What the fuck is up here? do people live here? is this where the shitposters live...

what the fuck is up here? do people live here? is this where the shitposters live? I just found out today that these islands belong to canada and not greenland.

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google.ca/maps/place/Caniapiscau, QC/@52.4191963,-68.470195,5.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4c59dfca01f3e899:0x1b96afeb2362f5fb!8m2!3d54.866667!4d-69.916667

I was wondering about this as well.

Also what the hell is going on what the massive amount of land in Russia where nobody lives?

Pretty comfy up there

see related pic

That's where all the quality posting Canadians are exiled to.

Ice, snow, polar bears

this is also a very good question

The shitposters live in Vancouver and Quebec.

it isnt used for anything? seems like a waste of space to me

It is the domain of Santa, he doesn't allow us to speak of it publicly. That's all I can say

Polar bears and some small villages full of snow niggers (inuits and the like)

not a fucking thing aside from a military base and the odd Dane invasion

Possibly oil too?

That province is called Nunavut because how much of the land is livable up there? None of it

nothing it really can be used for. it's all just frozen tundra.

Polar circle master race!

Only fags live bellow it.

>vittu perkele

Not Finland again

I pretty sure there's nothing up there, maybe some resources, but nothing I know about.

and WMD's

>american invasion when?

Actually, upon further research, there seems to be oil up there.

Criss va chier

>the size of Western Europe
>population: 34,000
>and 7,000 of them are in this one town
Holy shit

seal clubbing?

well there probably is oil but within that circle in the pic nothing really happens. it's frozen all year, is all islands and has no roads. really the only access is by air or boats during summer so it's a logistics nightmare and not worth trying to extract anything. just south of that circle there's some massive mines and natural gas extraction

It's not as big as it seems, standard world maps make everything up north look 3X bigger as you're projecting a sphere into a 2D rectangle. Here's the true map.

oh shit is santa a kike?

looks like a huge piece of shit. why would anyone live there?

Yo, tell me! What the heck is happening here?

Eskimos, it's their native land. a lot of their food is from hunting and fishing up there which includes clubbing seals

That's the Arctic senpai. As in, the North Pole.

Let me tell you about jokes.

You ruined it by explaining it - typical of terrible shows these days like BBT. Frasier is funny because it doesnt explain because its audience isnt retarded. You shouldve left the last bit out

>That province is called Nunavut because how much of the land is livable up there

Have a great day, faggot

The shitposters live here

I went to Iqaluit once, in summer of '06. Very dirty place. Raw sewage and trash everywhere.

answer this
and we'll maybe think about helping you with your question. assuming you're a real ivan.

No, Santa lives in Korvatunturi, Finland.

did you pay money to go here? lmao

I'd like to know what the fuck is happening here. Even I, a mongol myself, don't know.

Its much smaller than you think OP. Greenland is also pretty small. Standard map was skewed by the jews

>it's not as big as it seems
It's 1.9 million km2, size of Queensland. Three times the size of Texas. That's pretty friggin big.

mongolia and all the land north of it in """russia""" are a mystery to me as well.

What the fuck is down here? do people live here? is this where the shitposters live? I just found out today that this Island belongs to nobody.

Pretty much nothing. Time doesn't flow there, nothin changes, everyone listens to Kiselev's propaganda and work on factories just to enrich Moscow. Big politics uses small cities to enrich their relatives and friends, basically Russia is stuck in 1995-2000 outside Moscow, Petersburg and few other cities.

On a legitimate map, Australia is also enormous and isreal doesn't exist.

aha tiny-ass Scotland
Scotland is a mess
Scotland is a waste
Scotland is a big fat mess

its where savages stay


Why would a Slavic tradition live in Chinkland?

>implying he doesn't live in North Pole, Alaska

I used to live near there. Used to visit Santa and his Reindeer all the time.

Plus they had the BEST Chinese restaurant there, Pagoda.

Muslims export station to europe

Also some diamonds!

there should be coniferous forests on the southern islands, comfy as fuck

Apparently my professor is from Mongolia and got a bunch of awards there as a kid. Maybe I should ask him what goes on.

