>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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Don't fuck this up Cred Forums #ZombieHillary


nth for America First


The hatred of Trump is really setting in with normies.

Someone from the UK posted this on Facebook.

>Yeah Clinton will say anything to get elected but Trump's a big meanie!



I'm starting to believe that we can win this

Almost thought it was over at the beginning of August after Trump's press conference in Florida and after he took the Khan bait.

>falling for MSM propaganda
I've learned to watch TV as if it's a comedy, it's all funny stuff with nothing to back them up. The last time I felt like Trump is fucked was when he initially imposed the ban on Muslims, but on the end of that I got assured that this madman literally cannot be stopped.

He plays 8 dimensional chess.


I'm so happy there's no Canadian awoo.



Drumpf in free fall. By Election Day he'll be down by 20 puts.

Guys this is serious. You really need to not vote for Trump this November. You don't have to vote for Hillary if you don't want to, not voting at all is fine too. It's for your own good. I'm telling you this as a friend.



wtf i like leafs now

>thread is 50 minutes old
Why did you make this thread halfway through the last one?



>be pepe
>have rumors about nazi connections spreading all over the internet
>fucking clearly not a pepe shill hillary clinton weighs in
>says your white supremacist connections are of grave concern
>you want to respond to the rumors
>you have trump on your late night comedy jew
>you sit awkward as fuck behind the desk because you’re a cartoon frog
>literally your feet are on the edge of the chair and you are leaning forward like it's a log
>trump reminds you to smile
>trump says this is a lovely late night comedy jew you have
>you dispense multiple repeating numerals in an accidental spasm of joy
>you smile and play it off as a joke
>this is a late night comedy jew after all :^)
>dispensing repeating numerals every once in a while actually feels good
>you tell trump that rumors about your nazi connections are nothing but crazy conspiracy theories
>as the audience is laughing about how wacky the conspiracy theorists are you have surreptitiously asked trump to help you out with the rumors
>you ask him if you might perform a big stunt
> tousling trump’s hair
>to shame the conspiracy theorists with mockery
>this should shut them up
>nobody will suspect a thing
>nobody will think for a second that trump would let a nazi frog tousle his hair
>you happily run his fingers through his hair
>both of you are smug af
>you laugh
>you laugh because you have rused them all
>you cant stop laughing, actually
>you see no need to stop yourself from laughing
>this is the late nite comedy jew after all

Rate my first OC senpais :^)


when will jews learn?

>the birtherism started from the clinton campaign
>nononononononononono no it didn't nononono please stop nonononono

>tfw forget OC

To do that probably.

EU is megacuck tier culturally now. Only a vocal minority actually think like this is the US. Most people are just pretending they hate both candidates but secretly know who they're voting for here. Anyone who uses buzzwords like this on Facebook is generally ignored because nobody wants to be associated with that kind of bait. Comment sections on news stories have also been surprisingly redpilled. Don't expect many to say non-PC stuff on facebook

i like lewis blacks comedy but his jewishness is starting to show too much

Dude looks like that dinosaur in that one kid cartoon, was it littlefeet or some shit like that, I cannot unsee it


>Rate my OC senpais :^)



I think he looks more like Ducky than Littlefoot

What is she hiding, is it Parkinson's?

This guys shtick has been played out for like 10 years. It's funny to see all these washed up celebs coming out of the woodwork to clamor for a little fame over Trump. I'm glad he doesn't give them the IRL (you)s they so desperately seek

i like how trump is a fucking billionaire but doesn't come off as an aristocrat


MSM is collectively pretending to have amnesia now

Do they think everyone just magically forgot or something? 2008 wasn't that long ago
as far as she knows

Can't believe how badly Trump fucked up. Right after he got some momentum. He gave away the election.

have the (You)s

fucking leaf

How did Trump predict the attack?

You're at the DNC when this guy slaps his wife's ass and asks you to come to his hotel room and piss on her face

What do you do?





Go go Jeb!

I can't wait for November
The media/twitter meltdown will be the biggest the internet has ever seen.

In their minds they've build Trump up to be literally Hitler and when he wins they will feel it they are living in Germany circa 1934.

It's going to be insane.

Good chuckle.

where were you when kek BTFO the heretics?


Trump has always had a very hands on approach to business, dealing with all kinds of people. He's not one of these Rothschild types who hide away in their mansions

She's like a child sticking fingers in their ears and go LALALALALALALALALALALALALA.


