What are some other examples of subversion in our culture/media?

what are some other examples of subversion in our culture/media?

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Its like youve never watched any of these shows if you think they make jews look "good"

South Park drops a few redpills

It's like you didn't read the quote or don't have reading comprehension skills.

Well for one i can read the original and dont have to read your translated bullshit but its pretty much the gist of it especially in the context of the picture













Looks like South Park is turning the tide in this season.

Episode 1 ended with literally "The Jews are a chameleon behind all race and gender division and hate"

Grandpa Lou was based though.


He wasn't Jewish though. Stu's bitch wife and her parents are though, which means Tommy is too.


Oh fuck me. I saw that bottom right pic the other day and thought it was a shoop.

What the fuck are you doing France?!

This one's particularly horrible.

Everyone should watch this documentary on beauty and art

Kys you literal retard


Already seen it. Even wrote a paper about it for uni.

>south park
>jews depicted as reclusive with a need to separate themselves from the rest of the civilized world due to a superiority complex
>often at the expense of their children's happiness and well being
>the simpsons
>jews are a stern zealots who will completely disown their own sons
>favor strict allegiance to the faith over a child's ambitions and dreams
>family guy
>jews depicted as greedy and easily offended with a tenancy to sue anyone who does or says something that goes against their values

It depends on how you look at it. In the case of Matt Stone, much of what he wrote for South Park was done to point out how spiteful and selfish Jewish people can be based on his own experiences with the religion. There's plenty of other shows that quote can be applied to, but shows like South Park are more of a neutral way of calling out barbarism and a belief structure that does nothing positive, only cause depression.

believing the jews lies is the sure sign of a moron

Litteraly have thousands of those shits, some are cheap 19th century crap

Well I suppose you have to build mosques SOMEWHERE


Edinburgh is a bad example because it's still littered with buildings of exactly the same type, age and look of the buildings that were torn down, usually for structural reasons. No one is going to miss those 2 examples because there's another one on the next street corner.


Massive subversion attempt by the left of all non left controlled media.

Nobody goes to church and, in France, they belong to the people so it's better to convert them or destroy them.

That's right. Much better to convert them to mosques.

Why not, better than unsupervised basements

Very true. I'm sure the new Islamic tenants will supervise those basements and put them to good use.



Why am I not surprised.

I live in Molenbeek and I like it

Ah of course, you're a shitskin. It all makes sense now.

Please fuck off back to where you came from.



I'm whiter than you Achmed but that's not the point





Keep it up Norway. Saving all these. I'm studying art at university and these will definitely come in handy at some point.

>natural materials

>Portland cement

>0.4 dirhams have been deposited on your account

Old stone has to be taken down sometimes because it's not a guarantee of historical or aesthetical significance.
Also the past has to be erased sometimes in order to have a proper present or else we'd live in caves or mud huts and you people would be complaining about >muh mud

Faut commencer la soumission tout de suite cousin, la suite passera mieux

Fuck, man. I was depressed already today. I live in Chicago, a place that prides itself on architecture, and great looking buildings are being replaced by commie blocks. My university is one big commie block gulag a couple minutes from downtown.

And that pic just made me really sad, dude. It gives me no hope for the future, even though it is just stone and brick from another country, it shouldn't affect me, an American, but it really fucking hurts deep inside my soul and I can't explain why.

Incidentally you know what I'd do if I was asked to design/create some sort of public art installation, statue or design a new building?

I'd go to where its going to be, I'd look at the location, the area around it, the history, the people, the styles. I'd sketch out a few different designs and talk to the ordinary people who live and work there and ask for their thoughts.

Is this the reason why I'll never be asked to do any of those things?

wtf this should be illegal

This all is terrible...I get if the building was wrecked beyond repair but why would you tear a building down and create this boring, gray mass of shit?!!

But in all of those examples Jews are shown as horrible people. Mort Goldman is a walking bundle of negative stereotypes.

>But in all of those examples Jews are shown as horrible people.

