Involuntary MGTOW

>be me
>be 6'
>be decent looking
>lift 5x a week but don't look roided
>overcome approach anxiety, approach women
>try different game tactics
>approach and properly engage 100+ women over 6 months
>mfw every white woman I meet has one or more of: serious psychological issues, overweight, thousand cock stare, hyper bitchy personality, weird face piercings, zero interest in men
>see tons of healthy, normal, fit looking dudes walking around single too. When out at night the m/f ratio is between 2:1 and 7:1 depending on location.

I would love to settle down with a woman and have kids, but the field is just full of damaged goods, and ridiculously there is a huge amount of competition for them anyway.

Would never describe myself as MGTOW or MRA, but don't seem to have a choice.

Is anyone else roaming this wasteland wondering wtf is going on?

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You might be gay, at least a bit. If you're not attracted to/don't want to be with most of the women you see, maybe it would be better to be with men.

Marry a zulu woman and spread your fine Aryan genes around Africa. Or maybe just take 10 of em to be your wives and create an entire litter of racemixed tykes. I hear Zulus have no problem with that kind of thing

Impregnate multiple zulu women and spread your fine Aryan seed all over Africa. It is better than going out without leaving a mark

Hmm. sorry for posting malfunction. Google captcha playing tricks on me. Said my initial post didn't go through when it actually did

m8, are the women in south africa that bad? come to america.

>societal breakdown which has reached the point where men who want to have kids can't

Yeah no.

I'm trying to understand why this is happening. I know that men in my position can find better women in other cultures. I am trying to understand my own culture and it's behaviour.


I dunno, I have seen guys on here say the states is the same. But Saffa women might be uniquely untrusting, or have unrealistic expectations.

No the states has many areas that are still quite conservative and people remained sane

south africa women have probably all been blacked desu

id leave

Race mixing is still rare here. More likely they have been Chadded.

What's the best Red state to travel to?

Since you didnt mention that you have a good job I assume that is the reason that retards are the only women that will give you the time of day.

It's happening all over as women are becoming more shit so don't worry.

I would recommend building your career in what you are interested in as you can get lots of money and enjoy yourself. With that, just let women come to you and take the ones you want. Don't get married though as you will likely get divorced raped.

Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea.
I got 250 tinder matches in 2 weeks when I was in Thailand and Singapore.
In London during 2 years not a single woman has chosen me on tinder.

u should pick based on what weather u like senpai

Daily reminder you are all in hell. With the power of social media any female has gained mini-celebrity status as hundreds of men will validate them on the daily through tinder, Instagram, and Facebook. Why would any of them value your attention when she gets an infinite amount of it online? That's why all of you are having the tfwnogf issue. Males are no longer needed as providers as male jobs continue to be destroyed with globalism as they are shipped across the ocean where 3rd worlders will do it for pennies. And any young female can out earn males by working for tips at a resteraunt or bar where betas will tip decent amounts. You probably see middle aged couples were the women looks better than the man and you get hope, well that was before social media and all this garbage that negatively effects males came to be. A women in the previous generation would her like 10 instances of validation per year now it's 1000s and all available with a swipe. Male attention has lost all its value while female has increased to the highest level in history. Add to this equitation that young males sing nicely outnumber female and the 80/20 rule (more like 90/10 now). Young females now have the illusion of infinite choice which completely kills the chances of the bottom 90% of males. Sure eventually you may get her after she's 30 and had 40 sexual partners and got her useless degree while you busted your ass for a STEM. Degree and 50 hour work weeks. The dynamics have changed so much boys, no matter who comes into the thread and pretends to be a female to disprove this. You can test it your self. You can see it your self. You know this is the truth. Welcome to hell.

M8 at least half the white people left in this country are literally insane. You'd do better looking overseas.

I'm a white soutie before you ask.

>welcome to yet another red pill.

you now realise. you tried to better yourself, and did so. only to find out its not a woman thing.

where you can just coast by on looks, low expectations and privilege.

and the attractive ones develop large egos, and don't want to settle down until they hit 30 and start going ugly

Holy shit are we in actual hell? This can't be real

>I would love to settle down with a woman and have kids

Just get this ridiculous thought out of your mind.

Where do you live? I am in Johannesburg. Cape Town was not as bad, although still not easy.

I am in half you fase now, been working out and boosted confidence along.

I only have to overcome the fear of rejecting, 7/10 I get rejects on approaches and have been rejected so much my care should have been gone already but it isn't yet and thus making me miss decent opportunities.

You guys have any tips for that last part?

I know that feel my friend

But find comfort in the newest scientific breakthrough man will be able to have kids with them self

5years and we don't need woman

The mini-celebrity thing is disturbingly true. Literally every halfway attractive girl at my high school (18yo senior, calm down autists) has 1k+ instagram followers. The ones who have their profiles set to public instead of private have 5k+. Can you even imagine what that type of attention does to a young girl's psyche? You think "The Wall" is real now, well the girls who are hitting The Wall now were all born in the late 80s and early 90s. In other words they all grew up without social media. They grew up without social media and just look at how hard the fading of their looks is hitting THEM. I shudder to think what The Wall is going to look like in 10-15 years when it's these little wannabe insta models that are hitting it. It's going to be fucking chaos.


Its just as bad here, brother.

You overthink too much dude. Even IF we are in this hell, get your best act together and put it into work. Never give up, or species die

>that map
Women wait their turn to share the high-value males. There are biological reasons behind this behavior (this is very different from men). Consequently, their standards are very high. And they don't need relationships as much as before because they get all the attention they want from the Internet. The higher their standards become, the more thirsty betas there are to give them attention.

We have the lowest fertility rate in the world here.

We practice what we preach.

Joburg too. I can't compare to overseas but I've met so many weird, unhinged people that I'm sure it can't be normal.

>approach anxiety

Dropped there. Not in almost a decade of shitposting have I seen such autism. Hope you die quick amd painfully.

ITT: Beta fags who blame society instead of realizing the name of the game and playing accordingly.

You're just like non-whites in white countries blaming their surrounding racism for their failure.

Say you make a mistake. Who's gonna fuck you sideways for it?
Nobody but you user. Gotta let it go.

Give me a logical argument backed up by some decent observation and statistics.
>jus wok hard bro!
Nah fuck out of here cunt

That image.. how does that work? I believe it, but surely for every single man there's at least 0.8 single women, unless you have a serious gender imbalance.

I see many guys who I would consider to be in the top 10-20% of men single. Good looking, good jobs, confident, bit of an attitude. My gym is full of these guys. I am starting to get the feeling that it is the 1/100 rule, not 20/80.

The expectations or bar are set so high that it feels impossible to meet them.

What grinds my gears is I am in good shape, high IQ, good job, cook like a pro, can fix anything, travelled the world, play two instruments, have achieved many of my goals, can hold a conversation, dress well.

But often get the feeling I am looked down on by some dumpy, plain Jane working as a clerk who can just about microwave a Woolworths meal and whose main interest is TV series.

>thousand cock stare
I've never heard this before and it's making me kek heartily.

