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Everything you need to know

>Newest Interviews w/ Assad

>Live hohol with ticker
>Interactive military map
>Timeline map of Syria

>Fan maps

>Latakia Sept 9
>S. Aleppo Sept 8
>N. Aleppo 4 September
>N. Hama August 31
>East Ghouta 2 September

Developments Sept. 18
>Syrian Minister of Defense: "It is only because of Russian Air Force support [that] the Daesh offensive was stopped"
>Obama apologised for “unintentional loss of life” in attack on SAA, despite U.S. arming of groups that kill Syrian soldiers
>Russia convenes urgent UN Security Council meeting after US coalition strikes on Syrian army
>The ceasefire seems down, fighting is coming
>US used an ECM/jamming jet to cover it's attack on Dir Al Zor airport, making sure Syrian radars didn't see them coming

New SyrianGirlpartisan - youtu.be/aHdknYHZAE4
American commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels after they threaten to kill them - twitter.com/LinaArabii/status/776766275242582016

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Assad's having a pretty rough day apparently

nth for friendship





Hey OP what is yuor and Turkish opinion of Albanians?

I heard that they don't care about religion if you are albanian, but they use islam to radicalize youth for nationaluist causes, like on Kosovo.
While in Albania there are a lot of cristian Albanians.

I just noticed Assad's tie isn't on straight in this.
>born an autistic nerd who can't dress himself properly, just like you

So what kind of stuff do you think we'll find as ISIS loses more territory?

Wtf I hate Albanians now.

Generally positive. T*rks open a lot of mosques in Alb*nia to radicalize the population.

Personally, the Albanians in Turkey seem to be pretty cool people, but the Alb*nians from Alb*nia tend to be retarded.

Why are you typing Alb*nia like this?

Fwiw. regarding last thread, no Arab would ever talk about pakis like the UAE faggot did. He's 100% not a native, but some immigrant worker.

It's a meme you dip.

do we got any vids of this yet?
>it's fake it's a rumor
kek seems legit this tymu though


Albanians in turkey are well assimilated, so i am fine with them in general.

But from what i have read, they're basically kurds of balkans.


It's been a long time since this was posted.

Op is a faggot Albanians are cool people
It's a meme


Thanks, Turkbro.

I'm sorry for asking but why do most Turks on Cred Forums have an obsession for boipucci?

I mean yeah, we ARE on Cred Forums but Turk posters seem to bring it up quite frequently.


When will the fatlords pay for their crimes?

I don't get it

>not wanting that sweet juicy boipucci

>I'm sorry for asking but why do most Turks on Cred Forums have an obsession for boipucci?
Greek genes desu

Only Otto.

I do want it, but I get creeped out when they ask for MINE.

I'm not even gay but i sometimes like to talk about onur's boipucci to make him feel uncomfortable tb.h

Turks in general are pretty obsessed with boipussy. Topping other men is seen as straight here.

>but I get creeped out when they ask for MINE.
it's completely natural though. just give us a peek :^)

If it's juicy, that's probably dysentery

>not dominating other men

With american support they will start gaining more territory.

And I thought "Continuation of the Roman Empire" was a meme?

It prolly has something to do with this kind of degenerate "culture"... what kind of jew does this

how many kikes are there in t*rkey btw?

str8cuck please

T-t-that's too lewd for me Turk ~Senpai.

Albanian Albanians aren't, but Kosovo and Macedonia Albanians are worse than K*rds.

Nah. I think IS will go apeshit once Turkey tries to take Dabiq.

This desu. Kosovars are scum.
Kosovo is basically africa tier they dont even have hospitals there. But they exist because of guess who?
The usa

I meant in the cultural sense.

Like 30k known Jews.

I don't know man. As far as I can tell the Albanians in Turkey are decent people, but Alb*nians from anywhere else are scum.


>Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
Literally a guy in a two bedroom terraced house. He's no better than us. Ignore him.

i don't think it is tbhq

>E. Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman thwarted another Regime attempt to advance in Jobar & destroyed a T-72.


>Kosovo doesn't have hospitals

Are you being retarded on purpose?

