Alright lads, lets get a central thread for today's happening events. Get em in here, get em posted. Keep things rolling.

‘Intentional act’: At least 29 injured in improvised explosive device blast in Manhattan

>New York authorities have confirmed that an improvised explosive device stuffed inside a dumpster was the likely cause of a blast in Manhattan which resulted in multiple casualties. The mayor called the incident an “intentional act.”

>The outdoor explosion occurred at 135 23rd Street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues in New York City, outside the Associated Blind Housing facility that cares for the visually impaired.

Pipe bomb explodes at Jersey Shore military fun run: Device hidden in trash can blows up on route - but miraculously no one is hurt

>A deadly pipe bomb exploded along a route where thousands of runners were due to take part in a charity run in Jersey.

>More than one thousand spectators, including war veterans and small children, had gathered just a few blocks from the blast in Jersey Shore town on Saturday afternoon.

>Two unexploded pipe bombs were found in a garbage can near the event 5km run which sought to raise money for marines and sailors.

One dead 14 injured after huge explosion in Barcelona resort town

>One person died and 14 people were injured in an explosion in a block of flats in a Spanish seaside resort near Barcelona early Sunday, rescuers said.

>It was not immediately clear what caused the blast which took place in the residential building in Premia de Mar, a resort town some 15 miles north of Barcelona.

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ISIS threatens more lone wolf attacks in the West

SIS has released a new video titled “Most Important Attacks by Fighters of the Islamic State on Citizens of Coalition Countries” to praise and celebrate its recent terrorist attacks in France, Canada, the United States, and other countries and threaten more lone wolf attacks in the West.

The video was released by the ISIS-linked Grandchildren of Aisha Foundation (Hafidaat Aisha) in a number of languages, including Arabic, Dutch, English, and French.

The video featured the attacks claimed by ISIS, beginning with the attack on a café in Sydney, Australia in 2014. Other notable attacks featured include the downing of the Russian Metrojet Flight 7K9268 in Sinai desert, Egypt.

Attacks on Paris, San Bernardino, Jakarta, and Orlando are also featured.

Minnesota stabbings
I would include yesterday fake attack in Paris too. It really sounded like a test

Sounds like what happened here in Plaza Miranda in 1971. Do alot of explosions like this and you can declare a martial law.

WEW finally

I was waiting for the excuse to be used to secure Syria and maintain the Turkey/Israel pipeline monopoly

>tfw we're still safe
British intelligence is insanely good, thank fuck

Fake Attack in Paris? Care to elaborate?

Just recorded off of 8992 freq, anyone else catch this?

MSM just keeps showing drugged up Hillary talking in a plane and wont cover the stories of how Muslims are bombing and killing us.

I can't belive how hard this is all being slid in the media.
NY not lead story.
NJ story held off till second segment after commercial break to avoid anyone making connection.
Won't use the word bomb.
Treat story like it's nothing.
Bamma and Hitlery barely acknowledged and blame Trump for jumping to conclusions by calling it a bomb.

Not familiar with any of this. Is this off police scanner? Numbers channel? What is this?

Dont forget that the Burgers also attacked a postition from SAA and killed around ~100 soldiers, while ISIS was advancing.

whyy are these threads being slid?


8992 kHz , the Skyking USAF channel

I was hoping to catch some skykings but then this started, I didn't catch the whole thing, went on for about 45 seconds

It's the biggest NY happening in 15 years. Strange

Don't mean to belittle this either.
Bamma/Hillary had a bad day yesterday with everything happening right in public and media downplaying it if they even mention it at all.

>ayylmao meme

What did you mean by this?

What time of day was this?

Literally about 20 minutes ago

Still scanning

Umm barely anyone hurt, it's a fucking pressure cooker bomb in a dumpster....

No apparently the Viking recreation ship coming into. NY harbor was the biggest happeninz in 15 years. They reported that three times in the last hour

What is it scanning for?

Remember when it just used to be white people doing this stuff

Basically same as Boston bombing. Exept there was another bomb discovered there and one detonated in NJ as well, with others found there also.
It may have been not as successful as they planned but using body count as the only measure of whether it's relevant news?
What was the body count at the Boston marathon?


6 deaths 280 injured.

