Russia bans Pornhub, YouPorn—tells citizens to “meet someone in real life”

>Two of the biggest porn sites in the world have been blocked by Russia's media regulator, a decision which has apparently prompted uproar on the country's social media.

>Weirder yet, Roskomnadzor, the body that enacted the bans (whose name translated into English is the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), has been actively engaged in sassing members of the Russian public who complain.

>In a now infamous post, Roskomnadzor quoted itself in reply to frustrated porn fans, retweeting what it said during a previous round of bans in 2015: "Dear Lyolya, as an alternative you could try and meet someone in real life." And in its retweet this week, it added: "Dear lovers of the Internet, this piece of advice still stands."

I fully support this.. I wish Germany and Japan would do it next, genocide the weebs and NEETS


Neets on siuside watch

I wish less people watched porn but do they really think they can ban? Do they know how the Internet works.

neets will keep watching their cartoon porn
normalfags are fucked tho LMAO

It's just the 2 most popular sites, there's like 100's more you can find just by googling "porn". It's mostly the message that counts.

Ah, based Russia. All European countries should do this. Fascism? Maybe, but in the long run we will have less degenerated low testo boys. (((Porn))) was invented as one of many weapons against the white race.

First they ban the porn, then they ban the "offensive" websites, then they ban pork and then everyone is living under sharia law.

>2 popular pron sites banned
>there are millions of others and with a lot more serious stuff like guro, pedo etc.
>it can be circumvented with a simple http proxy anyway

>Pepe becomes america's public enemy #1
>No-fap movement implemented in Russia

Those are great times for Cred Forums

Shores up Putin's Orthodox credentials whilst encouraging Russians to fuck in real life more to boost fertility.

it's ok because Russian muslims are different from other Muslims and Putin represents Christian values and he gonna save us from the degeneracy riding on his bear of freedom and truth plz invade my country Russia senpai

Not a bad policy.

Hasn't Putin a little respect for the six millions? This is insulting, goy.

Ban porn

Does anyone have studies or things that show the bad influence of porn on males? I need to redpill someone who pretends that new studies show there is zero risk.

>"I'll give you my porn when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"


what a comfy gif.

I hope the kike owned American porn industry get's b& next.
Especially all that blacked bullshit the burgers seem to like so much.

the only "bad influence" i could think of, is the lack of interest in roasties.

all behaviors are habits

you are damaging the " reward " receptors in your brain, you will become a depressed virgin with brain damage

there was a Ted talk about the degeneracy of Porn habits
Porn alone isn't the problem, it's the normalizing of degenerate behaviors that is truly disgusting

they should have banned Cred Forums also