But it's done ironically you dip.

>gray mass of shit
This guy gets it. It's quite depressing to see. May also tie into Agenda 21.

It's cheaper and faster

I'm just a simple burger but this makes me really sad and angry? Why would you just destroy all of that history and achievement? I didn't even realize this was a thing. Most historical buildings in my city have long been BTFO dindu "bandos"

Yes, no one would believe such "bumbling wankers" could be behind cultural subversion and proxy wars.

It may be cheaper and faster to make buildings like that now. But it doesn't account for these older buildings that were architecturally gorgeous to be torn down and turned into just another brick in the wall.

Architects must be infected with the same mental illness as modern """""artists"""""

What's next? Are they going to take something like Notre Dame and turn it into a football field?

Was it built by white people? ...

"But Classical buildings are too expensive."

As we recently saw in Paris, Modernism is a far more costly pursuit than tradition. Paris could have constructed eight Potsdam City Palaces (2010) for the price of one La Canopée (2016).

Rebuild Penn Station, New York City.

A plan has been brought forth by a Brooklyn based architectural firm, Atelier & Co., to rebuild New York's Old Penn Station. The original McKim Mead & White structure, which opened in 1910, was torn down in 1963 and replaced with the current modernist monstrosity.

It is expected the three phase plan will cost $2 billion. This is in stark contrast to Calatrava's novelty in Lower Manhattan, PATH Station, which cost $4 billion.

"A rebuilt Penn Station would give New York back its monumental gateway of which it was robbed in 1963. Today’s train passengers are required to navigate a depressing warren of gloomy passages instead of passing through McKim’s sequence of inspiring vaulted spaces." Continue reading: citylab.com/commute/2015/05/a-3-part-plan-to-rebuild-new-yorks-old-penn-station/392261/


Modern art is just...pathetic.

No. build a new, church that reflects the times.

New Traditional Architecture in Frankfurt's Altstadt, Germany.

This is a reconstruction of buildings which were destroyed during the war and the post-war years of Modernism.

According to Frankfurter Neue Presser, 14,000 people have signed a petition to make all rebuilding historical correct. Modernist architects objected to the reconstruction project, stating "these buildings are not of our time."


what the hell happened here, was it not sound structurally


I'm watching the documentary you posted. It all makes so much sense. Beauty has been replaced by ugliness.

Hell, even in my town they decided to build some new apartment complexes that were a complete eye sore to the cityscape.

Question, what about the whole bland nordic interior design?

This is why I watch anime. Anime is beautiful. Western art is ugly. may glorious Nippon never succumb to western trash.

>same mental illness

Jewish professors and mentors.

>The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals
>22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."
>23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."


thing is when you've watch enough anime all of it looks the same

No, thats what happens when you have not watched enough anime. Get on my level.

All hail the glorious Nippon!!

Went to Japan for a couple weeks in April. Stuck around Tokyo, mostly Shibuya and Asakusa. I loved going to the areas with shrines or temples.

Even your id is brown


Don't worry: the original churches were just gatherings of people in their own homes. It might wane, but you can't kill Christ's teachings.

"When we are omnipotent [... t]here will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness."

-- George Orwell, 1984


Literally mini pakistan, can't say I'm surprised

I know most people don't really care about Mormons, but you have to admit that they did some cool shit with their older temples.

Looks like an upside down dog bowl.

a cuckshed

If you were asked to make an art piece in Australia you would have to either do something referring to the indigenous people of the local region or it would have to be some brutal modernist shite. I doubt that if you were to look at the history and the historical styles of white Australians and attempt to construct some gothic or classical styled piece that it would be looked upon favourably. Depends though on where you are making it.

Lmao, you cucks won't be happy until Jews are completely vilified in every form of media. You're basically SJWs

it is the nature of the media not the nature of the jews you brainwashed idiot.

>inb4 media=jews

>not mosque

i'd be happy if they didn't own the media

That's a fucking Calatrava building, that faggot always overcharges for his defective, poorly built shit that ends up looking outdated as fuck barely 5 years after it's done.

