means they act as a brand of sorts.

the stupid cunt in the OP pic has a punchable face

>Marking yourself with lines from Jewish folk tales

>The human body is beautiful.
subjective opinion
>A person who does any of the above does not respect their body
claim, no argument follows
>so I don't respect them
great, fuck off, who cares what you think, snowflake.
>What is so important that you feel the need to tell everyone with a permanent mark on your skin?
That bitches like you get stiches, maybe. Go shit up another thread.

Don't be sad your fantasy world is crashing around you just be glad it happened

Tattoos are now fashionable for normies and therefore boring.

>subjective opinion
>claim, no argument follows
What is this? Logic on Cred Forums?

I'd love to for the irony. Stick it in the faces of the degenerates that believe that Semitic poison.

>nah mate, tattoos have been around for thousands of years
you're right they were around to mark slaves and legion members you dumb faggot not attention whoring faggots and sluts

i still remember when tattoos were super rare, and only poor people, criminals, gang members, and ex-military got them

body piercing was even rarer - nobody did it

sometime in the 90s, TV shows (especially on MTV) started mainstreaming both of these things. And it was just jarring to me, at the time. I remember an episode of MTV's "house of style", which i watched to see Cindy Crawford, and all the girls came out with belly button rings and nose rings. And i was like "wtf is this shit? beautiful women in real life don't do that shit. it looks stupid"

MTV red pilled me when i was a child. I saw what the game was. It was horrifying.

nice source faggot

They still mark the slaves.

this. Military tatoos are the only acceptable tatoos.
>military fag here

Any woman with a tattoo is instantly trash to me. Or man for that matter.

ching ching regiment?

Prostitution is sometimes claimed to be the worlds oldest profession. Prositution could therefore also be claimed as traditional.

So we could also say that being a whore is not degenerate, because it's traditional?

So ... edgy, so ironic.

Long ago criminals would have tattoos forced on them to detail their crimes. Culturally tattoos are criminals, because it was a punishment.

For yakuza this is a signal that they are criminal.

In many places in Asia tattoos were giving to women in the sex slave trade to detail who owned them.

>not having your clan shield tattoed on your body
Its like you hate your ancestry

nothing wrong with prostitution.

Yeah I'm sure you lift hard and take care of your body like a true fitizen too since you respect your body so much right? Lol fuck you insecure memeboy and all you other skinnyfat human waste in this thread

very sexy lady you posted OP, name?

There is nothing that screams out louder "I am not innocent at all, and I am in fact a trashy fucking slut" than a tattoo of any kind in any place of any size on a female.

Doesn't matter what she looks llike otherwise. Doesn't matter what she talks like, or what she says. You know she's a worthless trashy fucking cunt if she has any kind of tattoo.

Actually Cred Forums wants Islam, they just want to call it something else.

T. Skinnyfat who nature has flagged as sub par breeding material due to zero exercise and low testosterone

>I was one

Oh fuck off with your sly "badass" virtue signaling bullshit you're not the only one who gets on 4skins and if you were half smart you'd learn not to talk about.
Now slowy put down the katana

Right, you are the bad boy. lol

>Tattoos aren'tt degenerate they're traditional
yes this is true

I don't even know where you get that shit from, that a tattoo is supposed to be degenerate.

Sure inking your entire body, or a woman in part doing it, that's not our culture, looks stupid.

i don't got sauce on this, because it was in a science mag here ugh years since now. Even in choina, they found a mummified goyim, that was not choinise...

He could be tracked to the Tunsberg area in Norway, by his facial tattoo. Marco wasn't the first you see, he wasn't even close.
>There furthest to the east, you should not go, because there people are so many.

Thank you for explaining it. So the same social shit happened everywhere. Criminal branding gets embraced as an antisocial signifier, which in turn gives it street cred, and then fashion jumps on it and makes it so normal you're more distinctive now if you don't have any.

Ebonics is going the same way. Bastardised English borne of illiteracy now accepted as its own language and an identifier of membership in a group denouncing white society and celebrating nigger values. It's so accepted now that white trash imitate it to get some nigger swagger and suddenly no one on Twitter can conjugate verbs and tattooed white middle-aged women are throwing gang signs in Instagram photos.

