Quo vadis Cred Forums?

Why do people support nationalism? I mean why would a French Cred Forumsack cheer German Cred Forumsacks? If Germoney went full nationalistic France would be the first target for anudah shoah.

I mean look - supporting nationalism of other countires is a shoot in your own foot. Am I the only one seeing this???

Why do Poles cheer for German nationalists like AfD or the UKIPers? Don't you know AfD would first target Poles, just like Brits are beating up Poles?? I mean WTF, all memes aside.

Don't worry, Siberia will welcome you with open arms.

It's just that it's been too long since people have went through hardship with their historic rival. I mean after WWII your countries Army Pledge included the lines "I promise to hate the German who destroyed Poland".

I don't care about French nationalism, but we shouldn't support german nationalism. Those are people from a different culture than us. They are byzantine and we are latin. They instrumentalize human lives, state authorities treat their country as their own property, this is why there were so many kingdoms and principalities and duchies in HRE. Germans treat humans as raw material, they are like criminals who just got out of jail and are under supervision. Anybody who thinks of himself as a friend to civilization shouldn't support Germons

Those are the extreme effects of nationalism. Nationalism should only spread as far as guaranteeing mobility and opportunity for its citizens. Nationalism ensures the country is a place where people want to put something into it. People on put in the effort of civilization when they feel they can get more out of it than they are putting into it.

With the increasingly international character of capital, as well general trends of wealth divergence within countries, you are seeing profits from labor of individuals move into the pockets of owners who have little understanding or even care about the lives of people who ultimately generate their hard-sought returns.

With a sense of nationalism, the capitalist at least has some form of solidarity with those he employs. Without a sense of nationalism, he is eventually going to de-humanize his employees entirely. Nationalism aids in problems that arise with class divisions in a capitalist society.

Korea, a fiercely nationalistic capitalist society, is a perfect example. Not only do they have little crime, little unemployment and by all metrics a happy and functioning society, but their businesses take a very nationalistic approach to employment and price setting. Students are charged the equivalent of no more than $2.50 per meal, though the company which provides it actually loses money. My brother asked his Korean girlfriend why they do that. She said, "Because students can't afford higher prices but still need to eat". Can you imagine anything like that occurring in the US? Absolutely no. Anybody who has been to college can tell you the prices are outrageous and the food extremely sub-par.

Westerners don't understand nationalism anymore, since all of their governments took on a hyper-capitalist and internationalist character after World War II. The profit motive has become the national religion, to the point where even questioning it gets you called a communist.

Don't you think that UK would invade you if a major war would break? You would be the first to taste British nationalists nukes buddy.

but being here you support nationalism all aroud the world and the endgame of nationalists all around the world is to crush your neighbours and take their women and resources.

We are all brothers and sisters in binds now, friend

>Why do Poles cheer for German nationalists like AfD or the UKIPers? Don't you know AfD would first target Poles, just like Brits are beating up Poles
Does it actually happen more than it did in the past or is this just what media reports?
Also, how do you know that people who beat Poles are nationalists?
Anyway modern nationalism doesn't want europeans to fight with each other. Leftists, muslims and niggers are the common enemy.

nationalism = anticosmopolitism. Destruction part is for the Germans and Scandinavians

One day I want to merge all European Nationalism into an Ethno-Centirc Nationalism and unite the White race once more.

>Also, how do you know that people who beat Poles are nationalists?
KEK, then what are they?!

Totally agree. Why would anybody suport and preserve thier culture and religion... just crazy...unless we jews do it of course then its fine.

Niggers, pakis, random people? I'm not claiming they were NOT nationalists but you should never trust the media.
Remember how muslim terrorists were "belgians" and "french"?

Because fucking hitler made people believe that nationalism can only be hostile to everyone else
Thats simply not true, what is hostile to everyone else is imperialism, nationalism can be content with current borders and be just about improving your nation, i know for a fact because we are one of the oldest still imperialistic countries in the world
unless your nationalism was subverted by nazis at some point your nationalism is healthy and not about genociding everyone you dont like(as a pole you can have ukrainean nationalism as example of nazi infested one, and hungarian as example of healthy one)

>Why do people support nationalism?

The alternative is genocide. There is a war brewing.

Nationalism doesen't mean you want to kill and hurt everyone else. It means you don't want others in your nation.

You can still respect borders and have mutually beneficial alliances/NAP

you have it backwards. nationalist love independent sovereign nations run by their own people. globalists and imperialists hate nationalism and want to unite as much land under their own rule.

Because nationalism was a fuel for every developing country in last 4000 years. Just because some racist kike that hadn't had its own land since 1946 is telling me that loving my own country is "faschist!!" it doesn't mean I'm going to listen to him and ignore what my ancestors did.

>Why do people support nationalism?
Young people need it. They doesn't create anithig yet, but they need to assert themselves.
So big gues need them to make any protests and they keep nationalism.
If anything goes wrong in any state, young students goes to another square to remove regime.
Nationalism is a control tool.

>implying any sane white person really wants war
>implying that if we bought every high tech shit and mobilize we wouldn't fight off germies
nationalism=more white children, more white people=prosperity, prosperity=tech advancement, tech advancement=mass effect shit

>nationalism=more white children
japan girls.jpg

Yes, but because that now people only think that nationalism can be only hostile, nationalists have to show that they fight for peaceful cooperations of different nations
If nationalists won't do that, we will just fall due in-fighting between ourselves, because nationalists believe too that they have to be violent

One day Poland and Russia might stand as allies just like orcs and elves to fight Mordor
I wouldn't trust you, but we might have to fight on the same side this time

honestly asians usually are so ugly i don't really mind them having plastic surgeries en masse, if that's what helping them reproduce

For the HORDE!!!

>are so ugly
It's because they are sitting in their island and don't invate anybody else.
>plastic surgeries
In Korea it's a gift to adulthood.

Polish immigrant/member of UKIP reporting in. I vote ukip&brexit cause i believe its best for this country.