"Create a free zone for refugees in Sweden"

Sweden may establish a free zone for refugees where they will be completely self-sufficient. They may in that event live and work there, without any cost for Swedish taxpayers. It suggests Romer, incoming chief economist at the World Bank.

- The refugee issue is a huge problem, but there are possible solutions. Sweden, a sparsely populated country, would be able to rent a land area of Hong Kong's size. There could receive millions of people who must support themselves and not have to cost anything.

As a comparison, Hong Kong has an area of at Öland and a population of over seven million.

- It is important then that this free zone shall be counted as an independent unit, with its own laws and rules - not as part of Sweden. Those who live there will not be Swedish citizens, but to live his life completely separate from the rest of society, says Paul Romer.

This means that wages can be lower, longer working hours - and so on. In Sweden should there be strict border control, making it impossible for the free zone inhabitants to move to the other side of the border. They are, quite simply, had to cope financially themselves.


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>gather all the rapefugees in the same spot and wall them in
>firebomb them all

I think it's great that ireland is a good 10 or 20 years behind this suicidal behavior so that when European countries erupt into civil war I will have a nice long time to sell up and move out before it comes here.

I can't even begin to imagine how much of a hellhole this place would be. All for it.

Move wear?

>middle eastern country goes to shit because the muslim population is too high and they keep killing each other
>people flee
>hey, let's take them all and put them in their own country
Genius! What could go wrong?

>Create a free zone
>It turns separatist and revolts, creating a new nation
It's like they've never learned from history

>with its own laws and rules

how are you Scandinavians fucking shit up so badly so quick..... this is getting disturbing

Oh boy a terror cell pressure cooker within their own borders.
What a fantastic fucking idea.

Somewhere third world where my moderate euro money will allow me to live like a king.

The refugees are not shot when they illegally cross into Europe from south, the refugees won't be shot when they illegally cross into Sweden from their enclave.

Why the hell not, uninhabited land is almost worthless here. Even if that creates a small risk of that area slowly requesting independence, this is not nearly as bad as extrapolation of current situation into future.

This might become normal though considering the muslim populations in europe. Maybe they can create a new mini country and force all the non-europeans who won't go back to their countries into the new mini countries. It will have to happen eventually considering the demographics.

To Queens, the capital of the Trump Empire.

oh fucking shit
fucking called it
oh where were you when Sweden got it's own Kosovo

I kind of like this idea actually, just build the wall high enough.

This is amazing.
We can do a case study on how useless mudshits are, now!

I can't tell if he's insane or if he wants to shove a huge redpill into Sweden.

>lets set up an enormous cancerous ghetto inside our country where they can do what ever they want

how about fucking no

They will just get bored to death.

Kowloon 2.0

So you're basically creating a country within your country, and filling it with people directly hostile to your own native blood and soil?

>literally take out fucking country one piece at a time

Deport "refugees" with the traitorous politicians that invited them.

Or, you know. What what you want with your own Nation - until it is no longer your's.

I wish we could do this with all niggers and shitskins. Put them all in a savage reserve, like in Brave New World. Let them develop on their own and let us enjoy civilization without barbarism.

Oh wow inviting the creation of a foreign state within your own borders what could possibly go wrong.

Will we have an "Escape from Stockholm" where Kurt Russell rescues the King of Sweden from their refugee "safe zone"

basically create a palestine in every western country (muslim enclaves) that later turn out too troublesome so you have to remove (exterminate) them.

giving israel casus belli to secure and expand its borders. its like clockwork. called it a decade ago

>they brutally torture and murder eachother on a small area
>If they try to leave shoot them or air drop them back in

Isn't it beautiful.

>Sweden establishes a free zone for refugees
>refugees become more radical, electing a islamic fundamentalist government
>they begin sending terrorist to sweden
>sweden establishes a siege on the free zone
>people protest
>it's a notha gaza
if you belive in meme magic screencap this

Why don't you just give them your entire fucking country. Why waste time giving them a small bit of it when they're just going to get it all sooner or later.

Sweden never ceases to surprise and repulse me.