Guys I'm scared. Elisabeth Warren held an event for Hillary in Columbus, OH, yesterday.

Can Trump still win Ohio?




Trump actually has no chance whatsoever at winning. Elizabeth Warren said that he'll never be President and that he has substantial support from the KKK.

Jews. Lecturing on who and who doesn't go to hell.

Pick both



After he wins I'm going to be telling libtards that we lied and they were right all along, that Trump IS the next Hitler, maybe worse than Hitler.

Better pack our bags. Anyone else not voting? There's no point anymore. It's over. It'd be a waste of time to go out and vote for someone who's going to lose anyway.

The son of a bitch who made this shit deserves death. This is top degeneracy

Nah Trump is losing Ohio badly. They've got Obama, Bernie, Warren, Bill campaigning there.


I supported trump for awhile but I'm prolly not gonna vote anymore.

>tfw your MAGA hat is only a week away

Holy shit, it's the guy who triggered Carl the Cuck!


>for real why does my shit keep getting deleted?

wft, i'm a #ShillForHill now

Would Donald Drumpft allow such an evil sexist game to exist?

Take a hint, when a janitor nukes your stuff

#zombiehillary died, seems twitter popo has woken up

>tfw live in nyc and can go to his house and buy one any day

Hillary will lose Ohio just like almost every other statue that isn't EU-tier. She's stopped campaigning, and having the leftist oligarchy campaign in her place will not get people out to vote.

is there any proof that hillary started birtherism?

what the fuck did i miss the past few days?

maddow literally did an entire segment about pepe?

Have you not seen his other posts? It's reddit-tier shitposting
Don't respond to him

Don Jr > Eric > Barron > Ivanka > literally who

Ivanka is pretty clearly a feminist/corporatist/welfare state supporter IMO. The news stories about her threatening to distance herself from her fathers campaign to protect business interests during the Mexican judge shit really soured me on her. That's your fucking father you spoiled bitch - you wouldn't be shit without him.


Bad font and it should be /MAGA/

I honestly can't believe we are in the timeline where Trump JR has a live discussions about pepe the frog on national news network tv.

Meme magic is real folks.

20 minutes for pepe, then Cred Forums got a huge traffic burst

Where can I see the full Jimmmy Falcon and Hilldawg interview?

I just wanna see her get pwned and Fallon hasn't postednit tonhis Youtube.

we've always been winning


People don't want to see Hillary campaigning, they want her well rested and feeling better for the debates. Obama will handle the rallies nicely.

Barron > Don Jr > Ivanka > Eric > Tiffany


just because clinton brought up the issue first does not mean she started it. srsly


Can you even imagine, now carl and his faggot squad have to watch the guy not only BTFO him, but get a job with infowars, probably now getting rich, and not to mention an unlimited supply of super male vitality and water filters which will make him even more powerful than ever.


Is the debate next week, m8?
And what is the time GMT+0?

funny how instead of (((correcting the record))) she just asserts herself as right without any reasoning

>Ivanka 2024 democrat
>Don Jr 2024 republican
both win the nomination

So was it a mudslime that did tve bombing just woke up senpai. Good morning everyone


Good leaf

I don't understand the /tg/ meme

I've been on Cred Forums at least for a few minutes everyday for the past year.
Yesterday, I said "why not take one day off and catch up on some movies and television shows?"

Never again.

He's fucking lucky. I bet he never thought arguing with Bernie cucks in the street would result in a sweet media gig. He should be eternally grateful to us for spreading Carl the Cuck and AIDS Skrillex.

Keep telling yourself that. You're just like every desperate neocon at this time in 2012. It's setting in the your candidate is fucking terrible.

What is MSM?

Explain someone???

Mainstream media

main stream media

(((Mainstream Media)))

mass murderers

Mainstream media, namely fox, cnn, msnbc etc

I think she's the smartest candidate since JFK. She's played this perfectly.

/trumpgen/ would you buy a pair of Ivankas PEPE sandals?


November 9th

We will finally be free

>an Englishman needs to be told the meaning of an English acronym by two 3rd world tier european countries first



a way to get away with calling people filthy lying kikes


Guys we have to build an army to defend us against CTR, they will be here after the first debate to turboshill

Millennials Seeking Meaning

We're all gunna make it, bro


>I'll nearly die at the 9/11 memorial, that will show my strength

+7 boys

This CTR meme needs to end. They would never come here.