Their population is similar to Northern Virginia's (muh homeland), if I recall correctly. Send refugees there?

No it's just a normal phenomenon that occurs if you project the surface of a globe onto a 2D-square-format.

But of course the jews want to spread confusion about this.

>I just found out today that this Island belongs to nobody.

fucking bong, even your country got a piece of the pie, even if it is a pathetically small piece of pie.

Shut the fuck up Aussies. You don't need to know.

You're just jealous bc you didn't come up with it first

>santa is a gook
Fuck off with that bullshit Jinyang

No flat map can ever be "true".

Surprised they're into that scene, drinks are overpriced

Been up there for oil explorations and I can tell you no one actually wants to live there. They all just drink their life away and commit suicide. Some of the unhappiest people I've ever seen, me and my coworkers were sick of it by the time we were done, and it was summer, I can't imagine how bad it is in winter. It's desolate, cold, unwelcoming, there's nothing to do, internet is garbage, and everyone up there is bitter. I asked one of them why didn't he just move away and he said he's poor and he only knows how to fish so he wouldn't be able to make a living elsewhere.

Thank you my emunigga

t. literal ash

They're not official. They don't "belong" to those countries.


Does this look like a gook?

Nothing but secret military bases and aliens/ufos and shit.
Its literally uninhabitable for everyone else.

(there is a reason the north pole was deleted form google earth and all flight paths go around it.)

North of Mongolia and Russia looks like this.

Dont listen to mountain jews.

It is said that size of land has negative correlation with quality of posters

The claims on Antarctica are illegal (see the Antarctic Treaty). Only the US and Russia can own pieces of Antarctica


There is a small city of around 300-400 Scientist that live there, it is cut down to around 100 during winter time. Its got a bar and WiFi and everything. My brothers wife use to work down there.

>Only knows how to fish so stuck up North
>The Maritimes only stable industry is fishing.

I think he was just retarded desu.

Nah, it was free. Me and 10 other conservation scientists. It's kind of the only hub in the area, we only stayed a couple nights before we went north.

>What the fuck is up here?
I'm guessing frozen shit.

it's ours cunt, don't step foot on our claim or we'll become independent

Holy FUCK one of them needs to post on Cred Forums so I can collect that flag.

Upon further research, a UN peacekeeping mission seems to be on their way too.

yes, because the earth is toroidal

>getting cucked out of owning part of an entire continent

I would really like to know if any one besides Borat lives here.

I think its owned by another country so it might not have its own flag.

Everyone up there is fucking stupid, actually. Must be all the alcohol they drink.


kazakhstan is full of semi muslim mongols that speak russian m8


Here it is. its own by USA

>Insane corruption level.
>Cheapest vodka in the world, low quality too.
>1/3 men to women ratio.
>A lot of disgusting babushkas and lesbians. >Colder than on Neptune.
>Nothing grows there.
>Mines and oil rigs.
>Slow chink migration.

Basically a dead region.

Its not like you can name more than 1 country

because 1) it's natives and they enjoy living in squalor and 2) the territory is directly governed by the federal government

So, you're saying it's uninhabited.

Racist shitlord


Fair enough. I've only been in the North with the military and had little to no contact outside of my battalion. Seems it was better that way.

>there seems to be oil up there.
Don't worry leaf, US forces are on their way.

Been there (my grandparents lived there). It's a cozy place with CCCP architecture. People are pro-Russia and speak Russian. Quite dry land and lots of camels. Common people identify as muslim muslim, but don't practice faith actively.

Nothing really happens there except Russian space launches.

desu any smart people would leave, so it's a bit self-fulfilling

So if they are so pro Russian why don't they rejoin?

sounds like a good proxy for WWIII

you just described almost all natives in Canada. they are a shitty people no matter what climate


Hahaha like "I know it"!

Nunavut, home of hot Eskimo girls

Ice and polar bears.


One thing I learnt in Canada, aside from that your women love the BAC, is that you can drink Listerine.