Maybe he meant a free fire zone

Interesting idea, but how about we don't do this in Sweden? How about we do this in the middle east. And how about we don't let them have their own insane laws where slavery is allowed, how about we make a constitution for them where it's made clear that Sharia will forever be subordinate to the constitution.

Literal colonization.

I want them to do it and then we will see how fucked up those people are when they start killng and kidnapping kids
Or someone to actually bomb that place

Like... Palestine?

They're working on it, have some patience.

nah America
it actually works
and after they do it, it will go in the same way kosovo and metohija has
the slimes will breed more, KiM used to have a serb majority but serbs only had 1-3 children while albanians had 6+ per family
and then they will slowly take sweden, part by part

It's a trick to move Somalia to Sweden and have a completely open border with it.
>Refugees arnt coming to Sweden they are coming to Swedistan...then crossing the unguarded border, guarding it would be racist.Nothing we can do about it :3

Too slow, one year range is more adequate

Why can't they have such project in Saudi Arabia?

Dude. Isnt sweden your neighbor? You should know better. It will be an rogue enemy terrorist state that is constantly launching attacks while sweden pat themselves on the back for being tolerant.

We could just deport them.

the guy suggesting all this is american

The second season of ghost in the shell SAC is actually coming true.


Fuck america. American politics and polititions are ruining the world.

They did that in some EU countries a while back, promised illegals citizenship, rounded them up in large sports stadiums, then sent most back where they came from.

Decades? Within 3 to 5yrs they will impose strict sharia and demand they import more muslims to this area, they will launch attacks if need be to have the Swedes meet their demands, it'll basically become a muslim militant state, they'll demand more land as their population swells.

inb4 lefties claiming 'it's anudda warsaw ghetto!'

This is like giving them their own country inside the country. We are fucked.

Any Ideas? I was thinking about Slovenia or Moldova within the next 5 years, and just doing freelance work on E-Lance. I'm from a coastal town down south and it's already about 10% brown/black.

Sweden what are you doing!?

At least when you were being maximum cuck it seemed like you had direction and purpose (even if very misguided). This seems schizophrenic, you're essentially creating a real life version of escape from New York. Shit like "they can have lower wages and longer hours" sounds like pro slavery globalism.

...and I think that's it. All this "progressiveness and diversity" was just a ruse, and the false pretended are finally being dropped. It's about globalism and cheap labour, it always was!

What?! Eaten by pigs on the border?
It's the ultimate muslim border patrol.

Croatia. Along the coast.

lel woops, I wonder how long der swedes can get by without being members of NATO

Not too much longer if this continue :D:D:D

>Compare a mountain village to a fucking HONG KONG
>No mention about who would sponsor the fucking infrastructure
What about just sending Mike, Bravo and Tsar to Sweden instead, would create so much FREE space for niggers to reside in.

You are literally creating a military base right outside of Rome for the Visagoths to destroy you.


That is only because Ireland don't bomb muslim countries so muslims have no incentive to change your politics to stop murdering people back home. ISIS have not put you on their list because you have not attacked them and muslims in general don't feel that the Irish are responsible for their situation.

i actually don't see this as too bad of an idea, at least relative to what's going on in cuckland right now

who's behind it though, lefties?

So basically your creating a foreign colony in Sweden. Like we did in America, Canada, Australia, south Africa, and the rest. That should go well for the Swedes.

Yeahhh living on the coast will cost you more especially in the summer. If you want ok costs go either to Rijeka (if you want coast(it is the only city on the coast that isnt that touristy)) or Zagreb or Osijek but 0 guarantee you will find a job

har har har, we all know where this leads to

Nippon with the insight.

Child sex trafficking?

Captain Sweden: Allahrkhan City

>Sweden may establish a free zone for refugees where they will be completely self-sufficient. They may in that event live and work there, without any cost for Swedish taxpayers. It suggests Romer, incoming chief economist at the World Bank.

As opposed to letting them live in their own native self governing countries where they can live and become completely self-sufficient...

So what they're suggesting is to ghettoize them, so they create a little pocket of their third world shithole in Sweden.

Those already exist, back in the shitholes from they came from.

This is great. Put them all in their own ghetto where they kill each other so their numbers are kept in check.

