Fuck my country pol, this is the end of decency


>Mr Farron insisted it was a "wonderful thing" that the Lib Dems are a party where such views can be expressed.

>Mr Parsons used a discussion on how to combat the stigma attached to sex work to compare prostitution with accountancy.

>He said: "The fact that we are asking 'should we seek to prevent people entering sex work?' is part of the problem. You wouldn't ask the question 'should we prevent people becoming accountants?' You'd just take it for granted.

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He who laughs last, laughs hardest, Britain.

"I don't know what I want to do with my life, Mr. councilor"

"Have you considered becoming a whore?"

I swear I saw a porno once with this plot

Will you be laughing when you get your next round of shitskin quotas European?

with every passing day i get surer and surer that the tories are running the lib dems and labour

I wouldn't worry, nobody takes this man seriously and nobody ever will.

We share an open border with you. You negotiate on our behalf so we don't get them. Any that come, hop the border over to you for your welcoming Islamic environment.

The Liberal Democrats are an electoral irrelevance. If you are going to get butthurt because of one member of a retarded dying party who got less than 2.5 million votes, you must a truly stupid cunt and should die in a fire.

Yeah, and I'm laughing pretty hard at you, Paddy.

Don't see anything wrong to be honest.
Prostitution is honestly the only thing women are capable of, god knows I don't want a women doing anything that requires even the slightest bit of intelligence to perform.

>Any that come, hop the border over to you for your welcoming Islamic environment.

>that flag

opinion discarded

ROI is Sweden compared to NI

Northern Ireland is our Mexico.

I sense a fight

Here, take this. It's the best I could get you

>"your daughters grades are bad, but don't worry sir, she's slim and has a nice face, I'm sure she'll be okay, innit?


This guy is real?!

So now we know how you were conceived,

>tfw the Allies destroy themselves



Prostitution is the oldest job in the world for a reason.

There is a large supply and its actually beneficial to the populace who are less fortunate and can't fuck someone through the normal means.
Being against prostitution is so utterly stupid you may as well just scream "I'm autistic".

Wouldn't prostitution be good overall? The only people I think who would be against it is women...

>MFW This is why the Conservatives will remain unscaved with the lack of an actual rival party that isn't bat shit.


prostitution while not really forced is still illegal here, they might aswell be considering promoting carjacking to kids aswell.

>the fact that we wonder about something is part of the problem
I want to kill anyone who says this

It's all part of the paedo agenda to sexualise kids from as early an age as possible.

Prostitution is legal in this country, just not brothels

But that's not the point. This is yet another twat making attack on the innocence of childhood. I don't care if they grow up to be prostitutes, just maybe they should be allowed to be kids for a little while longer?


> just maybe they should be allowed to be kids for a little while longer?
That mentality is WHY we have so many good for nothing NEETS in the first fucking place.

Your childhood isn't something to goddamn enjoy your childhood is for you to learn the ins and outs of the world to prepare you to be a fucking competent adult.

Well lets just change the fucking age of consent to twelve for the glory of Allah

Is that prepared enough?

>making money at an early age is a bad thing
And you'd know all about that britbong.

America, please nuke us.

It's all over.

I live in this guy's constituency and I've met him a few times. He always seemed like a nice guy but I thought he was a christcuck and would be against this kind of shit. Turns out he's just a regular cuck.

The Mexico to your Guatemala.