I never tried it myself, but the chugs seemed to love it and sleeping on the footpath


I grew up in the north. It's full of "Inuit" (Eskimos). They're like niggers. They all live off welfare. They all huff gas and glue and drink listerine. They're all obese and have diabetes. They all hate the white man for "stealing their land" even though they're from Siberia and stole it from Indians a few hundred years ago. Everyone owns snowmobiles and use them to get around instead of cars. Groceries cost a fortune. Everything has to be flown in. The few whites are all government officials like cops and welfare agents. Everyone just stays inside all the time watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the painfully slow internet. The suicide rate is astronomical.

that place looks pretty comfy desu

So if the USA is so pro Israel why don't they join Israel?

nah mate, the queen owns some of it.
no shitposting that I know of

sorry but Antarctica isn't mobility scooter accessible

so it's literally the Northern Territory (abo country) of fucking Canada?

Why did, just not publicly


These are the people who live in the North, Native Drunkies. Good documentary even though it's vice

yep that's common. natives that live on reserves can do basically whatever the fuck they want with the government money they get but outside the reserve if living off the government they have to spend the money on essentials. mouth wash falls under that so many will just blow the entire cheque to clear out a walmart shelf and drink till they pass out

One of the rarest flags tbqh famalam

Good, now stop sending your seal teams and Rangers to train with us ffs. Im sick of cocky Americans on my base.

That's where Canada should hopefully be dumping their refugees, and seeing if they can survive.

>Actually, upon further research, there seems to be oil up there.

Ok leaf incoming US invasion. We're gonna liberate the shit out of you

I heard that at 18 (this was in 2008) that when chugs turn 18 they get a one off guilt payment from the government of $10,000+ for muh-reparations. Is this true?

My friend said they basically do what any 18 year old would do and blow it all on booze and drugs

Yes but Eskimos are slightly more intelligent than Abos.

nah we set them up in the major cities where the cost of living is highest so that hard working white Canadians can pay that much more to support them

>conservation scientists
conserving what? that place looks like a garbage dump on mars

If global warming kicks in, we can all build a new society there.

Is this turning into a rare flag thread?

Your brothers wife used to get fucked down there

You do know you have been buying oil from Alberta for quite some time now

Damn you're all retarded

I live at Fort Conger, it once was a huge military complex, the US has secret shit there with huge fucking fences that if you come 20 ft near you get threatened to be shot

Yes, I'm an Eskimo, but I'm white, I have free satellite internet that the gobernement pay for

cool man, Hoped you had fun. You should go ahead and tell my brother.

Now I realize Greenland is an actual country with 56,483 population. What goes on there?

>I'm an Eskimo, but I'm white

Could be.

is there any surf?

>goofy foot master race wants to know

>what the fuck is up here?

Not much. Mercator projection of a globe on a 2d map distorts the size of thing far north and south of the equator. Good homolosine projection gives you a better sense of the actual size of those islands.

antarctica posts fairly often

Alcoholism and suicide.


>going further north than that

not sure about that but they do get large payouts for all kinds of shit. just recently a large reserve close to me was given $320 million as a land claim settlement. each of the 2500 or so residents was given $15k then the rest was put into an investment fund which is code for the leaders offshore accounts.

sadly the bulk of the money we give to natives is just tucked away to make their leaders rich while their people live in 3rd world conditions. of course they always throw the people a bone here and there to keep them from rioting. unfortunately the people are also so fucking stupid they don't realise what's going on so they just blame it on the whites and every few years we send them a couple hundred million more

It's true you fucking gook

>all those nations claiming wedges
>US grabs center anyway

neat, have a boat


Canada is not a proud northern nation. Its Arctic is undefended, undeveloped and socially fraught.


came here to say this, thank you

I'm sick of people not realizing that it's actually a lot smaller than it looks like

They should be asking instead

>Africa is sooo huge: What the fuck is up THERE?

You'll probably need an ai gf up there.

Haha burn

Goddamnit Satan.

