Based Kiwi Politician

The Best bloke in parliament


"Do I want the country filled up with Muslims? No. I don't particularly want the influence of Islam here at all . . . We can get all the immigrants we need from 'traditional source countries' and still leave people in the queue."


"Our society, New Zealand society, Western society in general, has been hijacked by a conspiracy of Silly Little Girls. They're everywhere; in the schools, in the media, in the public service, in the judiciary, even in Cabinet."


"Could dog control merely be an excuse to perfect the technology of micro-chipping, to allow its future use on . . . people?"


"The majority of New Zealand can only watch in despair as the South Africa we knew fades inexorably into the twilight of civilisation. The best we can offer is a new home to her refugees . . . South Africans and Rhodesians were always New Zealand's closest cousins."


"If I decide to smack my kids, then that is no concern of other people, particularly those who have never had kids."


"I don't like liberals pinching the term liberal any more than I like queers pinching the word gay. I mean, if people want to be weak, stupid, effeminate, erectile dysfunctional, naive, apologist, namby-pamby, thumb-sucking, lefty pinko fantasy-land morons, let them find their own word for themselves, and leave 'liberal' for us genuine freedom-loving, gonad- equipped, libertarian go-getters."

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What did he's say about Chinx and poo in the loos


"I do think the Chinese are coming, and I do think it blindingly obvious that we need to resurrect and maintain effective combat forces and reliable military alliances."


"The hand-wringers and bleeding hearts can say what they like; until society abandons its liberal guilt mentality and demonstrates that it is prepared to get tough, until we are prepared to put the rights of decent folk above those of thieves and low-lifes, the criminal menace will remain."


"I don't like part-Maori hypocrites demanding compensation for injustices that weren't done to them . . . They're wanting me to compulsorily learn to speak Maori. Why? What for? So I can communicate with people in other Maori-speaking countries?"


"Welfare needs to be a safety net . . . not a hammock for generations of those who cannot be bothered."


"The Green Party, putting the 'mental' back into 'environmental' since 1990."

Somebody doesnt want to get elected president.

we don't have a president we are a monachy

somebody thinks they are the chosen people, and are on a path to failure and total annihilation.

How popular is he?

he is on the back benches so no one knows who he is except when he was talking about kicking out Muslims back to "Wogistan" last year

>conspiracy of Silly Little Girls. They're everywhere; in the schools, in the media, in the public service, in the judiciary, even in Cabinet.
What does he mean by this?

Right on everything except environmental policy and women. "Muh Men's Rightz" and"Muh trash filled seas and complete global destruction" are not red pilled, you little faggot.

>Muh Men's Rightz"
m8 he's not men's rights he has a wife and children

also he says nothing about enviromental policy he just hates the green party

This guy sounds absolutely based desu, particularly the silly little girls in society comment.

Also in the article

"There were other racist overtones. He was concerned only with aviation security in the "West" and "Christendom" but not elsewhere in the world. Citing the story of virgins awaiting martyrs in Muslim paradise, he wrote "the only virgins of any interest to me are my babies [his two young daughters], who I will protect until death, so that they may grow up to be the confident, powerful, equal citizens that their Norse and Celtic lineage, and New Zealand's egalitarian laws, have destined them to be".

You don't need to be an MRA to realize that modern feminists have gone completely off the deep end.

I wouldn't mind moving to New Zealand.

White, Anglo-Canadian, Skilled

here is the skill list m8 apply now

>"Muh Men's Rightz"

fuck off back to tumblr where you belong, faggot

Well done OP. Prosser is a based guy, he deserves a wider audience.

> silly little girls.
One of his best.

Thanks man

cheers m8

Just received my voting papers. I know no one gives a shit about local politics but this time round I decided to check out who is running. I'm so glad I did.

I've got 4 candidates to chose from. 2 women, 2 guys. Both women have maori names- so straight into the trash bin for them. One of the guys on the ticket seems OK although lits if talk about public transport. A friend told me he's a fag so fuck that shit. Not voting for him.

Fourth person is a dude in his 40s, owns his own business, says he's completely non PC, hates politicians, seems like Prosser 2.0 ding ding ding ding we have a winner.

Have filled out my paper, going in the post tomorrow.

what city are you

Australian politicians could learn a thing or 2 from this guy..

I don't know anything about the maori, are they on the same tier as Australian abbos or Canadian chugs?

chimping out half the time and the other being sneaky and getting the government to give them land and affirmative but overall alot smarter and more human then most natives


You don't vote for the monarchy Chaim.

