ITT: Cred Forums in 1928

Nazicucks BTFO.
Racists BTFO.
Adolf Hitler on suicide watch.
How will they ever recover from this?

WTF I'm a communist now.

>hoping to recover after ww1
who care about that shithole anyway ? we have the league of nations now and more important things to look at

Left or right, but Danzig will always be German and that's what matters to me.

What'd you call me?

poland need an acces to the sea , you have a whole coast to you , dont be a dick

*dies of famine*

Dude, I sure love our king.

Dude,i had a weird dream last night,were we lost Silesia and Pommerania haha
What a stupid dream

>not fleeing Europe and coming to the US
You guys are idiots. America is where it's at, not starting wars all the damn time.

Pretty similar to Germany today

literally who?

Getting ready to plan the biggest national celebration yet, a whole decade where latvians finally rule in their land, wew lads, I can still remember blowing those russkies and german overlords out

There are crazy things going around in USSR, from what I have heard, I sure as hell hope that they leave us alone

meh , stalin army is shit tier , you guys could probably beat them with farmers

couldnt even capture poland with their full "trained" army 8 years ago

Great thread OP

As a communist ancestor , I order you to stop believing in communism


>America calling in their war debts
>Germany printing cash like mad
>Britain printing cash like mad
>France printing cash like mad.
Holy shit Cred Forums why are you focusing on meme shit that doesn't matter? Who cares about the German elections, they're a fucking Jewish pseudo-state. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. The greatest happening of your time is literally like 6 months away. You can't just endlessly print money, the economy is going to crash. Buy gold niggers, I've already bought all mine. Sell off your bonds and invest in assets and whatever you do don't liquefy. Stock up on food now while it's cheap. Canned, non-perishables.

Isn't that guy a jew?

But we already offered them to run a port in Danzig, all that we're asking for is that we stay connected to our nation by a corridor. It's not too much to ask, isn't it? And it's not like Austria or Czechoslovakia'd be bitching around like they do.

Time to get your hands off that opium, dude.

>mfw Hitlel will NEVER be chancellor

yeah guess we could have given them konigsberg so like that you still would have an acces to the sea and you your nation not seperated , but hey we arent gonna start another war over this right ? we already loss a shiton of peoples 11 years ago

> adolph hitler on suicide watch
kek. too l8 m8

Why even live?

Auf auf zum kampf