Not all traditionalism is good traditionalism

Yes tattoos have a long history in civilization. But where do we find the most used during the age we call the enlightenment?

Globally this would be slaves and primitively tribal cultures.

In the west? Primitive native cultures.

In western society they were very uncommon among the skilled craftsman and tradesmen class and of course they were nonexistent in the educated class.

Their emergence stems from the influx of those primitive cultures into western culture, obviously you idiot.

They are by definition a degradation of western societal values you dolt.

Acceptable tattoos:

>Traditional patterns from your tribe or people
>Religious adornments
>Military tattoo's gained in service

Unacceptable tattoo's

>Generic 'tribal tats'
>Wearing the tattoo's of a people you are not in any way related to(eg: white guys with Maori tats)
>Anything from a comic or TV
>Barbed wire
>Band Tattoos

>Cred Forums actually believes that a man like in this image do care about your opinion

so much fags here

>Not all traditionalism is good traditionalism
That's a problematic claim, isn't it? Everyone is still avoiding the question: how Semitic have we become? You're all too scared to answer

Funny how barbed wire and tribal tatts were fashionable in the late 90s/early 00s and now universally those designs are seen as pure white trash. Yet no one who gets a current year's trend tattoo realises that in 10 years that really cool sleeve that got so many likes is going to look just as dated.

Not to mention your body's immune system breaks down the ink and makes all tattoos look like something nasty grandpa got in the Korean War.

All tattoos are unacceptable.

Damn polynesians appropriating white culture!

How the fuck do you know this man ? I know him personnaly, he's french-ukrainian.

If you are part of a group that has adorned their body for reasons of tradition, uniformity and identity for generations then I have no problems with them, If you are a sailor with a nautical tattoo, a member of a tribe carrying on tradition, a soldier dedicated to your career and regiment then you should wear ink as those who have come before you if you choose.

Without tradition and collective identity, they are pointless markers of vanity and mean nothing.


What about a tattoo memorializing a lost loved one?

That's what a tombstone/memorial/obituary is for, lets be honest its nothing but virtue signalling in tattoo form.

>tattoos should be limited to things you've accomplished or done, like a resume
>you can't have a USMC tattoo without being part of the USMC (marines enforce this pretty well already)

> they are pointless markers of vanity and mean nothing
Half the answers ITT are appeals to vanity, as a basis to argue against vanity. The fact is, our ancestors traditionally adorned themselves with ink. It required wealth, to afford skill, etc. Expensive suits serve the same purpose,

But ops question was, are we being conditioned to semitic values?

A tattoo is just like homosex.

>its nothing but virtue signalling in tattoo form

I don't know about that, I wouldn't call it virtue signaling when it's someone you actually care about.

I agree with the first part though.

I have zero problem with saying that the traditional values of an 18th century enlightenment society are objectively better than the values of concurrent primitive cultures.

I found this picture on google

OP is right tattoo's have been present in most non Semetic cultures since pre-history, The moment Christianity showed up in Europe they wanted to erase native traditions and symbols of prechristian culture.

>tattoos are for special snowflakes

someone elses art, on your skin, with a shity story you tell when somebody sees it.
earn some scars from real life. Betas

This. If they are that important you won't forget them. Honour them in a noble way - create something lasting and permanent in their name that will outlive you both. It has far more meaning than decorating yourself because it's fashionable to do so right now.

You're right. None apply to me personally and never will but I don't really judge those who fall into those categories. For me all tatts are unacceptable, but when they have real meaning (not kaylah and shaylah forevah) and tradition (real tradition you're part of, not some nice tribal thing you saw in Bali), I get it.

I'm n9t about to become a pagan, but its a fascinating paradox as a traditionalist: the truest fidelity to the longest traditions is to pre-roman culture.

18ths century enlightenment societies loved tattoos, Captain Cook's voyages in the pacific introduced them to the naval community, they became popular among other branches of the military and the upper classes, King Edward VII had quite a few tattoo's and so did his sons. Field Marshall Earl Roberts made a rule that all senior officers had their regimental crests tattoed, its hardly a modern thing.