>Is anyone else roaming this wasteland wondering wtf is going on?
Yep. The kind ones are fat and are only kind to people out of social desperation. The lean ones have SJW mentality and even if they aren't completely bitches their worldview is so distorted that it just doesn't seem like there's anything to date/marry other than a body.

Girls now in their 20s have been told their whole lives that they're special snowflakes and that they need to resist men so men won't oppress them. They think men have to earn them and that they don't need to earn anything.

Colleges are making it worse.

The asian race is not endangered tho senpai

If you want to overcome the social media shit as a male then BE that male without social media input into the girl. Let them know you just dont fucking care and they will want your attention. This action requiers alpha appearance.

Its because you're ugly you autistic nigger. How the fuck do you feel entitled to a mate because you lifted heavy stuff?!

It will be if we don't get the English teacher sexpat crisis under control.

It's a maket supply issue. We have not had a Great War or a mass industrialization where men perish at high rates. Young men as a result outnumber women by a lot. Your a fucking uneducated faggot comparing this to racism.

People are having issues due to numbers that's a big part of the issue. In the U.S the political establishment understands this and it's why the prison system is huge.

Your own culture is geno-suiciding itself. That´s all there is to it.

Worst part is: all those slags you did not pick up wouldn´t even have produced you some offspring ever after you poured a large amount of ressources into them.

However, look for conservativesm. Be it at the library or at the church. Just stereotype as hard as you can, and maybe you´ll pick up that qt virgin waifu who will happily snuggle up to you while watching your weekly anime you degenerate.

probably because you're a borderline manlet

Cape Town has more women than men, and lots of girls travel there from overseas. If you are persistent you will get laid for sure. But there's the same issue with quality.

Joburg is just crazy. There are some good folk, but a fuckload of obnoxious people, and almost every guy here is a roided up chad with a beard, who is single despite this, but creates intense competition for the few women not hiding away at home.

Your shopping in the dollar store for fine china.

I have no statistics, but I was a true omega in my life and I have managed to turn some of it. I am not the perfect person, I do not have a "but now everything is smooth" story but I do have a better life with more women included than before.

help the comunists fuck you over

>mfw every white woman I meet has one or more of: serious psychological issues, overweight, thousand cock stare, hyper bitchy personality, weird face piercings, zero interest in men
Yeah, this. Women expect men to be essentially perfect, yet think it is acceptable to be tattooed bush pigs with a dick mileage in the thousands.

I'd love to meet "the One", but she simply doesn't exist in the 21st century. Women are universally trash.

>Ignore the assdevastated women ITT who will shill against MGTOW. I can almost guarantee you that every anti-MGTOW post is a female

You're right, there is no longer a point in seeking a long term partner (let alone marrying one). That type of a family unit is completely destroyed and will continue to fade. You must be quite literally retarded and pathetic to even bother with that shit anymore.
My suggestion would be to just stick to yourself and improve yourself. That, and helping humanity in some way. Don't be a useless selfish leech, also return to the organism.

But if you're enslaved by the instinct to fuck to such an extent that you simply MUST fuck, stick with short term relationships where you don't invest much and never surrender to the completely illogical desire to "love", it will destroy you.

women share men. one of my friends has 3 girlfriends right now and another fwb

every woman i know is at least fucking a guy, most of in relationships

Again for the last fucking time. LARGE AMOUNT OF SURPLUS MALES. If you wanna do something about it then look to what makes in the Middle East. If you don't want to do that then sit down shut up and get in the line of suffering. It's either rebellion against this system or death.

mate it's south africa, i'm surprised the white women haven't all being hung upside down from barn windows yet

You're wrong bud. I have faced all my weaknesses with women and worked on them. I have previously not had much trouble getting cuties into bed or relationships. I was in a LTR for 5 years, came out of it, worked on my inner and outer game a lot, and I am finding it impossible. If I apply any kind of quality filter to the women I meet I will not get laid, period. At least that's what it feels like after 18 months single.

If it's involuntary it isn't MGTOW, you're just a beta cuck.

Exactly, I should not fear anything. Uet there is that "what IF" playing sometimes, unless I am in my best mood

The name of the game is to move where the women are. That is in University cities. I have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Earn more than 97% of the people my own age. 25 years old. Looks good and competes in powerlifting. But I live in a town of 30k and there aren't women here in the amount that I actually can afford to be picky.
I am planning to move as soon as I can.
I understand the issue, trust me.

But you can live by the rules and succeed by just moving to the places where women are.

>women being good
Oh cmon, we all know western women are the worst.

Try your luck in Asia, op.

I'm not ugly, and even if I was that's not the issue. Women don't care about men's looks as much as men care about women's looks. They care more about confidence and social position. We're not fucking peacocks.

Lifting (within reason) raises your testosterone levels and makes you feel better, which improves your self confidence.

Dude is 100% right. We've all seen the articles being shipped around lately about Millennials having less sex, less sexually transmitted disease and losing their virginity later. What these articles don't show is how this data is Millennials as a whole. Break that data into deviations based on Instagram likes and you can bet your top dollar the top 10-25% are having more sex than any group in the history of civilization. And vice versa for the bottom 50%.

>tattooed bush pigs with a dick mileage in the thousands
I'm loving the terminology I'm learning ITT

yeah you guys really need to take responsibility for this hapa crisis that is unfolding

Dude.. didn't you see that 40% of Japanese men are now virgins. Some of those countries are experiencing demographic collapse too. I believe you about Thailand, but they are after your Western bux. I'll keep it in mind as my option of last resort.

To pick up chicks all you need is a public space and some friends to come approach other friend groups girls are more threatened by guys who are alone it's good to make these exchanges quick pick up numbers then go go out hunting some more easiest tactec yet


and with the government in the business of single-motherhood

>there is no need for a Provider

>some friends

Everyone woman is after your bux dude. You just get more bang for your bux in those countries.

>Asian and Nigger girls seem to love me
>Can't even get a sniff with white women
Life is truly suffering

I'm going to start posting this every day because it explains so much.

Women do not have true free will or sentience, the effects of TV and media brainwashing and cultural marxism are literally hitting them twice as hard.

"What if" won't be, once you accept how pathetic most consequences are.
Asking a girl out isn't murder, getting rejected isn't even a day in prison.

Keep at it user.

I doubt it's him being gay, it's more likely the selection of women where he lives is just shit.

OP: if you want someone you can wife and child and trust, go Jap. They're just about the only trustworthy/traditional women left on the planet.

Based on my experience, don't try pick women up. I personally make a point of just talking to the most attractive woman at any place I go. I don't try get her number unless we hit it off.

If you don't try close you won't be rejected. Talk to her for 5 minutes (gives you more confidence), then make sure YOU end the conversation. Just say 'it's been great chatting, need to get a drink now' and walk off.

If she's interested, she will find you again, then getting her number is easy. You don't get rejected either and you are signalling dominance by ending the conversation.

The screwup here, though, is I have found many interested women are already in a relationship. Also the ones who give you their number will flake 99/100 if you try organize a date. I don't have a fix for that yet.

