It can't be right. How can I refute this?

It can't be right. How can I refute this?

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Texas sharpshooter.



I approve of this thread

I'm with you op I'm a happy oil driller. Let white women be with their cats or burn the coal. White women don't stand a chance

Stopped reading after first bullet point. Once black people are over 30 they turn into 400 pound gorillas with diabetes and chrones

So if neither race actually looks their age, what race's woman are you using as the standard for how normal ageing is supposed to progress?

Black women will be over 90% morbidly obese by 2025.

> Soul food hard to cook
> Soul food healthier then fast food

Wew lad

Close. If they don't watch their figure it can be terrible. The slim ones look young forever.

Source: I'm black and I've got two aunts both in their 50s both slim and I can practically smell the butthurt on other women when they mention that they're 20 years younger than the other woman.

>tfw I'll never find a qt black girl with an education, career, and hair that hasn't been eternally fucked by products in an attempt to look white

What the fuck is soul food?
Some kind of American ""cousine""?

She's over 30

>Shitposting with proxy.
For shame my man.

Meme dishes that black Americans try to put on as tasting good when really it's the scraps given to them by slave owners that they turned into something 'edible'.

>naturally maternal
>cue 1000000 videos of nigresses walloping little chimps


Fried chicken
Fried pork
Sugary cornbread

Gross. Now Caribbean food though...

>fry food on anything but olive oil


The major problem with black women is the same problem you get with Asian women.

When you fuck them, non-whites come out.

Now that's a strawman if I ever saw one.

This is a problem I hate white women love black women but want white kids. But the best I'll be able to manage is a mix kid

nice body, a little too dark for me


I like them dark. The first time I saw my white dick penetrate my ex's black pussy never dated a white girl again

user never came back once he went black

wtf, i love niggers now

anin't gonna lie, that food is good tasting. Bad for your health and not presented nicely but don't kick it til you try it.


top qt


Nope never
Also here is the divorce rates for white male, black female








I would fuck both.I am really tired of being virgin :(

I want my very own bed wench.


White-presenting sheboons have serious identity problems.

Normal negresses are untouchable.

Just leave them alone.

me too brother. Being a burger is suffering

To me it looks like the problem is white women.


She us also part white.

I will never touch a nigger woman. Fact is most niggers wont even touch their gross ass women.

A sheboon wouldn't have made this if she wasn't insecure about it. People who are confident in themselves and their looks don't waste time desperately trying to prove it to other people.

The fact that she took the time to create this in the first place only puts her inferiority complex on display for everyone to see.

In short, she BTFO herself.

Maybe that's why I hate white women


it was a good try, this lady


she's terribly cute

More for me





Looks like a nigger learned how to use photoshop

wtf I love miscegenation now

OPs postin' models and athletes an' shit so swedes and idaho fools who don't see the daily nig forget for a second that the average niggress looks like a literally blob of poop

I just got a vasectomy.

I just change girlfriends whenever they start to get bitchy or fuck up. If someday i get too old to pull the 25 and younger girls, i'll just pay hookers.

Marriage is a raw deal nowadays, the color of the girl doesn't matter much.

Very true. I'm a hospital administrator and we employ a large number if Hatians. We recently had a white presenting black American nurse working for us who would constantly fight with the Haitians.

In one of our meetings she explained to us how she sees herself as white and that she can't relate to the Haitians and that's where the tension comes from.

It was a great redpill for all of my leadership staff involved.

le white race is the one that brings balance in marriage

It's OK to be gay user it is current year after all


>I want my very own bed wench.

Man, did I misread that. I thought you said bed wrench.

>naturally maternal

my beautiful black girlfriend everyone

>Tfw no black american gf
Kill me now


Her hair looks like poo.

To be honest, it feels like naked black girls are still wearing clothes. It's like a white girl is wearing a skin-thin tights around her, annoys the fuck out of me.

Black girls have men face and their hair is complete shit.

BUT mixed black girls are the hottest in my opinions, since they have perfect body, thick curves, feminine face with cute swirl hair and that throat voice no once can resist.





No fat chicks

>not giving in to interracial natural urges
user it's time to come out the closet

From all this thread , only this sub-saharan looks decent.


to think threads like this are bumped.




mama we ain't got no bread


If a black woman uses a donated white egg fertilized with white sperm the child will come out 100% white correct?