>"Her fall will be so low that none can foresee her arising ever again. For she will lose the best part of the strength that was native to her in the beginning, and all that was made or begun with that power will crumble, and she will be maimed for ever, becoming a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the shadows, but cannot again grow or take shape. And so a great evil of this world will be removed."

Wow, great idea. I'm soooo excited for the election to be over and "Oh no, what do?" this MAGA

Really thanks. I've been seeing this for ages now and im noramlly up to date, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

Whens the Debates start? Tommorrow? What time in New York Time?

How come Fallon hasntuoadednhis Shillary videos onto Youtube? Damage Control?


A literally German wakes his mother up every night when she hears hus clogs doing a jigga boo dance coming from the basement.

I survived to see the leave vote win with Brexit. I just pray my heart condition allows me to see Trump win too.


Cred Forums is going to be insane after the first debate

But my senses tell me we are in for a happening before then. NYC was a light happening. We're long overdue

>Whens the Debates start? Tommorrow?



Which is the hardest state to flip, excluding HI & DC?

>an underage b& typical English schoolboy goes on Cred Forums for the first time and is confused as to why everything isn't in Arabic


>Maine CD2

Well memed

First debate stage prep

awoo snow nigger



I like this picture. Can I save it?

Jokes on him. We are already in Hell.

>Big Don doing big numbers
>Shillary barely clinging to blue states

If he wins the first debate, it's over

That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again, this time by a reality TV star with a bad combover, despite having the backing of every major media outlet spinning things positively for her and covering for her, and despite the fact that she had an endless flow of cash and endless corrupt connections to support her campaign.

None of it was enough to overcome the happenings. She's the 2010's version of Baghdad Bob. Blunders, misfires, and random happenings going against her narratives proved too much. Nothing to see here, don't mind all of the shit hitting the fan in the background. Ignore my faintings, my coughing spells, the Islamic terrorism, the chaos in the middle east that I caused, the email scandals, the pay to play schemes as secretary of state, and mysterious assassinations of key people who potentially would throw a wrench into my campaign.

It was supposed to be her time. A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago. Now she's seeing it happen to her again. The presidency is slipping from her grip. She'll be too old and unfit to run again after this cycle. She'll die an angry and bitter death on a hospital bed as she watches the combover man with the prize he didn't deserve to win. She deserved it, not him.

This fate is most suitable for such a lying, murdering, pathological cunt.

Cali. Especially since they set up all the illegals to basically vote, preventing the real citizens from voicing their concerns.

So I have to wait another fucking week.

A literally irrelevant country thinks hes relevant because people like his Clog pics he posts online.

Hang yourself, From a windmill.


Is that really true? Can illegals vote?

>please feel sorry and vote for me, women.


>So I have to wait another fucking week.

We all do. I'm very nervous because this first debate may just decide the election, I hope Trump doesn't fall for their loaded questions.


The fact that Hillary looked like a zombie tonight, is that just a meme here on Cred Forums or do other people reflect on that?

the autism level of the one who put that together is impressive.


who cares Cali is lost cause anyway

He destroyed 17 other candidates in a grand spectacle, the odds will be just as stacked against him as all ways but he'll come through.

Hillary voters are so delusion. I have read some people arguing that she will take Texas.

What will happen to them? Should we ban Americans that might come here to hang themselfs in Aokigahara? Will their be an endless stream of them jump from the Golden Gate bridge?

>I hope Trump doesn't fall for their loaded questions.

If you don't have faith in the Emperor now, how can you have faith in then? How many more times does he need to prove himself?


This bill would make you think yes, however, this registration does not apply to illegals.

I wonder how she felt about Obama stealing her chance in 08

bad MAGA twitter banners

>Arguing with a 'Nordic Modelist' hillshill
>Mention how Detroit and Chicago, the Rust Belt are awful because of a lack of industry and we need to bring industry back to them
>"What the fuck are you talking about? Unemployment is at an all time low, there's jobs everywhere"
>Mention that unemployment doesn't count discouraged workers
>"Oh, they're adults and they're not working? Lmao, how are they still alive?"
>Explain that the cost of living is low and these people are living what amounts to an awful, barely-ahead lifestyle, and they're underemployed if they're employed at all
>"Well, then they're employed. If they have a problem with the jobs available, they should just move somewhere else."