Feminism is the ultimate blue pill, you little faggot.

Huge fan of Richard Prosser. I follow him on twitter and he follows back. Gonna go to his next Canterbury speech. He is my number 1 pick for when Winnie eventually retires.

unfortunately ron mark will get it


this. what city and candidate?

Jaffa here my councilors and mayoral candiates area all cucks

meh, the media are angling for Shane Jones to jump in from Labour. I'd rather Ron Mark than that fat faggot. Richard is the candidate NZ First members actually want.


curwen would be pissed if richard got in

Fuck that Curwen faggot. He infiltrated NZ First and has damaged their image so much.

fucking lel

how does he go in the media, is he your pauline hanson? how the fuck can he get away with saying such Cred Forums-tier shit?

he got to be the epsom delegate at the conferce

nah he is a unknown back bencher until every few months he stirs shit up

The youth leader of NZ's only remotely Nationalist youth party is a White Hindu race traitor. Someone warm those ovens up.

Hinduism is the most red pilled religion there is m8

Nice try Raj but I'm well aware of all the Indians and Pakis in the UK. Didn't fool me.

>god for everything, probably one for being late to work too
>no god for pooing in loo

so based

Wait who is that faggot and why does he have a dot? I thought only Hindu women got the dot head.

poo in loo jamsheed

he got arrested a few months ago for weed. also apparently he is getting bitchy because conservative party members are now joining up

Curren Ares Rolinson, leader of the NZ First Youth wing. How can you not know who he is?

Youth wing coup when

Holy shit, I didn't know NZ still had people like this. I'm impressed.

I love this big strong man.

Arrested for possession or trafficking?

possession but NZ First is basically an old peoples party so they hate him a lot

thank you Sir Poo-Poo Patal

Yeah he has haters. He was selling though, police don't really arrest u here just for a tiny bit. They caught him with all his baggies. What a dumb cunt lol.

How's NZ First doing anyway? Are they actually relevant in kiwi politics?

polling is on 15% meaning they are the king maker

Relax man, I'll do some research into this soft cock and see what I find.

I'm game. chch here btw. We could easily seize control with a decentralized take-over.

He made a speech about how nz first is "The party of big government" and then was shouted down with people calling him a commie

Are they in a coalition with anyone else? Will they support National?


Yeah this Curwen cunt is clueless.

Not currently. Hard to say how the election will play out. It's not until next year.

Only a complete full blown AIDS having faggot would not vote for this guy

they will only be in coalition with whoever agrees with most of their polices. which means that their anti immigrant will upset the nats and the anti maori will upset labour

Pretty much ticks all the boxes. Now for the final boss: What does he think of jews/israel?

Back on this topic somewhat, how is the rebuilding in Christchurch going? I am an electrician and I used to hear about New Zealand companies recruiting Canadian tradesmen to work there.

I can't tell

Two normal white people giggling at a faggot

Christchurch will be over in a few years but Auckland has a massive housing shortage and plumbers i know were getting paid 60-80 NZD an hour

Why cant canada have nice things?

Doesnt the cold keep out the niggers?

chch is going well, plenty of work

chch has at least a decade of solid trades work, but auckland has plenty of demand short and long-term also.

The leader of NZ's opposition met with A FUCKING LEAF earlier in the week. Fuck Trudeau.

The natives are our nogs and they are immune to cold, they probably have developed a tolerance from passing out drunk in the cold prairie winter.



This man represents the majority of our citizens mate.

Some of them. There are different tribes, but the eskimos are probably the most sensible of the lot desu

what does he have to say about rooting sheep ?

That aussies do it better iirc

I think you mean red-dotted



I talked to John Key recently and Andrew Little a year ago. Friend is a young Nat lel. Not real fans of them. Labour sent mail to everyone in Hamilton about their policies on the housing crisis recently.
Not really clued up on NZ politics that much but are you guys voting NZ First? Is the Conservative party still a thing?

>Is the Conservative party still a thing?
nah m8 that is long gone of any chance

No idea why you morons hate Chinese innigration so much. Better a based Chinabro than fucking Africans or Middle Easteners.

I think we can all agree none of them is the best answer. The chinks aren't that great, they buy up a shitload of property that should be NZ owned.

This. Vancouver should be a great Canadian city but it is literally owned by Chinese people. They arent bad in the same way as blacks and Moslems but they will take over and you really just don't want them in NZ.