Chocolate can be delicious.


you gonna drop all that money on a white egg just to have her fuck it up with her menthols?


Dick not found
can someone help me find MUH FUGGIN DICK

now post some pictures of a nigger being a good mother


Hispanic women are better plus they're mostly white.



Read the sticky you redditor newshit. And drink some bleach, I can smell your nigger halitosis all the way up here.


Kek. Just don't let her smoke. White women are fucking garbage now. Why not find a black qt who empathizes with your desire to have white children?



I want to breed her.

The only time niggers look in their early 20s is when they're first born. By the time they're 5 they already look like Morgan Freeman.

The average IQ of Hispanic immigrants in the US (82) is lower than that of native blacks (85).


Are there any masochistic black women that love to be dominated by white men? Who behind closed doors like to be slapped around and called "nigger", etc.?

Does this exist?

fuck fuck fuck that looks like a girl i fucked freshman year in college

my black gf doesnt like it tho

Do you speak english? Maybe proof read your post and give it another try, chief.


nah for real though, more power to y'all who can keep your lunches down with that nappy darky shit. It's an untapped market (because who the fuck would tap it), and that kinda makes you guys like venture capitalists!

Alright, I'm outtie this thread. You keep them niglettes, all of em. Build yourself a harem of em. Best of luck to you.

Did you at least try it out?

can confirm. I only date black women.

I have been with over 100 women. Getting a smart, petite, and well-driven black women is 100x times better than any other race.

Black guys dont like black women because they get the trash and don't know how to interact with women. And they are fucking dumb as shit anyways.

no shes one of those black girls who's too afraid to even say it herself

So then, in your experience the answer is actually no.

You're going to jail.

Why are muricans such nigger lovers?

My ex left me after I choked her while saying "I'm going to fuck the nigger out of you"

Would do it again tho I am alone now tho

I'm an oil driller as well. Being upper class I had actually had very limited exposure to black people throughout my life. A couple of years ago I had a black colleague at work. Long story short, we went out for drinks and fugged. Watching the contrast between our skins was a huge turn on. She was a beast in bed. She hit my crotch so violently while riding me that it hurt for 3 days afterwards.

Suddenly I began to look at black women in a wholly different manner. I didn't really notice them before, now my Portuguese conquistador genes scream whenever I see a young black girl and I get an instant boner. I can't help it, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of them pregnant one day even though I'd rather not race mix.

>that hideous nose
>those ugly man lips

She looks like Jay-Z.

>"I'm going to fuck the nigger out of you"

that's how most pornos would start

u faggos need jesus right fuckin now
also whites have higher perent of qts than blacks or so i've heard

Theres no porn of it, therefor it doesnt exist. Fuck a black girls mouth until she vomits, that is par for the course. Tell her shes a filthy animal, fine, just fine. Breath the word nigger and you have crossed a line.

>naturally maternal.

Well, to be fair, you are half nigger yourself.

She's a British you tuber


her face looks like a truckers ashtray



>Asians are yellow
Top kek.


I have done it and I probably will again at some point. It's just a way for me to hold dominance over her

But there has to be a subculture of black chicks that are into it. The hard part is finding it. I've tried Craig's List but the only time I got a response I ended up getting jumped by 4 or 5 black guys who kicked my ass. I couldn't very well report it tithe cops

My white wife gave me two blowjobs yesterday.

Even if every single word of this fiction were true it doesn't matter.

>mulatto kids

there is something about moderately ugly yet confident girls

What did she want?

Black women are by far the least desired race by men. If you like them, you have shit taste.

Okcupid processed the messaging habits of over a million people:

>Men don’t write black women back. Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially every race - including other blacks - singles them out for the cold shoulder.

>Black women write back the most. Whether it’s due to talkativeness, loneliness, or a sense of plain decency, black women are by far the most likely to respond to a first contact attempt.

Yep, that's probably the source of it. I don't mind it. Can't get enough of that nigger love. I love them. If I could I'd stick my face in a delicious black ass every single day.

>all this nigger shilling

Jesus, Hillshills sure are mad about a cartoon frog.

Yeah it looks like a campaign to combat "racism" by constantly posting pictures of sheboons in order to make make thirsty virgin betas like them and question their beliefs. /r9k/ has obviously already fallen for that and then those spergs come here and continue the meme.

>You can't be "racist" goy look how hot Shaniqua is!!!

