Spying on your own population

Well Cred Forums, I've rarely seen this being discussed on here but it definitely is an important topic

So, as of current year it's pretty much dead sure that data about you and everything you do in your private life is being collected(to not say stolen), stored and most likely put together in order to profile you by private companies and services like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc. and government institutions.

The questions I pose :
- Is this in any way justifyable?
- What are these people probably doing with this data?
- What are the ways to combat this? And i mean openly combat and not just the standard "jus don giv em any data u dumb fuck hahah lul xDDDD" way. We want to get rid of this

Also, leave your edge at home and make educated arguments. No point in being edgy. This is something serious.

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I'm waiting for change.

My educated argument is that you should fuck off and go fuck a kangaroo, Australia.

Fuck it.

I'd spy on my own nation if we went FULL SWEDEN MODE. I'd be gathering all the intel I can on main supply routes, logistics, emailing scotland yard just to get replies so I can analyse the linguistics they use (which would be helpful for other nations intelligence to socially engineer themselves when operating in this country).
I'd use that intel to buy citizenship somewhere more red-pilled, if we went sweden-mode.
Luckily, we brexited, so it didn't come to that and this country is worth defending.

But my point is, there are alot of people willing to fuck with any given country at any given time, who'd spy on it too. It's only fair if they get to spy back.

>Is this in any way justifyable?
No, dont believe much security meme
>What are these people probably doing with this data?
They sell it to other companies so if you search "I wanna new phone" you will see ads of phones everywhere.

I was talking in the context of spying on your OWN population in order to surpress it etc.

>Is this in any way justifyable?
Maybe but the arguments are probably hacky. There should be no reason to overtly record everything you do online unless you're some sort of a proven threat.
>What are these people probably doing with this data?
(((They))) might just be amassing it for research or as I heard, the government is trying to create a digital profile of you. I'm not too sure.
>What are the ways to combat this?
Not sure. It's already been established world-wide so I don't think there's a place to hide.

the spying is unprecedented

Snowden, assange, stallman, ect all have spoken out against it

it IS possible to escape from it
choose linux

Would you say it's probable that we are to be controlled/blackmailed with the data?

Oh absolutely. That's also another probable reason as to why they're doing this. Great point.

How many aps do you have on your phone where you have agreed to give them everything as well as use your microphone and camera?

>- Is this in any way justifyable?
On a philosophical and constitutional level, absolutely not. NSA metadata collection has stopped 0 terrorists attacks since it's inception.
>- What are these people probably doing with this data?
NSA will use this data for future political prisoners without a doubt.


- What are the ways to combat this? And i mean openly combat and not just the standard "jus don giv em any data u dumb fuck hahah lul xDDDD" way. We want to get rid of this

Use the 4th amendment, end all metadata collection.

>What are these people probably doing with this data?

Whatever they want. They stalk their exes. They collect information on political dissidents. They document porn searches to discredit you. Google the five eyes.

They've got a shopping list on everyone just in case you ever cross the line and they need to silence you.


Bullshit, there are back doors for the feds built into the hardware. Changing OS won't help.

>- What are these people probably doing with this data?

They are making lists of who to make disappear when the shit hits the fan and who gets sent to re-education camps.

It's justifiable, which is not the same as right.

They are trying to root out subversive elements of the population.

You can get around it by encrypting everything, which is a major hassle.

>It's justifiable

maybe if they themselves weren't the same people responsible for the causes of the problem in the first place

choose older hardware pre-patriot act

From 20 years of experience in a shadow tyranny-

- Is this in any way justifyable?
>No, but they will make as many accusations and claims of superiority as they can. They will say you and anyone else who catches or interferes is what they are, they will call you a meth dealer, terrrorist (new one), pedo, etc. to protect their meth, heroin and pedo networks.

- What are these people probably doing with this data?
>It is to manipulate people to protect their drug and human trafficking networks.

- What are the ways to combat this? And i mean openly combat and not just the standard "jus don giv em any data u dumb fuck hahah lul xDDDD" way. We want to get rid of this

>They hate having to run away from death. Guns. Being able to kill bad people. This is what they will first try to stop and they will try to equate arms and force control, prohibitions on basic self defense to morality and lawfulness. They will try to say you are evil or a criminal for being able to protect yourself.

Cameras are not enough unless you can kill the guy trying to take the camera to cover up the crime.

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. The police and feds control organized crime here. The bullshit cults of the oligarchs control the police and feds. (Masons, Mormons, High level Catholic groups, they are all the same.)

The local facets of the U.S. Government are using police and military assets to protect meth and child trafficking operations here. They tried to murder me but almost got exposed for it so I lived. They are trying hard to hide what they are. They are no more than the soldiers you would see serving Hitler or Mao.

The local police and feds tried to murder me for gathering evidence against them on video. They only stopped when they got afraid of video getting out. They tried to murder me and my elderly mom for our video and because we made their snitch "gangstas" run away during multiple home invasion attempts. After this they portrayed us as criminals and called us terrrorists.

Post video?

THey stole the camera and jailed me for the charge of taking video. There is no law against passive recording of a private property intrusion, but you tell a bunch of Heald "college" grads with guns that.