Why are aussies so surprised about an uninhabitable land? For fuck's sake, you have the Outback that is almost unpopulated.

Except for desolation and heat you have desolation and cold.

Fraiser is actually funny for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, some of the jokes are really fucking obscure and they'll reference all sorts of classical literature and shit. Not everybody will get all of the jokes, but it's ok because they're in relatable situations and circumstances. TBBT throws out, just references to random things in situations that are completely unrelated "wow guys, she cold shouldered me so hard i'm now at 0kelvin"

Secondly there's a kind of depreciating angle thrown in with how their dad relationship with their dad. We can laugh at their disconnect from the real world and our reaction is portrayed though that relationship with their dad. The characters are self aware about it though and it's all lighthearted. The difference is that the when audience standin character in TBBT - penny is laughing at the nerds. When their dad laughs or acts exasperated at their antics it's in a lighthearted laugh along way, whereas TBBT builds up there strawman nerds and then has the audience standin begrudgingly assist them as she - and by extension we laugh at how inept they are.

Home to Baikonur Cosmodrome, where ULA and the US DoD send shit to space.

This is where Russia mined Uranium and tested nuclear weapons. Additionally a lot of biochem work was done here.

Because of the above, the US Army is rebuilding a lot of infrastructure in the area from a state of the art biolab to de-weaponize chemical/biological weapons safely, cleaning up/securing uranium mines, and dams/waterways to unfuck the water supply.

It's also corrupt as fuck and thus a 'US friendly' state.


We don't understand how snow works

Nice, I actually have that one.

Have the Central African Republic

i tried baiting this response here but everyone was too stupid to see the irony

This is our land. We live there. It's fucking cold but one day, it will be as warm as Miami Beach. Also, we house of early warning system against potential Russian missiles headed for the US.

>saving flags posted as images

Well, no niggers there.

Come home white man

That's piracy, cross.


Man I'd love to fly an ultralight over that

Are that US-style wooden cookie-cutter houses?

Nah, that's Petropalovsk-Kamchatskiy, north of Japan.

is it hard to get a greenland visa?

that looks beautiful

Santa's always lived in Lapland.

It's fucking cold.

cool, have a country that's inside South Africa

I don't know why i'm even typing this, probably cause i'm so fucking tired. But basically, fraiser and TBBT are very similar shows. They're both about academically and professionally successful people who have trouble relating to ordinary people and living amongst the peons.

The difference is that Fraiser is sympathetic and genuine both for people that can get the jokes and will be able to relate and people that can't. TBBT uses weak, obvious jokes because it's scared of making it's audience feel stupid. Then it makes a caricature of the nerds and laughs at how inept they are in everyday society.

This is why one show is popular with nerds and geeks and the other is popular with "nerds" and "geeks". It's written for insecure girls and nu-males and it shows. They take something cool or interesting, carve out all of the character and genuineness and then parade around in it's skin.

Signalling "I'm one of you". Except they're not and it's plainly obvious to everybody that can appreciate it so they move away leaving only females and nu-males involved.

Look anywhere in popular culture and you see the same pattern, they move into somewhere, look at the work that other people are doing and get extremely insecure so they degrade it.

If they degrade it and subvert it then they soothe their own insecurity and allay their own faliures. Look at movies, comedy, games, comics, literature. It's all a degradation a debasement of what they used to be and what they should be because the creators are now all liberals.

Tl:Dr of my drunken ramble: The reason pop culture is so shit is because it's all written by leftists. As kazcyinski noticed leftism is the ideology of people afraid of failure and competition so they "deconstruct" and shit on everything.

No visa needed kek
You can just go there and live there

but you're all on your own.

THe communities are tight, so they won't just accept ya

You'll have to have a skill, like a pilot, if you are a pilot you can bring em supplies, you can become a pilot that jumps islands, bringing mail and supplies to different communities.

Or a fisherman

not saving them, just showing off senpai

have a newfag country

There's a town called Alert there. I always thought that was a cool name.

love how nearly every single indian they talk to just blames whites for all their issues

Well, you know, the usual. For example there's a russian arctic science station sieged by polar bears right now.

