Is he "our guy"?

Is he "our guy"?

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You tell me

Build it.

No. He has been much more fair toward Trump than other late night hosts though. His recent interview was very good as well. He gives both sides about an equal amount of shit, which is more than you can say about anyone else.

>Everyone I used to think is cool is a brainwashed libcuck
>Everyone I used to think was shit or probably a shitty person is amazing

Richard Dawkins, Emma Watson, Clooney, Kimmel, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro
Fallon, Adam Carolla, Stacey Dash, Dean Cain, Kirstie Alley, fuckin Kid Rock

wait what, Richard Dawkins came out as Hillary supporter.

Ayy caramba. no wonder they youtube aut...atheists are Hillary supporters too, since they have to follow his lead.

No. Every time he """"""laughs"""""" I cringe. This guy is a turbo autist if you pay attention to his mannerisms. I have no idea why he is so popular, literally every other late night talk show host is better than him. Shame he's got by far the biggest budget

>turbo autist
>not our guy
Where do you think you are?

His fans replies to him announcing Trump on his show are hilarious


>literally every other late night talk show host is better than him
like who, the [current year] man? ((( bill maher )))??

Don't get me wrong I am a spastic too but I don't like watching other retards on TV.

He has the everyman x-factor.


jimmy kimmel the jew

richard dawkins is a shit-tier atheist

Well, except for Bill maher, who is terrible too. But if you look at them objectively, Colbert, Kimmel and even (((Oliver))) have a lot more talent than fucking lowkey sociopath Fallon despite their cuckness.

Talent doesn't really count for fuck all when the end result is their shows and bits being shittier than his.

Fuck that, I think for myself. He can go to London and lick Samir Khan's shoes.

He looked like Donald Trump was going bend him over and violently sodomise him during the entire interview.

Don't know, but he did just secure all future interviews in case he wins.

The liberall asshurt is magnificent

>Late night comedy jew makes joke
>Fans turn against late night comedy jew

Is that from a Brote stream? Or is this program always this fucked up and keeps closing one eye?

Poor guy, he seems like he genuinely wants to host a fun late night show but every person above him wants him to spin his shows content for some political goals

Sad hes paid by jews and spinsters

lol, Oliver its talented??
>come on, its current year
>fake audience laughter

man, you have weird definition of "talent".

I'm now Fallon missile.

Just because he has to laugh for showmanship reasons, doesn't mean it's cringey. He just has to do it for manners, and to be a good sport.

Besides, laughing and smiling in subtle amounts actually is proven to make people like you more.

>In charge of judging happiness and laughter

The are better though. And a lot less cringe if they aren't politically motivated.
At least he has the ability to shed light on serious problems, ex. The crumbling American infrastructure, which is also something that trump wants to fix.

From what I've seen, the big names are either pro tump or anti hillary.

The bottom feeders like Coughlan will always support the virtue signalling side.

>The crumbling American infrastructure

yeah, last time I watched him he just takes clips from other tv shows and comments on them.

So, he is basically reading the news with his own ((spin)) to milenialls

"Subtle" HAAHAHAHAUGHAHAHGAGHAHAG. Fucking listen to it. It's nothing more than autism

I can't take you seriously if you're calling Oliver better.

As a Brit, I can tell you that someone like him is just an unfunny smug cunt, who'd get nowhere on our Media.

He -LITERALLY- runs off one thing, and one thing only.


Seriously, it's so cliche, boring and fucking overdone.

It's not even classical, like Farage, or Clarkson. He's all the pompous British mannerisms without the bants. He's just a pussy who was no doubt bullied in the Uk and fucking moved to the US for an easy life, sold his credibility to the media jew and thus, has to suck their cock.

He isnt "ours". He is just fair, unlike others.

its funny, because Autism is unstoppable calls out Anna and TYT for virtue signaling, then he came out as a Hillary supporter.

He even deletes all pro Trump comments on his videos. Made me loose all respect for atheist.

He is our goy

>deleting comments
what a fucking retard.
That's the number 1 way to kill any channel, let alone one that claims to be freethinking.

cuck me

I honestly think "Fallon tussling Trump's hair" will be something you see in history textbooks

Well, If you put it that way, you're probably right. Never thought he exploits British culture that way.
Even if, he still makes ignorant millenials at least know about those issues. I can't hate him for that.

the way obama speaks is presented like propaganda

I'm a millenial you stupid german cuck. watch out who you call ignorant.

You are probably millenial too, but you are too stupid to know.