Kind of boring. What do you want to see? All the surviving footage is a bunch of cops arresting me for taking video of one of their snitch crew making death threats. I got video of a plainclothes trying to disable the security cams on the property before this and having to lie and run away when confronted, but it is pretty boring.

In the meantime, have a picture of Hassan Mohammed, the ex "forensic scientist" of Honolulu Police. Here he is on my mom's property, after standing at the window trying to find out where she was in her house. My elderly mom was illegally arrested after taking this photo for taking this photo.

Just post what you have user. Seems fucked up so I want to see.

Sure thing, poster who is definetly not NSA. After all, they have all my video and photos and other private info and confidential attorney-client transactions. Hold on.

Oh come on goy you can trust me. I just want to have a look at what happened in your story.

Just be a cunt and make it as difficult for them as possible. Set up encrypted HDDs full of copies of goatse/tubgirl/any other old shock image. Refuse all requests to help them and let them crack it themselves. Hell, just the new "WHITE SUPREMACIST HATE FROG" could prove as grounds in the future should the wrong people win.

By the way that is "Huybiba Mohammed" (Possibly not a real name, they used combos of both their names.) squirting my elderly mom to short out her camera. My mom was in her yard and this is the sack of foot skin and pus coming into my mom's property with one of the others in the background, usually with a gun pointed at her or us. She was still afraid of my elderly mom protecting herself with a small knife so she tried to disable the camera. Then she called the police and the police illegally arrested my mom when that failed.

The Hawaii court system uses Mohammed's testimony as a "Forensic scientist" to validate fraudulent drug tests. If he is ever found to be a liar, all the cases where Hawaii state took people's property, children or freedom based on drug test results will come into question.

Did you know their drug tests will test positive when exposed to the air? Or Mountain Dew? Or water? Did you know these shitbags were using the ID of a dead man named Mamdouh Eldalil to own property, and the gov. erased all records within a week of us uncovering it?

Wat een verlicht argument, kankernerd.

>- Is this in any way justifyable?


>- What are these people probably doing with this data?

Private companies? Trying to figure out how to market to you better. Figuring out what data to show you and what not to show you to maximize the money they can make off you.

Governments? Spending massive amounts of money to collect massive amounts of data so they can stroke their dicks as they think about all the terrorists they could maybe stop if they wanted to. (what's that NY?)

>- What are the ways to combat this? And i mean openly combat and not just the standard "jus don giv em any data u dumb fuck hahah lul xDDDD" way. We want to get rid of this

We need an alternative to cellphones, or at least have cellphones only connect to internet networks that can be anonymized and encrypted.

Don't use google / online services that you don't control with your personal data. We are using google to manage email and everything else when OSS wrote the servers they are running? wtf. There should be a brain dead install you can drop on a VPS that gives you a personal google services equivalent.

Spend cash only in your day to day. No CC and no bank cards. Bitcoin would be ok, but you can't use any of the payment services. No paypal of course.

What about when people say "I have nothing to hide". How do you respond?

"Let me read all your texts and emails then"

"You're not gov. I have nothing to hide ftom gov, but I do have things to hide from you".


"I think that if you trust the government to do the right thing you are alone in that respect."

"The government are people too"

>having to spell it out for blue pilled idiots

How do you think the red pill begins?

In reality, if you shake someone's arms as they hold a bible, they just clutch it. Rattling cages just pisses off the beast, and you don't want it to get out, so it's drama either way. It doesn't really matter, I had no point other than expressing exasperation.

Fact is many people are pieces of shit criminals and we should be spying on them because they refuse to live right.

Spying on other countries is pointless when you can't see potential threats inside your own one.

Well, just from my experience (as someone who used to be quite a bit left wing, as was much of Cred Forums back in the "hackers on steroids" days), it wasn't until I was confronted with all the logical fallacies and hypocrisy associated with the left that I started to have a different outlook. I still hold some left values (gay's should marry, etc) but that's just Cred Forums-tier shit posting at that point and not really an issue. If you can get ONE persons brain thinking, and anaylzing things more than what their Facebook feed tells them to think, you've made a positive difference.

>positive difference
>triggering an army of retards that go through a denile stage
>once the dust is settled, and they've handed everyone's ass back to them, they'll be possibly apologetic
It'll get worse before it gets better. IRL not everyone is even intelligent to be on the web, much less open minded enough and intuitive to go on chan sites. It'd get so much worse, and you may be fucken dead before it got better, just so the retards can hate themselves now that you're gone, them being a cheap painfully ironic version of your open minded opinions, but without the genuin guidance to go from there, so would they even evolve at the end of the day? They'd devolve, history would repeat itself, SSDD. Best thing to do is run away, my actual point of which was low key. That's why we've that instinct, avoidance, just the the same as they've the witch burning way of solving problems.

running away was what people have always done. There has always been a frontier where you could get away from the idiots and parasites and try to make your own way in the world. Now there is no frontier. There is only civilization filled with people that tell you what to do and demand you care for their dumb asses.

Space will be the next frontier. I hope I live to see the point where many humans are living there.

It'll be virtual reality. And we need it to be on the black market. An Internet number two is an essential step.


>objects randomly fly through space ship

It's more likely we hide in the ocean really, a commune of subs, like villages underwater that trade with each other.

Whatever though, like I know anything.