Now I know what it means when people say they 'literally can't even'.

Checked and copied

Sure m8.

In exchange, think of a frog in a purple bath towel for me would yah?

what the fuck is this shit

>And cool kids don't just like taco trucks. They like pluralism, tolerance, marriage equality, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and wait for it, Hillary Clinton.

>Reuters polling of the nation as of Thursday shows “high confidence” in a win by Republican nominee Donald Trump in heavily-Democratic Vermont.

The Reuters poll did not give a margin for Trump’s victory but instead said it has “high confidence” in a GOP win. According to their polling standards, “a state is reported as ‘high confidence’ for a candidate if they win 95 percent or more of the simulated elections.”

Tell me again how Trump will lose this election
How the fuck can he lose if he wins states like Vermont?

>He took Mr Changs copypasta
>Made it better with trips

Awesome work m8

A+ post

Sounds like they got their script from patronizing boomers

Thread theme:

He needs to play this as he walks out to speak.

People like him live in rich areas overflowing with jobs so they don't understand what it's like in most of the country.

Every moderator is a registered Democrat and this is their last stand. I expect them to attack Trump worse than anything we've seen before. I have faith but i'm still nervous.

more shit like this?

A thing of beauty.

Looks like shit you stupid ducking yuro

Even if it is predicting anything that favours Trump it is still

> Reuters

I would never trust them

very nice.

>the bants he learned at his local mosque is so weak he can only come up with w-windmills and c-c-clogs, just further exposing his underageness and newfaggotry

The filename of your image gives it away as well - saved from Know Your Meme! Sad!

>two triple dubs in a row
Impressive! Very nice.



Vermont is 95% white and they were all bernouts .. It's completely possible they switch to Trump out of spite of DNC

Nah, man. Trump will kill, he's came along way now and wont fall for that shit.

Theres too much potential for a Happening on Shillbots behalf.

If she starts coughing, She's done.

If she faints, she's done.

What if she needs a another toilet brake?

If she basically does anything stupid, she's done.

Trump has got this man.

>Pic related
Have faith. I had faith in Brexit too.

It might've been the same article but finally got posted on RCP today.

Cringey as fuck. Hillary is literally the "How do you do, fellow children?"

She has no online presence besides her twitter that she doesn't even fucking run.

Even reddit, of all places, fucking hates her.

/r/ing how do you do fellow voters

wtf. is that real?

it's propaganda

notice how they try and dictate what cool kids are as a kind of shaming tactic

Fuck that Jew fuck.

The hashtag #ZombieHillary is trending.

There's a word for it, it's on the tip of my tongue.

Keep speaking my language, you irrelevant cunt.


No fear senpai. He's been in worse spots dozens of times. We have no idea of the tough spots he's proven himself through on a daily basis. He will clean the moderators clock and then go straight for the throat.


someone put pixelated MAGA hats on this and I'll suckle your willy

Yes it's from Us Weekly June this year though the pics are all several years old

all those dark blue ones are like impossible

I had no idea he grew up around where I live. Interesting.

To be fair, there are jobs, they're just really shitty jobs. There's $10/hr part time jobs all over the fucking place. Finding a $20/hr+ job without a college degree or a trade? Good fucking luck. And even if you have those, you still need some luck. Many of my friends I graduated college with are making

Exactly. He of course knows how things will be stacked against him, I don't doubt him anymore. Do I cringe sometimes when he goes off tangent? Yeah, but if he really focuses he can walk away with it after the first debate

I know.

It was written by a liberal jewish lesbian so I wasn't expecting it to be very insightful


add to the OP

I hope he does something completely unexpected. I mean, the Dems have likely been reviewing his debates for 1000's of hours, playing back him calling guac boy "low energy" 100's of times in slow mo.

She's starting to look like George Soros


I want to believe but


Reuters/Ipsos state polls seem like a coordinated psyop to try to get trump to waste time in places like VT

Reuters is anti-Trump.

Fucking Shad
makes sense that edgelord would browse Cred Forums

Dems are retards. They keep thinking everythingnis ticked into a box and there is an alterior angle. Doesn't work like that, I hope he comes and hands Hillary flowers as a good will gesturen and then she coughs to death from her pollen alergy.

>To try to get Trump do anything
How new are you? Trump has a genius level IQ of 156, he plays people not the other way around.

