I don't get it

I don't get it.

What's the context


Trannies are so mentally ill with self-loathing that they will forgo personal hygiene. They will also draw themselves as a cute kid so as to ah fuck it time for Assigned Dale.

I believe this is a symptom of the disease that makes them uncomfortable in their own skin.

>reading in the bath

the fuck

I'm a tranny and I fucking hate this comic. Using that as bait to say all trannies are like that is like linking a video of chris chan and saying all white people or all americans are like that, it's ridiculous

>I don't want to see a part of my boddy
>not a mental illness

>I don't get it.

Reality is so offensive to the tranny, he will try to avoid his reflection or looking at his own body, so he can live comfortably in delusion.

The father in the comic is the enabler who suggests a bubble bath so the tranny won't be offended by his own body.

This thread will sooner or later have "lots of cheese in the lasagna" pic posted

Get the fuck of this board you fucking suckup whore

Oh, Ireland. You do know what a bath is, right?

>I hate my body so much that I have to actively prevent myself from seeing my own genitals
This is depressing. Why do people keep enabling this?

because "muh tolerance"
"tolerance" has become synonymous with "accepting everything"

Its just like how "anti racist" actually means "anti white".

post boipucci

Ahahahaha and then those people claim tranniness isn't a mental illness holy fuck.

The only people who loathe their bodies that much as well are anorexics and god knows we don't pay all of them a liposuction.

I'm a suckup because I agree the comic is stupid? What the fuck does that even mean

Just think about it. in terms of pure logic that comic is the opposite of what the transsexual experience is actually like. It takes a lot of effort to look like the opposite sex and not look like shit, the average tranny probably spends far more time looking at themselves in the bathroom, shaving/epilating everything, lotioning skin, practicing posture and expressions, doing their hair, experimenting with clothes to find ones that compliment instead of emphasizing male features. Being too paralyzed to look at yourself is counter to everything trannies do, obviously the idiot that makes that comic just has insane body image issues and hopped on the tranny bandwagon to score liberal brownie points.

Whoever shooped that is a hero. Perfect Dale.

Jesus Christ does this faggot even realise how delusional this is? You go to such great lengths to convince yourself youre a woman that you cant even shower?

>tfw you have a real functioning cock capable of shooting baby-producing jism but seeing it makes you sad because your fee fees make you think you are a woman.
HELLO? Mental illness?


Requesting a "my son you must choose" comic with the choices pimozide vs getting your peenor mutilated into a fake vagina

Mental illness.

>My fiction dosent match my reality, I dont like it, I demand you allow my fiction to trump reality.
>I have a fucking mental disorder please get me help before I do irreparable harm to my body.

I'd imagine all your baths have gone turkish by now

>pimozide to cure transsexualism
>treatment with a sample size of 1 is valid

Come on Cred Forums

Does it wash under its foreskin?

Your a suckup only here to suck up to the guys here and say shit like "love me, im a nazi just like you!!!"


How did you reach that conclusion from reading ? Explain it to me

You're connecting dots that fit me into your stupid narrative of what trannies are supposed to be, if they dont totally buy into the sjw shit, then they have to be another extreme, 'posers' who just want to fit in. Maybe I just saw some tranny ragebait bs and it annoyed me, and I wanted to at least chime in my thoughts so that someone reasonable would actually question the images posted and not just accept them at face value. You know, that thing that Cred Forums complains about normies doing for everything else

Everyone knows that cyanide is the only substance that cures trannies

A friend of mine swears to high heaven that trannies have "female brains" and it's not a mental illness because one article on the internet said so.

What the fuck is tha tflag?

Some nigger infested shithole run by niggers and race traitors that are killing the island.

>African intellectuals


holy shit just shut up you stupid mentally ill freak no one cares.

>cheese in the lasagna

Fucking great.

This. If someone has body issues this severe, they clearly have severe mental issues that require aggressive therapy to overcome.

Kill yourself faggot.


kill your friend, rare trinidad/tobago

This line of thought completely goes against the feminist mindset.
If trannies have the wrong brain, then men and women arent equal, and therefore feminism cant ask for shit, because your brain makes you ask for stupid shit.

huh, really fires up the neural matrix

Indeed, it's almost like the entire area is a hot mess of contradictions.

Chris Chan represents all trannies tho. And the Cherokee Indian tribe. Lrn2Sonichu.

Progression to a false reality where the stupid are happy and the smart or at best logical are gone.

Most transexuals are OCD about their body. They go

>I HAVE to pick EVERY SINGLE hair
>I HAVE to put lotion on my skin EVERY SINGLE hour
>must not look at the penis. must not look at it

>Some nigger infested shithole run by niggers and race traitors
You talking about Sweden or Trinidad here?

Someone post the ones where they are in the girls room saying lewd shit like glory hole saws and beating off
I remember two versions posted

>this is healthy and should be supported

It puts the lotion on the skin

>I'm a tranny and I fucking hate this comic. Using that as bait to say all trannies are like that is like linking a video of chris chan and saying all white people or all americans are like that, it's ridiculous

No, it's more akin to say Chris Chan represents all trannies, which is pretty much true and fucks up your retarded analogy seeing as Chris is a tranny himself.