How to redpill my sister?

Hey there Cred Forums, my sister is going on a three week language stay to the UK.

Now, that's nothing to be especially wary about,
the grave thing is that's she's staying with a MUSLIM family.

My concerns aren't really about her safety,
as the family consists of a husband, a wife and their daughter of the same age as my sister.

It's mostly the fear that they might try to convert her and that her stay might give her a bad impression of Britain,
as I am a huge Britboo.

Now, can you give me some material about muslims in the UK, with statistics and such so that I can enlighten her about what's she's going into?

Also, they will be staying in Cambridge, how's the general situation there for aryan women?

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send her alone through muslim neighborhoods in German, France, Belgium or Sweden.

>Being a Britboo

christ how awful

She'll be fine, you're worrying over nothing.

just be thankful it isn't London I guess

>Sending Aryan women.

You just fucked up mate. You've been tricked and she has been sent to the BLOOD REFINERIES.

You could've saved her user.
There's nothing more pure than the love between siblings. It's still not too late, tell your imouto how much you love her.

I wouldn't waste time trying. If she doesn't learn to avoid Muslims after living with a muzzie family, she'll never learn.

I live in cambridge. It's a mad place. like the mage-town in skyrim.

a few years ago the muslim tory councillor who owned this shop Millennium/@52.1997049,0.1360282,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d87085960b6c87:0xa68dc9f110929ca8!8m2!3d52.1997049!4d0.1382169

took me to the downstairs area and threatened to kill me.....because..... I wanted the harddrive we paid him for back.

'' in my country we would of killed you! "

Oh yeah, integration is going great here in britbongistan.

Add me on skype and i'll meet up with her at a pub in cambridge.
I'll tell her a few stories of 'idealic' Cambridge. and 'multiculturalism'.
For bonus points, i won't even hit on your sister lol.

Honestly, alot of our muslims are pretty chill. Some aren't.
But I've never had any issues with the ones I work with and some even said they celebrate Christmas in their own way, not like giving presents or anything because "that's Christians thing" but they have a Christmas dinner kinda thing where they invite the family over.

So long as she stays out of "no go" zones, London and Birmingham, she'll be fine.
Hopefully she'll be staying in a more rural area like a town instead.

If she is in a city, she might actually be raped. City 'slimes are worst of the worst.

why the FUCK would you send your sister to a muslim house?

That makes ZERO sense.

She is going to get raped. If she is any decent looking she is going to "vanish" and be sold into slavery.

Your parents need their head examined.

If she's staying with a Muslim family then it doesn't matter if it's Burnley, Brighton, London, Cambridge or Aleppo, the end result will be the same.

Oh fuck, this doesn't give the best impression, doesn't it?

The thing is, the families the students are staying it were assigned by the college my sister attends, so they most likely hosted guests from abroad before.

They also have 4 cats, if that changes anything.

>It's mostly the fear that they might try to convert her and that her stay might give her a bad impression of Britain,
>as I am a huge Britboo.
>being a britboo
>not loving Islam
Islam is quintessentially British lad

Your sister will be redpilled the hard way, if you get my meaning.

Your sister is into muslim and black cocks. You wont be able to redpill her since she made her mind up.

She will enjoy hairy sweaty muslim hands between her legs and if she gets pregnant she just clain rape.

Thats why your sis goes for Ethireans, jugos and refugees.

What the fuck, no.

She didn't chose the family herself, it was assigned to it and she's painfully oblivious about it.

She also never had a boyfriend before and there are hardly any foreigners where we life.

You're doomed, you're just going to have to face facts that she'll get groomed, gang raped and have her clitoris chopped off. You'll be lucky to get her back alive.

Britbong here, live near Cambridge and went to sixth form there so have a pretty good grasp of the city.

The while city is pretty multicult, nowhere near London though. Mostly rich Chinese tourists which big clicky cameras, hardly any black people. The only Muslims I met in Cambridge were extremely westernised and very rich (Cambridge is an expensive place to live) - short skirts, no hijab, very liberal. Only conservative ideals were no sex before marriage and none of them ate pork.

