Sheboon goes feral

Does anyone know anymore about this?

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it seems it is a crime in burgerland merely to speak to a sheboon, probably a good thing. But anyway talk about your frog drawings, it must be more interesting

Fuck you cunts

Ignore Australian posters
Ignore Australian threads

Sheboon Sheboon lalalalalala,
Sheboon Sheboon lalalalalala,


She is like the black version of this lady:

honestly one of the funniest youtubers of all time.

>that fucking essay intro
>pic of her at the beach
>some fucking trap music with nigress rapping in the bg

they will pay for their appropriation of our culture

Enjoy fries with your negro


>That related story


any info on this retarded beatch

Got to say the place in the video looks alot like the area in seal beach California. If it is it would explain alot, the chocolate people there are always crazy


>american mental health care
I'm not even mad. It;s obvious she's got mental issues

coupled with the entitlement and obsession with 'respeck' from her environment, this is the obvious result

So typical, i love it!

merci pour merde

How can women not see that this kind of behavior is only possible if you have a vagina?

A woman can straight up walk up to a man, start screaming insults at him, threaten him, accuse him of crime, follow him about the place screaming and he can do nothing

So opressed

Hysteria is one of the words to describe it

sounds like she has a lot of keys

One's for her rape lock device