We're quite sick of that guy here. See:


Ive been inside a mormon samctuary. Actually very nice.
Theyre kind of batshit but not really worse than any other religions


>tfw I live in Utah
>tfw I was raised mormon

Can confirm, some are bat shit insane.

Fuck 'em. I'd design something reflecting the local WHITE history

>tfw you were down there today

Main Post office in Beograd, fucking depressing

Should have popped in to my place for a beer, I live just up the road.

Rundle Mall is gaudy as fuck now.

Beautiful buildings are expensive to maintain and expensive to build.
They are a sign of conspicuous consumption.

Modernist buildings are made cheap and elegantly to provide proper housing for the masses, and not just some grand buildings for the few.

Bradford city centre does look horrible, there's a decent amount of old building left, but then you have these monstrosities.



This modern architecture makes me really angry.

That's a post office? Looks like a hospital or something

Oh fuck Hungary is so true, Budapest was wrecked in WW2 so today it has this strange mix of 19th century architecture, commie block, and modernist shit

Specifically, it looks like a creepy, old Japanese hospital.

>not just some grand buildings for the few.

But all of society is enriched simply by having such beauty in our lives and in our towns, to admire and be in the presence of -- To be inspired by. You assign no value to what is actually precious.


>tfw with just $1m in a savings account I could live off the interest and never have to work for the rest of my life

>tfw interest rates on savings accounts will go negative in your lifetime

>Perth Arena
Don't remind me: that thing is a fucking eyesore. That picture shows it from its best angle.

Well shit

Guess I'll just go sit the bathtub with the toaster

Its like irl Excitebike or something

The fuck is up with Australia and absolutely shit architecture? Federation Square looks like a glorified metal shack.

they already have in many european countries. My account was slashed from 1% to 0.05% last month

Where are the people that look at these and say, "I like this, I want more of it". The only decent thing on that is the football stadium.

Every time you drive into the city along the freeway from the north it rears its ugly ass at you. Take the train instead and you'll see the side where the architect ran out of ideas and just said 'fuck it that'll do'.

Can you share your stories? the mormons are a mystery to me


pic related

I can, thought I'm not active in any way as of the last few years. But if you want I can make a thread on /x/

>south park
They had a whole episode about an alien race called "Joozians" who are degenerate, control all media, and want to destroy earth.

No you couldn't, interest rates have dropped like a stone. You'd need to invest it.

The stories are that weird? Do it.

communism is the death of architecture

Kk, thread is up. Anyone that's curious, feel free to ask your questions.

Id check it out. You might get more attention on /his/

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I'm still a newfag, so forgive me for being dumb sometimes.

Fuck me, it's saying I need to wait to create a new thread. I'm fucking fail at this site.

American banks used to give you a free toaster if you opened a new account. Really makes you think.

I want that toaster.

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That one doesn't look too bad, i mean it still has a facade lmao

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Song related.


Si lud, usrali su zgradu totalno,

this is actually quite pleasant

thank you user

Pleasant, yet sad. Kinda like life these days, and this thread.

It makes me wonder, if art exists as some slow rolling snowball that eventually grows so large that it finally smashes this madness. Or if it's just there to help us get through this hell, and this bullshit just keeps going.

So that's what they're building at the Halles. Jesus Christ. I didn't even know. What the fuck.

Fucking socialist mayor authorizing this shit. I looked it up, they're planning on having a hip-hop cultural center in it. Les Halles is always infested with minorities anyway, seems fitting.

In that picture you see the three I hate the most about Paris. The Tour Montparnasse, the Museum of Modern Art, and now this. I swear to God I would piss on Georges Pompidou corpse. He's the one who wanted to modernise Paris and started this trend. Oh, and guess what, he was the director of the Banque Rothschild.

Fuck, stop ruining my city. It's got enough problems already.

>fucking poker chips


We should have listened...