I was thinking of going to the Netherlands to meet some women, the ones I have met seem awesome.

>all you need
You also have to be lucky enough to not be ugly or have a weird voice or psoriasis or anything like that.

>dick milleage

You're completely right, and I hate to say it. 3 years ago, nobody used social media here in Ecuador but in the last 3 years women are degrading themselves more and more. I have seen it with my own eyes, a cute girl in my university that I dated has created an instagram account and gotten multiple thousand followers over the span of the last year, she has become unbearable, when we went out on dates it was only to take pictures and get likes, not to spend time together. Thinking back I'm sure that she cucked me a few times, but naive me didn't want to believe it so I never asked or tested her. Thank god that I didn't get a STD.

Women are donezo, I just stopped caring about them.

This is making me sick. Please tell me it's a joke.

>met old gf in calculus class, Qt
she already had a Philosophy degree
amazing conversation, and she'd make us pizza

I did not know she was a unicorn at the time

1 man can easily fuck dozens of women

There are unlimited sperm and a finite amount of eggs.

Very nice, he probably licks the load the guys blow into his "gf" hehe.

This thread is making me wish I was gay. Is there a way to unlock my inner fag?

It's "fake" in the sense it isn't a real story, but the message is most definitely not fake.

Yeah, just keep watching pornography for years and years, you'll get there eventually.

Cucked is when your part of the process of your woman banging another dude. You were cheated on. Don't use that word about yourself. It lessons the impact when used on actual cucks.

>there is an active goal of destroying MANHOOD

it works extra-well on the weak

That's photoshopped

No man is actually a cuckold meme right?

28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners: "Bell and Weinberg reported evidence of widespread sexual compulsion among homosexual men. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners.

Lol enjoy your sex and aids

omg a different version of this gif. Source?

More of her if you haven't seen it.

Stop posting these fake images

Nobody is actually like that.

Remember also that as well as women never having life this easy, women think it's never been this difficult than ever before because of femimemism.

They all believe they are noble holocaust survivors.

Sad thing is that she's probably a roastie and is most likely getting dicked right at this moment.

I guess, but thinking about it from time to time and just telling myself "Nah, I'm sure she just has homework/studies to do" instead of manning up and testing her / just breaking it is quite the cuck behavior.

It's a heartbreaking realization that women just aren't anything to bother with. All my childhood all I wanted is having a nice Wife, a few children and a happy family, I was always told my by my female teachers and society that it's men's fault that marriages are failing and that they're the cheaters, while I'm not denying there are men that cheat, it's become clear to me now that it's mostly women's fault.

>sorry, just found it today on Cred Forums
along with the one you have already.

magical isn't it?
>gives you hope, an non corrupted qt exists out there for you

of course, the abortion doctor is one of (((them)))

I long ago learned that women do not find intelligence (even the non autism kind) attractive.

It took me longer to digest the black pill that they find stupidity attractive and actively distrust intelligent men. Jewish women seem to be an exception.

>non corrupted
It's usually girls that have cute and innocent smiles like that who tend be sluts
Trust me

>English accent
celebrity singer...

:'( ruined it for me, I'll delet that .webm now >degenrate

>thousand cock stare
Thank you! Been looking for a good expression for that. You can really see this, women broken after feminist's lies led them to a destructive way of life.


I've seen so much shit that I already don't know what to take or leave. And especially here. Those do smell like bullshit but still, everyday i get more surprised with the mindset of some liberals.

no those are just your paki rapist genetics showing patel

>take the red-pill
magic is dead

you have to recognize and identify, before you can fix it.
>feminazi, welfare, SJW, and (((them)))

One of the harder redpills to swallow.

Cool man but your annecdote doesn't mean shit. Read the sticky.

>body size had no influence on neuron number

So they'd rather choose jock-chad over educated/intellectual chad?

honest question, what even is that board, i read the rules and they are just plain weird

You know why I like that image?

It actually shows the sources. I can literally just open a tab and look up the sources to double-check them.


Hehe just imagine how many cocks and facials they will take when they hit their 30s? There will still be a beta who will marry them.

It's the same everywhere, OP. I'm a tall, blonde, handsome guy. Whores and thots literally cling to me, yet I tell all of them to fuck off. I wish I was a stupid, bluepilled peasant with expectations lower than my roach-tier IQ. High intelligence is a horrible curse used against the people who possess it that only the white men and the honorable eastern asians have experienced.

I've been lied to, told that enough effort would grant me happiness. For years I've worked upon myself. Every single day of mental and physical exercise drawing me closer towards perfection. What I wasn't told is that there was no turning back. Now I have grown to value myself too much to settle for those basic bitches swarming the streets. The bitterness and the thirst have turned into disdain and disgust for those inferior creatures.

I might have not found happiness, but I have certainly reached a point of neutrality and peace, and along with them a bunch of loyal friends.

the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
"jokes in literature about elderly cuckolds and misers are rife"

Intellectual chad has to learn how to pretend to be jock chad to appear dumb enough to be unthreatening/attractive.

Fuck sake

>when tryng to hide my power level
I have to actively try to use plain English

>sounding or being smart
..take people out of their comfort zone.
either they won't understand, or never cared to discuss smarter things :'(

discussed migrant crisis with german girl in California, citing statistics.. guess how that went

How curious.

For me, the bitterness and thirst have changed to pity for those rather than disdain/disgust.

I actually feel sorry for them for not stopping and thinking things through themselves.

most are too lazy to check
but providing source makes people have to take the points seriously.

4 example

Well you're looking in the wrong place, for starters. Not gonna find anything worthwhile on a night out. The best places to find good women are at college, local community events or venues for healthy past-time activities.

>try different game tactics
>approach and properly engage 100+ women over 6 months

Pffft this is pathetic you cunt. You've only done a 100 in 6 months? Try 50 a week you absolute cuntface. How can you even know the results of your 'game tactics' if you've only done 100? You need much bigger sample sizes than that you idiot FUCKtard. Haha faggot go die. Hahahaha. Hahaha. Haha. Ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

This is a faggot gaypost. Gaypost hahahaaha. Please die. Or better yet kill your family then go and die. Have you even got laid yet? Faggot? Ok. Really? You need to die now. Good post though it really made me think. It is kind of a wasteland I guess, there might not be any perfect girls but there are some better than others, that I promise you. Avoid tattos and dyed hair and hipster glasses for starters, plently of material on the internet about avoiding red flags before starting a relationship. Best of luck bro I wish you the best.

It was supposed to be Cred Forums but original, but since no one can be bothered to be original on Cred Forums the board just ended up attracting autistic shut-ins to complain about their lives.

I think that might have to do with the fact that they're South African women? Isn't the whole boer masculinity still a big thing in SA?

At least what I find here in the Netherlands is that many girls still find intelligence to be important, as intelligence allows them to have somewhat intelligent discussions.

Instead of guys whose only subjects they can and will discuss are footbal, beer and ass.