Sexism? Misogyny? Confirmation bias?

They've been known to be conservative in the past but since they've had to change methodology several times to show Hillary winning I guess that's no longer the case.

Already being censored top kek

that's a big explosion

why the fuck do people leak this shit anyways? Like yes, I wanted to see the explosion and I'm glad he shared, but there must not be any consequences of getting caught leaking stuff like this before the government?


Remember Cred Forums

Don't label yourself alt-right, it's the oppositions attempt to stick you a box and attack you.

Call yourself an American Nationalist instead

is she going to be okay?


>you were here when we memed Great Britain of of the disastrous Eu
>you were here when we memed the globalists out of the white house for the first time on 50 years
>you were here when we memed the welfare/plantation state out of existence
>you were here when we memed common sense into politics
>How does it feel?

If they come at him too hard it'll be too obvious. They'll have to tread lightly. Obviously there'll be people on both sides who won't move regardless, but undecideds wouldn't like another candy Crowley. They'll likely just lob gotcha questions hoping he won't be able to field one and run with the soundbite. I think outright shilling and throwing Hillary softballs would actually hurt her. It's not that people are onto their game - it's that the average person will be expecting professionalism. The debate will have 50M+ viewers. Best primary debate probably didn't hit 20M

Link? I thought VT was highly improbable.


this could be brilliant. lots of people are on the stage milling around before the debate. one of trump's people could spritz some pollen into the air so hillary would have a hack attack

That's amazing


Holy shit lads, is Fallon are boy?

Like too much winning.

It won't matter though because Trump will get under Hillary's skin and her voice will get shrill and venomous. That's all anyone will remember just like the CiC forum.

leak, i assume, is a misnomer.
It looks like the security man is just filming off his security screen. I doubt that's outside of the law. All the top comments are news organizations asking to use the clip

I assume that it was a Cred Forumsack that got tired of selecting store fronts every time he posts and decided to lash out

Hopefully he has a squirt gun lapel and one of those buzzer rings

This is golden
Is it finished?

How did leafs become so cucked?

Done and done.

Whitest state in the union. Trump leads Clinton by 11 points with white voters.

>She deserved it, not him.

hillary said in a speech with private donors that she expected 100M viewers for the first debate

I know. Someone should mention it.

Trump should lace his Arsehole with Pollen and fart as he walks past Hillary.
>Game over Hillary

>Pic related
Dairy Milk has endorsed the alt-right pepe.

Laughed hard when Fox and Friends mentioned that.

Is the debate going to be on twitch like the convention was?

Doesn't mean they won't try. They think he's still taking bait. Probably think he'll go to VT and Bernie will protest outside with his bull and Drumpf will finally be stumped XD

These aren't smart people were up against - they just currently hold a lot of the important cards

it's cruel to her and dangerous for the country to let this charade of hers to continue.

Can you guess who this is?

Ok, lads how much truth is there to this meme:
>AZ and GA can go blue
Polling is showing that Trump has +5-6 advantage there, but why are you so confident that they will stay red this year?



wew lads! 30 minutes later and I'm now caught up from all the threads last night. Praise Kek for the happenedings!!!!!!!


>"Oh, they're adults and they're not working? Lmao, how are they still alive?"
Uh, welfare?



It's weird because she's based when it comes to Muslims.


This is really the main thing. If he can remain calm, appear somewhat competent on policy, and make Hillary look like a nasty person, he won. It'll be designed so he can't hit a home run; but he really only needs a single anyway, being that he's the underdog





What heart condition? I hope you get better.

>still gray

How anyone can believe Arizona will go blue is beyond me.

#WheresHillary? Sleeping!


This is the level of bantz we need to lead our country and inspire young Americans to cultivate a sharp wit and stick up for themselves

Donald Trump is literally the American dream and cannot be defeated

Wow this piece of satire really made me think

Hillary is healthy now

This sounds too legit

>Hilary is totally a human being!

This is so fucking desperate lmao


>promises to not talk about it
>talks about it
I fucking love this man.

this faggot again

Where were you when HIllary was confirmed to be a greenscren hologram?


Your satirical post has totally convinced me that Hillary is 100% healthy.

doesn't Chelsea Clinton live on 23rd street?

Get the fuck out of here cunt with your caramel frogs.