Not even other Albanians like those shitheads. And they look like gypsies, they probably are. See Rita Ora, I literally thought she was a mullato before I learned she's K*sovar.

Balkanites in Turkey are usually richer Muslims who could go there. Poor Muslims stayed here when Ottomans were gone.

I guess thats why they all come to hospitals here
They are as inbred as arabs

t. Isljam Krasniqi

Isn't that guy in like "oiled wrestling" or some sport like that?

Was watching a documentary on it and all the sudden one of the guys slips a finger in the other guy's anus.

You were close, Krasniqi is a legitimate surname but no one is named "Isljam".

>ljufir al koala lumpur

>Isn't that guy in like "oiled wrestling" or some sport like that?
yes he is

>Was watching a documentary on it and all the sudden one of the guys slips a finger in the other guy's anus.

delete this

Maybe just quality or price of hospitals?

Islam is though. "Lj" is ly, it's a meme on how Albanians can't pronounce L properly.

Guys... is it safe? Have the flood of people left already? Can I start my shitposting again????


10/10 would get ROACHED by.

How does Erdogan feel about this sport btw?
Is he going to ban it or what?

You are Muslim I assume. How do you feel about Albanians that have gone to join ISIS? Do you guys strongly appose them?

>Like 30k known Jews.
I knew it!
We have like less than 2k here yet they are able to cause shit, fucking it says in our constitution that jews are not allowed entry here!

Traitors just say nah that be raysis... idiots!

Nah it's our national sport
Nationality > religion

I really don't understand why most of people think fucking boys is a big thing
Just put your dick into the hole man it feels good

There used to be tons of raids on ISIS sympathisers and arrests happening.
There is public outcry against them and even the Muslim Organization had denounced them and stopped funding their mosques.

A Church was pogromed a week ago and no one really cared or denounced it though.

Wtf I love Roaches now



Where did you find this piece of gold

>albanian and turk general

>Although questioned by American authorities, al-Sahhaf was released, and there has been no suggestion of charging or detaining him for his role in the Saddam Hussein government. He is now living in the United Arab Emirates with his family.

>When asked where he had got his information he replied, "authentic sources—many authentic sources".[11] He pointed out that he "was a professional, doing his job".

>On November 7, 2014, Swedish newspaper Expressen posted a video of an ill Al-Sahhaf in a hospital bed in the United Arab Emirates.[12] Al-Sahhaf has since been in retirement in the United Arab Emirates, supposedly under a false name.


>one of our own /sg/ posters may be a wanted terrorist or one of his sons

>IS controls most of Jabal Tharda and are once again overlooking DeirEzzor Airbase, aircraft can no longer land there.


>Australian aircraft took part in bombing Syrian Army positions in DeirEzzor


where the fuck is minnesota?

i need his weeb faggotry to help me beat Riku in Kingdom hearts 1

>Be Syrian government
>Having to deal with "moderate" beheaders and rebels
>Having to deal with ISIS
>Eternal Ausfag and US forces bombs the shit out of your army base killing over 60 soldiers (and injuring a 100 more) who have been bravely fighting ISIS
>The same day ISIS shoots down a Syrian plane, killing the pilot




>being a assadcuck

>Australian aircraft took part in bombing Syrian Army positions in DeirEzzor

i know, and im fucking disappointed in the RAAF

a bunch of lazy fucks who joined because they got an OP of 14 killed soldiers who had been fighting for their country longer than those RAAF personnel have been allowed to fuck

i have never met a decent RAAF officer.

Army is where the people are based

he stopped coming here after doxed.

>Turkish warplanes hit SDF locations in Manbij in the east CS of Aleppo by several air raids

no way, he got doxxed?

i refuse to believe he's that cringy


RAAF likely never did anything, they're just covering for the US.

Allow me to explain

>America bombs SAA on its own after making a deal with Russia
>Russia is now very upset
>AKTUALLY Australia bombed with us
>Russia is now confused
>AKTUALLY Australia was the one to blame not us
>Russia now happy 'ga ga gu gu'
>Good Russia-cuck, now bend over and continue the ceasefire

Then it'll be repeated again but next time, they'll remember to include a patsy country alongside them.