Bombs in public places.
> No reason to belive it's terrorists



I could've killed more people with a spoon

terrorism in America started out big (3000 deaths) and now can't even kill a single person

Someone impersonated a priest and told police "help, our church in central Paris is been attacked by armed men"
It's a bit elaborate to be a prank. I bet that they were testing the minimum time used by police to storm close places like Centre Pompidou


come on guys, the autist climbing Trump Tower was the greatest happening since 9-11


What's the cherry on top you ask?

Obama is helping isis by actively sending fighter jets to stop Syrian advancements.


You call that a spoon...

Not saying they are going to kill us all.
But the media is sliding it because it reinforces the Trump idea to limit Muslim immigration and blows out the liberal narrative.

Went to bed early.
wake up
Bombings all over the place, but lack of happening threads.

>Missed a happening
Feels bad man.

Yeah I know, I agree.

But some of these lone-wolf guys need to leave it to the pros.

Has our president even adressed this yes?

Someone tried to post it here last night and he was shilled out.
>gas explosion
>explosives kept at construction site
>nothing to see here

CTR was here last night and won.

There arent threads

And the ones that exsist are getting slid by shills.

False flag?

Or gov run Cred Forums?

pick 1


Before I went to bed last night there was like 8 happenings, shit was popping off, what happened? it was Islamic terrorism right?

The happenings have started again after the fucking leaf of 8's

>Bamma and Hitlery barely acknowledged and blame Trump for jumping to conclusions by calling it a bomb.

It was Gene Wilder

shills sliding

we don't even know who did this yet

If the perp is a white guy it's for sure a false flag we don't do terriorism, that's for the niggers

They were all hidden in trash cans so I suggest we call this guy the Trash Can Bomber or the Garbage Can Explosion Guy.


Hey trashcan man
Hey trashy

Was jeb wearing fake hand gloves so he wouldn't get germs / poison on his hands? Does every politician wears those things?

Hillary's statement last night where she admonished Trump for jumping to conclusions then slipped up herself and referred to it as a bombing.
Then this morning CNN edited the tape to remove her slip.
No link shit phone the clip is online claiming she was drunk although I think that's a stretch

I see you've played knifey-spooney before m8

His thumb has a foreskin

Nah its a band aid/plaster on his thumb


So these are the actual facts?

Marine 5k in NJ was bombed, but due to a delay in the race no one was actually around when it went off in a trashcan.

One bomb in NY that hurt 30 or so people, and they found a pressure cooker bomb (didn't go off, or left to be found) a little while later.

NY Mayor says it intentional but not terrorism. (Whatever the hell that means)

Are these small bombs the dindus' new version of the knockout game?
I remember a while ago some poor fucker lost a foot when he stepped on a bomb in Central Park.

This is just something to try and get people's attention away from the fact that Hillary has been exposed as a killbot vampire. who uses greenscreen.

why the lone wolf attacks? without a doubt plenty of isis soldiers will be on the continent now (thanks merkel!) so im not sure why its only small independent people doing these attacks?

Tbh I don't think the NYC thing was Muslims
They are usually more ambitious and competent
It might be a right wing loonie or more likely ba crazy BLM nigger

>we don't even know who did this yet

Or a false flag

More likely to be left then right wing. Due to the locations.

>No link shit phone the clip is online claiming she was drunk
Who wouldn't want a drunk woman over a teetotler alpha male as president?

If it was false flag they would be pushing it harder, and not downplaying it.

I'm just posting here as a German in Italy to see my post with an Italian flag.
>muh pizza
>mu spaghetti

of these are actual habbenins and not false flags, why aren't they effective at all? how hard is it to get casualties with a bomb in a crowded place?

Yeah probably BLM
Can't be commies since they're all gone
My bets are on some crazy nigger

Yes getting the actual facts this am.
But the story is how little news coverage.
I'm in RI, we're close enought that everyone here either knows someone there, has a friend/ relative working or going to school there and enough people here go weekend in the city doing the tourist thing.
Any other happeninz there would have gotten more coverage here on the news and its being slid.
And plenty of people on here last night were downplaying it.
Last night I had to go to a British news feed to get live coverage and the first online news to give it to billing was Dailymail. Again a British source.

Commies are making enough of a comeback to do a minor thing like this.

>Bombing for $15/hour!

then again, might be two separate wackos

anti-military bombing in NJ, publicity bombing in NYC.

How'd we know this isn't BLM in New York?

