Japan Media just as degenerate as American's

Who you blame for it? Japan has no Jews. How can it be the Jews? And why you always act like Japan is our savior? There is nothing as degenerate as anime.


Anime is responsible for at least 20% faggots and trannies these days.

Why does Cred Forums defend Japan all the time?

Blame yourselves for accepting it
Merchant sells
Goyim buy
Only you can break this cycle

>homo kike game wins developer award in Japan


Countless cucks, too.

Berserk; interracial couple, protagonist literally gets cucked.

>multiculturalism propaganda everywhere
This is the most famous manga in Japan.


In Souls games, all the goddesses or whatever you can call them are some weird mixed species things.




Why does Cred Forums defend this tool that turns straight guys into faggots?



>mixed children in Dragon Ball stronger and more capable than pure-blood father

>when your thread is too straightforward and delusional cuckolds just ignore it and act like they don't see it

Every time.


Don't waste your time German, they are already lost.


A lot of salt towards your former ally, Germany.
Is Italy on your list?

Isn't that one piece? I'm pretty sure mama or whatever she's called is gonna be the next person to get fucked up.

Anime is actually heavily influenced by US animation so he is indirectly ranting at the eternal Yankee.

You can argue that it became something very, very different in the end given the crap produced today in the US and in Japan versus say, the 90s.

I'm still waiting for him to rant about the Italians and how they've caused them to lose every war.

Yeah, though you are still influencing them through your SJWs and Liberals, or is that wrong to say?

And I think this guy is just trying to aim at general Cred Forums, and Cred Forums cares much more about Anime than it ever cares about Italy.

SJWs and modern hardcore liberals can have their lineage traced back to the Frankfurt school, which we can trace to the early socialist movements that we can go to continental philosophy in France for. You could argue in that case that the French "did it" (Given their current "philosophical" attitudes and hard left lean).

It would be in the same vein as the earlier parts of 2000 where Europe complained that Americans were too conservative and not liberal like them then they flipped and now scream that "Americans are the cause of modern liberalism and SJWs" when they themselves were the producers of modern liberalism and protoSJWs.

But I don't hold that one against France too much, even if they're the country where these types of societal rejects go to "find themselves."

I haven't even brought up Bezmenov and other examples where it is a known factor that the Soviets actively supported leftists and counterculture groups to subvert the US from within yet people keep going "based Russia." We can trace that one back to the Germans for handing over Lenin and being the progenitor of Marx. Again this is just historical context.

>what is ganguro look
>they think all japanese are pale-skinned
>what are southern island japs


You what? That's not what cucking is, and Griffith is gonna get btfo eventually for that

I know that it started in Europe, but some of those guys did move over to the USA and while the USA is more conservative than Western Europe in general you do have some liberal hotspots spread over the country who despite forming a minority manages to export their values rather well due to domination in Hollywood and the Media in a way liberals from smaller much more irrelevant countries can't.

And this is Liberal in the American context of the more SJW sort.

I just want to play Urien.

Force multiplier, they're using stronger channels of communication to broadcast their message. The origin remains the same but the means of communication are significantly amplified versus the "small irrelevant countries" they came from. They're bad actors in a system to say.

Do remember that the Soviets did actively support programs to subvert the US from within and it was a significant component of their budgets. Now that the "Soviets" are dead, there's still one other officially communist country that sees the US as a nemesis or competitor and would like to knock it out. After all, just white guilt them and sell them more Apple products. Global warming applies only when it isn't China.

Historically the US has been resisting all these hardliner leftist movements but resistance only can only last so long at a set level of effectiveness against an onslaught of attacks from within and from the outside at the same time.

Japs are totally redpilled, as I've said before.

They are brown as fuck here in Shikoku too

[spoiler]What is that?[/spoiler]

does it go in your anus?

what is it?

A buttplug

The truth is that we don't care about your shitposting because it's bitching about anime on an anime site. We've seen the sliding and CTR tactics and if you aren't CTR or SRS or whatever the opposition is, you might as well be because anti-anime is part of their D&C tactics. So why don't you take your normalfag shit and fuck off back to whatever shit site you came from. I can't be the only one that is sick of you faggots.
>inb4 weeaboo
I love my country and culture and watching anime is just an escapist hobby to do to get my mind off this shit world we discuss and relax after my long workweek. I couldn't care less about jap culture. Go fuck yourself kraut. I bet you're not even white. You're probably some mudslime offended by cave drawings and that's assuming this isn't a fucking proxy.

homemade grenade. probably filled with glass, bits of metal refuse and screws and explosives.

oi fuck u man

> a game about teenage lesbians
Wowee how could that have been well received in japan I wonder?

it's not even cucked on top of that, that pussy faggot griffith had to use the largest known army of demons from another dimension just to be able to rape casca in front of guts.

What the hell? They've ruined my Chun Li.

We hate all of you nigger loving weebs.

Hopefully a Trump victory may shaken those people enough to make them shut up or at least get quitter.
Our lefties are pretty retarded about copying your SJWs you know? Right now they are trying to import black lives matter, despite Sweden having almost no history of black minorities at all and all blacks here having come by their own free will.

What sorts of separatism is okay?
Is it okay if it's, like, furry?

>Sponsored by (((Redbull)))
Now you know why, OP. Note how the Necalli costume is not degenerate, because it was described by Japanese player Kazunoko.

Learn what cuck is, cuz Guts ain one.

She was raped. FUKIN moron.

Japs are completely red-pilled, their flag literally has a red pill right in the middle of it.

Kek approves!

Japs have created the most devious characters of all time.

There is simply no match for the intelligence of the japanese.

They are on Trump's level of 3 dimensional chess.

I don't know if your lefties will change, I'm not specifying Sweden but France and Germany are hardcore bastions for these guys and they've been hardcore for the past hundred plus years for that specific grade of leftism that started up SJWs in the US. They're going to get seriously salty the moment Trump gets into office. I know some of the hardliner German leftists >implied that America needs to be invaded if we "elect the wrong people." Same empty threats they made against Poland but there's no real way to stop these people mentally. The kind of leftism that they consumed is the same level of a cancerous virus as the hardliner Islamist flavors out there.

They've already defeated you before you even begin to play.



>what is gyaru
Dumb kraut.

She has the body of one of those thic black women.

japan lifts from other cultures and gets fun clothes and irresistible dance music without any social problems. stay mad

Zero clue what that is, been married for 3 years
Bet it's either something degenerate or for female hygiene