Here, let me educate you:
>Demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and use the mid-1990s to the early 2000s as final birth years for the Millennial Generation.

What does he have in his book Cred Forums?

But he focuses the entirely wrong sides of the issues. He takes the issue but applies the brainwashed kike spin on it.

Thx for actually understanding that oliver's a cunt for abusing quintessential britishness.

Can you imagine John Oliver, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse all in a pub?

Which brits would come up on top?

Everyone else, except for john.

Because john is a pussy.

a weakling.

a cuck.

He stands out as a shining beacon of "britishness" to americans, because he hams it up so much.

But if you placed him at all beside any other prominent brits he'd melt.

What's your point? I am a millennial, never said I wasn't.

To me it just seems that he licks the ass of anyone who comes onto his show.
This is the weirdest most cowardly type of neutrality.

Jimmy Fallon is a coward, but he seems like a really good guy.

Wasnt trying to insult you either.

don't care for the guy

I'm not american but I read an article saying he's the most popular late night presenter atm. Is it because he is not a shameless left wing propagandist?

For all we know, Jim is just one of those guys who doesn't like picking sides.

I have a friend who's just like him, he's a japanese guy who lives in the UK and he is so fun loving, chatty, amusing, but he never ever talks about shit like politics. He can join in a convo if it's a general discussion but he never has his own opinions.

I always thought it was weird, but desu he just wants people to like him. Everyone.

And I wish I could do the same, desu.

I thought you implied all millenials are ignorant.

#NotAll Of course its not all millenials. Of course. We are trying to have a reasonable discussion. Right? Right?

What ethnicity is he?

I mean his general headshape, craniumslope, thin lips, nose bridge and eyes do not fucking match.

what kind of genetic waste is this freak made of?

Looks part asian, part white.

Perhaps a touch of italian in there, i'm just guessing before I check wikipedia.

>what kind of genetic waste is this freak made of?
He is Scandinavian. I think his mother is from Denmark and his father is Finnish.

Nah, I was just talking about the cuck majority of them, I mean considering Trump is extremely unpopular with Americans under 30... yeah, the majority is pretty stupid. We're all redpilled here though.

Jimmy Fallon was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, and is the son of Gloria (née Feeley) and James W. Fallon.[1][2][3] Fallon's ancestry is five-eighths Irish, a quarter German, and one-eighth Norwegian; his paternal grandmother, Luise Schalla, was from Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany, while one of his maternal great-grandfathers, Hans Hovelsen, was an immigrant from Fredrikstad, Norway.

>I did not expect this


figured he was full irish, his name is fucking FALLON

>those autistic fangirls in the replies

its the way they devour their own that just dont sit right with me

He's just ugly. He's 100% white.

>but he seems like a really good guy.

he is a degenerate alcoholic NORMIE.
fuck normies, dude.

Why does both Cred Forums and regressive leftists expect this guy to make political statements on his late night comedy talk show?

They're so used to being the Counter Culture that they can't fathom not being in on the joke

Hence why Pepe is a Nazi symbol now

Who here is expecting him to make political statements? I preferred if people like these stayed out of politics since they obviously aren't informed and don't know much.

These people who are freaking out over the Trump appearance don't even know why they hate Trump and they have no idea why people like Trump.


First he tussles Trumps hair, and then when he has Hillary on, he can't stop laughing about her bad health, and he wears a surgical mask

Obongo is basically a celebrity anyway.
He also did one with Jeb:

The butt-hurt is real.

According to wikipedia he is just a mixture of European ethnicities.

I'd like to think that celebrities who don't openly support Hilary, support Trump.
Think about it, if they would endorse Hilary their, mostly liberal, fanbase would be exciting and Facebook would get spammed all over about how "celeb" is anti-racist and the typical Hilary stuff.
On the other hand, if you are a Trump supporter you better keep quit, else you are a racist.

That being said, I was really dissapointed in Justin Timberlake endorsing Hilary on Instagram. I always thought he was pretty based before...

I thinks so too.
Most of these people endorsing her would probably endorse any Democratic nominee, it's just how it works in the entertainment industry.

he was way better looking when he was young

He is a court jester, loud, bland, and annoying to any man of taste.

Having the leading presidential candidate on your late night talk show doesn't make you a supporter.

He weared a face mask when meeting Hillary though, which was pretty fun.
But no, he's just neutral and trying to at least do something different. Which is great since every single talk show host is extremely pro-Hillary.

Yes. Yes he is. Also, I enjoyed watching him mess up Trump's hair.

youre damn right