I just like black women user and I hate hillary

>if you don't adhere to the mainstream opinion, you have shit taste
Nice reasoning. Pleb and proud.


From the vice guide to picking up chicks:

Black Women
We could write a whole article about this subject alone because, despite what the anthropologists in San Francisco tell you, black girls are different. To understand black girls you have to understand black guys. They are not indie-rock nerds. They lie a lot and they are never clingy. That means a) she is going to be totally skeptical about you from the get-go and b) if you are even the least bit clingy you are gone.

When you come up to her do the basic "talking, laughing, fucking" school of thought but DO NOT talk about race. If she wants to bring it up that's fine, but you don't care. Just calmly buy her a drink and don't be fazed when she acts like she doesn't give a shit. Nobody gets a black girl talking without at least one "not interested."

If you didn't know that, you probably have no fucking clue what you're getting into. Other crucial facts include: they are all scared of Marilyn Manson; they hate it when you step on the carpet; they think Chinese food is exotic and Thai food is from outer space; they love it when you call their parents "Sir" and "Ma'am;" they won't give you a blowjob for the first few months; they roll their eyes when you watch the Discovery channel; they will spend all day getting ready to go out; and finally, they cannot comprehend why anyone would listen to hardcore by choice (Minor Threat = white noise). Oh, and NEVER touch her fucking hair. That shit costs hundreds of dollars a month and if you fuck with it even in the slightest she will beat the shit out of you. Understand? She can't even get it wet. That's why they're all so scared of rain and swimming. They can't have a shower for the first few days after having their hair done and every night that shit gets wrapped up. That's why doggy style is so popular.

The day of rope isn't just for niggers, mind you.

No you are just a nigger cuck yourself trying to pimp out your smelly gross fat sheboon women to autistic White beta virgins so Cred Forums likes you and your race. Most third worlders on Cred Forums do that.

f you can get through all that and still get her home, the fact that your dick is not 11 inches long and you can't fuck for more than 20 minutes is not exactly great news. However, you perform cunnilingus and that makes up for a lot (that's why black girls call white guys "Freaky"). Getting a black chick is one of the hardest things in the world, but once you finally gain her trust she will do anything for you. She will have your babies, get your name tattooed on her ass, and slap the shit out of any woman who looks at you. They're kind of like Parisians: mean at first but down for life once you get in there.

>they won't give you a blowjob for the first few months

This and


This. Listen to the monkey. Black girls will suck a dick for a fucking smoke.


When Northern Euros and Anglos say that shit it's kind of expected... but Greece? Really? I bet I'm "whiter", more educated and have higher standards of living than you do.

Her hair is made up of cheetos.

Ah, so you're sayin black chicks like gay dudes; got it.

>a vice guide to picking up vapid hood rats

No thanks. I will just stick with boning black chicks i actually have something in common with.

Just as expected typical /r9k/ spam

Is liking sheboons the new edgy fetish for autistic virgins or something?

All races of men equally reject them.

Why do black women get tattoos? What the shit is the point? Nobody will see the shit.

>have something in common with

So you're a nigger and have no future?

No you are not you autistic mongrel. Kill yourself and stop pormoting racemixing and miscegenation on Cred Forums you subhuman trash

>avg IQ 85

I hope you're not implying that the woman in your picture is white, my tanned german shitposter.

They show up better in person

>in prison


I'm saving money just to go to southern US and fuck black women. Going to colonize those bundas with no shame.

>Literally a case of grape drank

Nice proxy.

that is the worst advice and perhaps the dumbest thing ive ever heard when dealing with black women.

If you find a black redpilled women (which is actually easy), you have it made.

- Can talk shit with them as if they were guys
- Most hate gays
- Most want to play the role of a woman and hate feminism
- Super loyal
- Great sex
- Developed resiliency and a sense of humor
- And great conversation

Thats IF you find a redpilled, educated, and ambitious black women, and not your typical nigger

name pls

There's only two race mixings that have good rates of success


No, she's arab. Welcome to GERMANY 2016.

60% of sheboons overall are obese and it's probably higher than that in the South

>any black girl

Nigger, black chicks have stupid high divorce rates as well, faggot.

>most hate feminism

Half of all niggers support that shit because it's a pedestal for them to stand on for gibs.

>great sex

Bestiality is illegal

>Sense of humor

God forbid you tell a black joke, though.

