Is this guy really the leader of the so caled Alt-Right?

Is this guy really the leader of the so caled Alt-Right?

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no, meme frog is

No, I am.


Who, Andy Warhol?

That Polack's dead.

no pepe is

This, the only leader of le "alt-right" is this frog.

no he is just our resident subversive jew.

When he starts to lose media attention he'll reveal his HIV status. So conservative wow.

No, the leader of the alt-right is I, the hacker known as Cred Forums.

>so caled Alt-Right?
..Sigh, why do you faggots think the alt-right isn't a thing?

It's real, and has been for years. I looked it up way before Milo even appeared on scene. Davis M Aurini (Youtube him, pretty based) one of the 'original' alt-right, been following this guy since 2012'ish

He's subversive to us. He lies about us to the media and stole from his Whites only scholarship. He's a degenerate, liar, and thief. In short, he's shit.

Yes, he's the Grand Wizard of the Pepe the Nazi Frog

that's what I meant

Good. I thought you were a Milo apologist at first. He's worse than SJWs. Enemies aren't as bad as traitors.

i used to like milo because he triggered feminists so fucking hard at every turn, watch the talkshows he made appearances on for the BBC a few years ago. even his inevitable rise to diva-ism and ironic worship by the neo-right youth had a charm to it.

now he's just being an obnoxious faggot who's seen his opportunity to monetize his situation.

if he quits his job as a journo any time soon, i'll be proven right.

Yeah, he uses the harcore White Supremacist, Reddit subforums.

>Controlled opposition

I wonder who could be behind that?

It's kids who only heard the term because of Shillary and thinking its some super recent thing made up by the jews

Yes there are obviously gonna be people who bandwagon on because it is getting mentioned a lot in the mainstream but anyone who claims the alt-right isnt real or its some made up kike thing is a easy newfag detector


I'm top fag around here.

who has the pic of milo when he had curly brown jew hair?

He's trying to get social advancement. He's a professional victim, but his victimization came from being banned from Twitter. He wants to be a Fox News commentator or work in a Trump administration.

lol retard, because it's more useful to operate without a label or name for the media to use to criticize and demonize us with. no one here wants to be part of the alt-right because there is literally no benefit to saying you are part of the alt-right. are you autistic or what?

>alt right
stop fucking using this label you dumb cunt

He's not. I know because I am the leader of the alt-right. (pic related is the feminist I keep locked in my basement as a pet)

>the alt-right is a new label created by the media

How to spot the newfag

>who has the pic of milo when he had curly brown jew hair?

I've never even heard of alt-right except out of his mouth and youtubers who are somehow associated with him. I don't like him. His excuse that he's not a white supremacist because he lets black men sodomize him is bullshit.

Milo is trash. He's on his own. He doesn't represent me and he has no business publicly trying to define this "alt-right" thing as if it's real, when more than half of it is satire.

Lefties practically invented satire with the modern Satanic church being a parody of what Christians think of atheists. Now Cred Forums is a parody of what libcucks think of the right, and just like with the Satanic church, the irony is completely lost in translation, and you get the news reporting that Pepe is a mascot for white supremacists.

I went to see him launch the 'young british heritage society' in london. I was disappointed.
He's not my 'leader' lol.


that's not even close to what i explicitly said or implied, try again retard.

>So Called Alt-Right?
i dig it family


Thats not Sampson Hydeberg

He kinda dresses like my exgirlfriend.

Hell, give him longer hair, lipstick and a weaker jaw and he kinda looks like her period.

No, this guy is.

>CTR now altering thumbnails

I can't think of a country I hate enough to deport Gavin McGinnes there. Pure degenerate with no analytical abilities. Poison in human form.

So is there any alt-righter that's not a degenerate nu-male or faggot?

What the fuck...I didn't post that image

Whats going on here? CTR CUT THE SHIT

his mr floppy mesmerises me.

>Likes black dick
No thanks.

Just Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson. Everyone else is a meme or SPLC plant.

How long do you think he had to jerk off on the beach to get to at least that size?



Pepe is a puppet, and I pull the strings.

Cred Forums put up with Milo at first because it was nice having someone defend our values out in public but it quickly became apparent that he was just a smug degenerate
his existence is no longer necessary to our cause

Yeah you're right, before that it was a label created by easily offended redditors on Cred Forums.

>the alt-right

I guess..

>Cred Forums

No. Cred Forums is REAL right.

This. We should meme him into the poorhouse.

>Freemasons establish America

>Pepe is a puppet, and I pull the strings.

I believe God is using pepe to punish the degenerates and nonbelievers.
>inb4 some r/atheism newfaggot redditor tips his fedora at me

He's the leader of edgy reddit faggots , most of whom are not even white as he himself is a literal edgy faggot.

*things I don't want to think about for 500 dollars, Alex


no he's a jewish plant meant to fuck over the altright.

Purge him now.

Pepe is

A gay jew from england who likes black dick is the leader of Neo-nazis and the KKK.

Only a Liberal could believe that