Turkey doesn't give a fuck. Bombs US targets and Russian jets alike.

>implying Australia had anything to do with it

Come home lad

if we didnt drop the bombs then why are we even being mentioned.

fuck the burgers for what they did.

Holy shit is this really minnesota?

We are taking the fall for America, like the good bitches we are

They need a cover because they did a direct deal with the Russians and then broke it. Australia is acting like a third party cuck to take the blame to give the US plausible deniability to continue cucking Russia with the ceasefire.

Conversely Aussie shit-posting has begun to materialize into the real world. Implications unsettling.


>In the Syrian war, what side is Turkey on?
The side of Turkey.

Pretty sure Turkey has attacked almost every single side except for the Syrian Turkmen rebels

It's fucking perfect
Even though we are the cucks, Russia is getting cucked harder

>unironically liking a terrorist character

>not wanting delicious boi pucci

it's not, if it was him diaspora-roach #4 would have told us so

that is a girl

nice try though str8cuck

>Rebels storming Tal Sharqi/Gharbi villages after USA specOps captured 'Qajik'


>that is a girl

you wish homo

>Even though we are the cucks, Russia is getting cucked harder
Doesn't that mean we're indirectly cucking Russia by shitposting IRL?

>Implying you can choose love

Army of Rome in Dabiq when?

Masallah brother. It is as if people here have a fetish for losing/getting cucked so they side with Assad.

LMAO you can not make this shit up.

>you wish homo
poor bait

wtf senpai, it took you almost an hour to start, you need to improve on your schedule


64 BC

unban me

LMAO made me KEK IRL.

I didn't find much animo when I replied so I just decided to eat breakfast drink some coffee first. Imma slowly start don't you worry fampaichan.

Turkey's army is entering Northern Syria
>Turkish army enters Dabiq
>Istanbul is in Turkey
>Istanbul was Constantinople
>Constantinople was known as New Rome or Rome of the East
>Turkish army is Army of Rome
>Army of Rome enters Dabiq
>This triggers sequence of events that will occur before the end times
>Righteous army of Islam fights with the Army of Rome in Dabiq
>As prophecized, a Pyrrhic scenario occurs, and both sides sustain heavy casualties and retreat
>This happens a few more times
>As per another Hadith, the Army of Islam, and the Army of Rome will make short truces to defeat common enemies (Kurds, Assad, US-backed moderate rebels)
>After common enemies are weakened, they engage again, this time the Army of Islam barely winning and the Army of Rome being defeated
>Army of Islam makes its way to Constantinople, and conquering (as per another Hadith)
>As the righteous army of Islam celebrates it's victories, the celebrations are short-lived as news of Ad-Dajjal (The Antichrist) emerging comes
And the rest is history

who this?

Saving this

Dunya lideri Erdogan shitposting in /sg/

Your mom's tokmakçı

/sg/ telegram fag



>fleeing to a western country because your country is so terrible and than hate the west

>not realising that the army of Islam is the antichrist in this case



>tfw the hacker known as /sg/ still hasn't been followed by RT journalists.


Yes? You're a mudshit.
Doesn't matter if you immigrated through the normal process or got asylum.
You fled because your country is terrible.

In my prophecies Erdogan commands the armies of Rome and conquers Tokyo. We shall see which prophecy actually comes true Asuiebro.


>Yes? You're a mudshit.
no he is european. get your facts straight please


You cucks brought us over, deal with it.

>kid has blue eyes

And who is that?

sleep sweet baby baba

tfw exact same rights as a German blonde blue eyed kid whos ancestors waged numerous wars from Rome to UK. They died for their country to keep their identity and ideals, their people. Only to be have some Turks get in the country legally and obtain citizenship and meme the country up.

God I love the modern world. Vallahi globalization is the greatest thing ever.

Don't fuck with Baba, kid.

Kids have blue eyes until 1 year old because not that much melanine in the eyes at birth.