Not that many women have real discussions on difficult subjects, because hardly any of them study hard sciences, and when they discuss soft science or the arts, you cannot have honest conversations about the really controversial and interesting stuff.

While at can, and have, discussed Murray's and Herstein's book The Bell Curve, which among other things discusses racial IQ differences and the creation of a cognitive elite, I could never discuss it with a normal QT because the subject is absolutely HARAM.

However, I have met quite a few girls who are interested in feminism, which is a subject they are radically in favor of. Actual discussion of the subject is then often not welcomed, because they don't want some autist who has read key texts of feminist writers, and a lot of secondary literature, to mans plain away their ideology.

My brother married a nice girl who isn't a feminist, likes animals and dislikes Islam, but she isn't the kind of girl to have a discussion with on Aristotle, space exploration.

She does make him happy and is faithful, and those are the most important things in life.

Fuck that gave me feels dude.

This is what is happening to me. Rather than despair I decided I would, once in my life, develop the physique of a Roman or Greek Statue. I am about 70% of the way there, but when I look in the mirror now I see something of honour in my reflection.

When I go out and I meet women who hold themselves to no standards, while holding me to a standard that is never even clearly defined, and when they dangle their number or attention in front of me, I now walk away.

I am smarter than her, better looking, fitter, stronger, better read, better travelled. I can cook better than she can, I can defend myself, I am probably kinder and more considerate than she is, I am more charitable and more selfless. I care about injustice, I stand up for what I believe in. I try support and encourage people who are willing to face reality and make an effort to change or excel in something. I am a loyal friend, and a good listener.

I think about it, and it just seems so wrong. I do not expect beautiful women to fall over themselves when they meet me. But I will not try pander to mediocrity any longer, I have realized that looking for validation there will lead me to emotional and psychological ruin.

Unfortunately the alternative is a deep and abiding loneliness, that I must now accept as my lot.

...are you Patrick Bateman?

>be engineer
>live in Alaska

intelligence will make you ... us. face many ugly facts. but ultimately you are thankful you can see thing the normies never contemplate.

like go walk and hunt on a mountain and not see anyone for days, just peace and your own thoughts

>50 a week

staring doesn't count as a properly engage

I wasted 8 years of my life with my last girl.
>She was a single child to a single mother.
>helped her to and from college since she didn't have a car
>So anyways, after the engagement, she decides she cannot leave her mother alone in another state.
>I on the other hand am fine with that and start looking for new jobs in my field in that area. After 5 rejections (because it seems 5 years experience wasn't enough)
>I grab a job half-way between the original two cities in a management position (thinking that if I work here a few months, I can use the experience to boost my resume).
>she finally starts claiming she'll move down
>starting to feel pretty good, job sucks, but at least I have her coming down
>1 month into my job, she visits me for my birthday, supposedly to shop for housing
>2 days after my birthday she says "I'm just not feeling it anymore" and ends the relationship and she goes back home

To this day, I she still won't tell me why (although I know the reason why, based on inside sources sending me chat logs of her flirting with some guy from an MMO she started playing about 2 years ago)

Fast track a year and she still keeps on sending me random messages about how she's sorry and trying to send me gifts (which of course I decline), like it's going to make up for it.

The moral of the story, don't trust women. All it does is lead to disappointment.

I only go out on Fridays due to work commitments. And I mean properly engage, like talk to for 5 mins or longer. It works out at about four women a night on average, and I try go for the most attractive women.

I have a respectable notch count, and I could have increased it by 8-10 in the past year if I had used my opportunities. But the women were in the 5-8 range. But see the original post - there were serious issues with each one.

Thank You

>Is anyone else roaming this wasteland wondering wtf is going on?
well yeah the whole internet is talking about this, have you been living under a rock?

I never expected homosexuals to be this ducked up. I had some suspicions about their promiscuity and mental health, but this? Holy shit.

I now start to understand why Christians do not want marriage to be co-opted by homosexuals.

>I would love to settle down with a woman and have kids
you, sir, have a metal illness

I met some bitch on craiglist the other day. I saw her email and decide to look up her facebook account. She looked like qt innocent girl but in the years i met alot of whores so she didn't fool me. Saw she was in a relationship with a four eyed beta white guy who plays the guitar who looked like he gets his haircut from great clips. If bitches like her are looking for dick on craiglist imagine what other whores are doing. I felt bad for the guy. He looked like an honest blue pill dude.

>All it does is lead to disappointment.
This unfortunately. Women have nothing to offer men but misery these days.

You didn't waste it user. You learned a lesson.

Men have one thing going for us. Take care of yourself and you won't hit the wall until 50.

I have an uncle who got fucked over royally in his divorce. Wife also cheated on him, then moved straight in with the next dude. Guy lost custody of his daughters, had to move out his house, lost half his pension. Fuck knows how he held it together.

He turns 49 this year and paired up with a very bangable 32 year old a month ago, and she seems really into him.

White women age atrociously in general, probably due to the amount of makeup that damages their skin. By age 32 they have serious issues in the dating market that a man who is 42 doesn't have.

Just learn from your mistake.

>edging on narcism there ;)

can we get your Instagram?

Its called being single

Every single one of your genetic ancestors, all the way back to 4.5 billion years ago, succesfully overcame this challenge

Stop being a pussy

Contact him, and inform him of what she's done. Then she'll be out of a relationship and your mind can be put at ease. Just as long as it is intended as a casual encounter, and not a relationship (because she'd likely do the same to you).

Even Marcus Aurelius, the most powerful man in the world, with the possible exception of the Chinese emperor, and who is considered to be the very best emperor the Roman Empire ever had, had to put up with a cheating whore of a wife.

do him a favour send him pics of proof and a msg afterwards

Dude.. it's not narcissism. I try really hard to improve myself, just because I don't want to give up. It's fucking hard and I am constantly fighting despair. I don't have an instagram or even Faceberg acct.

Just don't tell me he got cucked by Maximus or I'll have nothing left to believe in in this Godless hellhole.

>lol new holand friend :D

next is they are normalizing pedophilia, and other weirdness like furries
>destroying family nucleous guarantees government dependency

>have another to go with your pic.

I can't force myself to spare enough of my empathy to feel pity for women. Dogs are more human in my eyes than those lifeless breeding shells are. I've seen too many of those sinister cunts practicing their tricks on unaware ,,prey''.

Yes, this is exactly how I feel like as well. The fact that they shamelessly try to grab your dick without your permission automatically assuming that you're on their plebeian level is one of the most insulting things those whores do.

It's as if we were representatives of nobility in ancient Rome, walking through slums and encountering countless whores that forcefully try to offer their disgusting, used-up holes for the endless comfort that we worked for our whole lives. I just wouldn't be fair towards myself by sharing it with them.

Now that I think about it there indeed are some resemblances.

I can't i deleted the messages after i fucked her and i dont remember her email. If he finds out i hope he gets red pilled. Should have know better then to trust some Mexican whore(im mexican american so i didnt cuck him by fucking a white girl). Never trust latina girls shit never trust women of today.

fuck she is so hot

I love chaos!
It will make pussy cheaper!