Isn't substance addiction and sexual abuse a lot more rampant in Greenland than in an average nigger community though?

I was able to save the chinese flag yesterday. Pretty rare for a country with a population like that

France nuclear and chemical test sites
(no kidding)

this guy knows

Turkmenistan anyone?


that's a white man

You reckon those cunts would need a truck/bus driver?

Fucken gotta get out of straya while it's still white in my memory

ok kid


Have you ever been in a forest full of pine trees ?
That's basically it for thousands of kms
Must be pretty comfy it you like hiking
>tfw Russians are actually the gardians of the forests in our modern world

go to the library and check some encyclopedia faggot

got already,

have tajikistan fám

must suqq to be russian

what happens here?

cool, have a real dprk

I met a native from Kazakhstan who is studying at my university

He was a cuck for Bernie Sanders, regarded my facts on issues with Muslims as 'stereotypes'.

He also looked Eurasian, so I guess they could cuck Chinese Males easy.

Kazakhstan needs to pay on the TDOR

Keep these heathens in the dark my Turkic brother, for they do not know that Finns are Santa's elves, innovative little fuckers through the special powers of Santa.
St. Nicholas slavic? You a dumb mutha fucka ain't you?

What about here?


>an actual country



I snatched it live. Never saw it again.

>mfw I went to Cuba and forgot to post off the public computers they had there


I could technically move to Greenland right now because of nordic movement shit, don't even need a pass

Impressive, don't have that one.
I have Uzbekistan though, I saved it when their leader died a few weeks ago

people launch hot air balloons from there

dw I got it senpai

Not sure but I think that's where Labrador breed originated from

It's like this in most countries like this. In Canada, everyone, for the most part, lives closer to the border. In Russia, almost everyone lives in the Western oblasts or close to their border with nations south of Russia. In Australia, no one lives in the center. The yellow portion of pic related is where only 2% of Australia's population lives.

Santa lives in Greenland, and I happen to own Greenland.


yes, leftists goy. leftists

>do people live here?
Yes. pic related, Canuck border guard. Yes, the ones that will have to stop the little green men of Putin.

That one's a stealth rare actually, Puerto Rico has the same flag. Speaking of Stealth Rares, have Svalbard and Jan Mayen

what else do you know about australia?


>god hates denmark so much that he froze over the belt just so we could march over and defeat you

Lol, almost but that Icelandic girl doesn't represent Iceland well.

your """"collections"""" are completely fucking worthless, newfags. Take proper screenshots

What do you want to know?

J-j-just leftists in here, goy. Move along. Nothing to see here.

i thought it was a bit different

i kek'd

>implying I don't

>1/3 men to women ratio.
One male to three women?
How is that possible, I thought women were always the ones to first move out from shit areas?

>God hates Sweden so much, he abandoned it and gave the wasteland to Allah
uh oh

I think and i might not be mistaken, polar bears live there.

Uncommon at best. Kim and his generals post here from time to time




>be denmark
>lose 1/3rd of your territory to fucking cold weather

Pretty impressive, bongfriend

Icejews living there, icejews confirmed!

denmark btfo



It's not as bad as it would seem to foreigner. If it wasn't for the Danes it wouldn't be working out.

Have that one screenshoted but on it is on my phone right now.


Earth is hollow. Daily reminder that there was supposed to be a voyage to the North Pole in 2007 to find out if there's an opening at the North Pole that leads into the Inner Earth world (and thus prove once and for all that Earth is hollow). The leader of the expedition was Steve Currey and he suddenly died from a brain tumour shortly before the expedition began so all of the money they got from people who were going to join the expedition was refunded. The new leader of the expedition was Brooks Agnew and the new expedition was meant to be in 2013, but shortly after THAT expedition was about to begin, his film crew suddenly vanished without a trace so THAT expedition was cancelled too (and, once again, the money they got from people who wanted to join their expedition was refunded). The expedition was/is known as the 'North Pole Inner Earth Expedition'. Here's a link to the official North Pole Inner Earth Expedition page:


Also, Terry Smith was an Alaskan bush pilot associated with this expedition who agreed to fly directly over the North Pole to see if there was an opening there but he suddenly died in a plane crash on August 9 2010 before he could make that flight. NONE of these incidents are coincidences. Also, at the start of this show, the host mentions a woman who was threatened from going on his show to talk about the Hollow Earth theory (and it NEVER happened with ANY OTHER SUBJECT on his show):


Earth is HOLLOW.