Except nigglets, full shitty eyes when whelped

Baba loves you all

Palestinian BTFO

>the fucking mudshit who always talks about how muslims are actually great people reveals who he truly is
jews had the same passports as well


Huh made me think. I didn't know there were people who kept track of my shitposting on /sg/. Vallahi this is great news for me, still won't consider Tripfagging cause I don't wanna get filtered by safe space kiddies L M A O.

>jews had the same passports as well
Ohh we are at that again.

>The day of the rope
>Whites are waking up
>Soon we will deport you all

Keep playing keyboard warrior fampaisama, I am sure your country will magically will fix it self L M A O

Dude what the fuck did he try to do? Background?

Just spotted this on liveleak :

>Timing & other aspects of US strike on Syrian army suggest intentional provocation – Churkin

The description is :
>Time to enforce a no fly zone for the ISIS air force. Aka the USA.
>This was not a "mistake" for sure. It was an arrempt to save ISIS from being fully crushed. If it was a mistake, it means the US air force are inocmpetent and criminally insane.

All right, but the poster is :
>Added: 6 hours ago
>By: JulianRoepcke.

I'm confused as fuck, has JihadiJulian been redpilled like Ben Garrison style ? Is it a fake account ??? 4D chess ???

Tried to stab him obviously

??????? Stab??????

Haven't you been following the news???

Since they don't have any guns and want to BTFO Israel with the little power they have, they just try to stab people.



United States of Islam

>check his profile
>it's obviously a fake account

Thanks for wasting my time

Fake account, this has been covered multiple times in the past.
You can always ask jihadijulian yourself about it.

Fucking hell bros. Assad absolutely destroyed that interviewer.

Fugg I wanted to believe in redemption

got any of dem links?

that NBC interview is so fucking cringy man
I never want to watch it again

SBS much better

I want to see US blood run in the streets. Is this a normal reaction?

You are Syrian so yes this is normal

Hiro says to discuss board moderation. GO AND MAKE Cred Forums GREAT AGAIN

VERY normal reaction bro. That is as healthy as it can get. Do not worry.


If I wanted that I would fucking go to Reddit. I am not even memeing. GTFO with this bullshit.

woowwww what a eeebiccc quote :DDDDD
super ebicccc


Based Zakharova

Elaborate please. I fell asleep quite early last night.

Are you butt made because Sam Power won't be able to respond to that?

>Attack failed, leader Abdul Karim dead
FSA was a mistake

>butt made

no but I just hate ""super ebicc"" quotes in general

>#DeirEzzor: Several reports that up to 7 #Russia|n soldiers were killed by #US airstrikes south of #DeirEzzor City yesterday.

>Incoming reports: Allegedly 7 #Russian soldiers were killed by the #US airstrike south of #DeirEzzor


>SAA General Rami Riad Rahmoun killed in #US airstrikes south of #DeirEzzor City yesterday



hahaha who writes this shit

>That picture
Every fucking time, my fucking sides.

Whilst I do agree on the super ebin part, the fact that I'm fully sure that Power won't be able to respond to that statement, more so actually go with it, makes me feel delighted.


Uh oh

>7 fried Ivans


I guarantee you that this is a diaspora sandnigger.

he brought a knife to a gunfight

It's so surreal having politicians give such clear answers. I can't even imagine Steinmeier saying something remotely similar and he's the best the SPD has to offer.
Russias political system definitely has its own problems, but god damn, we could use some of their directness.

who the fuck is this? just some typical turkroach im guessing

Makes me sick he continues to be cited as an authority. How can they justify that? How do they justify it?

And I disagree; we're far more reliable that he is. We actually cross reference sources and critically analyze what we see.

Has anyone ever called out the media on it?

>continues to be cited as an authority
That's the purpose of all these ngos, observatories and other shit. To act as a source to be cited.


>IS destroy Turkish tanks near Juka in north Aleppo countryside

>Not cucked
Obama could assassinate Putin on air with a sword and nothing will happen.

wtf she doesn't look European at all. At least half African

That's the worst bait I've seen in a long time. You're bringing shame to the Australian flag


I swear this is the most incompetent faction in the Syria. It seems like we have to commit more soldiers instead of handling the situation with just SOF and tanks.

