What is this place called again?



hong kong

New China

Stop drawing attention here, I like my home being irrelevant.

Fucking libshits in love with this place, I can't fucking stand them

Maybe Australia minor

is that a offer?
cos im always up for hunting apes

8th state

Bullshit. That countries flag is just a photoshopped Australian one. I'm 200% sure that it doesn't exist. Its just a myth made in a pub in Queensland back in 1972.

NZ should be the 7th and NT can be the 8th



The country with cuckland and lellington

bloody fiji is in your constitution why don't you talk about them

United Kangaroos

there is not even any kangaroos here

Stop lying Austria


Australia after China wipes their ass with them and conquers their shitposting shacks

Shut up west island.

>tfw living on the most active tectonic plate
>tfw the plate is actually Atlantis
Eventually this country will either literally go under or rise up.


i hoppe it goes under, we dont need you faggots on this earth


t. Auckland


y-you too

Fun Fact, shit posting shacks are protected by anti flooding and fire messure's We are untouchable

>living in one of the most beautiful, safest countries on earth
>living in the most populated, multiculti shithole that is the opposite of traditional kiwi culture and way of life


>Kiwi Culture
You mean running from the thunder guns?

It's not the water that will get you, it's the emus escaping the water and clawing your eyes out that will do you in leb.


What do you mean that it will get me, ill have you know i graduated top of my class in Knife-Jitsu and i can cut emu's at a rate that not even a self depressive emo teen can cut at, so keep talking shit, BIG BOY

I just finished my apprenticeship. Considering moving south or moving to the uk

The Shire

i can confirm this. in action it looks like a glow stick photo on long exposure except swap out glow stick and swap in emu necks and katana strikes

get on our level rangi from Fuck-a-papa, coz we don't play.



ewwww yellow stripe, off to collect some honey mr. bumble bee?

This is pol. We'll have none of that monkey language here.

Its New Zealand.

But Nieuw Zeeland is also acceptable on account of Tasman.

Looking through my local election booklet today. I've got four candidates to choose from.

2 women, 2 guys. Both women have maori names- straight into the trash bin for them. One of the guys on the ticket seems OK, but he's a fag so fuck that shit. Fourth person is a dude in his 40s, owns one business, says he's completely non PC, hates politicians, ding ding ding ding we have a winner.

>not drawing a penis as your vote

well, it's been fun. off to hunt some abos. hood speed.

Doing gods work.

>I've never been to a zoo

oi mind picking me up, meet me at earville cairns tomoz we will go to edmonton and kill some Dindus

I live in Auckland I don't need to go to a zoo to see Monkeys

What do Monkeys have to do with Kangaroos?

I personally like to call that state as less australia, sheep fuckers or chinky islands


middle earth

lesser australia*

Not criminal bred version of Straya


>pussy bred version of Straya

East Bondi

Down Under Down Under
aka our best friends

>These weak bantz
This is pathetic ausfags, even canada is in danger of beating you.

We'll get to them after we annex you, they can wait their turn.

It's too cold. My vegemite is in a frozen state and it doesn't enable higher brain functions as efficiently.

zew nealand

Florida Majoris

says the asia minor