It's Russian clay, consecrated by the Patriarch himself.

I've done work on Cornwhalis island. There's communities here and there across the islands, mostly Inuits that seal hunt.

Once you get off the mainland there's barely any vegetation, no trees, just moss and dirt (when there's no snow).

pic related

>be Sweden



>How is that possible
-All hard working people in region are men


-Men dying from heart issues in higher rate

>I thought women were always the ones to first move out from shit areas?
Nobody tries to leave these regions I think. Everyone who ever wanted that already moved.

sure is /r/eddit up in here

>be Sweden
>insert anything here
you guys fucking suck so bad I don't have to even say anything


>riding reindeer

but I thought you could only ride horses?

Jared Diamond, what say you now?


Great place to go clubbing. Also outpost for highly payed miners and welding tradesmen.

Also nice trips, checked for kek


>Denmark isn't suffering the same cuckery of Sweden


>Nobody tries to leave these regions I think. Everyone who ever wanted that already moved.

Nunavut is a territory not a province.

are the women worth anything, relationshipwise? Is it worthwhile or possible for a finanon to come and snag a russian bitch from your wastelands?

my holy quads trump your everything, sorry


They are planning to build some huge mines there. Thanks to climate change it is getting easier and easier to mine there, as the glaciers retreat.



what exactly were you doing?


Correct, we're not.




That's the place where NASA records their ''Moon landings'' and ''Mars landings''.

Thank me for the redpill later.

Are you that desperate?

My masters. Tagging fish, seals and sharks, also had to sample invertebrates because I was working with stable isotope data and food web stuff.

I love russian women.

looks like you're trying to get its heart started. did you manage to save it?



Why don't we build some fucking road so we can actually get up North.



Nope, that was after the eskimos had taken what they wanted, the rest was gonna be dog food.


>cherry picking


That's where the cauldrons are hidden.

Nice wank bank. Also, vertical photos? kek.


man no one really cares about your tadpoles


You're not as different as you think, legoman.

>be sweden
>lose 1/1 of your culture and national identity to immigrants and feminazis

This is one of the least degenerate things I have ever seen.


No quads, no effect :^)

>NZs claim is bigger than the country itself

Tell me more, broder.
Was a quicke to greenland first time I did visit Iceland, but we for sure did need to bring our passports. This is over ten years ago..

And how exactly are you an expert on this matter, amerifriend?

Tim Horton's HQ

greenland declared 1/3rd of their country a national park because nobody lives there

they experiment on Roaches, and their innability to into cold.

>He's smug about getting quads on an anime imageboard while his country rots like a corpse in the sun

Sweden Jäs.

Like what the fuck happens here?
It's not like that you would ever hear anything from this region

google.ca/maps/place/Caniapiscau, QC/@52.4191963,-68.470195,5.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4c59dfca01f3e899:0x1b96afeb2362f5fb!8m2!3d54.866667!4d-69.916667

This is the northern most place you can get to by car in Eastern Canada.

that's where they club baby seals.

Military radar base

How many muslims live there?

We'll never know.

Dannish friend, maybe you can answer this: *quickie

Denmark is right.

You can move anywhere Nordic if you want. It doesn't matter if you're not Danish, you can move to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It doesn't matter if you're not Finnish, you can move to Åland and so on. It's essentially the same for you as moving to another EU nation like Germany. Whereas other EU citizens (not Nordic) cannot because those places are not in the EU.

Sorry, I've no idea.

Congratulations! You found the one place that is more depressing than Finnland.

They probably do it too but the shit with Paul McFaggot and his wife happens in the waters near Atlantic Provinces.