TNX very much for your post TNX !!!


>(8) Live: Attack failed, leader AbdulKarim dead. USA soldier told me Terrible Turkish tactic last 7 month

>7 month

what did he mean by this?

Americans are dumb, don't put too much focus on what they say

>2 Turkish soldiers dead and 3 wounded in north Aleppo


Going through Tirana on my Interrail next summer bros. are Albanians really that bad?
the one from my work was bro-tier

How come the all seeing all destroying S-400's didn't protect their Syrian allied from the American bombing?

Is it because, like pic related, Russians know that their SAM cannot inflict damages on the newest American generation of airplanes?

Does this mean that we will soon see a shift of local power, with an increased American air presence sweeping the Russians away from the Middle East?




isis shoot another tank.

the local news says 1 turkish soldier, 6 rebels wounded

Who fucking cares about the rebels


Seems like a plan to get rid of that old junk and pressure the government to build the new shit.

No, Deir-ez Zor is out of S-400's range, and American planes roam freely in the Syrian airspace with Russia's permission anyway.


Even if that's true, operation is not going well. We are losing too much and gaining little. Most importantly we are not killing K*rds.

Albanians are cool.

Se*bs, R*manians etc. are either gypsies or subhuman slavshits

Albanians are Space Marines compared to k*rd tier romanians

>not going well

I agree on the k*rd part tho, they should have been genocided by now

>Most importantly we are not killing K*rds.

No, they just signed a deal. they could down it but that unwise.

Putin told that USA doesnt want ceasefire because they know that FSA will lose. If USA acts according to the agreement , all "moderate opposition" will lose in nearest future.

So amercian military attacked Assad forces coward way because of butthurt (they wantted to provoke response). soon everybody will see that cearefire was broken by USA and their wish to preserve combat strength of different jihadists.

Turkish NEET forces in Minnesota raped and filmed him


Actually this is a good thing. If there is problems in doctrine, material or training in general, we have the chance to correct it before we commit more to the operation.

>EuphratesShield: FSA captures Qarah Quz, Tell Sha'ir, Qasajik west of al-Ra'i, Aleppo

>shitposting from a refugee camp

that is unwise, typo


What was the point of your post, are you drunk? I fuckin know that; I'm saying he shouldn't be cited as he's as good a source on the goings on in Syria as a Kenyan goat herder

man i wish ww3 would happen so that i could die without having to commit sudoku

ataturk was albanian

As long as Hulusi is the head of the army, i don't think things will get better. For fuck sake he was kidnapped by his own soldiers.

it's cool, once WW3 ends, The Kurdistan Empire will boarder from Greece to Georgia.

NEVER in my life have I ever wished a country to be nuked as bad as nuking shartistan (america).

I don't think what he thinks or does matter any more, he's just figurehead now. We can only hope that the 2nd Army commander is not a by the book cunt and open to innovation.

>autism speaks


>that Israel detail

>k*rdmonkeys actually believe this

I got some OG meihmeih's



>Daily reminder that the one on left is national hero of t*rkey (ugly as fuck, weird mustache, skateboard eyebrows, look like shrek)
>Daily reminde that the one on right is national hero of GLORIOUS KURDISTAN (blonde, blue eyes, ARYAN, handsome, charismatic leader, based hats)




What is the k*rdish version of taqiyyah called?

lol checking back on /sg/ after about 4 months:

roaches creeping inside Syria with tanks to KS senpai Putin.
wierdo flags in /sg/ posted by a turk
roaches all over /sg/ overall

wtf is going on I want canadabro Q.Q


we're better than leafs t b h famiglia

I got a better stain

t. kike vassal

do as you are told Yahudi

Source on that pic? Why is he saying albanians are worse than jews?

T*rks are disgusting subhuman trash. Degenerate doesn't even come close to this behavior.

Aren't russians massive cucks for letting all that stuff happen?

there is nothing wrong with being gay

What is the context of the image OP?

>he said while contracting AIDS


>he said while falling for the women meme

I want fucking good ol' times

There is everything wrong with being gay


i want war, i want all k*rds dead. GENOCIDE FUCKING WHEN?!