The recurring theme here is that none of you are going for introverted girls with niche taste in men. You're all trying to compete with the chads for a bunch of used up vapid sluts, which will never yield any satisfying success.

pussy is cheaper, but respectable women are extremely expensive.

>none of you are going for introverted girls

introverted girls hide in their houses. There's no strategy to meet them

Home invasion.

Not really, they're just less sociable, and come to adopt unique standards for who they date. The only girls who "hide in their houses" are ones that are too fucked up to bother with anyway.

>sorry but nature of animals:

find biggest dominant alpha chad, fiiki fiki
find provider beta, ...not work

>your success is their meal ticket
women instantly gain your societal status, and all your resources. and now they can leave you with half on a whim.

Marcus seemed to have been a beta cuck when it concerned his waifu.

"Unfortunately, not much has survived from the Roman sources regarding Faustina's life, but what is available does not give a good report. Cassius Dio and the Augustan History accuse Faustina of ordering deaths by poison and execution; she has also been accused of instigating the revolt of Avidius Cassius against her husband. The Augustan History mentions adultery with sailors, gladiators, and men of rank; however, Faustina and Aurelius seem to have been very close and mutually devoted."

After she died:

"Aurelius grieved much for his wife and buried her in the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome. She was deified: her statue was placed in the Temple of Venus in Rome and a temple was dedicated to her in her honor. Halala’s name was changed to Faustinopolis and Aurelius opened charity schools for orphan girls called Puellae Faustinianae or 'Girls of Faustina'.[14] The Baths of Faustina in Miletus are named after her."

It may have just been butthurt historians spreading gossips about Faustina, as was often the case in Ancient History, but considering the fact that Roman women were huge sluts in this era, it probably was true.

If you want another good story about a huge slut and literal whore who became empress, the read Procopius his Secret History.

was she the one who always got pregnant before cuking?
so all the kids would look like roman-dady

The main issue is that men inherently choose aesthetics over personality when it comes to women.
This is probably due to the fact that as a species, males are subconsciously attracted more toward women who have breedable features (i.e wide hips and body ratio, etc).
The main problem with this is that in modern society most women who have such features tend to be aware of their worth and competition from other males makes it nigh impossible to get with them.
Besides, even if you do get with them, they tend to not have any redeeming qualities as a person aside from their external appearances.
In order for one to have a successful married life, one needs to find a partner that he can actually talk and be happy with. If you end up marrying someone just because she's hot, you'll end up in a divorce court twenty years later after she cheats on you and you end up losing your kids and all your posession.

You got to meet 1000th whores to meet a respectable girl in tinder.
It's a hard Job but someone has to do it.

Thanks, and thanks for that image. Saved.

don't you have a street to shit on, pakjeet

Yes, exactly. Back when they weren't liberated they were forced to act like decent human beings because they wouldn't receive anything if they didn't. What we see today would happen, but it wasn't as common. Right now they just act like primitive animals because the society is cucked by the jews who don't allow us to bash such behaviour. The fact that betas are rewarding them for riding the cock carousel isn't a helpful thing as well.

Just got back from one actually.

Feels good being in the ;)+ range.

Why do ugly males feel entitled to sex? You're not. Being genetically inferior (ugly, balding, manlet, low test, no confidence, autistic) etc, means your genes SHOULDN'T be propagated. I thought Cred Forums was pro-eugenics

>pic related

how old is OP
you have to lock them down in teens otherwise they're lost forever

It's easy to get laid while high on Ecstasy.

>social media
Last year I tested out instagram for a while. My one friend's newly ed wife was on there.

I have literally never seen someone attention whore that much. Steady stream of pics, day in, day out. Her lunch, her shoes, her gatherings with female friends, her clothes, mirror selfies. Maybe 1 in 100 pics had him in it.

She's about a 7/10, fairly cute. And I watched this and thought, fuck dude, your wife is just sitting there sending signals of herself out into the ether, and she's getting lots of engagement with those pics of herself in yoga pants. Apart from which how can you give enough attention to someone like this?

I checked out of IG shortly after. He became more and more remote, and eventually I stopped seeing him, but there's no doubt social media won't help his marriage.

>he fell for the lanklet memes

wow you are 1,87.

Good for you m8 ur average Dutch male millennial height.

Go for under-18's.

15 is ideal, hence why it's illegal in the JewSA.

Youre not alone

The matrix will likely break down within the next few years

Man Psoriasis fucking sucks! Can't get ride of it too!

This is the male version of fat girls telling fit girls "women should have curves". That kind of bitchy attitude is a big part of why women find you repulsive user.

Yep. Average tall height is the perfect height. Women don't want to date freaks. They want males that embody male characteristics i.e. >1,85, >195lbs




eye deesss

So, Feng, no hard feelings if I snag a qt taiwanese girl?

Fuck canadian women.

It is not true i get get many offneres and could be considered top twenty or even better, but they are sluts and dumb i don't want to have them. Many friends of mine really do not Look good but still get many Girls or even more than i. Girls look for other things like rich, generous, dominant and similar men, it really isn't about looks for men.

You need an attractive face to go with the intelligence or else shes not going to want to fuck you.

She'll read a book by you, but she won't get wet unless you have height and face/body with the intelligence.

This. Women would rather share a top quality man then lower their expectations.

You used to be able to overcome this. Not anymore.

>thousand cock stare

>he thinks being a tall guy with hair and a job is what turns women on
>is literally projecting his betatude onto other people

Do men, other than horny teens, niggers and illiterate pajeets and other third worlders ever comment on Instagram pics?

I don't think any of my friends has an Instagram account, and I know only very few guys who have an Instagram account. Maybe I just hang out with the autists, and don't know any chads.

>he thinks he's actually 5% bodyfat

>A bitter virgin greentexting


Your WebM is cruel, but an accurate representation of this thread and the world.

I feel your pain bro.

I found a girl recently who is almost my perfect match, she is crazy about me in every way, loyal, interested in my interests, intelligent and good looking.

I just cant get over her sexual history, she's had 4 sexual partners before me, my friends tell me this really isn't much, and I was looking online and all of the forums are telling me that it is my conservative cultural conditioning that is making me feel disgusted by this. One moment I am head over hills in love with her because she is literally perfect little blondie who is crazy about me and the next minute I am imagining her sucking her disgusting fat ex's cock and I cant even look at her let alone love her.

Why can't I just find a decent girl who has some fucking integrity? Am I the one with the problem here? I can't live alone, I cant be without a woman, I need female love in my life and I want children. Idk wtf to do.

yeah but if we took away the sandniggers from my country we'd be higher :^)


what about conservative latina qt?

jesus, that anger

Wow, that 0,2 IQ difference between you Mountain Jews and us Toothpastes really makes a difference.

I know of no girl who likes a guy with less than 5% bodyfat. Nobody is interested in some auschwitz lanklet autist who claims that his sub 5% body fat makes him the Don Juan of his era.