This is how I know you're all fucking oldfags.
Trump general is one of the last bastions of OC.

desperation indeed

>cough for a year
>fall over
>say you got pneumonia 3 days ago
>say you got everyone on staff sick
>go to you infant grandaughters abode
>hug a small child
>recover from crippling pneumonia in 3 days
>look like death
>tell everyone you are now in perfect health

i wish all people had tuned in this close to the happenings

How accurate is this?

all of these articles have a huge reverse psychology on me. i dont even read them i just see the title and think fuck you im voting trump to spite you now.

Are you serious? Is it actually a koala in the colonies?

>b-b-but Clinton only needs 1 state to win!
Feels good watching what I knew would happen the first time he spoke. Whether you like Trump or not anyone who thinks even a well known politician can pull an election from a famous person is nuts.

Some people is saying now that Vermont (fucking Vermont) is going red

Bottom two are delusional

I really like rachel and her bits tend to have historic bents with really good info in them but holy shit hearing "IS THIS THE END OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN" for those one-off Trump stories already had me nervous about watching during the election season. I had to stop watching recently cause it was either Flint or Trump 24/7 and I just don't care enough about either to watch a dedicated program on it.

Here's hoping after the election she goes back to just talking about news and being a bleeding heart. I miss the days.

ce la leaf

>In 1988, President Ronald Reagan said of Michael Dukakis, a presidential candidate who was rumored to have received psychological treatment, "Look, I'm not going to pick on an invalid."[12]

>2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has been noted for repeatedly using apophasis.[13] In 2015, Trump said of fellow Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, "I promised I would not say that she ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground, that she laid off tens of thousands of people and she got viciously fired. I said I will not say it, so I will not say it."[13] In 2016, he tweeted of journalist Megyn Kelly, “I refuse to call [her] a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct."[13]

The Reagan one is a bit too mean in my opinion. They went really hard on Dukakis.

>Some people
Fucking Reuters said that

Berniebots must be very angry at Hillary over there

I remember Trump said you were going to get tired of winning. So tired you would beg him to stop winning.

Are you getting tired of winning? Do you have winning fatigue.

Just when I think there can be no more wins, it keeps happening. I hope he wins, because it will be good for the world.

>The US has instituted an elective gavelkind form of succession!

lol the internet will be un controlled by the time trump is elected i bet people will get v& over facebook death threats against trump

>the guy who triggered Carl the Cuck!
It was a Russian plot all along!

Men (who have) Sex (with) Men

It's a legit term.


I think Trump said something similar about low energy Jeb late in the primary.


Hiro said to discuss board moderation. Go Make Cred Forums Great Again faggots

Fuck off, roo.

Go eat your Koala Caramels.

Is Hillary gonna get better after her pneumonia?

It's sort of disappointing if she can just recover and get away with lying to the public about her ill health.

Many paths to the narrow win that don't exactly look that way

The safe win scenario is too optimistic unless there's a major game changer

The blowout is never gonna happen. Some of those states would vote blue even if Hillary came out to the debate in a hijab, endorsed Isis, and promised to ethnically cleanse all non whites

So if you have been wondering about that +9 poll from PA, here is the explanation. they arent even trying anymore

It's gonna be glorious. Stand strong bro

Sorry, dad...

But I swear on me dingo that it's a real term.

Includes fresh OC
Includes fresh OC

Also holy fuck calling a fucking PASTOR a liar.
These niggerkikes have no shame.

nothing wrong with it

You fucking limey cunt, it's called Caramello Koala. Next time you drink your tea, I hope you scorch your tongue so badly that it'll match the level of disfigurement of your teeth.

post some more anime shitstain
doesn't your shit country have elections to worry about

>the full version

>11% independents
>almost 50% democrats

Just fuck my credibility up senpai

Welcome to Cred Forums.

Did you not get your 3 square meals yesterday?

>Jewis Black

Yuh duh that's some good shit right there

this glorious shitposter is going to be president, obama is already crying about his loss of legacy. make the white house great again!

Shit, I gotta get back to being preacher.

Is there anyone in the thread named Calvin or Percival?


whats that reference?

You're a good guy, Nippon

LOTR, I think?



Old ME fag here. Outside of Portland that state is fucking red. Pollers just don't want to go out to East Bumbfuck to talk to voters.

A red Illinois will never happen; Cunton is from Chicago, the most politically corrupt city in America. Bern victims got BTFO in the primary here but surprisingly, Trump did well so who knows?