What a roundabout (and suicidal) way of admitting that (((integration))) doesn't work.


slavery, stealing, drugs, murders, wars, multiculturalism, the lot

>Why the hell not
Sweden, you must understand you have a completely defective thought process.

I will fix it for you.

Muslims from Africa have no business being in Europe. We don't owe them anything. We don't have to solve the problems they create themselves by being Muslim Arabs and niggers.

Even if you would solve their problems they would not be grateful, they would still hate you because you are Kaffir. It's in their manual.

Isn't this basically separating your own land? WTF is happening.


The inequality will breed resentment. This will be a second Palestine. An Islamic ghetto in the heart of Scandinavia that will become a flashpoint of conflict and the nucleus of a European caliphate.

Fucking madness.

Why does it have to be in Europe? There's plenty of empty land in Saudi Arabia and in the Sahara, both already peaceful Muslim countries.

>In Sweden should there be strict border control, making it impossible for the free zone inhabitants to move to the other side of the border.
This will never happen, the EU will force their open border/free movement policy on Sweden. Or the courts or left-wing nuts in Sweden will rule it "inhumane" to trap people in a peaceful land with their own home and rule of law.

Sweden does sometimes seem like a naive innocent child doesn't it?

Just Sweden, also this

>integration vs segregation has been a problem with immigrants forever
>let's give them their own country

Sweden yes!

I am pretty fucking sure that is a apartheid state

Cuckistan is also working on it. They're capital has fallen but they keep shitposting and attacking other cucks.

>mudslimes and niggers
>support themselves

and over the years people will complain more and more about it cuz muh open borders and it's actually a prison and shit. then gradually borders will be opened and you are in bigger trouble than before

kek, do it sweden.

>createinf another country inside your country
HAHAHAHA fucking cu- oh wait

How come Croats are the friendliest of the Adriatic Coast countries? Anytime I meet Croats young or old they're super friendly. Even during the Euros and the fan protests, everyone was still always smiling and happy to chat and not in a condescending North American way where they talk to you like your a baby.

>Those who live there will not be Swedish citizens, but to live his life completely separate from the rest of society, says Paul Romer.
>This means that wages can be lower, longer working hours - and so on. In Sweden should there be strict border control, making it impossible for the free zone inhabitants to move to the other side of the border. They are, quite simply, had to cope financially themselves.

nono, its a privilege free econimic enrichment zone

Basically seeding your land to muzz scum to make a country in your territory - well done captain Sweden cucks himself again.

It's all going to happen within a decade, senpaifeld.

>force building ghettos

to croatia, to buy another 10 years before it comes here.

then poland.. hungary..

that nearly sounds reasonable
swedish cucks literally want to cede lands to the migrants
or in this case, would-be conquerors

This, how stupid are the people in charge?

They are willing giving away their country, whilst previously this was what wars were all about.

Because forcing muslims to care for other muslims is racist.

this is genious!

All these immigrants that we can't send back because they threw away their passport, We just create a client state and throw them there.

Then we go all israel on them and move in every third year or so with a few leo2's and cv90's and fuck up the most uppety ones.

We are going to need a big wall

When will the hunting permits become available?

>Sweden may establish a free zone for refugees where they will be completely self-sufficient. They may in that event live and work there, without any cost for Swedish taxpayers. It suggests Romer, incoming chief economist at the World Bank.

Oh okay, neat.
So the Jews are just actively carving up your nation and giving it to foreigners, now.

>a free zone for refugees where they will be completely self-sufficient

We already did it.
Surprisingly the result is not kawaii.

>the whole plan was to create a nordic mexico for cheap labor and proto-slavery

s-sweden NO

Surely those labels are bullshit.

>kids play area
>artist area

Fuck off.

That looks awfully flammable.

>Creating fucking reserves for refugess

dude lmao, look how it worked out for North America.

>Sweden becomes Israel 2.0
>Björnsteenson and Olafssteinson getting bombed by mudshits because they gave up their own clay
>thinks it's a good idea to give mudshits their own country when they can't even handle theirs

This is gonna be better than Merkels "Wir schaffen das" bullshit.

that is actually a great idea, but

a) i doubt that would not be costs to the taxpayers as the female population will likely vote for swedish aid to "help these poor souls over there", financed by taxpayers obviously.

b) why would you voluntarily want to have a small-scale Somalia bordering your own territory?

