Uhhh guys?

Uhhh guys?

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Kermit is not the third frog, fucking meme magic plebs

Are you an english teacher in Shenzhen?


We ave Pepe, Forced meme spam-frog, and the ancient meme-lord Kek.

one of those frogs has a noteworthy and prestigious meme status
one of them is a 10 minute old """"meme""""
one of them is just a frog
what to take from it is that frogposters encompass all three frogs by themselves


Nah Shanghai

Didn't shoop the pic you nogs, just passing it along

What is it like there? How does it feel to be in a municipality with 25 million people pressed into 6350 square kilometers? I live in a municipality the size of 1000 square km with like 2600 people in it. It's called Steigen kommune, in northern Norway.

trips. and its not as bad as you think it would be.

Are the streets crowded? I think my local grocery is crowded on a saturday.

Alright CIA thats enough questions

Trump confirmed for false prophet.

Beast = Cred Forums

Who is the dragon then?

Lol, I'm just asking because I've never been in China and haven't met any chinese people. No need to be rude. I'm also helping by bumping your thread.

The path of the righteous post is beset on all sides by the fallacies of the shills and the correction of the record. I will strike down upon thee with great bantz and furious autism those who would attempt to poison and destroy my shitpost. And you will know my name is Kek when I lay my digits upon thee.

From wikipedia
>In Popular Culture
>After rediscovery of Kek(Kuk) by an image-board called Cred Forums it has become a religious symbol for its users. Users mostly relate him with green frog meme -Pepe the Frog and double digits(dubs). Long forgotten Egyptian mythology is also being related to songs, Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016, Nationalists, etc[citation needed]

What is happening? I'm scared

>I'm scared
Of what?

Of us.
Of what we did to the fabric of reality.

Dat Boi is shit tier. Totally forced meme that was forgotten in 2 months time.

Just embrace it user

We're shitposting on the root now

Jus starting to open its mouth

Here come dat devil

remember when the only frog was a foul neckbeard?
bet you don't even remember huh you fecking newfags

He's the darkness before the light, or the chaos. Or the light bringer, which is litteraly what lucifer means.
For greek he is part of hell.
Are we the good guys?

its dat boi from revelations

>this is spreading on social media

Normies are going to lose their shit.


>Here come dat devil

nice try pleb but you dont even know who or what kek is....

stick around if you want to learn because your here forever.

Is that a real forecast?

Wew.. this might be a landslide if enough volunteers are available for this election.

Seriously, USfags need to monitor the process with their own eyes.

The Internet is The Beast?


>The Internet is The Beast?

what if Hillary were to play dirty and push this?

Bachelor frog is beyond them.

kermit didnt come from the internet

dat boi is an abortion and kermit is a literal facebook meme

>What if Hillary were to play dirty and push this

It's always adorable when leftists try to embrace theology when it benefits them.

dont you realise what these 3 represent?
pepe- the original eternal power- the original vessel of kek, the first one to be sprread and power kek.
dat boi-dat boi was orchestrated to expose normalfags to pepe and kek, the 15 minutes of fame it had exposed normies to the ancient god.
kermit the frog- this one's a bit out an oddball, it may have been orchestrated years ago to pre-expose society and normies to the frog god, whilst not being offensive, but still in the hearts and minds of western audiences.

don't you realise that ALL green frogs in media are extensions and representations of kek? i thought this would be obvious.

We wait for the third frog

We praise kek alone

Kek cult will change the prophecy

There won't be a day without him, and there wouldn't be a night without his wife. It is integral to life.


The Frog Prince, part of the Tales from Muppetland series, was released in syndication on May 12, 1971. This one-hour version of the classic fairy tale is narrated by Kermit the Frog.

A small frog who lands near the pond where Kermit and some other frogs have gathered claims that he is under a witch's spell and is actually a prince named Sir Robin the Brave. Kermit and his pals, Gawain, Kay, Garth, and Ector, skeptical about the frog's true identity, sing about the joys and advantages of being a frog.

[blah blah]

In Scott's autobiography, The Joy of Living, he recalled working with Sam and Kermit in commercials for Schindlers peanut butter.

>Schindlers peanut butter.

We didn't break reality, CERN did. We just took control.

The frogs mentioned are actually 'grey' aliens,
the military classes them as "tall whites" or "Orion Greys".
They are reptilian worker clones that can handle the mental and physical rigors of moving back and forth in spacetime.
Greys were the 'demons' that reeked of "Sulfur and brimstone".
The sulfur is a waste product exuded from their skin surface.
Grey abductees have also reported the intense sulfur stench these things have in their underground terrestrial facilities.
They have no mouth or anus but are engineered to collect radiant light and heat (like a plant) and use it for mechanical purposes.
The large black eyes are infrared filters "sunglasses" and cover the actual eyes, which have cat or snake like vertical slit pupils.