I think your sister will be fine. Cambridge Muslims are more civilised than the more densely packed areas in Britain as the high cost of living keeps them out. If she was staying with a Muslim family from Birmingham or London the situation would be completely different.

I suppose only being 3 weeks she might go without incident, but it's always possible that this will happen. She'll probably be passed around the local Islamic community as a show of how tolerance for Islamic culture.

she will come back fully ackbard, making ululating noises and praying to the moon.
if you must let her go splash her with holy water first.

That's some high quality satire there senpai. Makes me feel like being a minority in european homelands isn't really genocide. and that i should learn to embrace the modern diverse world.


This sounds rather comforting, thanks my man.
Not that I don't want to face the facts but that's my impression of Cambridge as well.


Same idiot who can't write "Eritreans" and who was insulting everybody the other day. Please get help, you clearly have a mental issue.

If they are the kind that are given over to hosting foreigners and having cats it should be fine. Living in Cambridge I'd take a stab that these are relatively well off 2nd generation immigrants.

What's she coming over for? Unless they happen to be really big on British history I'd recommend she spend most of her time exploring on her own anyway.

Pic related.

Stop believing the stupid memes here.

I've had plenty of Muslim friends and gone to their houses loads of times. The vast majority are fine. It sounds like your sister's hosts are highly educated anyway.

Say good bye to your sister. If she doesn't get raped and killed she'll just start shilling for islam. Sorry for you loss.

It's part of her apprenticeship, she will be going to school every week day anyway and there will be class activities on the weekend as well.

It's not like she's spending much time there except breakfast, dinner and sleep.

Yes Muhammad, they are all fine. I trust you.

They've gotta get some fresh meat somehow

She's done. She WILL be raped. She WILL be sold into slavery. She WILL be converted.

This is not going to end well for you, or her.

But, hey, maybe after 10 or 15 years, she'll be brainwashed enough to be happy with her 12 kids, burka, and daily beatings...

So, I guess as long as she's happy, that's what's important. So there's your silver lining!



>Pedophile ring is now code for Muslim gang.

Send her to me lad I'll look after your sister

Never to be seen again

The no go zones aren't just memes, but (even if I'd prefer they weren't here) the idea that all of them will rape and pillage, is. If you're really concerned ask for an address and go on street view, that should tell volumes.

And on worrying if she'll be converted, we are the Kuffar I don't think they go round converting us, they much prefer being better.

Rest easy user, and good luck to your sister with the studies.

Dat grammar.

This requires immediate action.

Walk into your sister's room when she is undressing.

Throw her onto the bed.


Pin her down and staddle your legs over her so she can't escape.

Look her directly in the eyes and firmly say.

I love you.

Slowly release your grip on her and leave her room.

If she still leaves after that, then there was nothing you could have done.

Good luck :^)

>My concerns aren't really about her safety,
>as the family consists of a husband, a wife and their daughter of the same age as my sister.

You think that makes her safe? Poor naive boy

Theres no need to be so mad achmed

In all seriousness they put the names and faces on the article.

Do the police follow these subhumans around to stop revenge attacks or are they unguarded?

A man could have a pretty good weekend with a video camera is all I'm saying. Could show isis propagandists what a much smarter species can do when pushed to brutality.

I hate to say it but she'll almost certainly be fine and in fact even more blue pilled than before. Sorry, old boy, but I'm not going to lie to you.

>Do the police follow these subhumans around to stop revenge attacks or are they unguarded?
Don't you know it's 2016? Following them would be racist.

I'd sooner castrate myself than send my little sister into the care of goatfuckers.

>even more blue pilled than before

Did you even read his post? That's exactly what he's worried about.

Yeah well he's fucked then isn't he?

t. Sheltered middle class white boy

She WILL be raped. Don't think the women will care.