I know, right ? It's the Palais-Royal, right next to the Louvres, a ton of historical stuff went down there. Basically the siege of government during the regency of Louis XV (and because the royal police was forbidden from entering in there it was also kind of a whorehouse), then it was bought by the King's cousin who turned it into a trendy place full of political cafés, shops, and still a ton of whores, basically the place to be. The Révolution was thought there.

Now it's mostly just luxury shops, but still. The Comédie-Française, one of the oldest state theaters is there. The Ministry of Culture is there. The Constitutional Council is there.

These "columns of Buren" were authorised by Jack Lang, who is, hey, guess what ? A Jew ! Who is now by the way the director of the Arab World Institute.

normal>commieblock>dogshit>modern glass garbage

The fucking "Queen's vagina". Thank God it was defaced multiple times. I took the parents of my American roommate to visit Versailles while it was still up. The mother looked like she was going to cry, and we saw tons of tourists looking just very confused.

Built by Anish Kapoor, who is an Indian Jew who spent time in a kibbutz, basically sionist socialist farms. What a (((coincidence))). He had a few other shit art installed at Versailles.

Tsss good one chippuh


>Germany is cucked
>the sky is blue

I don't necessarily mind modern glass and steel architecture, a lot of it can look pretty nice (although modern designs can age very quickly). It's mainly a problem when it's placed amongst more traditional buildings and shit starts looking incongruous.



Can anyone translate the graffiti ?

I think it's also a curious phenomenon where big corporations like McDonald's or Starbucks buy up old beautiful buildings across the world. One one level you can appreciate that at least they didn't just knock it down and replace it with some unsightly copy-paste building, but on another it's weird to see a traditional old building with evil modern logos plastered over it.

Here in the UK pubs will often be the oldest buildings in a town and MdDonald's has made a real habit out of buying and converting them.

Here's an example from Paris.


"Reserved for traitors of the people"

That picture has been proven false, but modern art is garbage.

>Attempts are generally made to makes Jews appear insignificant rather than dangerous.

That is very true, they do this more often than

>the comics papers present the jews as fudamentaly good-hearted and honourable.

If murican corporations didnt do it you gobernment would just demolish them abd make way for refugee housing and mosques

A mosque.
#progressive #tolerant #currentyear

thats pretty based for maccas they have an art deco maccas here too

I come back here every once in a while for moments like the one this picture grants me. I have a loving girlfriend, job, and a wonderful life ahead of me filled with exciting achievements, and somewhere out there some dude is pissed that a German building he's never seen, which stopped being important 70 years ago, will not be recreated exactly as he would recreate it in minecraft.

I guess your life has to be pretty sad to give a shit about things like that.

>role-playing on the internet

We are so fucking saturated in it.

Retard detected.

There is a hover bus in the left picture

Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in a big city (Bangkok) that makes me don't mind big skyscrapers.

I do agree that they look jarring when you shove it besides traditional stuff.

I mean if anyone on Cred Forums calls themself a christian then christ's teachings are fucking dead and buried m8

All I see is a screaming face at the bottom of the blue light in the clouds.

That building in particular looks baller as fuck though.

migr Scum i prayy to xenu for your skin to ignite, along with the rest of you.

Man, I want to go back to Bangkok.

Having drinks in the hotel lounge, looking out over that skyline, then calling up some random kathooey for a fun time was the tits.

Jesu, ali nisu je usrali koliko su mogli, kao ono kad su stavili neku bakteriju na zgradu

they specifically put in jokes about themselves at the risk of alienating the viewer (because more often or not the viewer has never met a jew)
they do this because when the goys think jews are funny, they will think less of the the jew behind the scenes

Explain this episode.

pic related is only good modern architecture (see filename)

Why do you guys dislike those glass buildings.

They aren't ugly desu. Might not be very creative, but certainly better than the concrete boxes from the 1950-70s.




Th-thanks capitalism?

I'm sorry. Talent has became a manufactured trait of inciting the most disgust in the modern audience. Art died when people accepted Duchamp as more than a two cent whore for pop culture.