>cede land from your nation to permanently create a colony of shitskins with a religion that hates your way of life

I grew up hating my government for it's corruption and incompetence but at last i truly see,it could be so so much fucking worse.

Oh vey, now the goyim sees it! Finnish labour unions have been screaming the same thing since 90's, this migration business is nothing but cheap labour and a ploy to make the working class to lose everything they have achieved. Say goodbye to 37,5h working week and hello to 60-80 hours per week of slave labour. This "Hong Kong" would end up like Gaza and after that a full "integration", whoops you swede cucks have islamic state inside and you are the slaves now.

It seems that now is the time to establish our own nuclear weapon program. We will fucking erase you!

I'll take the Mikes x 10. The only clean H-bomb that ever was.

This is the only good possible outcome for Sweden now. It truly is sad, but they brought this upon themselves.

>why would you voluntarily want to have a small-scale Somalia bordering your own territory?

So you don't have the collateral damage risks from them being dispersed throughout the country. Once they're in the zone, who's going to notice when they start disappearing?

>Create a free zone for refugees
It's called Syria.

>how about fucking no
why not?
the only people they would be a threat to would be themselves, unlike in the current state of affairs.
that way the 10% of bad apples would be executed inside their own area by the 90% if they raped/pillaged/murdered people.

>Ivy Mike

Castle Bravo was only dirtier by virtue of it irradiating more coral. Most of Mike's yield was from fission so it was very dirty. You're thinking of the Tsar Bomba which was clean because it's third stage was replaced with an inert lead tamper.

>b) why would you voluntarily want to have a small-scale Somalia bordering your own territory?
bordering? They already have it internaly

mfw Merkel wanted to be the next Hitler but Sweden is beating her to it.

Daily reminder to spread this map of migrant crime in Swesnce since 2010 where you can

Link: google.com/maps/d/viewer?app=mp&hl=en_US&mid=1chA4hWXfmlPvkhm5gpTkMCb1XDQ

It's really sad. At least in the U.K., Germany and France one people seen wit their own eyes the shit show in front of them they began to fight back. But in Sweden they just turn their backs, bury their heads and close their eyes. Like a battered wife to an alcoholic husband. "Maybe he'll change? It's only when hes drunk, hes good 90% of the time".

A large scale Swedish concentration camp.

before that happens that zone would end like every other islamic shithole.

Just switch the population of any proper western country with random islamic hell hole and in 50 years the wealth balance would've switched completely.

Why haven't you covered it with pig shit yet? Take couple tractor-tankers with the spraying system and first drive the Calais harbor road and spray the camp side. So that the road and side of it has 5cm layer of pig shit, twenty meters deep. Then drive to the camp and spray them with more pig shit. Should be very haram to live there after that.

I feel like sweden is a massive team player, i refuse to believe they are this cucked and suicidal.

The only logical thing is for them to do all this shit and let it be used as an example for other nations and for nationalism to make a reemergence. It is the only way.

How is even legal to be this fucking stupid?

That man should be fucking hanged.

>tfw my country is fucking dead and everyone is now pissing on the corpse

Timeline is way too long. First stages will happen in 2 years

>Surely those labels are bullshit.

English media...
The biggest joke is "entrance", as if it was a well organised neighbourhood.

Yes, yes, just like Nauru is a self sufficient island camp for all our refugees, heheh

My bad, you are correct. Tsars or some new clean design it will be then.

To be honest doesn't sound too bad.
I mean yyou're literally giving away a part of your country, but only a very small one -now inhabitaded by very low paid workforce. A giant gulag - Genius!

Was this the plan all along?

Great idea. A containment zone. Not that I haven't thought about it. But there shouldn't be ghoul clay anywhere in Europe.

I'm opposed to it.
For the simple reason that everyone knows this will end in exactly one possible result

>they fuck it up and start starving
>the Swedish government swoops in and takes care of all of them

They can already take care of themselves in their own country, there is no reason to move them elsewhere.