Whoa there hans, careful you don't get a visit from mamma merkel's tolerance team for that post.

Your Country is Cancer for the Middle East

>Ohh yeah...uhh...Merkel lel

>heroes of justice


>report them

fucking safespace baby

>anno 2016
>not being obsessed with boipucci

I fucking hate Obama. Jesus Christ I am mad

Tolerance in my Ass. Fuck them. Fuck all of them. They are cancerous shitheads.


and yours is the cancer of world. 2 world wars, a genocide. fucking scum. your time will come too german. just wait.


>t. Ali David Sonboli

How many times do I have to tell you cucks that if you are top it's not gay goddam amerisharts are really dumb

>reporting people you don't like
Ooh look at him he's going to cry

>israel work with Iran

not gonna happen sorry buddy

Oh man i so fucking wish that you kids saw the 90s. Isl*mists or pkk supporters couldnt breath. Turkey was 3th Reich tier nationalist. Journalists or politicians couldnt use Turk as an insult like today.

Look at Tansu Çiller. AKP tries to show her like dumb blonde but she fucked islam*sts and k*rds so hardly. She had more balls than all akp politicians combined.

Safe space is that way >>>>Reddit.

You have it wrong.
Turkey, USA and Israel should replace Syria, Iran and Fatah.

Friendship ended with Saudi Arabia, now Iran is my best friend.

t. Suicidal Kemalist

Hedef 2023, never forget.

>USAF bombed the SAA so IS gained valuable ground

This sucks.

>he doesn't know erdoğan went full atatürkist after the failed coup
Keep up with the news nigger


First for hating Turks and Kurds

Do you have a tl;dr for the bombing of the syrian army? Obama really fucked up this one. Feels like we are one inch away from ww3

>yes good kuff- i mean kemalist we love atat*rk never fall for taqiyya

>Osman Pamukoglu turns up in syria
>he brings only soldiers armed with G3s, Karayilan (Black snake aka MG3), and some PKM and SVD they picked up along the way

>He is assigned maybe 2 to 3 F-16 for air support and 3-4 old 203mm Howitzers in the hinterland for fire support

>cleanses isis from the map in 3 weeks
>The k*rdish race ceases to exist

>years later soldiers under his command will make nationalistic youtube videos with slow slideshows of the best time of their lives to cheesy patriotic music

You already posted the same shit 3 weeks ago. I do not think you understand where I am coming from when I say Kemalists. When I say Kemalists, I mean the people who so desperatly try to look progressive so they do the most degenerative shit like get drunk, fuck a homoboy, get 20 different Ataturk tattoos cause LEL FUCK ISLAMISTS I AM 100% EUROPEAN FREE MAN!!!. These people have been BTFO very hard and are contemplating suicide after every election when AKP wins yet again.

So good that Erdogan is trying to appease both sides while making sure our brethren and sisters can enjoy living in new Turkey without the Kemalist opression. No more bullshit like no headscarf rule in University or the police force, build more mosques cause people want to practice their religion and become a good muslim.

As long as the idea of Anti-Islam is wiped clean of Turkey I do not care if it is Neo-Ottomans or people behind the Republic that are doing it. Masallah to AKP for their new Turkey, it looks great!!!

Based Erdogan is making Turkey great again. Masallah.

*unzips pants*

ISIS statehood will be recognized by U.S.A. because it gave up so much land for freedom.

First embassadors to visit are Israel and U.S.A. and Turkey.

And Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Jordan.

Pretty much. It is their baby too.

>hey Russia we are going to bomb ISIS in that area
>bombs SAA
>shooting at U.S. aircraft attacking others without consulting burgers wtf they be doing

Nor Russia Nor the USA cares enough about Syria to trigger a major escalation of the conflict.


fight "moderate" kikes
has no gun
resorts to knife
"moderate" kikes hype it up like they won some championship

You have a very big mouth from the netherlands there, those kemalists have saved turkey.
even mentioning the word kemalist is wrong, every turk must be kemalist to some degree actually. If he isnt, he is a traitor.