>great conversation

Hahaha, mup didda do bix nood, amirite?

Stop defending literal subhumans for your shitposting needs.


-Gross skin. When they don't oil their skin it gets ashy.

-Gross hair. You can't run your fingers through it and stuff like her having her head in your lap as you're stroking her hair is a no go.

-Nigger attitude with constant battles.

-Weird smells and poor hygiene. Bad breath.

-Unintelligent and boring.


-Soft hair.

-Soft skin.

-Soft personas.

-Typically great hygiene and few weird smells.

80% of Asian males in America are virgins. Koreans have the tiniest dicks in the world.

Based Sven. He's seen Blacks IRL and knows the truth about them.

But muh dick.

So never fuck anything but a top tier black girl

Mid and bottom tier black women are pretty nasty

is it so hard to believe a white guy from estonia wants to fuck black women?

most likely that's the case, but I'm not gonna fuck some 300 pound Rhaquisha

>Nigger, black chicks have stupid high divorce rates as well, faggot.

This. Sheboons are also the most promiscious lose their virginity earlier have more STDs etc

I can do you one better. White only. Less likely to be fat, dumb, criminal, or diseased. All for just having a racial preference to Whites. Go figure.

Bonus: your kids don't look like shit or have identity issues.



God, Canada sucks.
We don't have pretty black women athletes

bernd bitte :(

I just wanna saploosh all over her frizzy hair, then laugh.

Black mothers are the violent examples that their little nigglets follow. They are the farthest thing from maternal. They kill more of their babies than any other race, they are shit mothers.

Thats exactly why it works. Any asian man that gets a white woman will be a top tier man and any white woman smart enough to overcome the media brainwashing will be a top tier woman.

It's like natural eugenics. The strongest of the smart breeds with the smartest of the beautiful.

White male Black Female is less so, but still produces that forced eugenics type of situation where the black female must be ridiculously attractive and the white male must be masculine.


If you would take a shit tier white woman over a top tier black woman, go back to stormfront you white supremacist.

You're overcompensating with your race like it makes you "gods chosen people"

Yes I find white women the most attractive in general, but no I don't let Cred Forums racial purity memes decide my life for me.

WTF is going on here?!

Meaningless hippie shit for lonely people.

Sluts against trump or something

autist neet virgins found. Not every black female is a bix nood nigger you fucking dumbasses. Jesus christ, i bet you try and redpill everyone you meet. That is wh you have no friends - you have no concept of actual interaction with people. Stop reading the news and get out there and meet actual women.

According to your chart it's AM WF & WM AF

Gays not welcome

>Waahh if you don't like sheboons and niggers you are a virgin loner loser xD xD!!!

Kill yourself no matter how hard you push those sheboon beasts Cred Forums will always be a racist pro White board. GTFO mentally ill racemixer weirdo.

>Based Sven. He's seen Blacks IRL and knows the truth about them.

I was seriously into black girls as well because I grew up fapping to two VHS tapes that both stared Tabatha Cash.

But yeah, no. Black girls are a 2D experience. The best way to explain it is: would you rather pet a scruffy, angry terrier with bristly hair... or a soft little lap dog that makes you awww?

It's a no-brainer. Even black guys knows the score because as soon as they become successful they trade up.

Come to think of it, a man who hasn't fucked a black girl is still a virgin. They're just different - you don't know enough about sex before fucking one of them.

Fucking black girls has nothing to do with interracial propaganda and the like. It's just testosterone. A man's main purpose in life is to stick his dick in women and if one never chases black girls, he's missing out. The Anons who have been with black chicks know what I'm talking about. It's plain high T living. You don't have to marry a black girl or knock one up, just fuck them, just try it at least once.

Just find a cute black wifey and donate sperm to europe to help the white race. Bleaching is always good


Autistic nigger cuck

Black french girls are more sweet and qt in my experience. Ameriblacks can be ball busters


>it's another sheboon spam thread

good work mods

You're the most autistic poster in this thread by far, faggot.

the images of black women being posted in this thread as the epitome of black beauty are lighter skinned and/or have the least black features (noses in particular). The closer to appearing like very darkly tanned white women the more beautiful they are?