>self sufficient refugees

Just kill the jews already.

Why the fuck would any of them want to live in the Swedish wild west when they could get free gibsmedats in Germany?

Sweden might just be the example that saves the rest of the civilized world.

Why can't they just do this back in there own country?

I seem to recall a place where people like those refugees live. A place thats governed by people like themselves.

let me think for a sec.

Oh yeah, the fucking middle east.

>muslim immigrants
>not relying on Swedish welfare

Pick fucking one. Why does this faggot think they even came here in the first place?

Yep, I'm hoping we can negotiate to have our mud population transferred over.

What happens in Nauru? Who would seek asylum THERE??

>self sufficient
Does raping and pillaging the neighbourhood count as "self sufficient"?

Can we build a wall around the area?

Can we call it something like "consolidation establishment"... or what was that thing...

>literally giving away land without a fight that millions of your ancestors died to conquer and preserve

Hahahja after all of this shit they realise that segregation is the answer. However is not.... I want to see their faces when the habitants of the new region start migrating to Sweden again

>Sweden establishes a free zone for refugees.
>Refugees elect an Islamic fundamentalist government
>New refugee crisis as millions of refugees flee the free zone.

I think that's a terrific idea.
I mean you have to be a gigantic cluck to even consider giving up a portion of your territory willingly, but it beats letting rapefugees shitting all over your country.

More importantly, it'd show what kind of a society these poor refugees want for themselves, how they'd govern if they ever became a majority, and that we don't want that shit on ourselves.

I'd be eternally grateful to Sweden for their sacrifice. As an added bonus, sociologists would get enough research material on human cruelty for generations to come.

it's fucking over.

Song related

>using far-right neocon reactionary sources
Good one

sweden giving away its land for free. not to native citizens. not even to its neighbors. No, to people from another continent to build up an enclave / beachhead.

stay classy, swedes

>we couldn't keep them out of Europe
>we will totally manage to force them into a tiny, overcrowded area with no gibsmedats
>we will totally manage to make them stay there and not get into Europe again

Why the fuck is this refugee such a huge issue just now?

None of this rhetoric was around during the Iraq War. Now suddenly every sandnigger from every shithole country needs to come to Europe for some reason.

or maybe people would finally realize that the
>10% of bad apples
is a myth and what you consider to be extremism is the norm for brown people

Does Sweden have an abandoned island enough far away from the mainland, so it's not possible to swim over?

>It suggests Romer, incoming chief economist at the World Bank.

What a kike.

If this was a viable plan they could just use World Bank funds to buy actual land, and island, closer to the middle east, and put all these people there.

But they don't. Gee I wonder why?

There will be no escape.

It's complete lunacy. No one who wants to build up a new life completely from scratch, without support (in any form, not just welfare) from the already existing society, would go to Northern Europe.
It is not exactly a mild and bountiful environment, if I could pick some tabula rasa place anywhere on this planet to build up a new society I wouldn't pick Sweden.


>wifi/charging area
>completely self-sufficient
Remind me who pays for this.

We should call this area africa

>everyone on Cred Forums seeks refuge in Sweden
>Sweden gives plot of their country to us to form self-sustaining country where we can have our own rules and laws
>make law that shitskins can't come there


They should do this, but make the land somewhere in africa

>Paul Michael Romer (born November 7, 1955) is an American economist, entrepreneur, and activist.

Opinion discarded.

Jesus christ sweden, stahp.

And btw, better option is for Finland to rent Åland to Sweden, its a big enough island to fit couple million muslims.

So... the refugees annexed sweeden
Good job

kosovo 2. swe cops won't police it, and it will become a drug hub- it will need to if its going to support itself.

>it's another "anglo tells other countries what is in their (((best))) self interest"
of course

You know what our country needs? A ghetto. We really just need to make a ghetto right now, there's no way that could backfire at all.

>That is only because Ireland don't bomb muslim countries so muslims have no incentive to change your politics to stop murdering people back home. ISIS have not put you on their list because you have not attacked them and muslims in general don't feel that the Irish are responsible for their situation.

in fact the opposite is true

muslims aren't interested in changing policy, they want to take over literally, colonize and seize the land, period.