>Here we have the male projecting his love of the female body unto women

>He truly believes that women are most turned on by the male body

>He has no understanding of female desire

>what are population averages
>90kg = Auschwitz lanklet.
>So bitter

I am also 6ft and 8/10 and also involuntarily MGTOWED. Most girls are tatted up where's with piercings and STDS and worth nothing more than a quick fuck. But there are the occasional 17yo shy girls which don't want none of that and that I could easily get if approached. Keep looking for that gem in a sea of shit and don't give up.

>understanding female desires

who gives a fuck
be rich, get any bitch

Yep. Women are turned on by just about everything.

"For years now, we’ve been hearing that men on average are sexually target-specific, while women on average are not. In other words, if you show men various kinds of pornography while having a little measuring device strapped to their penises, those penises don’t get hard to every type of pornography; instead, they seem to evince a distinct preference for either men or for women as sexual “targets.” By contrast, if you insert a blood-flow measuring device into women’s vaginas and show them various kinds of porn, well, they appear to become aroused to just about everything sexual—men, women, monkeys, you name it."

Me and my friend used to fuck those wives

They are all looking for side dick

I can back this up with an anecdote from last week

>have drinks with girl for catch up
>mention Pim Fortuyn
>she jumps out of excitement
>"Yeah, all my friends think he was killed by a Moroccan"
>"None of them want to talk about politics or society, just drink and drug themselves an early grave"

He's right.

However, if you sit and wallow in your own self pity at how you cannot find a woman you will get nowhere.

Don't listen to half of the faggots in this thread.

>white woman
Only dindus use this term. OP is literally "where da white women at".

that's cool, now go fuck yourself with a pair of rakes

'Twas merely a jest m8.

Ever considered going to Ukraine with your mountain Jew gold and living like a king there, with a harem of Ukrianian qts?

They want a man who takes what is his. They won't let you take them if you don't meet a certain standard to get your foot in the door.

>thousand cock stare
I'm using this in the future. Describes it perfectly.

Women are turned on not by reality but by there emotional apparatus

They want to submit to a dominant socially effective man who wants them but doesn't need them

>women get turned on by chimpanzees fucking

Exactly, you could look like a monkey but if you turn her on then she'll fuck you

>this story might not be true but a lot of similar stories are true

And so began the social justice movement

Pretty much this, women are being pushed to be more independent and more like men, it goes against their natural instincts and fucks them up.
Which is why they end up on the cock carousel at the age of 18 and are burnt out wrecks by the age of 30. Especially in the city.
At the end of the day when you've got sluts like Rihanna and Beyoncé wearing fuck all and gyrating on their music videos at 9am on MTV, that's not for you, that's for your 9 year old daughter to absorb. This and feminism is the issue.

> I don't want to chase women
>you might be gay
Fuck off faggot

She wont let you get to a situation where you can turn her on unless you meet certain standards.

You have to be handsome enough that she wont tell you to fuck off at a bar/public place or turn you down for a date etc.

If you can get your foot in the door though then yeah, just dominance will get her to spread her legs.

I hate you.

none-white woman know their place and they have more traditional approach to relationships

Well said

They don't have any real standards

Thugs get laid
Shitty musicians get laid
Sports players get laid
Fat ugly losers with irrational self confidence get laid

But good looking smart guys with no game dont get laid


This is funny but I also don't think it's satire

Skin colour is irrelevant (besides blacks who's behaviour is completely impulsive), it's all about culture both at home and in wider society.

A girl with a convervative family upbringing and environment is not going to open her legs for any Tom, Dick or Harry because she will have self respect.

shit meme

Weren't a lot of the older pro gay leaders into kid diddling?

>he implies race is just skin color

Nice flag

>Ignore women when young
>Study hard
>Gain skills
>Ruthlessly undercut competitors in industry
>Get wealthy
>Marry child bride
>Teach her righteousness and maturity
>Sex when she's old enough
This sounds like a good plan Cred Forums

He's married and gets laid everyday. Why cant you?:(

Pic related

>The state of society has no effect on dating or relationships

>Every man with relationship issues is a fat ugly beta virgin

Why dont you consider for once in your life that some of us are just normal blokes who have been in relationships before and like the theorise about it?

>tfw only 7/10

My mom has attractive features that I inherited but of course she had to marry a goddamn potato nigger

I agree completely.

Women want to have their cake and eat it too.

They want the cock carousel experience, the career, and become mother. Unfortunately when they hit the wall, there's only betas left to marry, it gets much harder to have kids, and they find out that their Career at some nonprofit is getting them nowhere.

Even the feminist are starting to acknowledge this:

DS(journalist): You say that women have been told a lie?

AS (feminist) Yes. They are told that they can do everything—motherhood, career, no problem. But that is not true. Not even when a woman gets herself a good partner with whom she can share the housework…

DS: Why don’t women demand more sharing of their men?

AS: Because women are afraid men won’t love them. That is the main problem of those female shitheads: They want to be loved, never mind the price. It makes them unfree and opportunistic.

I work in a place completely dominated by women, about 20:1 female to male ratio, quite a few of them are young and good looking but obviously have a boyfriend.

Finding a girl that is single is literally impossible.

Find a Catholic. An actual Catholic, not an American "Catholic".


Intellectual? Like Molyneux-tier intellectual?

"around 40% of U.S. women nearing the end of their childbearing years say they have fewer children than their ideal, according to the General Social Survey carried out by NORC"

I am sure the number is even worse for men. It's tragic. The irony is it is a result of feminism which is supposed to empower women.

Not an argument.

Utah is good. Mormons are very conservative, and their women are attractive because Mormonism promotes good health. Mormon women often want 3 or more children. The downside is they are, well, Mormon.

I have some bad news for you son..

i'm not a rich youtuber


yfw Fuastina was his bottom bitch and fucked all those dudes on Marcus' orders as political power plays


You're half right. Women don't give a shit about intelligence but being pretty won't change that.


>will die in the next 5 years
>wife is already cucking him

B-but a tleast he has jewtube r-right user?

>the angle of the eyes and mouth
Cat people

come on man




>He felt for the Mormon make good wife's
I live in Utah and went to UUtah and believe me Mormons girls got dicked down plenty of times including BLACKED.

(You) invest in yourself user.

I agree, Jewish women seem to love intelligent, non-autistic, white goys. (which basically excludes most Jewish males.

t. Shaygetz

But she would never do such a thing to her morbidly obese boring gamer bf. How can giganigger Chadeus Tyrone be any match for this fat slob?

The media sets their standards for foot in the door

Any guy that runs into her when she is the right combo of drunk and horny can get his foot in the door

Once one's foot is in the door all it takes is triggering her juices and she will open her pussy

>skinny cunt
>model face
>never approach women, always get approached
>21 with 30+ laycount
You just ugly pham

Are you white? (100% pure?) if so, move to Boise, Idaho.

Metric shitton of single conservative white women here who don't suffer from the United States Federal Government (and Mr. Goldstein's) "liberal white guilt".

No 1000 cock stare.

No race mixing whore.

Just a pure conservative white woman.

Come home to Idaho, white man.