You guys use the good will of the Turkish people and the good hearts of them because you play politics with religion, but all the shit you did will one day fire back
As the great leader once said,
You will go just like you came, you and all other arab dicksuckers.

Also i just got my first Atatürk tattoo just this summer.
I also drink with AKP supporters from time to time. Even mentioning drink in this kind of debate shows what kind of outcast child you are.

In conclusion i can only tell you to kill yourself

>getting ataturk


Is this cringe thread


ataturk tattoo*

>Also i just got my first Atatürk tattoo just this summer.


Can you guys not see the irony of calling AKP supporters sheep when you do shit like this?


Post more epic reaction images retards, ill be fucking your veiled sisters up their asses in the meantime.

Ustam 1 doner 1 ayran
Sogan ve garlik olmasin

u guys

you are delusional, konya is the city that drinks the most alcohol in turkey, probably has the most whore houses too

The wannabe super pious retards are the most degenerate. Its always th same.

Tamam Müdür ama kirayi ödemeye unutma bak 3 aydir bekliyoruz

Filthy shit skins. You are all nothing but cowards who run when the going gets tough. I can't wait to see how you will be fleeing once European civil wars start kicking off.

i agree that there are european wannabees that think they are the same as europeans buts usually the closer you get to west turkey, it hasnt too much to do with kemalism, they usually pick kemalism as a cover they dont know anything about ataturk

in anyway people drink alcohol and fuck an asshole because it feels good and not because its progressive

im sure it will be great to see how spending money on mosques will help turkey forwards, meanwhile turkish students score extremely bad in stuff like programming but hey, lets just keep spending money on mosques, that will help for the future enemies of turkey


>a fucking leaf

>A fucking shit skin leech

lel a fucking leaf


>A bottom barrel sub human

You dumb shits still do not understand what I am saying. I live in the Netherlands, people get high whenever they can and fuck whores in the back alleys. Do you really think I care if you drink or not? I care only because you people use drinking alcohol and getting Ataturk Tattoos and all that degenerate shit as a rebellious statement and a political one because it goes against Islamic values which you guys hate.

You guys are not European, you guys are not 100% progressive gay4u top tier secular soldiers of Ataturk the prophet 100% Aryan blooded Turks. The dream of an European Turkey is dead, the Ottoman and/or Turanism dream lives under many people atm.

Remember the old Turkey like this? youtube.com/watch?v=H9b43_1ATQg
Wow, really humanistic and freedom loving people you lot.

I won't waste talking to you dumb sheeps anymore cause I have won this war and still am winning thanks to Erdogan. You can cry all you want on facebook how you hate the current government of Turkey and how it tramples on Ataturks policies, it is not going to change anytime soon. The Turkish PEOPLE vote for this king of Government, you guys can consider yourself the minority in Turkey and should respect what majority of the Turkish people think is good for their country. GET. FUCKED.

How did I run if I were born here and have been living here all my life?

It is the new European way dude. get with the time gramps!

chill the fuck down ahmed-le-camel-piss-guzzler, or you might be removed.


>How did I run if I were born here and have been living here all my life?

Somebody obviously ran if you aren't WHITE you fucking parasite.

You will never be a European just another turd coloured invader.

>It is the new European way dude. get with the time gramps!

certainly not here. i can tell you that.

>Somebody obviously ran if you aren't WHITE you fucking parasite.

>You will never be a European just another turd coloured invader.


>Implying anything I said is wrong

According to whom? You paraaitical cumstains of humanity?

You are on the way to extinction and no one will care when you die at the hands of us "invaders".

Prepare to die.

It works both ways. You accuse them of doing degenerate stuff for wanting to be progressive, meanwhile islamists in konya are the best drinkers and whore fuckers in Turkey while acting everyone should be pure bla bla. You are delusional and a hypocrite. You are just blind and you have been memeing literally for weeks now. Dont you have anything better to do?

And that system you laugh at, produced a first Turkish nobel prize winner in hard sciences. The current generation wont be able to achieve fuckall. Their skills are extremely bad, even fucking R*ssians are pro at stuff like programming.

How many of these european flags are actually turks

>heroes of justice and right