The beast (dragon) shin, djinn, shenlong, 666 is what they called UFOS. The frog is coming out of the ufo.
Corrupted People worship and obey the aliens above humanity/christ/self-purpose. The blind follower of satan will be taken and used as food during the "great harvest" while everyone else will have the oppurtunity to ascend into a light body/merkaba.

A ufo is an artifical merkaba, it uses the same travel principle of counter-rotating fields to make an object/body massless and behave like a single atom, bose-einstein condesate such as a dielectric material behaves when it approaches 0 kelvin.

Christ's ascension was the demonstration of the inner merkaba for mankind, you dont ned a ufo to become a light body and project into the higher frequency . To get there you just have to relax like Jesus suggested.

got a link to the video?


>election fraud
duh, we are watching

get the fuck out dat boi and kermit are irrelevant
1st: Pepe
2nd: Kek
3rd: yet to be discovered
in time m8s

Here come dat pepe xD

So does that mean that Trump is the prophet and Cred Forums is both the beast and the dragon?

>thanks for putting the truth out there
Salame' brother

What do the three frogs herald?

The third frog isn't Kermit you faggot Chink, it's Kek.

Trips of truth!

hillary did have a frog in her throat!

Yes, that would really appeal to the Mormons and evangelicals in the dem voter base. I'm sure it would be worth driving away the fedoras

No that clearly means you're the bad guys. You're the darkness ness BEFORE the light. The good and light will come in from God himself vanquishing the darkness.

Single Seven?

I mean volunteer yourself.

>I'm sure it would be worth driving away the fedoras

They would lose their last defense computer wise.

Women, fags and """minorities""" can't into computers.

he is the light bringer

I love how kek is also called kuk. It's like a satirical kind of joke being played on everybody.

Facebook frog? Good one

Literally this. But you know what, it'll work. So many Christians and Catholics will hear/see it, run to their Bibles to see if it's actually what the verse says (I did the same desu and it is the right verse) and become mortified. However, a true disciple of Christ will know that the other prohecies for Revelations haven't happened yet.

Here come dat apocolypse!!!

Oh shit, waddup!

praise kek

nice digis


I-I'm scared.

Dank meme


make one that shakes and screams REE

don't be, if you are just know that you've been programmed to think kek is Lucifer...established religion is actually the archontic molochian energy masquerading as your savior. trust the digis keku. Praise kek SHADILAY


You're not helping.

as you get a statistically improbable second 11... just sayin. Praise

the frog on a unicycle and kermit drinking tea are shit normie memes, maybe kermit has had some impact on black twitter but the 3d frog is just a throwaway meme without substance

I don't believe dat forced meme and Kermit are part of the trinity

Do not fear this gift user.

Embrace it.

its, Pepe, KEK, and the P.E.P.E music magic frog... get your heads out of your asses

reroll, meant magic sound

I see news spreads slowly on Cred Forums.



Why would the shadow realm have any effect on Kek?

Memes pushed by blue pilled people have low energy.

Isn't that where he lives?


exactly.. its where he gets his power

As a devout Christian, I see the whole KEK thing as fun and games. I don't take it serious.

Most of us are just laughing at the world fucking itself over, failing to listen to wisdom.

It is worth noting however that the frog analogy has been said to be used in revelations because frogs catch prey with their tongues.

Dat boi = dragon
Pepe = beast
Kermit = false prophet


Holy sheit man

Yeah, I don't think a primordial concept of darkness is going to be hindered by the shadow realm. He's probably relaxing on a hammock by Yugis grandpa right now

False prophet




its true
kek is is the devil
listen for a second here,ok guys?
so,hillary is the anthichrist,but the bible sais that when the anthichrist dies the world will be purged in fire
see anything here?
hillary will get the power she wants and then die,which would start ww3 and wipe us all out,if trump were to win this wouldnt happend,but god wants this to happend,because he doesnt want to change the world,he wants to purge it and start over from the beggining
at the end of the day,we re all going to hell,but only because we try to save ourselves

>and out of the mouth of the false prophet
Oh shit is it this one

so the other frogs are Pepe and dat boi, dat boi is from Tumblr and smug Pepe is here, which is the beast and which is the dragon?



as a fellow christian too, i think the kek thing is hilarious, and that it shouldn't be taken very seriously

no, pepe, kek, magic sound p.e.p.e... are the three frogs, the biblical connotation is slanderous blaspemy

previous get


Cred Forums = dragon
Cred Forums = beast (original pepe)


>Are we the good guys?
do you know where you fucking are?
y-you know there are skulls on our hats right?

no, wait, this can't be right, if these are the end times then where is the whore of Babylon? I certainly don't see anyone who could fit that title.

"Then I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet."


Delet this