Underrated post. Why don't you have an open and honest conversation about it with your girlfriend? And I mean really spill about all of your thoughts and fears.


He must have the smallest dick in the world. That would make him more special than that pooptuber

Well intelligence should mean you can get inside their head and make them want to fuck you

If you can't do that, you just have autism, not good intelligence.

4 sexual partners is nothing especially if you are over 20.
I lost my virginity to a girl who was on 20 odd. Man up

ONLY 4 ??
these days thats basically a virgin
dosnt get much better than that man

Makes me wonder how I ended up with a hot ideal waifu in this fucked up world.

Well, she is Russian, and Orthodox. Probably helped.

Also if you guys are determined to marry a virgin, just expect her to either be outwardly unattractive, or spend her whole life wondering about other men's magical cocks... and then one day act on that curiosity.

If I was single I would absolutely use social media to find women. Fight fire with fire. The world isn't the way you wish it were; maladaptive luddites will be left behind... along with their genes.

Just think about this for a second. Nowadays the women you see have all been educated that in order to be "independent" and "free" they need to live a very hedonistic lifestyle, fuck tons of dudes, or attempt to, drink etc.
Point is, surrounding yourself with momentarily extacy and joy doesnt lead to long term happyness, it fucks with your instead, turning them into depressed, emotionally unstable People who will then attempt to drink and fuck all the more to make themselves feel a bit better.
When I got to Uni I thought Id meet some nice chicks, go on a few dates and see whats gonna happen. Instead all ive seen is Women with literally zero interest in Relationships (Not only with me that is), incomprehensibly high standards and tons of betas trying to run after them, acting all tough and alpha only to get cucked by the first dude who picks up the chick of their choice while shes drunk. I came to my Uni being quite a liberal person when it comes to fucking around and all that, by now the only thing I feel for this lifestyle and the emtpy shells that practice it is disgust.
Im not an MGTOW either, but at the same time I dont see the point in getting worked up over getting chicks when 90% of them are emotionally damaged leftists.

They are evil as fuck though. I've dated them and they manipulate/lie more than you could ever imagine. Imagine a womans lies multiplied by a jews lies. You literally can never know them because they are such neurotic liars.

You should feel proud that she chose to suck your cock now. She wants your cum, not her ex. That means that you are better than all 4 of her exes. If she cheats on you, it will break you, but it will make you stronger.

My God....
The horror.
The horror....

Maybe you're looking in all the wrong places, or maybe, just maybe, you're living in South Africa.

Consider the future you could have with her.
Tell her how you feel about her and how this is worrying you (in that OOORRRRDDDDEEERRRRR), see how she reacts.
If all is well, make passionate love to Shadilay, chaos liturgy.

Just an option.

I have twice, she cried both times and told me I am right to be upset about it and that she was young and stupid, and her only excuse is that it was in the past.

I told her both times I forgive her and still I just cant get the image out of my head and it still makes me nauseous. I know she is 100% mine now and she is loyal as fuck I just cant stop thinking about her with another guys cock in her mouth...

Yeah, thanks a lot for that, kike

I found a 21 year old virgin (who actually likes me), but she's much fatter than me.
what do?

>cuck up

Boise has been ruined by refugees and nigger lovers.

Sounds like a trap

How nuked is idaho about to get?

Thats nothing. I'm 24 with a laycount of 12 and people tell me its pathetic, most good lookin guys here are at 30+ by 21.

It's called being incel, OP

A large enough portion of women:
>can't cook
>have mental health issues/take antipsychotic drugs
>rode on the cock carousel
>single moms
>are past child baring years

Sadly the truth is most wife-able women are married off early.

I honestly might go with the foreign bride route if my family connections can't find a wife-able girl state side.

So if she cheats on him with a homeless Somalian, the Somalian is better than him?

What kind of cuck reasoning is that?

He isn't though.

What are you talking about? The women in America are just as bad.

culture consumed whites first because none-whites have remnants of traditionalism in the family
this however will be the last generation of traditional parents

I think ive accepted my fate. But its sad. maybe youll find a good person. Its too early to give up. i dont lift, obv overweight. You have more goin for you

Just walk up to her, look her in the eye, give her a firm handshake.

That's how I got my first thighjob.

As a Canucklehead who wants to marry a qt conservative girl I must ask you a question.

Are there any refuges of conservative values in your country? Canadian women are fucked.

>ugly face

I realized years ago I have no chance to compete against normies. At least I can keep exercising and improving myself.
>the only winning move is not to play the game

getting a girl with this face is as probable as winning in lottery

Asian dude here. I left those areas and found myself a blonde, blue eyed, catholic woman, no tattoos, doesn't wear make up, doesn't dye her beautiful hair, doesn't smoke or drink, attends church every sunday, who is kind to animals, would love to have children. I think the key is to look in the right places.

how is he fucking her? his stomach alone is 50 pounds

>she's 100% mine now

That's not how this works.

>that jaw

its home of the semi-obscure "incel" movement, or "involuntarily celebate". guys who cant get laid no matter what they try.

guys who feel like "the system" is holding them back, or something.

its people like elliott rodgers who go out and shoot girls

He is a cuckold.

It's infuriating on a biological level that cant even be explained

It makes it impossible to ever truly love a woman because deep down you know shes just an animal that happens to be in love with you right now.

Only virgin women can really be loved or else it is just lust combined with trust and stability(which can still work at least).

Money makes you do crazy things. You Jewish you should know.

>mfw I was in Prague a month ago and banged 2 Czech bitches

Mate, you're a guy with some self respect.

Is there anything the girl can do that'll sooth that nagging voice at the back of your head? Nothing that she can do to compensate for it? If there is, you can talk about that with her.

The other user has a point - was she 100% the other guys' too?


Citation needed

Coincidentally, she's part French-Canadian.

Drunk girls cant see your face well

I know UGLY as fuck guys who are tall and decent body that once a year fuck a decent girl. The girl usually regrets it afterwards, but when drunk all she could do was see tall and maybe attractive.

>It's infuriating on a biological level that cant even be explained
Sure it can! Women have obvious maternity, yet paternity has always been a sticky matter. It's often impossible to tell who the dad is, and this means that historically successful men had to make damn sure it was their lineage being passed on.

Hence men have a super jealous nature to them, as their entire genetic lineage depends on it.

You sound like a beta. I enjoy the challenge. Although, I wasn't talking about american Jewesses, more like first generation Israeli immigrants

Are you a chubby chaser? If yes, fug her.
If no, can you lower your standards?
If yes, fug her.
You must remember fat women smell, if you think you can tolerate smell for puffy pussy, by all means, go.

Mate, you surely did not just post a picture of her on the Internet, did you?

I thought Asians were smart.

t. Asian

You had to join christianity though?

I'd say give it a blow job but that'd be cheating on him with an ex

I'm sorry, my chop stick loving friend.

At least she isn't from Quebec.

Look up Common Filth Radio.

I don't even know how a healthy romantic relationship is supposed to work. I conflate reality with what I read on Cred Forums and now I don't know how to deal with people, much less form meaningful connections with them.

