Should I study political science? Maybe it is a meme degree but I want to make a difference in my countries politics...

Should I study political science? Maybe it is a meme degree but I want to make a difference in my countries politics. I see it going to shit and we need conservative millennials who are willing to get into politics to combat the majority of millennials who have liberal views.

Political science = applied sociology

It's a meme degree and you don't need it to get into politics just like you don't need journalism degree to be a journalist.

Student organizations at unverisites are open to everyone so you can be politically active even if you're studying women studies or archeology. I regret not being active during my studies, you can learn a lot and meet important people like that.

International relations is much more interesting imo, check if your university offers it.

Trump rewrote political science
So i doubt it will be useful at all

It's a cool degree. But nobody will listen to what you have to say about politics, which will just make you rage and think "I don't tell this nigger how to do fucking pharmacy science, why do they think they can argue with me about politics?" The best you can probably do with it is become a lawyer (also fucking dumb rn) or a polisci professor.

t. Political Scientist.

Do what the fuck you want don't seek approval from people just fucking do it bro you got this work hard

Don't fall for the STEM meme, OP

Im not sure if its the same with every uni, but at mine, they force liberalism down your throat, I cant even speak up in lectures without fear of 400 normies raging

It just seems easier to get into politics with a degree but I'd rather do a trade through the army or something and then hopefully get into politics but I want to start young. I'm going to get a One Nation membership.

You don't get into politics with a pol science degree..

Study Law and go from there. While studying already become active in the party you want to support.

get an actual job then get into politics, nobody likes a career politician

Political Science to understand the the system mechanism.
Law to understand how the lawmaking system works.
And if you can, take some sociology courses, they will help a lot.

Thats how i'm doing it (although with international relations which is 1 step above political science) thats what my professors told me works best and some local politicians confirmed it. (hell even a local mason confirmed it)

Start new party. Like Hitler.

don't lie to yourself, degree in social sciences won't help you as long as you don't have high social iq or however you want to call it. If you're shit at building connections you won't succeed no matter how much you know about politics.

Political science is like getting a degree in photography.


Learn something real then get into politics.

This. Career politicians are the scum of the earth

political science is only for academia. It won't get you very far in actual politics

most politicians in Germany are Lawyers. I'd imagine it's the same anywhere else really.

Don't go for Law though. The females are suppressing the wages

>Should I study political science?

Truth is you'll end up a Marxist.

Most alt-right kids are just Socialists in Development, who went looking for answers online and found Cred Forums.

Once introduced to a higher standard of academic discipline, a lot of what you currently believe will be challenged, and you will end up changing your views. Seen this happen hundreds of times, you'll be no different.

Does Ausland have combined degree with polsci and economics? There's one here and it's pretty revered and lands people right next to controlling the government resources.

I was rejected for a journalism job. FYI white men always need degrees for what they're applying for. No degree? The brown woman gets the job instead.

Do it as a Minor or Major. I'm doing Public Relations as my primary degree minoring in political science. Sets you up nicely to slip into an advisor position, which is where I am now.

I vote this.

Depends where you study it

My course was mostly Austrian economics and rational choice theory

Steer clear of anything to do with critical theory

Don't go for it, it's worthless. Study medicine, law, maths, economics or computer science, but only top schools

Just like most 'socialists' eventually come to realise free markets actually work

I'm about to study european economics for the same reason.

You messed up the order

you will be a puppet for the system

you would waste your time, even more so at times like these

>you can learn a lot and meet important people like that
You can meet important people if you have a parent that is in a party. Political science is pure filth in Poland. It has an interesting name, but it's a worthless degree, good only if you think about pursuing an academic career

>european economcis
>learning about an institution that has a high probability to ceasing to exist soon

>I want to make a difference in my countries politics
what makes you think a degree in political "science" will help you achieve that goal?

Better than getting on your knees to suck Muslim dick

It's not about EU, but about Russian-German or Polish-German partnership, don't know which one to pick so far.

Study history instead.
PoliSci is filled with ancoms and SJWs.

Russian-German for those sweet oil deals

if you really wanna 'make a difference' these days you'd have to do some truly wild shit, some shit involving clocks and pressure cookers and shit if you know what i mean. this post is 100% comedy though haha

almost no prominent politicians studied polscience
they're usually journos or have a stem degree

>or have a stem degree
lol not in the states

>conservative millenials

Maybe that's only the german view (since some other german anons posted this) but political science in germany teaches you the theories and methologies to try to understand the world. Not how to make a good politican.

If you are good and go for a Ph.D. you can work at a think thank, but for being a politician you need a degree in something where people say "yeah I trust that guy and vote him" and that is usally not political science.

in Europe though
lawyers is also a big one

polscience teaches you how to analyze politics in retrospect (and that it's essentially random and not really a science, just like sociology) not how to be an effective leader and public figure

t. sub-40k liberal arts major

In order to get into politics you'll have to do much more than getting a fancy degree.

it's pure disinformation, it's all women centric now as the social sciences bleed into one another. Don't spend your energy just fitting in, making yourself malleable, when you could be learning something positive. It's not worth it, men mature at age 30, you don't want four of those years to be wasted on being primed by the enemy. You can pick up chicks being more of an entertainer type at pubs.

