What the hell is wrong with french women? Why do they love BBC so much?

What the hell is wrong with french women? Why do they love BBC so much?

Don't worry. Maybe once half the French population are jobless niggers maybe they'll listen.

It's not just French women. All women do.




yeah that looks photoshopped


It says "All Blacks" as in the New Zealander team of rugby, not Black Cocks.

They like it cause they're whores

who doens't? im a white male and i dream of nothing more than to get pounded by a bbc, its normal all my class mates had the same fantasizes.

>clearly shooped
>1 post by this ID


the look on the blokes faces says its real

The signs are always in English, even in non English speaking countries.

This has always struck me as suspicious - Like this is being stage managed.

Because, on average, white men just don't... measure up.

If it is shooped, the guy's REALLY good. He's not used a font for the text and made it look exactly like it's black marker on cardboard.

nice b8 m8

Of course, this thread will hit 300 replies


>based Poland

Not actually true.

The studies that are always quoted on that are measured in the case of white countries vs self reported in the case of black.

That's right. Self reported penis size.

This. It's propaganda.


What the hell.

I am mulano (so ppl considers me as a black ) but this is disgusting.

Typical cumdumpsters.

Actually on closer inspection, it is a shoop. You can see where he has cloned the letters, but he's been crafty and trimmed and flipped them so as not to make it too obvious.

OP has a fetish for black cocks, STOP KINKSHAMING HIM!

i don't know which one is worst tbqh


Why are you assuming the user is of the masculine gender?

The second one might be in reference to the rugby team.

Well the real one is a sports team, so very clearly the first one.

it's the new zealand rugby team

Because given the subject matter and the fact that the autism required to develop the otherwise next to useless technical skill to do it (that apparently simple image represents hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice) is almost exclusively a male trait, it's pointing in that direction.

I would bet a lot of money on the creator being male.

>might be in reference to the rugby team
we can only hope


Impressive honestly.
I hadn't fallen for a still image photoshop in a long time.

I'm being completely honest here.

French Girls are among the most nasty and crazy mother fuckers I've ever had sex with.

>the clearly photoshopped O

France is easily the most cucked country in europe, even their rightwing leaders are shitty single mothers and faggot lovers

France deserves to be purged

It's actually true, I work in a place that serves a lot of tourists and majority of the WFBM couples that come in are frogs.

Women in Vienna love African cock as well, but rather from North Africa (white by US immigration standards), like Algeria or Marocco.

two lies in one sentence, wizzard

It's a rugby team called "all blacks" you fucking BBC obsessed beta cucks. Go watch some Milo.

> /polack claims to have crazy sex
> completely honest

Pick one Alberto Barbossa

thats even worse tbqh


It is. The original sign is about the All Blacks.