The Barcelona thing is a fucking gas leak not a happening.

Since there were minor casualties a nigger would make sense but it was also simultaneous and that would imply a Muslim.

The NJ thing might be a lone wolf Muslim
But still they usually do suicide attacks so idk

Yeah, Cred Forums usually a good source for information.

Also enjoy RI. Was up there back when I worked on sailboats. Nice place.

Muslims are good at terrorism tho and way more ambitious

>using the daily mail as an actual source
fucking downy

Election cancelled.

Yeah. That's why I though it might be a nigger. But the simultaneous way that those explosions happened at the same time implies too coordinated to be a nog.

There are tons of nigs in Jersey
And that was also a failed attack

Casey Neistat daily vlog today is gonna be L.I.T yo

Might also be something of a oddity.
something like.
>leftover Occupy folks who went radical

Wonder if that dude that posted his pipe bomb on r9k did that charity run one.

Also we had a muslim knife attack in St. Cloud.

The bombing was 3. 6 includes the shootout at MIT afterwards I think.

I hear it's because the boys at the circus treat the laws surrounding internal espionage on citizens quite lightly.

With all the unrest and paki-political sentiments amongst wahaabi/salafist-leaning muslims in east london, it's a miracle nothing has happened.

Was the Paris 'fake' attack the hostage situation reported in a church?

Kind of odd to make such a specific story up, especially when the msm picks up on it as well.

Was there not another 'gas explosion' in France as well last week?

I'm starting to think that the new tactic is to stop spreading word of attacks, unless it is spread already by witnesses.

Obviously it damages militants moral If their attacks are not broadcast, since that is the primary tactic to signal success.

Doubly, it also halts anti migrant rhetoric's from establishing based on the events.

It has been a bit too quiet.

Because they are still shitskins with a ~80 iq.
If it were westerners europe would be in ruins right now.

Dude. What do you think BLM/SJWs are exactly?

reddit is a better source for info right now than Cred Forums

what have we come to

isnt the point to not give stardom tier coverage to every dumbass who can throw together a crude explosive device and wants to be relevant?

Yes shill

But we would like some basic information at the least.

Actual commie terrorists (red army faction, JRA) are nothing like sjws

just as stupid with a tad more motivation.

you mean they're not niggers?

Red army faction were a german paramilitary supported by the stasi
They weren't dumb by any means

>They weren't dumb by any means

that confirms my belief that they weren't niggers then

So was this nothing? Only thread I found so far this morning.

They were east German communists

>The present research found that the Muslim country mean IQ of 81 is half a standard deviation below the mean IQ of non-Muslim nations and is not related to strength of Muslim culture as defined by the percentage of Muslims in the country. The mean IQ of 84 in Arab countries is not associated with per capita income and is incompatible with the intellectual achievements of the golden age of the Muslim Empire. Possible explanations for this decline include hybridization with sub-Saharan Africans, dysgenic decrease in the more educated Muslims employing birth control as suggested by Meisenberg, the Muslim religion not fostering critical thinking, and the intellectual contributions being both exaggerated and made by non-Muslims.

haha you are actually right, this is quote from actual study


Don't forget the snackbarring in the mall in ! Minnesota


I'm not really shocked that these recent bombings in NY and NJ as well as the attacks in MI are being covered up.

This. Red Front, Stalinists, Juche, Shining Path, Maoists BTFOd degenerates.

British intelligence is the best in the world.

>heard nothing on news tonight
MSM is really dropping the ball now.

a terrorist is nothing more than someone who is fucking retarded lets be honest a logical person - wouldn't he be proud to have me alive over dead. a terrorist - he wants me to die for him fuck logic

Also naxals in India are still doing it today
Their an actual Maoist insurgency


Top kek
Kill yourself

Does anyone else find it ironic that an organized group is threatening Lone Wolf attacks, so what are they just hoping it happens?

Has this been posted yet?!!

You forgot to post few autistic frogs.

No. They're all anti-free speech, anti democracy, anti Christianity, pro dictatorship, pro Islam, pro Internationalism/Globalism. They're sjws to the core, this is how the Cultural Revolution started

We had those weird attempted kidnappings of two soldiers. Those two are the most recent cases that come to mind.

Luckily our country is perfectly set up for monitoring.

A population that had certain areas with large ethnic (Muslim) populations.