Earth is not flat OP
Watch this...

I do know about our european laws, but did,t know greenland was included, even if it's dannish.
Thank you, sir!

pretty chilly up there

My parents are Danish/Swedish immigrants and I visit ~3 times a year to Denmark and Sweden. I think I relatively understand the nations. I plan to go to university there when I graduate because I'm not going cuck myself like the debt-ridden Ameribros I see.


the sewage thing is probably due to it being too cold to have properly functioning sewer systems.


china will be a scary place when the communist government falls and all of its citizens gain access to the whole internet... think of the 1 bilion chinks on Cred Forums alone, everything will smell like pork. Cred Forums in ruins alone.

Welcome home.

Yeah, here's more details:


Ok, give it to Poland. We want that oil.


Project Update (June 2015): By Grace of Allah, the construction of the Islamic Centre in Iqaluit (Masjid) has begun. Click here to see the pictures.
Help us build the first Masjid in Nunavut. Please donate generously.

Thanks again, bookmarked.
Been really into buying some land/a house at Faroe islands for some years.
I like the climate, and the lack of people.

>"and the lack of people"
Checks out.

>be some factory manager in russian wasteland
>wearing thick furcoat because windows are leaking a bit and there's only so much cash you can get when all that gov sends here is shared between you (disliked nephew of your oligarch uncle), town mayor and police who makes a deal with local criminal group
>of course you're all corrupt, but locals are too drunk and depressed to do anything
>you aren't much better
>after unsuccessful search for new hands to work you look for some not empty bottle of vodka at your 1968 cupboard with broken gramophone
>suddenly some young woman rushes into your office
>you already know what it'll be about
>woman asks if you have seen her husband, she's worried he ran away from her
>you sigh and slowly, in a lazy manner look thrugh list of workers
>"that 23yo boy? Дa, we hired him few days ago"
>suddenly another womanruns in
>asks the same thing
>both of them start to fight claiming its her husband
>you don't give a fuck, it happens like every other week
>like half minute later one of your workers walks in and says another guy died on watch due to alcohol overdose, falling asleep and freezing to death
>"which one?"
>"the new one, 23yo guy"
>women start to cry
>"Блaть! That's 4th one this month! Ivan, take over his shift on top of yours, I have no one to replace him"
>"will I get his wage, boss?"
>"you'll get 50%"
>"boss, please, I have kids to feed, at least 75%"
>"well, ok..."
>one woman gets an idea and asks you if you have any unmarried workers
>you look through your list and say you have one, Sergei, 19yo
>both of them rush our of office straight into production hall
>on the stairs you can see another woman saw them and without even asking ran after them
>"finally some fucking peace"
>"you continue to look for vodka because nothing else to do"
>"there's none left"
>"Cyкa блaть!"

anything in this bit?

I read in wiki there is a snowroad between YellowKnife and Contwoyto Lake.


Can imagine that happening.

Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated (50 mega tons, when the largest bomb detonated by the US was only 15 mega tons, not even a third the explosive power), was dropped on that long thin island at the leftmost edge of the area you've circled.

It destroyed an area of about a 100 mile radius I think. But no one lives up there so it's fine.

They did see the explosion very brightly from areas in Russia and Finland where people actually do live though.

That biggest US bomb is called Bravo in this pic (full name, Castle Bravo)

I'd love to live in a closed community up somewhere isolated.

I'm not sure I could cope with the lack of trees though. Anywhere comfy below the treeline?

>Finnish armoured division

Really makes you think.

Yup. Ice Road truckers.


Why the fuck would anybody ever want to live in Canada? Literally a fucking icebox

There's only like 30 million of you right? Why don't you just move to the US?

Much stimulates my neural networks.

Toronto and Vancouver are pretty nice.

>There's only like 30 million of you right? Why don't you just move to the US?
Moving to the U.S. is just as hard for Canadians as moving to Canada is for Americans. Regardless, Canadians like their country.

>San Diego
>"dense shrubland"
pretty much, yeah.