Consider the fact that currently, shitposting en masse has resulted in more of a direct influence the common man has ever held in local or even global politics. Consider whether a degree from X uni could really be all that helpful.

pretty much this, do sociology and do the most theory intensive stuff you can find (marx, durkheim, simmel, foucault). i've found it immensely rewarding and there always seems to be a great unique spin on every issue.

Most universities a degree in politics, philosophy and economics is a better degree IMO. Although, if you wanted to extend outside of academia, it'd probably best to get into science communications or journalism or something. Look at Milo

Wrong most females are not really that good. If you are decent student, you will be payed well above 6 figures after the First year.

Almost every politician in the UK studied politics

If you don't study something to do with computing - you are already dead.

You have to study a combination, only political Science is a set up for failure since many already know this discipline is a diploma mile for left wing nut jobs. Do a cyber security, mathematics or similar stuff as add on and all doors will be open to you.

Politics is about DOING shit for a change,, not just learning about it.

Go out and do something

This. Merkel has a doctor in physical chemistry for example.

Lmao its more like this
>Everyone is equal race is skin deep
>WTF this affirmative action is racist as fuck, black people don't need special help
>Oh everything was a lie

From there you will either become a socialist to take advantage of retards or become a capitalist to succeed despite retards

>If you are decent student, you will be payed well above 6 figures after the First year.
yes if you are part of the top 10% grades wise.
Which most people obviously are not, especially if they are regulars on fucking Cred Forums

Most of our pol Science Students in Germany work as advisors later on, if they are not unemployed, many do agitprop for leftwing and anti right Trust funds and goverment Programms.

>From there you will either become a socialist to take advantage of retards or become a capitalist to succeed despite retards
Or a national socialist to improve the retards.

I thought a lot of German politicians had pol. sci. PhDs and there was a scandal a couple years back when it turned out a huge amount of them were plagirised

Your time on Cred Forums and reading Cred Forums approved books is polysci.

You will be paying tens of thousands of dollars to have Jews and frizzy-haired mullatos scream YOU'RE A FUCKING WHITE MALE in your face for four years.

I know several people semi regulary on pol who who are really sucessful and twenty five top percentil is enough, if you know how social code works and you are rhetoricaly sophisticated.

no most of our MPs are lawyers
there are studies about this

No, there was an affair about zu Guttenberg, who was the minister of defense and very popular. He was a lawyer and plagiarized his promotion, that's why he lost his degree and had to retire.

Not true at all. I major in p.s. and am most def not a socoalist. I've just realized no one system works on its own, they're all flawed.

You are likley talking about Gesine Schwan, but she is more of an exception, few higher level politicans have a political Science degree.

pffff, being in political science will not make you change politics you don't need it.


do you think trump would happen if he wasn't rich, heck he will be jailed by the normies and strenghten libshit grip on society. but thnk god he is smart money maker.

am i wrong Cred Forums ?

I'm in military, majoring in pol sci. It's basically the most straight forward degree for entering law school. If law isn't your plan I wouldn't suggest it. But do what you love, and you'll figure it out. I'm not a crazed socialist either. There are plenty of sane people in pol sci, more than you'd expect

Stop with the meme shit. After a few years of pol sci it's amazing how misinformed and straight wrong a lot of people are on pol. There's lots of burger pol sci majors who make quality posts a lot to help supplement the bullshit in lots of threads. Yes you can learn all of it on your own, but being lead in the right direction and reading some unusual stuff is a great benefit.

You have to know what to read, there is a big amount of good interdisciplinary political science literature out there e.g. Carl Schmitt, Niccolò Machivelli, Frank Salter and many more. Strategic studies is a really good discipline as a hole.

This Runescape herb speaks the truth. If you(OP) want to study Pol.Sci then go ahead and do it. Don't let a Nigerian handball forum dissuade you.

>Should I study political science?
>Should I pay money study political science?
No, it's a waste. Take something practical or take nothing at all. You can take poli sci as an elective, or just study it yourself online.

>I want to make a difference in my countries politics

Lol, Australia is actually well beyond the point of saving. Get a skill that makes you employable and concentrate on looking after yourself and your family. That way when Aus turns into yet another shitty Asian country you'll have the capital to either live well in that or jump ship to greener pastures.

>runescape herb

> get rich
> work on your charisma
> hijack a party
> win elections
Much easier than getting a meme degree designed to make people poor and dependent on the powerful and change the system from the lowest wrung of the ladder.

Political science in France == potential diplomat master race

Political science everywhere else ==meme subhuman degree

>tfw "don't fall for the STEM meme" is a meme

meta-shills fug off

The only redpilled degrees are these:
>STEM (except psychology and social sciences)
Everything else are retarded degress for shitstains

Every single political science student I've met has been a pathetic human being.