This makes it much easier to deploy intelligence agents in the field, as well as being able to concentrate efforts in gathering personal Intel.

sorry for crappy quality only version without paywall i could find

>Luckily our country is perfectly set up for monitoring

It was probably Muslims

Not saying they're good but they slaughtered Muslims. They are anti-free speech but also anti-Muslim and anti-degeneracy.

No, but in the midst of one of the attacks he took an hour to yell at america that they need to vote for hillary.


Video of explosion in Chelsea

I just heard a bunch of cryptic stuff on there from a man calling himself "Top Rider"

Last night, I went to sleep hoping I'd wake up to something exciting.

Nothing new has happened since I went to bed 9 hours ago, and still these threads are going.

It's over guys. It was a lame terrorism attempt. ISIS is too focused on their war in Syria to do something major.

thanks sempam

>chelsea street

Looks like Hillary was trying to appease Moloch some more

Garbage grenadier

That isn't fucking something that should happen you fuck. That's why this is a big deal. Obama has made the USA like the Middle East, we don't even care if shit gets blown up.

Not really. Ine tried to blow up an airliner on Christmas day? Just ended up burning his balls.

Um under bush 9/11 happened....

So it was intentional or not??

How stupid could be the mayor and the media to not call it intentional.

Was planned out during the Clinton era and covered up by the Clintons.

I vote for this.

And your proof is???

Everything that happened traces back to Papa Bush arming them during the Gulf War.

MSM will post the truth by the end of the day

>gas leak

That's the new code word for "terrorist attack". You eurofags are being lied to.

Haven't you wondered why there are so many gas explosions recently?

after a few more bombings

probably so they dont get caught in the planning stage, its harder to catch a man whos planning it himself than a guy whos constantly communicating with a group of other about it

Why did they set this off in a relatively quiet place in Manhattan? Why wouldn't they choose somewhere with high traffic?

ISIS Goatfuckers want project that kaffirs can be attacked in the places they feel most safe.

Plus, there's more security in high traffic areas.

because it's an obvious inside job

To better blame the alt right. They'll find white people did it, like for the Boston marathon bombings.

11S was an inside job and they didn't give a single fuck about casualties. I think this is different, there some kind of political background behind all of this.

Stormfags aren't smart enough to falseflag against Trump, whether they support him or not

see David Duke, if he really supported Trump he'd stop being a club for the media to beat him over the head

>put on mask
>all that monitoring does shit

It's as if they want the government filming them whilst they do a piss behind a bush or something

Distraction from US bombing Turks desu

>tuned to 8992
Anybody know what the hell they are saying? Thought this was a USAF band?

let's kick the United States out of America

Mexico and South Americans are a much finer example of human beings

yeah, he'd officially endorse Hillary like the CA KKK did.

DC residents dont have the right to representation for taxation

Is the mongoloid country even a democracy?

Go back to fucking goats in your own country ahmed

I keep spamming this but I gused it's been so slid no one's connecting the dots

How irritated must isis get every time one of their coordinated strikes fizzles out


It coincides with the 62 Syrian soldiers killed.

Are chechnians white?

If people from Caucasus aren't white, then nobody is.

I remember France said they are going to stop publishing the names of militants In the msm.

So the next step would be to stop publishing attacks when possible.

Its a double edged sword. They will claim it is to stop glorification of militants.

Meanwhile no one will know an attack has occurred, unless they are on site when it occurs.

However an explosion can easily be covered, especially if its a concealed device.

You can just tell people it was a gas explosion. They won't have any evidence to oppose it.

This also stops the anger growing against migrant's, since the stories aren't reported.


The bombers name has been released as 'Penn Jilette'

I heard French.

Just woke up. God speed ameribros. Make em pay in November.

we got lucky. nobody got bombed to death and the somali didn't kill anyone and he got got.

Reading up on it now. Very lucky indeed. Massive boost for Trump also incoming.

also, the second bomb made from the pressure cooker and cell phone, hopefully we can get prints/serial number, etc off of it

US Just violated the ceasefire in Syria and killed a bunch of Syrian troops in an accidental airstrike that allowed ISIS to retake a city.

Also 7 Russian soldiers are dead


> this alone could have multiple habbening threads

Easier to act alone without a connection.
If they were a group, they could be easily caught.

>Muslim enriches 8 people in Minnesota before the police brutally murder the unarmed man.

jesus christ