Dude I'm 5'6, not strong, have some fat on my tummy, and am somewhat autistic and I've had sex before and could again if I wanted soon, if I can do it most of you guys can too

I meant like we should be able to overcome our instincts but that one just breaks a mans ability to truly love his wife as a soul mate.

Yeah modern women are trash, but at least we now have neat video games to play.

She tells me no, I am her first real love, she was in a relationship with a disgusting fat guy punching way above his weight before me, and he was trying to control her, not letting her leave the house or talk to anybody and eventually started hitting her, I persuaded her to leave the house and we've fallen madly in love since.

I've only just mustered the courage to ask her about her sexual experiences particularly with this guy and I had to leave the room I was so disgusted.

There's the difference. I dated American jewesses obviously.

And yeah I'm a little bitter whenever I am reminded of lying manipulative bitches, that shit is dishonorable as fuck while our society has normalized it.

Yeah because Africans aren't statistically proven to have the highest amount of AIDS per capita in the world or anything. Zero risk there.

This fucked me up a few days ago

>be me
>In Uni Second Semester
>hang with friends
>Live in leftist town, so most chicks are muh strong independt womyn
>One friend brings a chick from Ukraine who lives in Germany
>Pothead, has Rasta-like hair, smokes pot
>still 7/10 not too shabby
>Expect her to be the worst of them all
>We talk
>tfw she talks about what she wants to call her children later
>tfw She talks about wanting to get settled and has marriage as her life goal.

The Moment when the Eastern European "Dude Weed lmao" Chick is more traditional then any German chick ive met here.

Hi Robert, didn't know you posted on Cred Forums stop being a wetty

The answer is easier and more obvious than OP realizes. He is looking in the wrong place. Go to church and find Jesus. At the same time, you'll find the right girl.

>screw her til the weight drops
have her do most of the calory burning

>fat you can fix
>1,000 dick miles and damaged goods are forever

Surely you have baggage of your own that disgusts you?


Australian women are awful.

everyone was thinking this


Actually, her maternal grandmother is from Montmagny north of Quebec City.

My own baggage? Nothing but vanilla sex. It might be part of the reason I am so disgusted by her past

Church. I hope you're religious.

They...they really are.

>I've only just mustered the courage to ask her about her sexual experiences particularly with this guy and I had to leave the room I was so disgusted.
There's your problem, why ask if you cant handle the answer?Pandora's box has been opened you'll get over it eventually



In the vain hope it was nothing too bad, you are right though, I should never have asked

My man, I'd weigh things up. As stefan molyneux would suggest, she really ought to sort out the issues that drove her to engage in sexual activities as many times as she has, and perhaps as young as she did (perhaps as a result of an awful and absent father or something like that), and with the kind of men that she engaged them with. Perhaps it'll be with a therapist, and when she does finally do therapy, all there is left to hope for regarding her case is that she assumes the personality and character of a proper and sensible girl.

Frankly, you hold the cards in the relationship - I don't get why you just don't wait for the right one. How do you know she's being truthful to you about her love for you? How do you know she isn't deluding herself the way she did in her previous relationships? I mean, she must have managed to convince herself of a 'love' for her previous partners at some point, right?

>OP: if you want someone you can wife and child and trust, go Jap. They're just about the only trustworthy/traditional women left on the planet.

t. I don't know what I'm talking about + grass is greener on the other side

>They want males that embody male characteristics i.e. >1,85, >195lbs

Where did you approach the women? If clubs then no surprise

w-what's wrong with great clips?

Ah, I thought you were a virgin or something.

What's so bad about them? Is it the fact that any Bogan can root your QT3.14 Sheela, and you are left with shot posting on a Taiwanese Waterboarding Forum?

Why overcome that instinct? It's literally what your genetic lineage counts on.

Hell, if nothing else recall that this is part of what fucked the mongols. Genghis' first wife was kidnapped by a rival tribe shortly after their marriage, and was pregnant when he rescued her. He claimed that the resulting son was his, but eventually the question of paternity tore the empire apart.

So yeah, super important.

Yeah, why did you even date them though? Is this common in America?

Legit, the first jew I ever met, I took the virginity of. Barely any in Australia, pretty much non-existent in my area.

I only fucked this Jewess because she was cute, kinda neurotic, vapid. Plus, I like learning about new cultures and religions. Now I have a Jewess fetish.

ayy, but it's not like subhuman gooks are any better, don't betray your race and have elliot rodgers while supporting asian pan-nationalism

Womyn are not as complicated as you think they are.

Bogan "women" are ugly af, attractive conservative white women are incredibly rare in Australia, as we have no bible belt

Mfw we see this thread daily....

>I'm loving the terminology I'm learning ITT
>Thousand cock stare
>tattooed bush pigs

So you "rescued" her from another guy?

One day, some random dude will "rescue" her from you.

Thanks for the advice mate, you're right about everything. She did have a bad childhood and I'm trying to believe she got her crazy phase out of the way and she told me for the first time in her life she wants to have children and feels love like never before. I believe her but I may be wrong, only God knows.

Besides this history she really is the right one, she is everything I ever wanted besides this. And every other girl I have ever met has had ten times as many men at least.

But you're right, I hold the cards, I guess this is the only thing I have heard so far for my days of nausea that has made me feel better.

I gave her some sound advice, she moved out, she paid for a new apartment and she got a new job herself. I hardly rescued her.

>How do you know she isn't deluding herself the way she did in her previous relationships?
I think that's a risk everyone has to take. user might love her now, but things get boring sometimes. Its when things are boring you get to know if you really love a person.

>i'm a 10/10 for sure

pra ter namorada precise Karate
cara ter casa
cara ter carro
cara ter dinheiro...

>And every other girl I have ever met has had ten times as many men at least.

fucking hell, is Britain a fucking pit of degeneracy or what...
How so very far the mighty and glorious have fallen.

Anyway, I think I secure and stable relationship is built upon honesty and trust (the second, I think, is built upon consistency and honesty and openness).
If you're in such a dreadful doubt about her, it's up to you to try to remove it by in depth, honest and open discussions. Get her to seek therapy - no better than a professional and objective look at life to help unravel some of the crap she's internalised because if her upbringing. Maybe seek therapy yourself since you're so infatuated with such a female (just an idea - like attracts like and I'm a little suspicious about you getting happy over the fact that you hold the cards in the relationship. Never be afraid of pursuing self knowledge.)

I'm gonna head to Asda now.

When I was bluepilled I still trusted women until I realized she was manipulating me like a fucking kike to get everything she wanted.

Cred Forums didn't redpill me on the jews, fucking jewesses did.

When a bitch lies to you about lying to you, it just breaks the whole illusion of "love" apart.

She doesn't want to go back to Ukraine.

Stefan Molyneux is a real master at unravelling such psychological mess. He's fucking great.

Take care.

Thanks, have a good day

Well, if he's falling for the same manipulation and traps that her previous partners fell for, then he's pretty bloody well fucked. Maybe her previous partners felt as infatuated with her.

Not really. I don't want to have my organs harvested lol