My fiancée is black and this is 100% correct

White girls smoke alot more. I know so many "church going Christian" white women that chain smoke its annoying

based eesti man

damn you got salty too. im hitting everyone today. youre missing out. and pol is not a white nationalist board. its a board of all races, religions, and peace and love and with satire. Only retards like you actually promote nazism

This shit has been going on for months and (((mods))) do nothing. Every time I open the catalog there is a sheboon thread.

Whites have 1/3 the rate of genital herpes of Blacks.

Whites have 1/4 the rate of HIV.

Whites are >1/5 less likely to be felons.

Whites have higher IQs, education, and incomes.

IQ is heritable and regresses to racial means. See the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study for more.

Mixed race children are less healthy, physically and mentally. If they need an organ donation or bone marrow transplant they're fucked.

They will never be accepted as one thing or the other. They can never really be White or Black and will be resented for this.

Recessive diseases are more common in mixed race populations, like Arabs and Mestizos, because they have the recessive disease of BOTH parent races. Whites are at risk for cystic fibrosis, Blacks for sickle cell. First generation Mulattoes dodge that. Mulatto populations carry both diseases and someone could be afflicted with both simultaneously.

The Egyptians, Arabs, and Portuguese golden ages all ended with miscegenation with Blacks. Their geniuses became few and their civilizations crumbled.

White genes are recessive. So your child won't look like you. Dark skin, dark eyes, curly hair, etc are all dominant genes. Most people don't think about this.

50,000 years separates you from Blacks. More if you include our Neanderthal admixture and their Homo Erectus admixture.

Somehow all of this is bigoted to you and makes me an overcompensating White supremacist. Make your own choice in life. I'm not forcing you to have White kids, but what's your counter to this?

Question for you race-mixers - how do you get over the smell? Almost every black person I've been around has a distinct nigger smell, and I don't think I could stand it long enough to fuck one.

The only positive about black girls is that they're easy as fuck if you're a white guy. And they literally spend hours on end stroking your soft hair.

Everything else is shit tier. If you can't get a white girl then by all means, live like a white prince among black slaves, but otherwise... meh.

Kill yourself subversive nigger shill. Racemixing cuck spammer. Pathetic loser reddit trash cancer.

They're just the images you find in Google Images while lazily looking for young black girls.

Personally I like the more African ones as well, though it's true some of them look overly masculine (these I don't like).

>both sides are equally fug
>a nig picks a white 30 years older than herself to compete
> fails

The black one looks like her hair is made of cheetos though.

>you will never kiss her chocolate skin =(

Yes, but they're rare and probably degenerate.
If what attracts you is the power play between races get a hooker.

This one actually has white features and black skin. Definitely a mullato

My college roommate was fucking a girl for a while that liked that. Eventually progressed to a rape fantasy where the plantation field overseer rapes one of the slave girls from the big house. Period costumes and all.

My kid could actually look like this because I'm a oil driller ginger

If you wanted to make me read this thing then you should've saved the bullshit for the end, not start off with it. Black women age way worse than any other kind of woman.

Only if she has red hair and blue eye genes. Your kid is more likely to look like Eric Andre.

WMAF produces shit offspring though because the male is usually that beta dude and the wife is usually a completely sociopathic white dick hunter similar to a coalburner. They may be happy degenerates together, but the offspring will struggle to succeed far more than a strong honorable asian father/loving loyal white mother's

This. Meanwhile wm/bf makes athletic chads

I already said reject almost every black woman you meet.

I was ONLY referring to top tier in every criteria(not just looks) black women.

AMWF produces hapas too. The family dynamics might be better, but the genetics are just as bad.

ONLY top tier black women. If she has a single quality that is unnattractive, do not racemix with her.

Asian "men" are very feminine short ugly and have tiny dicks.


The most attractive guy at my highschool was this darkskinner total white male. His alpha dad (all the girls called him a DILF) had a top tier loyal nigress that produced quite the son.

Same goes for guys like Keanu Reeves and Bruce Lee: Strong honorable asian fathers and loving intelligent white mothers. AMWF breeds the cuckold out of the white race and the weakness out of the asian race.

source lmaooo?

They still don't get rid of done of those points though. Even the highest blacks societally still get beat by the poorest of whites in iq and education performance. You keep saying just pick the best one when you can't ignore that overwhelmingly they will always be below whites, asians, and kikes.

Yeah the mixes NOT pushed by the media are the ones that work. Really activates the almonds

Thats why you an oreo black women. They are usually far above average in intellect

Doubt it. There's a lot of science on how genetics mix when couples are making love vs just fucking like monkeys. I have seen AMWF couples and their children (wether by nature or nurture, who cares) are outstanding individuals. They also seem very happy together.