Gonna be israel all over again

But this time in a bad way

Aaland is perfect for that. It even has leftover minefields from WW2.

to bad the cancer cell is right next to us, maybe we will survive with cell poison and radiotherapy

Just make sure you put cameras everywhere and broadcast it live, then you can take bets on how many murderers there are gonna be on a particular day

There's no possible way that could backfire horribly also

>Muslim Hong Kong

What a joke

sooo apartheid?

*african accent* It's free, man!
Also, what do you think they eat?
People in Calais hate the """charitable""" associations far more than the refugees themselves. We still don't understand why they maintain this state of destitution...


does it even matter at this point? Sweden is lost

nothing stands between europe and shithole, there is endless ways to get in right now and biggest ones that lets them in are

>people invite them in
>german goverment flys them in

so basically it comes down to people whos morals have been tricked into thinking everything protrayed negative is bad

indeed i will be enjoying the fall of europeans who are full of themselves, but i rather avoid it at all costs if i can

Civil war makes Euro money worthless

OTOH I really hate Sweden

>without any cost for Swedish taxpayers
Kek. So what, they'll start by saying "it's okay, they'll be self-sufficient" and it will never happen. I give it a month tops before "oh it's very hard for such oppressed people to live while neglected by their new country" and the gibs start flowing.


Sickening Ad promoting Swedish Genocide


You're doing what the natives did in America. The only difference is that you aren't even getting shiny beads for it

Goodbye Sweden and hot Swedish girls :(

all good except they cannot govern themselves or they will just turn it into mogadishu.
auschwitz is a good model for this

>contain the cancer in a specific, delimited area
>do not let it spread
>then amputate
Too bad it doesn't actually work. We tried that before. And now we're paying the price.

I'm not planning on working. I'm gonna retire there. Gonna sell all my over priced irish property and take my pension to Croatia and live well hopefully.

To be perfectly honest, there really is no way back for most of Europe. Does anyone seriously think countries like Britain, France, Belgium, Germany etc will genocide or deport their entire non-white population? Face it, it won't happen. Sweden and Canada are right in establishing themselves as the first post-national states. The first to adapt are generally the ones who succeed.

Are they to blame that nobody else reports on this stuff?

Yeah what could possibly go wrong.

Jesus christ and i already thought our politicans are retarded but swedish are on a whole different level.

t. Jahans

He's American and not even a politician.

>implying you won't get invaded straight away by Britbongistan

When this nightmare ends? People can't be this stupid.

>This means that wages can be lower, longer working hours - and so on.
This looks suspicious, for several reasons.

Wait so not only you guys imported a bunch of retarded crazy people, you also want to give them a piece of your country now so they can organize their own nation and one day invade you with their armies?

You guys are surpassing every limit known to mankind in terms of cuckoldry.

By creating this city they would just give isis a colony in Europe they can use to supply and execute attacks

this gonna be like the contaiment zone in Children of Men?


>They may in that event live and work there

Almost had me.

>arabs and niggers
>working longer hours

Literally no one believes this.

Is this final proof we're living in the Matrix? This can't be real.

more like
>Sweden established a free zone for refugees
>may 2017
>free zones escalate police unable to maintain law and order
>august 2017
>Sweden erupts into civil war
>December 10th 2017
>Economist ranks Sweden the second to last place on the livability scale in their December raport
>only Zimbabwe is worse

>T H E M S E L V E S

>Welcome to the independent islamic distric of Sweden

>Behadings Mo - Fr 5:30 pm in front of the central mosque

>how about we make a constitution for them where it's made clear that Sharia will forever be subordinate to the constitution.

Constitutions only matter if they are somewhat in line with the believes and customs of the population. The constitution of the USA couldn't create murrikt among africans and muslims.


Nobody does, we just ship them there when we intercept them in our waters.


Fucking based! That's some vicious deportation.
And Nauru says nothing?

>And Nauru says nothing?
They get paid to keep silent.


Do non-Americans really say this?

Only when we want to be more Texan than Texans.

You're alright Romania

that's your border already