This has yet to be confirmed as a HAPPENING

An exposion rocked a residential area in Barcelona minutes ago

One person is confirmed dead, fifteen others have been injured - two of them seriously

This has just broke so the only source I have is (((The Sun)))

Gas technicians have visited the area and have not confirmed it was a gas explosion, so this is still happening potential

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First for religion of piss.

ib4 its nothing

>yfw the ISIS cells will be activated before the election

Bump for potential

They have to if they're going out of power. /Babyrage


Litterally where?

Its only a gas prblem sorry its nothing

It's actually pronounced "Barthelona"

>murka bombs saa killing hundred and lets isis take the base they were staitoned in
>next day explosions in new york and barselona
Instant karma

>minutes ago
>Gas technicians have visited the area and have not confirmed it was a gas explosion

so it wasn't eta?

will they ever pull anything off?


It sounds so fucking gay that way. Fucking homosexual Spaniards, wtf were they thinking?

k-keep me posted

Spaniards and their effeminate pronunciation of their own damn language.

why would desert dindus blow shit up in barcelona now?

It's fucking nothing.
The original in catalan is "Barselona". Barthelona is just the spanish translation.

Islamic attack inside someone house, and it's not a barrack?
It's a gas leak you know it

They were thinking about smegma.

>An exposion rocked a residential area in Barcelona minutes ago

Lionel Messi BTFO

Freddie Mercury disagrees with you.

This is literally just a gas explosion. Someone kept the stove on overnight, it went boom. This is what such a thing looks like, happened some 100m away from me once.

Why is gas explosion now the default cover for these events.

Aren't they actually pretty rare, in comparison to terrorist attacks, that happen every other day.


All the hallmarks of the religion of peace.

How about this instead?

Is Barcelona safe place to live? Do you have there no go zones like Paris?

are black and muslims common there?

It's pronounced I BEE THA

american education

>1 death by this ID

Not even like that. More like e bee tha


catlans pronouce the c as s not a f

Eta is over it's done, whatever our retarded government says to infuse fear

>messi caused it by accidentally rolling into his sprite pool with a pack of mentos in his pocket
top kek

kek. i was on a school holiday in madrid, and they sent out a threat or something. my spanish teacher said not to worry about it, as they never act on their threats.

"Put Your Tongue On Your Upper Gum And Blow"

>implying there's a reason for us to know a city in Spain
Almost as irrelevant as your entire country.

Fucking Buddhists.

My leftist professor refused to take us in a trip to Barcellona because it wasn't safe, two years ago. Too many pickpocketers

fucking kek. i went to madrid with school at 15. saw a lot of kids steal people's phones.

looks like that second floor Apert. is kill...since the only deceased is a woman, it's safe to assume the blast originated at the kichen

This, he choosed Vienna (pre-migrant crisis) and based Bratislava.

There's been buttloads of Gyppo's in Spain for 100s of years, so much so that there's a separate 'Spanish Gypsy' catagory

Yes, sure

If that was in BANGladesh there would've been at least 100 casualties.

>(((The Sun)))
Isn't The Sun right leaning generally? Or at they controlled by that Neocon Murdoch?


Looks gas related. Pic related.

Not happening.

Oktoberfest is starting. Could be happening there.

Fun fact: 1.4mn invaders arrived in Germany last year alone. Less than 100 are employed. GERMANY YES!

Last year a gas bottle exploded 200m away from my school. Some granny fucked up royally while cooking, but she survived nevertheless.

not in the daytime at an aprert. complex bro, people here cant afford to Idlelly sit on their asses in workdays...a kitchen gas cylinder explosion here usually only kill the wiminz too

That was a gas explosion, kid.

Less than 100 are employed.
While this is true the rest of them are all in training to become the EU's Doctors, Lawyers and teachers as well as religious leaders.
This takes time, don't be so racist please.

I'm an American living and working in Barcelona for 3+ years now.

It's not Paris.

Generally speaking, Spaniards are too lazy to commit legit crime themselves, and they don't seem to be as interested in committing cultural suicide as the rest of EU.

Looks like it considering women do stupid stuff.
>middle aged woman left stove on
>"Who wants tapas?"

>illiterate immigrants are training to become doctors

>Spaniards are too lazy to commit legit crime themselves,
Yeah, that's why in nigger and latin american countries, where everyone is so hard working, there's so much crime.

Don't they have a lot of Muslims there now though? And multiculticucks?

I was there about a month ago.
The city definitely felt very safe, there were far less blacks than most of Europe and I think I only saw a couple of Muslims over the week I was there.

The only bad thing that happened was that there was a suspected bomb a couple of blocks away from where I was. Police handled it very well though.

ETA doesn't existe anymore, it was operación GLADIO the whole time.

>3rd world 70 IQ islamic pigdogs training to become rocket scientists and neurosurgeons

What we consider "a lot" is far behind London and the kinda shit you have to deal with but yeah Barcelona is a ISIS hotspot, luckily our police is used to bust terrorist cells.

The multicultifags are a fucked up situation but they hit their popularity ceiling a year ago.

Isn't your NHS prettymuch run by 80 IQ Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Flip/Nigerian doctors and nurses ??

Way more than what I saw back in the US, but, not anything close to what I've seen in France/UK.

Also, I've seen like maybe 10 full on burkas since I've been here. I saw 10 before getting to my hotel last time I was in London.

The Spanish are lazy as fuck, and it's really annoying, but, they don't seem to have been invaded yet. Although, honestly, I walk by a big "refugees welcome" banner on a gov building often, and idk if there is much gibmedats available for "refugees" here, so maybe they are trying to suicide but just can't afford the bullets?

I'm 23 yo right now, I live, work and study in a southern city with 693.000 inhabitants. First time I saw an arab in my life was two years ago in a touristic trip.


>Spaniards are too lazy
Said the burger
>and they don't seem to be as interested in committing cultural suicide as the rest of EU
Said that to Podemos, Catalufolandia and the Vasque """"politic"""" Parties



Don't drop your tendies now folks

>Isn't your NHS prettymuch run by 80 IQ Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Flip/Nigerian doctors and nurses ??
London has a few of them, hence why it's falling apart.

Not in Barcelona it isn't, feixista


Spain gypsies are the fucking worst thing in this country, they are parasites of our Social Security (free healthcare paid by our taxes), they don't work, they don't have jobs, they sell drugs and the worst thing; they see you as superior and they are over the law. Cops don't do shit about this fuckers, they are not like Romanians, they are fat lazy fuckers, horrible beigns, horrible women. They smell like ass and are dirty as fuck.

And yes they get all kinds of gibmedats for dem (fake) programs, THEY ARE WORST THAN NIGGERS OR SHITSKINS.

*they see you like they are superior

as in, Barcelona in Spain?

Or some random town in USA that steals European names?


I think there's even a Madrid in New Mexico.

Hey buddy its not a happening unless its in America

dammit stop believing in lies no terrorist ever was Islamic ok