It's wierd how they make me happy for a diverse America and then these trashy nigs fucking dumbass white women makes me want to leave this country. Unfortunately the latter is becoming more common thanks to the (((media))).

>Regression to the mean.
Black parents with IQs of 95 have dumber kids than White parents with IQs of 90. We tend back to more average features of our race. If you are really tall, your kids will probably be shorter. If you are really short, your kids will probably be taller. If you're really smart, your kids will probably be dumber. If you're really dumb, your kids will probably be smarter.

So in the long run your Black mother will create dumber progeny, even if she has a high IQ herself, because she regresses to a lower mean.
>Civilizational decline.

Still a problem.
>Genetic abnormalities that result in poor health.

Good luck finding a bone marrow transplant. Good luck finding tissue their bodies won't reject. Good luck dealing with the higher rates of mental illness. I wouldn't want to put my kids though that.
>Social ostracization of your children.

People are racist subconsciously and consciously. Your kid will be hated and it will be your fault.

Even with a 10/10 Black google images model these are still problems.

Thats exactly why AMWF works. Only the best of the best succeed.

No way 5.5 is the global average I'm 6.8in




Does anyone actually believe this?

That's where the white genes come in. Ejaculate some intelligence into that strong fertile athletic loyal womb.

There was a thread where they debunked this infographic. Dont fall for the jew comrades.

Mixed gfs are like this user. Sorry you have been missing out

>300+ replies
>nu-Cred Forums is baited this easily

White cuckoldry is more destructive than low black IQ

The jews only succeed because whites allow them to through cuckoldry

The white race is far from perfect

Who is that?

There are far fewer hapas from AMWF so it's hard to measure. Here's a site by a hapa who documents this more than anyone else.

The sample size is small, even so I'm not that impressed by their performance.

>White cuckoldry is more destructive than low black IQ
Because it enable Black low IQ.

>The jews only succeed because whites allow them to through cuckoldry
Why do you think they want you to racemix?

>The white race is far from perfect
It sure isn't. Let's not make it any worse. There is no greater gift that you can give your children than your genetics. 50,000 years thrown away and for what?

For me to be happy

>The white race is far from perfect

The white race has the best and worst of everything because we are the most human. We are more conscious than the other races.

You will not get more variety from any other human subgroup.

The small sample size is due to the denial of bottom/mid tier couples reproducing. Literally only the best of the best seem to be able to have healthy relationships/offspring. It's quality over quantity.

I am not advocating 90% of racemixing

I just see what white trash can be made by a shit tier white couple

Race isn't everything, it is just 1 very important thing.

Weigh your decisions with multiple factors, not just 1 that you obsess over.

That's why the worst should not be chosen over the best black women.

Don't treat race as the ONLY criteria, just treat it as a very important one.

I don't obsess over this and don't make claims of mind reading. Race is a settled question. I would never have children with a non-White. I would also never have children with a drug addict, high school dropout, feminist, BPD, nutjob, fatty, or criminal. I care about multiple things.

>I just see what white trash can be made by a shit tier white couple
The fact that under ideal circumstances things can go wrong isn't an argument in favor of making things worse.

Heterosexuals with HIV aren't an argument for homosexuality.

Low IQ Whites aren't an argument for Blacks.

Measles isn't an argument for Smallpox.

But as a brazilian you should already know the dangers of racemixing

The very best Black women aren't worth choosing and neither are the worst Whites. The worst Whites are still White though and you have more in common with them than any Black science man or cherrypicked model. You don't have to pick either so don't pick poorly.

Explain water to a fish.

What about dominican women with a little bit of blacc? if you bleach them your kids will be almost white because of all the recessive spanish genes

Or you could marry a White woman and have kids without any Black genes. Cut out the middle man.

how are hispanics represented through?
are they counted as white?

I never found an attractive nigeress, but some of those paler latinas are daaaaamn fine. And they share strong catholic upbringing, belief in family values and traditionalism with us.

Would seem perfect, if for some retarded reason you just NEEDED to racemix

White women dont have those smooth big asses lips and tits or qt curly hair

See and For me health and IQ>Dat ass.

Christ, feed that fucking dog. Looks like one of those ASPCA commercials.